Đồng nghĩa của take ten


To pause and deliberate
stop pause hesitate hold on sit tight wait call time deliberate hang on have a breather hold back take a break think twice hold your fire hold your horses rest stall stop briefly take a breather take five delay adjourn break break off halt cease discontinue desist suspend shake sideline drop let up recess ease off ease up have a break knock off suspend proceedings put on hold take time out finish stay wind up finish off come to a standstill shut down take time off prorogue prorogate terminate pigeonhole dissolve rise take a recess drop it break up waver unwind relax repose idle interrupt falter chill refresh kick back have a rest have time out take it easy put your feet up reflect hang back tarry mark time pull up linger take a breath break it up come to standstill stop what you're doing catch one's breath vacillate end dither shilly-shally conclude hold up stagger scruple dilly-dally be indecisive take a rest come up for air arrest defer come to a halt teeter quit curb check wobble wabble leave off hold off fluctuate postpone haver impede obstruct close hamper block restrain still elapse frustrate pass expire catch die shelve hang fire balance come to an end hum and haw brake come to a stop give over put off lay off oscillate draw up hem and haw shut off slow down fetch up pack up pack in retard inhibit be uncertain thwart baulk hinder dawdle swither demur tergiversate lapse determine go equivocate come to rest bar shillyshally balk can hover yo-yo hedge dead-end refrain from belay be irresolute be undecided sway remit wink out draw to a close be over cut short hold cut off hold over cut out desist from peter out pussyfoot around bring to an end call a halt to sit on the fence blow hot and cold bring up interfere with call it a day put a brake on stand in the way of temporize pussyfoot doubt procrastinate dally alternate restrict seesaw dillydally limit give up kick stumble be suspended trammel abandon stymie stem foil tremble boggle be reluctant be unsure be doubtful fetter derail reel prevent bridle hang slow temporise shackle be unwilling encumber hamstring hobble repress withhold staunch get cold feet freeze surcease fizzle out come to a close fade away put back dispense with intermit whiffle draw to a halt choke stand abate put over shy away close down cool it die away reach a standstill put a stop to waffle change put an end to pull in keep back be unable to decide bring to a standstill bide one's time hold off on be unable to make up your mind stand still nip in the bud run hot and cold pull the plug on land settle be put on hold close shop stop work clock off finish work finish working park hang about hang around abstain flicker vary leave work forbear refrain quiver do less lay over swing straddle fence-straddle rock trim whiffle waffle palter shudder arrive keep adopt Fabian tactics forgo eschew keep changing your mind chop and change change mind detain retardate tumble straggle lag slacken release relax one's efforts relent cripple cramp protract relinquish avoid yield resign have done with lurch roll quaver bobble refuse shy jib crimp deter cumber complete drag your feet shrink back stay back drag your heels stay in the background be reluctant to come forward clog handcuff confine prolong get there haul up express misgivings express reservations express reluctance stop dead culminate wrap up close out wind down set back slow up finish the working day mothball table close off stave off back off hog-tie take down throw a monkey wrench in the works of bring to screeching halt make late get in the way of bog down choke off throw a spanner in the works of get done run out die down die out pack it in collapse end up stop in one's tracks run its course cancel withdraw axe call a stop to not do continue respite hold in abeyance abolish put something off take no action scrap cut lay off of control put on ice phase out lay on the table put in cold storage ax do away with scrub disjoin dissever get rid of intervene separate interpose disunite disconnect bring to a halt kill part suppress change one's mind avoid doing something play a waiting game call a halt take a rain check on take a rain check put on the back burner drag one's heels wait and see be cagey rein neutralize stifle bag it blow off give something the chop contain reduce muffle squelch smother swallow constrain knock something on the head call it quits forestall keep from doing something govern fight back bottleneck moderate counteract repulse discourage tame rebuff choke back neutralise bottle up circumvent regulate checkmate hold one's horses rein in keep in check stonewall keep a lid on hold in keep under control slacken pace bite back hold down sabotage bork put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time stem the flow of fence not move stand off await abide look forward lie in wait be patient lie low sweat it out keep shirt on hold one's breath waste time kill time save it sweat it hang onto your hat pass the time hold everything wait in the wings hold the phone sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time immobilize limp immobilise put a sock in be broken off be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand bring to a stop hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill put the kibosh on flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be hesitant pull back think about sit on fence


The intervening time
interim interval interregnum interlude meantime meanwhile discontinuity gap hiatus hiccough hiccup intermission interruption interstice parenthesis entr'acte respite between-time breach break breather cutoff downtime intermezzo lacuna layoff letup pause time time-out intervening time breathing spell coffee break pause in the action recess lull rest stoppage suspension wait halt delay breathing space time out spell stop cessation lapse let-up hold-up stay surcease check discontinuation break-off abeyance pausation period discontinuance hitch dormancy doldrums quiescence latency abeyancy smoko caesura comma moratorium intervening period episode idyll lag season term obstacle disturbance disruption hesitation span space stretch half-time stopping pausing standstill holdup hold playtime ten while five obstruction disconnection severance intrusion hindrance impediment suspense quiescency detention stopover postponement holdback breaking off breath adjournment time wasted time lag period of waiting holding pattern rupture division dissolution disuniting rift arrest blackout split separation beat break off freeze hush silence lapse of time happy hour stillness stand gridlock deadlock rest period awkward moment repose time away freedom the time being period in-between spare time free time time to burn time to kill time on one's hands deferment deferral remission ending termination shelving rescheduling end finish tabling time off relief closure conclusion logjam putting off impasse halting put-off close reprieve layover putting back shutdown vacation expiration arrestment stalemate prorogation continuation closedown holiday standoff shutoff relaxation lessening stop-off ceasing slackening cease leave Mexican standoff leisure dead end closing offset peace slack abatement truce grinding halt screaming halt breathing room block full stop dead stop tranquillity tranquility armistice sabbatical day off pigeonholing blow grace mothballing tea break checkmate procrastination break in your journey protraction cut-off liberty desistance ease deferring vacay release draw screeching halt sojourn visit holding deep freeze hole cold storage suspended animation retardation stand-off catch-22 blockage rain check virgule finishing abandonment short respite recovery time breathing time breakdown breakoff time warp lagging time gap interspace winter winding up cutting short furlough leave of absence sick leave embargo instant second moment tie limbo ban prohibition extension quiet calm short break slowness hols disbandment dissolving withdrawal passage course schoolie calmness spell of inactivity carrying over sit-down passing temporary closure shore leave mental health day quietness grace period dead heat lunch break let up temporary cessation temporary cessation of business cessation of business inaction deliverance discharge exculpation pardon acquittal forgiveness immunity occlusion completion culmination finale wrap-up winding-up wind-up end of the line disjointedness disconnectedness taking five knocking off suspension of proceedings brick wall roadblock peacefulness incoherence end of the road wall reduction continuance disunion communication breakdown rearrangement easing decrease inactivity setback unemployment retirement desisting remaining terminating deterring lack of unity cutout lack of coherence diminution moderation stall scope convenience requiescence range ceasefire treaty hangup detainment dwindling waning decompression encumbrance curb inhibition retardment détente jam retard fetter interference snag time to spare R & R R and R spare moment ebb ebbing bind ado trammel problem filibuster cease-fire waiting period cooling-off period tie-up showstopper alleviation amelioration wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente dying down cutback cessation of hostilities opening olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities aperture gulf cavity crack cranny fissure breadth void crevasse compass slot headway amplitude flaw

Trái nghĩa của take ten

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