Đồng nghĩa của recess

Alternative for recess

recesses, recessed, recessing

Đồng nghĩa: adjourn, hesitate, indent, notch, pause, rest, set back,


A dent or hollow in a surface
depression hollow indentation concavity dent dint indenture pit cavity hole crater dip dimple pocket excavation trough pothole chamber cave impression scoop cavern trench shaft ditch basin well chasm lacuna abyss cleft pockmark vacuity void bowl borehole sinkhole gulf sink dugout sag niche nook indent notch socket mineshaft sinkage groove canyon gorge ravine fossa den channel opening valley antrum rut nick tomb grave vacuum mark pouch gap cut chip gash gouge orifice aperture cutting sinus ding space scallop con-cavity crenel furrow embrasure crack geode fissure vug caries cup dish cranny curve bottom tunnel underground chamber grot delve antre subterrane alcove grotto rock shelter crevasse burrow gulch gully tube mine split arroyo fracture dig quarry foxhole pass defile couloir flume gill rift divot passage chute conduit kloof breach pan clough hole in the ground diggings bore archaeological site clove chimney swallet shakehole swallow hole kettle hole kink bunker cellar shelter bore-hole saddle chuckhole irregularity linn digging col crevice break bergschrund rent warren lair precipice slit punchbowl giant kettle vale chink dust bowl interstice check caldera dig site cave in solfatara maar cleavage rime rima schism rimation shell hole mouth fosse duct drain waterway gutter entrenchment earthwork vent vacancy column blank bunny chine dike foss watercourse sheugh moat blankness adit winze upcast sluice passageway flue downcast nullity lack heugh thrutch coulee barranca nullah quebrada cleuch oblivion raceway canal main sap drill nihility nothingness emptiness want khor khud donga sloot cylinder spillway airduct voidness hiatus air shaft light well hollowness open space black hole empty space blank space


