Đồng nghĩa của hasten

Alternative for hasten

hastens, hastened, hastening

Trái nghĩa: delay,


To move or travel hurriedly
rush hurry race run dash shoot bolt career fly speed sprint dart scurry tear scramble whisk zoom bundle hare hurtle charge gallop scuttle zip belt bound bustle hightail pelt scoot streak barrel bomb pace plunge scamper blaze bucket hie hustle motor whip whoosh blast blow bowl breeze buzz cannonball careen chase clip course dispatch drive fleet haste highball jet nip press rocket rustle scutter spurt step travel trot wheech whirl whizz beetle boogie hump hurl jump push ram rip vroom burn express flash flee leap post shift skip hotfoot it make haste leg it crack on go hell for leather cut along get cracking go quickly hurry up barrel along get a move on go fast go like lightning move quickly speed up tear along lay rubber make tracks move along get the lead out go like the clappers whip around burn rubber step on it shake a leg take wing waste no time go like a bat out of hell get your skates on cover ground not lose a minute scud sweep stampede wing zap whiz scorch swoop hightail it spank along go like the wind quicken flit jog bowl along accelerate spring hotfoot rattle along pound move skedaddle trip put on some speed sail dive expedite fast-track beat it roll canter steam amble put one's foot down lope skim spur make time get moving fling break flutter jogtrot double go dogtrot clear out boil stir hop it lunge lose no time escape rage decamp whip along step on gas really move go like a bomb fuss cut and run yeet be quick skitter proceed bullet press on skirr beeline ride skite smoke bestir run off run away lash tool kite go faster vamoose split dust surge retreat increase speed leave scat make off gather speed get a wiggle on bug out cannon get faster belt along bomb along gather momentum make a run for it pick up speed light out go like a bullet move fast stir one's stumps pick up the pace abscond depart patter dog it get out plough storm romp run like the wind crack roll along push on waltz catapult launch oneself throw oneself go headlong outstrip pass festinate progress go briskly step lively roar go rapidly drive fast plow flow stream gush busily whish burst sally put foot tear out frolic gambol swoosh wind gust cascade hop along step along run fast go at top speed dig in go away tear up the miles go like greased lightning pass by move forward move rapidly go by pour turn on steam rush around be busy busy yourself start slip away prance frisk run very fast rush at head gear up bowl over go all out make it snappy get on it make short work of go at breakneck speed buck up make yourself scarce stride go like lighting rack hurdle rush headlong flood sloosh tumble book it chuck it down run like mad plunge ahead rush off speed away be on the go launch pitch heave float thrust put on a burst of speed be off like a shot pump step up get one's skates on move apace beat a retreat take flight turn tail scram skidoo run for it scarper clear off hook it skip off levant rev head for the hills make a quick exit take off peel out cut out beat a hasty retreat make a break for it go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels make oneself scarce do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a fade do a runner get lost contend strive gain momentum move faster vie jostle drive faster budge scrabble put on a spurt open it up locomote rev up get a wriggle on step on the gas exert surface put your foot down open up the throttle put on afterburners put pedal to metal peel rubber put on speed open up get going exert yourself mill about be active jockey for position hop dance bounce caper buck propel bulldoze force send drift strike slide lollop cavort bob jab spiral thump prod poke advance punch whack steer spout stick swirl spew slip coast sink dig glide shove skate slither waft stab power soar glissade descend decline railroad set in motion tiptoe graze butt smooth along hippety-hop put in motion steamroll cause to move walk traverse get emit crash smash shuffle crawl climb whistle squirt run slowly scatter march go jogging steamroller blitz lurch curvet eddy move like greased lightning flicker flick run lightly billow ricochet carom glance brush freewheel cruise flitter tread lightly ghost hammer flirt sashay move smoothly impel play slide along elbow bump barge shoulder nudge jolt jam hover make lob bang knock screw pop off insert bear down push hard push forward boost attack slink dip buffet drum beat set out set forth head off set off make a break duck out jackhammer smite batter sock aim cut bear veer drill bore twack pop wham go forward move ahead go on make headway go ahead forge ahead tilt tilt at compete contest battle fight rival take part in a race face off take part


