Đồng nghĩa của pop off


To die or cease living
die part croak decease demise depart fall perish succumb drop end exit expire flatline go pass away check out conk out buy it pass on peg out snuff it step out bite the dust kick in kick off kick the bucket give up the ghost depart this life shuffle off this mortal coil go the way of all flesh buy the farm cross the great divide go belly up go the way of the flesh be no more be lost go bung hop the twig hop the stick pass bite the big one pop your clogs cark it cross the Styx go to glory kick it meet one's end drop dead peg it go to the great beyond breathe your last go to one's last resting place cash in one's chips go the way of the dinosaurs turn up one's toes pop one's clogs meet one's death be killed collapse push up the daisies go under go to meet one's maker draw one's last breath breathe one's last pass over cease be six feet under lose one's life meet one's maker cease living cease to exist go belly-up hand in one's dinner pail kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six relinquish life conk suck the kumara rest in peace suffocate go way of all flesh drown be taken drop off lay down one's life meet your end be slain be a casualty be a fatality meet one's Maker run through fold up cave shove off go to the wall go west run out meet waterloo go down give way give up pack it in wilt die unexpectedly fall dead die suddenly strike out up and die cash in chips meet your maker invalidate flake out swoon sink down keel over faint fall unconscious fall down pass out lose consciousness go out black out decline vanish disappear take your last breath lose life lose your life waste be destroyed OD slip away die out die off become extinct peter out go to meet your maker fall asleep fade away cash in go to one's reward fizzle out push up daisies die a death dwindle become rarer become less common pass into oblivion cease to be


To leave or go somewhere quickly or momentarily
go leave run fly duck out skedaddle decamp scram split scat make oneself scarce move off take a hike hit the trail nick off take off exit hamba clear off naff off bog off bug off walk out get sling your hook light out skip off set off take a powder vamoose begone depart get going avaunt hop it set out push off sod off shove off walk off buzz off rack off haul off hop the twig get along be off go jump in the lake clear out go and jump in the lake go away beat it take wing get out push along get stuffed hit the road get moving get lost move along voetsak run along hop the stick run off go your way scarper be on your way make tracks get away make yourself scarce take yourself off make a start take leave run away bail out retire hightail start out draw away quit absent yourself get out of my sight on your bike vacate check out retreat take your leave bolt be off with you shoo back out scoot disappear take a long walk on a short pier absent oneself withdraw bug out go and chase yourself head off pack off bail step along pike off part move pack up pike out be on one's way blow get off flee make off escape cut out cut and run take flight beat a retreat beat a hasty retreat make a run for it make a break for it run for it abscond do a bunk do a runner head for the hills leg it hightail it peel out hook it show a clean pair of heels pull out make a quick exit turn tail skidoo fly the coop go off do a disappearing act go through shoot through book dig out sally forth push on break peel off evacuate vanish levant do a fade move out flit up sticks skip lam make an exit slope off abstract oneself be gone pull stakes say goodbye take it on the lam say one's goodbyes hotfoot it recoil slip away scamper desert steal away go AWOL do a moonlight flit take French leave draw back make a move pull back break out of fall back pack one's bags sling one's hook take to one's heels sneak away get under way repair break camp avoid remove shun evade hurry abandon have it away go on the lam betake oneself sally break out step on it make your escape make your getaway back off head out make a getaway give ground make one's getaway take to your heels make a break skip out shrink absquatulate kite clear elude emigrate migrate do a Skase move away start stir walk away go forth go from pack your bags give way go away from say one's farewells slip out walk out on remove oneself leave flat be gone from make quick exit withdraw from back away drop back depart from abscond from get a move on exit from move back do a moonlight skiddoo scatter beat off hurry away go to hell sneak off regress make away recede duck egress dodge alight shirk walk tear off range cruise hide depart suddenly make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave wend mosey have it away on one's toes hasten away run from get on your bike fold disengage distance oneself jump hotfoot make for make one's way book it get cracking free oneself extricate oneself take one's farewells sign out take one's leave march go back hasten spur scurry hustle speed race expedite zip dart dash rush whiz separate say adieu step on the gas make one's escape budge from make a move from go out of move from shift from break up say farewell flow off-load ship shove leap bustle move about shrink back spring conk out dedomicile step out abdicate ditch dump git turn around run scared hurry up make time make haste move fast kick rocks advance absent proceed troop break off split up quit the scene ease out go one's ways part company ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways run out on blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks make a dash for it drop out opt out leave in the lurch cop out cut loose run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry shake a leg go like lightning turn on a dime make a U-turn desert under fire embark forsake defect elope relinquish issue cut disengage from do a bunk from pull out of flee from give the slip disappear from slope off from take yourself off from step down take your leave of move out of fly from take one's leave of retire from decamp from ride off escape from run away from break away bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from come away head make strike out jump ship go south do a vanishing act make scarce make a quick getaway dog it break free depart secretly


