Đồng nghĩa của lighten up


To become less serious and more cheerful or casual
unwind relax loosen up chill out take it easy cool it hang loose chill kick back simmer down de-stress decompress stay loose veg out wind down cool off let up ease up let it all hang out mellow rest sit back calm mellow out unbend compose oneself calm down let yourself go keep your shirt on settle down stop worrying ease off make less tense chillax take a chill pill daydream hang out stone slacken unbutton become relaxed loosen become less rigid go easy become less formal become informal lie back soothe compose tranquilize pacify tranquillize quieten make less uptight repose laze lounge loll luxuriate idle play recline slack off feel at home take one's time flop take time out take your ease knock off enjoy oneself amuse oneself do nothing slump be calm be at leisure take ten lie down have a break sit around take a break take one's leisure breathe easy entertain oneself make yourself at home switch off settle back take a breather unlax loaf stop work let your hair down collect oneself slow down put your feet up take time off bask lollop come back down to earth cool down control oneself lay back keep cool pull oneself together regain your self-control get a grip recover one's self-control regain one's composure keep your head recover one's composure play it cool take five stop pause settle stretch out quieten down break off lie sprawl take a rest quiet down outspan break get hold of oneself sleep nap come up for air calm yourself control yourself get your act together get a grip on yourself get a hold of yourself slack drowse slumber do less stand down lie about slouch couch abate have a rest spread out laze around sit down relent go to bed become peaceful compose yourself become calmer steady oneself become calm hose down lounge around restrain yourself become quieter pull in one's horns be good behave destress dawdle vegetate bum loiter slow take things easy quiesce turn off sunbathe stay put up stretch be quiet be still recess quiet pipe down adjourn soften refresh be less active slacken off take some time off tarry sojourn breathe recuperate suspend proceedings stop briefly desist sun warm oneself lay down doze lessen toast yourself sun yourself catch one's breath milden mollify have a breather have time out rest upon snooze put your head down catch a few 'z' s catch forty winks lie upon swim in relax your efforts release cease hold back take a breath lodge ease be supine sweeten stop for a breath stabilise stabilize retire be recumbent be prostrate stretch oneself out spread-eagle siesta lean back be prone be stretched out turn in catnap zizz kip become less restless snuggle down lie by be at ease refresh oneself be comfortable let down take a nap take life easy nod off have a snooze have a nap have forty winks get some kip take a siesta get some shut-eye have a kip lie still catch some Zs have a siesta have a spell tail off snatch forty winks die down recharge one's batteries get control of oneself


Make or become more cheerful or less serious
lighten brighten cheer cheer up gladden hearten lift perk up boost buoy elate enliven revive enhance improve inspire restore revitalise revitalize stimulate sweeten uplift buoy up ginger up inspirit leaven buck up encourage look up refresh relax jazz up loosen up take a load off brighten up animate invigorate arouse envigorate make brighter raise spirits rally excite pep up exhilarate pick up raise the spirits give a lift come to life give a lift to make lighter elevate raise make happier edify get going get better take off build up refine better civilize ameliorate cultivate advance enrich move civilise stir fire rejuvenate vitalize wake up make happy take heart gain strength become cheerful snap out of it take a turn for the better clear up energize rouse strengthen energise revivify quicken renew regenerate galvanize rekindle reanimate recharge resurrect renovate repair awaken enkindle fortify touch up liven up galvanise reinvigorate recreate brace kick-start bounce back rewake rewaken motivate embolden freshen refreshen reawaken recondition recover reactivate delight steel incite relieve breathe new life into make whole console intoxicate resuscitate fire up pump up give a boost to vivify be heartened give someone a kick reassure give a buzz spur comfort bring around spark instigate fillip assure enhearten electrify stir up enrapture thrill titillate transport charge warm chirk up bear up rejoice light a fire under psych up give a shot in the arm to give shot in arm prop up juice liven help turn on update brace up give someone a charge replenish modernise regain become livelier prompt modernize prod become more cheerful grow buoyant give new life to make more cheerful lift up light up become optimistic become hopeful rise soar drive empower incentify reinstitute reintroduce re-establish relaunch enthuse applaud push bring back give a new lease of life to save restart give the kiss of life to bring to pique disinhibit impassion goad trigger sway enforce overjoy bolster egg incentivize whip up kindle jumpstart spur on activate build spice up feel happier get into the mood enchant spike jump-start please wow fuel cheer on ignite reenforce rev up provoke boost up waken up make lively gratify give a new lease on life get going again put new life into re-energize bring back to life put some spark into give new strength to flush grip nudge juice up zap vivificate give life to spice divert entertain amp up zip up tickle grab praise prick soothe solace make more lively work up make more exciting key up give joy to stimulate spiritually raise your spirits lift the spirits of give confidence to raise the morale of spirit up give hope to boost morale bield gee up stiffen the resolve of pleasure content satisfy glad put pep into let sunshine in go over big blow away fire with enthusiasm race one's motor knock your socks off give pleasure to suit incentivise feast gas upraise warm the cockles of someone's heart bring joy to do someone's heart good give someone pleasure tickle pink agree with make someone feel good improve in outlook take on a new lease of life improve in spirits improve in mood put on cloud nine let the sun shine in put on top of the world send commove exalt pep turn someone on snap up make very happy put zip into give someone great pleasure give someone a thrill make someone's spirits soar

Trái nghĩa của lighten up

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