To foster the growth or development of
further advance forward promote aid develop encourage help facilitate foster assist champion push expedite favor favour progress propel support cultivate nurture stimulate abet accelerate boost speed succour fast-track incubate nourish nurse plug back help along patronise patronize speed up ballyhoo broaden contribute contribute to engender expand extend generate propagate serve spread spur on step up succor lend a hand to work for back up bail out give a push to go with lend support to oil the wheels of open doors pave the way for lend a hand take care of give a boost to hurry uphold hurry along give backing to give a lift to impel spur quicken smooth the path of assist the progress of clear the way for smooth the way for rush assist in help with hurry up rev up fire up crank up be of service to benefit oblige accommodate do someone a favour sustain give a leg up to meet the needs of relieve second backstop give assistance to cooperate with prop up do someone a service do a kindness to lend a helping hand to go to bat for open doors for be to the advantage of be advantageous to subsidize avail benefact mitigate alleviate minister straighten out give support to stick up for come to the aid of subsidise stand by indulge satisfy gratify please humor humour pamper convenience bow to find ways to help submit to bend over backwards for fit in with pander to allow for comfort do a good turn to agree with defer to do someone a good turn yield to meet the wants of cater for ease cooperate precipitate work with attend to attend collaborate with wait on make easy reinforce be of use to stump thump puff hype jack up hike up pitch in with bail someone out stand up for run interference for give a leg up open the door for ride shotgun grease the wheels help out get stuck in with clear a path for put on the map do for be a tower of strength to give a hand root for give a lift give a boost get someone out of a tight spot muck in with make a pitch for be a factor in go down the line for


To increase or make greater in degree, amount or value
step up boost increase intensify enhance augment heighten amplify raise magnify strengthen escalate improve deepen lift up upgrade redouble consolidate accentuate maximise maximize beef up amp up exacerbate aggravate intensate exaggerate worsen make worse quicken expand extend build up add to reinforce multiply swell elevate aggrandize enlarge compound grow develop inflate jack up hike up advance accelerate bump up pump up inflame build widen ameliorate mount broaden enrich fortify supplement better snowball rise supersize hype progress proliferate increment make greater mushroom make better wax pad crank up stoke make larger further accumulate hike shoot up cultivate scale up buttress make bigger sharpen burgeon appreciate climb lengthen refine bolster promote perfect top up soar mark up meliorate run up spread double optimize add dilate balloon harden triple bourgeon support distend pump cement protract rouse pick up stiffen uplift blow up exalt optimise fine-tune prosper heat up make progress make headway make strides shore up put up drive forward pyramid rocket soup up move forward roll up turn up jazz up sweeten forge ahead make stronger secure brace reenforce toughen annex boom foster encourage thicken prolong gain go up amass parlay teem swarm tack on slap on pullulate flesh out update spike brighten steel polish annexe sustain stimulate tone up work up shape up brush up smarten up build on become better thrive spiral surge renew vitalize invigorate benefit defend confirm inure jump level up hold up amend skyrocket give a boost to come on make louder move ahead reform envigorate bulwark endow indurate buoy up add fuel to fire move forward in leaps and bounds jump up season prop help push up pull ahead get ahead boost up punch up force up stir up scale something up crank something up stretch elaborate upsurge send up tag on piggyback grow quickly goose up expatiate fetch up send through the roof nurture louden increase in scope uprise increase in size grow greater grow larger pile accrue leap up ramp up fan the flames of heat complement ascend go from bad to worse deteriorate scale ratchet advertise revitalize advertize explode increase rapidly increase dramatically increase suddenly hot up become worse rally buck up revitalise make richer hop up bump increase slightly round off top subsidise supply subsidize eke out fill out fill up uphold stabilize make higher evolve spruce up give a facelift to add value to aid titivate polish up inspirit favour encourage the growth of embellish perk up contribute to give a lift to do up advantage favor underpin go through the roof billow speed up pile up stack up surge up get higher arise leap improve on carry bolster up prop up maintain stay shore back up bear undergird hone mature solidify tighten revolutionize modernise flourish modernize transform stabilise come along revolutionise pace go places get along get somewhere get on go off touch up fast-track smarten straighten out make stable make secure firm up increase one's intensity rise to the next level take it to the limit gain ground propel forward continue ahead press on take it up a notch push ahead raise one's game turn it up kick it up a notch push on elevate one's game step it up take it to the next level boost one's game step up one's game take the next step pick up the pace press forward crank it up work out protect prepare poise psych up embattle wall charge up safeguard gird entrench nerve forearm ready garrison fuel hearten restore establish substantiate fix patch up make good right make improvements to correct resolve remedy put right mend heal cure rectify clear up put to rights set right sort out settle redress tweak square repair deal with give strength to corroborate sinew set up tone nourish rejuvenate brace up harshen empower make firm give new energy to justify regenerate gee up make healthy add fuel to concentrate upraise emphasize follow up upscale collect elongate ratchet up jack gain strength lighten darken stress whet point accent emphasise pile on set off add fuel heap on pour it on

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