Đồng nghĩa của stabilise

Alternative for stabilise

Đồng nghĩa: brace, stabilize, steady,


To free from disturbance or agitation
calm alleviate soothe calm down allay ease settle relieve mitigate cool placate contain pacify mollify defuse subdue take the edge off assuage steady quieten quell smooth over quieten down still subside quiet down cool off quiet control ameliorate settle down lessen moderate diminish lighten reduce smooth resolve neutralise pad restrain demilitarise demilitarize save soften cripple rescue recover weaken neutralize smooth out take the heat damp down clear the air stabilise abate temper palliate decrease dull tone down appease deaden blunt dampen lull attenuate lower relax dilute tranquilize tranquillize cushion compose check iron out sort out damp help suppress extenuate clear up stifle lenify smother modify numb sweeten curb dispel thin cure take the sting out comfort put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on let up on quench muffle extinguish sap benumb cauterize dissipate deplete make nice slake mute enfeeble pour oil on dwindle cauterise repress disable debilitate undermine de-escalate cool out water down soft-pedal take the bite out assist aid disburden free facilitate anesthetize anaesthetize chill out take a load off dampen down remit put at rest commute slow excuse hush fix dent downsize drop downscale reduce the force of contract sedate rectify remedy knock down rein pipe down impair modulate cut depress depreciate curtail mellow mend heal sate minimize get control of constrict adulterate shrink deflate devaluate vitiate rarefy offset enervate ebb banish dismiss lay off take pressure off minimise admix qualify eliminate destroy make calm get a grip on hebetate desensitise obtund desensitize revamp adjust transmogrify switch ease off wind down make less intense put the lid on put damper on put to rest drive away square drive off chase away loosen patch up put to rights slacken chill reduce something fine tune make reasonable discourage play up to monkey around with take the bite out of take the sting out of release deter slack silence overcome inhibit blanket limit dash make lighter loose wane fade stamp out brighten cloud salve counteract freeze freshen infrigidate ally die down frost vary punctuate solace succor succour console shift disencumber empty jettison levitate take eradicate remove upraise unload uplight change unburden stop liss interrupt run interference for meliorate promote clear the way make easier speed let up untighten cheer expedite attend to lift nurse forward disengage open the door improve speed up doctor relent further simplify prevent break up put off throw out reduce weight pour out cut down make less bring respite to bring an end to make bearable take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid satisfy kill fill surfeit put an end to put a stop to


To make stronger or more solid
consolidate secure strengthen accentuate boost redouble reinforce stabilise cement deepen fortify intensify magnify amplify amp up beef up enhance harden heighten solidify step up stiffen tighten firm up make secure make stable make stronger bolster support augment substantiate build up increase buttress sustain toughen steel establish renew raise restore corroborate enlarge extend encourage invigorate confirm multiply season indurate inure envigorate shore up thicken uphold back fuel authenticate burgeon embolden swell inspirit justify underpin empower brace develop back up make firm give weight to gird lend more weight to rejuvenate set up prop psych up add to hold up soup up grow toughen up highlight emphasize stroke domiciliate temper flesh out improve rigidify bold emphasise assist sponsor anneal coarsen protect defend poise nerve forearm ready garrison hearten vitalize beef something up embattle climatize acclimate acclimatize acclimatise make provisions for mount harshen nourish prepare entrench safeguard bulwark wall rally sinew regenerate buoy up tone brace up gee up wax lay the foundations of animate enliven prosper refresh enhearten give strength to tone up add fuel to make healthy charge up punch up give new energy to add fuel to fire give a boost to bear out pillar underprop carry prop up re-enforce make more forceful bolster up reaffirm add force to expand assure reassert reiterate restate escalate inflate aggrandize compound exaggerate accelerate up widen supersize fix stoke supplement stretch hype elaborate nurture foster cultivate pad advance flourish promote lengthen pyramid settle endorse add expatiate pump up scale up jack up hike up turn up make louder


To make level
even up equalise equalize square redress stabilise even out balance up redress the balance offset balance balance out counterbalance neutralize counteract neutralise counterpoise countervail compensate for compensate cancel out make up for counterweigh redeem cancel negate equilibrize nullify correct annul negative square up level out adjust make good outweigh recompense requite equipoise settle countercheck make restitution for set off make up make amends for frustrate make amends recoup ballast make the same equilibrate undo even equate level match invalidate come out even oppose set pair off tie collate attune come out parallel readjust accord defuse wipe out overrule overcome be an antidote to defeat make ineffective override subdue counterweight deactivate abrogate render ineffective conquer settle down steady rectify reform amend remedy repair right ease regulate cure fix set right make right harmonize improve retrieve heal relieve better ameliorate put right dial back patch up turn over new leaf sort out harmonise vindicate make restitution pay one's dues change put to rights recalibrate mend make reparation for resolve recompense for restore the balance pay for turn things around revise restore turn around deal with make reparation indemnify obviate atone for charge equal counterpose account be equivalent allow for tip the scales turn the scale equiponderate atone equal out firm up lessen reduce contravene halt counterwork buck cross counter respond solve go against straighten out straighten avenge make better patch recondition fiddle with reward set to rights do justice fix up set straight reconstruct scrub overhaul go straight launder clean up put in order debug doctor emend shape up


To neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force

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