A break between school classes
break holiday rest vacation breather intermission interval respite adjournment interlude breath closure hols interruption leave lull pause schoolie break-off cessation cutoff downtime halt hiatus interregnum layoff letup stop suspension temporary closure ten time off time-out time out breathing spell cessation of business coffee break day off happy hour temporary cessation of business breathing space stoppage let-up discontinuation interim gap discontinuity spell sabbatical entr'acte delay discontinuance lapse vacay leave of absence remission relief wait stay leisure lacuna trip furlough parenthesis hiccup hiccough interstice relaxation termination surcease moratorium vac caesura check abeyance hold-up recreation repose breaking off time free time halting playtime stopping pausation lunchtime disruption standstill smoko dissolution staycation quiescence liberty lessening slackening comma ceasing amusement leisure time R and R postponement spare time R & R long weekend disbandment ending prorogation end finish conclusion tour half-term sojourn slack tea break intermezzo five expiration dormancy abeyancy doldrums latency period of leave blow ease deadlock hitch freedom stopover release refreshment meanwhile meantime arrest cut-off freeze accumulated day off separation awayday retreat escape lapse of time abatement silence winding up rest and recreation day of rest pleasure sick leave personal day outing winter episode absence interspace breakdown mental health day shore leave diversion hesitation tranquillity tranquility idyll short break moment instant second jollification entertainment lightening brightening jollity pausing breaktime sit-down expedition journey voyage suspense quiescency intervening period intervening time disturbance obstacle school holiday week off month off pause in the action beat lunch break holdup hold term season period close weekend break weekend trip hush stillness gridlock stand detention obstruction disconnection intrusion severance hindrance impediment gap year study leave holdback away day stretch span space half-time closing finishing break off rest period awkward moment while arrestment abandonment shutoff cease offset shutdown closedown rupture disuniting blackout division rift split breach time wasted time lag period of waiting holding pattern inactivity time to burn time to kill unemployment retirement desistance time on one's hands forgiveness deliverance discharge truce exculpation immunity pardon acquittal protraction convenience peace requiescence scope range bank holiday cutting short gardening leave a day off a month off a week off garden leave decompression disbanding dispersal deferment deferral spare moment time to spare dismissal breathing room time away screaming halt grinding halt scattering expiry curtains rescheduling shelving disestablishment disunion pigeonholing dissolving evaporation defunction solution disappearance break-up wind-up split-up winding down tabling mothballing continuation put-off putting off scream whoopee days off activity lark fling frolicking rollick revel beer and skittles carousing reveling picnic time killer gayety rollicking delight revelling fun spree binge gratification laughs let up temporary cessation holidays getaway knocking off suspension of proceedings taking five fiesta mini-break two weeks with pay few days off acumulated day off completion finale consummation wrap-up windup finis culmination resolution denouement terminus endgame homestretch capper mop-up grand finale outcome end of the line fulfilment result consequence fulfillment impasse payoff logjam accomplishment execution achievement epilogue stalemate curtain epilog standoff realization desuetude climax Mexican standoff perfection issue determination peroration dead end coda realisation dead stop upshot full stop omega withdrawal sign-off swan song stopping point last part bottom line last word end of the road finalization fruition concluding failure checkmate screeching halt attainment blockage wrap reprieve breakup winding-up finalisation inaction bitter end final scene last act summation sewing up polishing off closing stages end result limit disjunction alternation curtailment dispatch completeness success integration hips occlusion disbarment cloture folding cutting off suppression brick wall roadblock limbo embargo discontinuing shutting demise inhibition interference ban prohibition shutting down closing down final word lapsing summing-up final point last stop staying prevention restraining restraint checking stalling finishing point draw stand-off hole catastrophe wane summing up catch-22 outro eventuality deep freeze cold storage suspended animation target block wall chaser crowning glory blow-off disjointedness afterpiece closer button disconnectedness final curtain end piece grace period running out final thoughts incoherence coup de grace dénouement death communication breakdown liquidation cancellation last stage last lack of unity cutout lack of coherence final part final stage final act cesser abortion run-in cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect armistice cut-off point ceasefire treaty détente cease-fire wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente cessation of hostilities serenity idleness unwinding placidity calmness relaxing restfulness sereneness restoration olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities quiet peacefulness siesta doze somnolence comfort renewal calm snooze quietness me-time calming oneself quietude period of relaxation loosening up dreaminess kip period of repose mental repose peace and quiet


A place where something or someone may be hidden
hiding place hideaway hideout refuge retreat asylum den lair sanctuary bolt-hole foxhole hermitage hidey-hole safe house sanctum shelter harbor harbour haven hole nook oasis stash safe place place of escape place of safety covert nest concealment cover safe haven harborage protection hidy-hole port in a storm security hide-out sanctum sanctorum secret place resort fastness querencia haunt cache safe harbor cloister escape shield preserve ivory tower screen port snuggery safety ark immunity habitat pen zoar resting place defence housing defense home earth place of shelter snug island safe keeping church convent hole-up study cubby cubbyhole private room office storage place cabin dacha cottage adytum place of security aerie atelier secluded hangout form burrow sequestered nook warren tunnel cave dwelling living quarters digs a roof over your head somewhere to stay shed joint somewhere to live pad quarterage accommodations roof over head lodging roof crib accommodation hole in the wall sett hiding safeguard guard ward armour aegis armor wall habitation seclusion privacy secrecy expedient outlet bolthole exit stopgap recourse stronghold ambush resource anchorage bolt hole fortress way out makeshift opening safeguarding dock buckler shade domain purlieu weapon fortification barrier roadstead rendezvous resistance moorage harbourage marina deterrent shielding deterrence guarding cushion roads mooring egis bulwark buffer stamping ground dockage wharf stomping ground fence shock absorber comfort zone private space penthouse brood shadow lee a roof port of call bumper preventative preventive hedge docks barricade bastion pier jetty seaport hithe ammunition boatyard piers landing dockyard dive territory warfare weaponry munitions spot abode biosphere site roost citadel arms patch bar manor favourite spot local honky-tonk natural home home ground meeting place hang-out realm centre spa berth quay moorings fount source cradle fountainhead watering hole social place honeypot slip hotel spring camp holiday destination center motel tourist trap holiday centre park inn lodge fat farm tourist center mineral spring tourist centre watering place hot spring holiday spot place of origin


