Đồng nghĩa của have a breather


To pause and deliberate
stop pause hesitate hold on sit tight wait call time deliberate hang on hold back take a break think twice hold your fire hold your horses rest stall stop briefly take a breather take five take ten delay halt cease discontinue desist adjourn break break off let up ease off ease up have a break finish stay wind up finish off knock off unwind relax repose recess idle take time out come to a standstill shut down take time off waver chill refresh kick back have a rest have time out suspend proceedings take it easy put your feet up interrupt falter shake reflect hang back suspend sideline tarry drop mark time pull up linger take a breath put on hold break it up come to standstill stop what you're doing catch one's breath vacillate dither shilly-shally stagger scruple dilly-dally be indecisive fluctuate teeter haver wobble wabble hang fire hum and haw hold off take a rest oscillate hem and haw defer swither demur tergiversate equivocate shillyshally hover yo-yo hedge be uncertain be irresolute be undecided balance sway pussyfoot around sit on the fence blow hot and cold bide your time dawdle temporize pussyfoot doubt procrastinate postpone baulk dally alternate balk seesaw dillydally tremble boggle be reluctant be unsure be doubtful reel hang temporise be unwilling get cold feet play a waiting game shy away be patient hold everything waffle change come up for air be unable to decide drag your heels change mind be unable to make up your mind run hot and cold hang about hang around break up flicker vary quiver be suspended end be put on hold fence-straddle swing straddle rock whiffle trim shudder whiffle waffle palter straggle lag adopt Fabian tactics chop and change keep changing your mind rise do less stay back drag your feet shrink back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward tumble refuse shy jib hold your water keep your shirt on bobble lurch roll quaver express misgivings express reluctance express reservations relax your efforts slacken release abate slow down relent hold the line wait a minute refrain from wait and see be cagey put something off take no action avoid doing something keep from doing something shelve await table mothball remit prorogue pigeonhole respite abide look forward lie in wait lie low sweat it out hold the phone sit up for hold one's breath waste time stand by wait on kick your heels kill time cool your heels save it sweat it stay up for hang onto your hat pass the time cool it twiddle thumbs wait in the wings prorogate put off lay on the table hold up put back put in cold storage take a rain check on put over call it a day take a recess put on ice take a rain check hold over put on the back burner hold in abeyance stumble flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be hesitant pull back think about sit on fence

Trái nghĩa của have a breather

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