(with object) To say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling
speak say talk articulate state tell utter enunciate mention pronounce voice announce cite exclaim express proclaim verbalise verbalize vocalise vocalize affirm air claim declare profess relate allege assert asseverate attest broadcast convey detail disclose divulge intimate note opine press promulgate recite relay remark report vent word address admit advertise advertize argue aver avouch blurt chatter communicate contend cry deliver denote enounce explain impart maintain mouth mumble mutter offer orate outline phrase plead predicate present propose protest publicise publicize purport repeat reveal shout sound spill spout testify vouch blab chirp clarify confess declaim drawl emphasise emphasize evince expose gab gas indicate intone jaw lip modulate murmur narrate pass perorate pipe quote read recount regurgitate rehearse retell signal soliloquize specify spiel stress suggest summarise summarize swear translate whisper yak yammer bring out make public give away make known put forth put into words speak about talk about come out with get across give utterance to give voice to put across put forward spell out throw out reel off sound out get off make clear pipe up with couch raise ventilate frame put broach designate give expound formulate import render bespeak circulate put over insinuate hint connote avow clothe submit get over give expression to testify to advance propound advocate point out give vent to lay down table moot disseminate annunciate discuss spread debate publish postulate herald blare look trumpet posit insist inform asservate intonate blazon inflect adduce move reassert roar yell reaffirm allegate warrant venture volunteer guarantee support mouth off shoot one's wad shoot off one's mouth talk of set forth spell intend attest to give testimony give expression make out pour out put in words speak out give utterance go into shout from the rooftops bear witness give out bring forward bring into the open stand for add up to describe pass on elucidate transmit interpret release chronicle construe exhibit acknowledge signify explicate post represent style show give an account of set out particularize display emit placard flash blaze itemize comment on enumerate set down demonstrate paraphrase share particularise itemise make understood chart demystify bring up make illuminate let out notify let on fill in clue in spill the beans enlighten clear up transcribe pose transliterate mean convert pitch issue introduce illustrate define preach breathe document seem phonate interpose interject allow appear weigh in give details of produce tell of imply catalogue portray depict restate chime in inform of open up keep posted delineate catalog unfold break the news paint come clean spin run through retail brief acquaint tell the truth own up get one's tongue round serve allude to touch on give forth shed light on let in on wise up set term dress up add chip in systematize accent get something over manifest throw in put in two cents contribute take the wraps off leak preconize sound off observe reflect have one's say codify systematise register lodge certify provide details have a say transfer reword chin ejaculate chime go examine drop provide give rundown be specific about give blow-by-blow make plain send hold confirm speak coherently speak clearly remark on refer to give the facts noise abroad blazon abroad sift scrutinize speak of call out vow witness rephrase give form to promote let it be known animadvert depose return confide deliberate scrutinise free talk over discourse lay out validate editorialise comment editorialize let somebody in on ring out transpose administer mime reply purvey give words to give an airing to hand down bring in project evoke moan warble groan croon canary belt out yodel thresh out take up turn discharge say insincerely conjure up bring out into the open tell information read out say for form's sake paint in words recap give a description of present oneself as list give a rundown of give a account of give details make obvious ram home shed light upon read aloud say aloud wire let know write radio cable give notice of tip off cue send word give notice telephone pass out teach debrief picture change advise of account for paint a word picture of give a recitation say out loud read out loud charge apprise unmask unbosom advise familiarize uncover uncloak bare unveil get through sling track provide details of give details on lay it on the line break a story run down clue one in spin a yarn let one's hair down shoot the breeze get off one's chest give the word rap converse chat edify give the facts on bring home decode gloss exhale empty emanate irradiate expire expel evolve shoot radiate cast educate leave word call upon give evidence of catch up be evidence of let slip level lay open sketch tell on gossip put before familiarise let on about spit it out give facts verse clear weave unriddle pretend rationalize simplify illumine send out escape break silence decipher open one's mouth instruct put in the picture rationalise make explicit cast light on give insight give insight into give free rein to throw off provide escape drive out give off impersonate confess to admit to admit guilt concede grant find an outlet for find expression for take out on lay claim betoken personate recognize accept blame acknowledge that accept responsibility plead guilty tell all set oneself up pose as be ostensibly be apparently accept masquerade as pass for set oneself up as be disguised as allege that one is imply that one is assert that one is point to proclaim that one is maintain that one is represent oneself as feign the identity of pass oneself off as accede assent agree tell the truth about carry the can come clean about make a clean breast of it recognise cop own act feel fess up make clean breast allow to be valid go along with look like come off as come across as look to be appear to be create the impression of being give every indication of being have the appearance of being seem to be create the impression that strike you as being strike someone that give every indication that strike as being give the impression that give the impression of being have the air of being

Trái nghĩa của pop off

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