A corner, especially an external projection or an internal recess of a part of a building or other structure
angle corner crook point bend cusp nook apex arc arch bow curvature curve edge elbow inflexion inflection knee turn wind crotch intersection niche projection divergence dogleg flare flection flexure fork notch obliquity turning twist hairpin bend hook round kink curvation curving loop shift hairpin sweep dog-leg crescent deviation deflection zigzag bending oxbow incurvation sharp bend yaw half-moon joint curl semicircle tack camber circle veer convexity swerve ellipse curling hairpin turn circuit arching sharp turn hairpin curve curvity lean shape warp junction hunch hump flex crossing crossroad carrefour crossways doorway portico rotation crutch ancon hinge revolution spin right angle branch rim cloverleaf V Y ridge circular line swoop curved structure swivel cycle whirl twirl gyration winding circular section half turn wheel circle segment circular arc pivot circumvolution spiral pirouette circulation trajectory roll swing gyre turnabout twisting undulation meander whorl catenary hyperbola sinuosity ogee circumference helix bight vault curlicue parabola horseshoe compass ambit chord rondure swell concavity contour incurvature bulge meniscus coil convolution ring hoop circlet band wreath eye anfractuosity flexuosity detour ringlet orbit drift corkscrew swirl screw flourish disc ball globe zodiac cirque orb roundel annulus vortex lap disk meandering sphere swish course volute bead path English volution scroll furl wresting wringing spring quirk wave crispation circumgyration torsion twine yank wrenching braid snake sickle-shape change of direction knot demilune sickle lunula noose oval loophole apogee pattern perigee locus eyelet cresentoid lune turn-off archway declination diversion divagation exit halo refraction divergency veering slew swerving straying aberration departure crossroads turnout convex figure concave figure horned moon dome span crown old moon new moon glance ricochet turning away turning aside rebound drawing away divarication aureole bracelet belt full turn bridge side road


To formally bring to an end (at least temporarily)
adjourn break prorogate prorogue stop suspend dissolve drop pigeonhole rise shake sideline take five terminate knock off suspend proceedings break off break up call time drop it take ten take time out put on hold take a break take a breather take a recess discontinue end halt finish cease postpone defer pause quit bring to an end let up come to an end conclude close lapse elapse wind up expire pass determine die call a halt to dead-end put an end to leave off wink out lay off protract delay interrupt shelve put off stay table hold over mothball hold in abeyance put back put on ice can complete lay on the table hold up hold off put in cold storage go take a rain check on cut short close out round out wrap up round off wind down bring to a close cut off put on the back burner put a stop to be suspended be put on hold extend prolong axe abort belay cancel scratch ax bring to a conclusion eliminate desist run out wrap extinguish ultimate scrub annul pull the plug on abolish bring to an untimely end arrest consummate culminate cap intermit clear reschedule call off cut loose sew up fold up button down be put to bed put a lid on be over button up draw to a close disband withhold put aside put in abeyance bar file retard waive hold check pink-slip omit procrastinate inactivate keep in abeyance disrupt hang up rule out stave off lay over push back lay aside put on back burner count out put on the shelf hang fire desist from cut out pack in shut off give over pack up remit continue respite put over rest curb restrain unwind relax repose idle hold back take a rain check call a halt refresh chill call it a day kick back have a break have a rest stop briefly take it easy have time out ease off ease up have a breather put your feet up give up abandon finish off close down settle dwindle shut down bring to a halt fade peter out crown top off die down die out abate die away refrain from withdraw finalize scrap disappear lessen climax diminish ebb vanish cut recede slacken wane moderate subside nip in the bud come to a close bring to a standstill come to a stop finalise ease put the kibosh on accomplish fade away bring to a stop call it quits fulfill decline relinquish decrease dispense with drop off give something the chop surcease end up weaken polish off pass away knock something on the head fulfil tail off fall away curtail phase out melt away achieve stem drop away perfect freeze put the lid on relent kick renounce do disconnect get done still leave de-escalate fall fizzle out shrink taper lower pall forgo carry out bring to fruition taper off pack it in come to a halt bite the dust stop dead liquidate set the seal on put to bed come to a standstill run its course pull up lay off of add the finishing touch to cry off phase down ratchet down drain away blow over finish with cap off come to a head put a period to suppress do away with get rid of shorten resign put paid to nail polish subdue quell stifle impede pull the plug obstruct perform effectuate execute evaporate frustrate block stall refrain complement realize leave unfinished top rescind repeal kill revoke hamper immobilize eschew evanish immobilise settle down calm catch yield sever peak actualize staunch sink cool off quieten down quieten come to rest add the final touch to make good go whole hog go the limit make perfect go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly carry off put the last touches on sort out get through make up put the finishing touches on abdicate forsake become invalid cool it attenuate realise become void become obsolete lead up to build up to stop short reach a finale cut it out cease to exist draw up sell out come to a climax come to a crescendo reach a pinnacle drop out interfere with resign from rise to crescendo have done with withdraw from throw up retire from give notice hang it up fetch up bring something to a close put a stop to something quash fail die off abstain do for dissociate truncate cinch calm down resolve disturb nullify tie up wrap-up hold something in abeyance sunder back off turn back transpire keep from put the stopper on run down deactivate bring call recall quit cold turkey depart be at an end bankrupt wrap something up dispose of switch off wind something up take a breather from put on a back burner withhold from forbear swear off forswear draw to close draw to a halt be no longer valid cut something short collapse stop in one's tracks reach a standstill be forgotten dissipate bring down curtain slip away be no more fly by cut into say goodbye to break into slow discharge get shut of nip something in the bud tie up loose ends clean up be through with come to the end finish up shut renege back out stand abbreviate clip abridge stop oneself from restrain oneself from hold back from get shot of disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose disunite part retreat weed out become weaker decelerate chill out slack dull unlax coast cool stop midstream avoid put into liquidation sink into oblivion disappear slowly shutter clinch bag it blow off fold bring to a premature end put the finishing touches to resist the temptation to knock it off kick the habit quit cold abstain from do without not continue get on the wagon take the cure forbear from kick over come to a conclusion round up shut up surrender carry through go by stop cold break short stop in full flow ditch shun jack something in trail off ignore forfeit lull divorce jilt sacrifice cede close the door on terminate the account close the books wither wilt soften alleviate slacken off close with conclude with end with turn your back on part with eighty-six dust off break with write off part from wipe out forget about decay result descend evanesce degenerate terminate with retrograde deteriorate crumble bate droop max out content hit high spot tower reach a peak please summit reach the zenith orgasm succeed crest break the record satisfy melt slip back out of drop out of shoot one's wad rise to a crescendo go over the mountain go the route come to an end with molder dilapidate moulder retire inhibit fall down level off quitclaim hand over demit run low fade out wear away go down grow less go dead go downhill thwart control limit foil prevent bridle rein neutralize step down contain reduce hinder muffle squelch smother swallow constrain put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to be a fitting climax to put the tin lid on be the climax be the climax of add the finishing touches to be the culmination of throw in the towel hand in resignation stand down cease work stand aside sign off walk out bow out govern fight back repress bottleneck counteract repulse discourage tame rebuff choke back neutralise bottle up choke circumvent brake regulate checkmate slow down rein in keep in check put a spoke in someone's wheel keep a lid on keep back play for time hold in stem the flow of pull in keep under control slacken pace bite back put a brake on hold down stand in the way of hobble hesitate falter waver teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp stumble whiffle bring up put a sock in be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill

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