Đồng nghĩa của rein

Alternative for rein

reins, reined, reining

Đồng nghĩa: draw rein, harness, rein in, rule,


Narrow straps attached to a harness to control a young child
check restriction bridle control curb restraint brake limitation circumscription confinement constraint harness hold stint bit deterrent governor halter lead leash line strap hindrance fetter impediment damper stricture obstacle obstruction inhibition limit tether chain condition rope barrier cramp cord trammel discouragement curtailment bar shackle block handicap string determent stop clampdown hurdle restrainer disincentive reduction dissuasion encumbrance bond lyam stoppage shackles ceiling fetters retardant let clog embarrassment manacle drag crimp holdback interference balk taboo snag constrainment constriction collar headstall noose stumbling block tie wet blanket baulk discipline suppressant crackdown hampering chill intimidation chase-halter cloud depressant detention arrest captivity buttress gloom pall defensive measures defence defense preventative preventive setback catch break reverse reversal blow trammels depression deterring factor safeguard cut diminution cutback injunction inadequacy modification definition reservation circumspection qualification head collar hackamore holdup rebuff whammy cinchers hamper anchor binders maximum drawback disadvantage hazard cold water fastening cap curbing threshold bonds band lash strip scaling down hobble truss binding restraining device picket retarding device bound demarcation bounds regulation extent containment border perimeter boundary belt margin confine repression cutoff point cut-off point upper limit tops line of demarcation tape lace whip thong ban moderation embargo boycott prevention disqualification suppression interdict prohibition bondage pinions weight decrease manacles chains order straitjacket abridgment instruction abridgement deprivation deterrence command restraining order hitch blockage difficulty cumber irons spanner in the works fly in the ointment monkey wrench in the works delay bind bracelet interruption impedance burden complication hiccup facer problem lock gridlock barricade cuffs inconvenience handcuffs ball and chain ligature millstone catch-22 handcuff wall monkey wrench iron road block precaution retardation glitch shutdown cuff end hang-up bracelets stopping jam link protection sticking point leg irons thwarting proscription provision stipulation requirement elimination halt proviso rule security veto interdiction rider blocking checking contraction caution squelching albatross cumbrance baggage precautionary measure strings joker issue remedy termination bilboes defect weakness wire detriment retardment excess baggage blockade bottleneck gyves darbies restraints rub circumvention jam-up preventive measure protective measure stay roadblock no-no fine print hawser millstone around your neck booby trap cable connection clogging obligation commitment deadweight opposition immobilization immobilisation moratorium pitfall put down damp weary load hardship warning nuisance coupling railing traverse fence rahui occlusion congestion hold-up stumbling stone bump uphill bridling pale edge stamping out shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering tethers ropes trouble mountain checkmate load disablement impairment flaw disorder fault stone in one's path confines palladium fail-safe protective shield blank wall halting quashing foiling saddle debt guilt cross duty compression astringency tightening squeezing shrinking choking verge compass frontier parameter mountain to climb dead weight red tape neutralizer prophylactic strait waistcoat hangup balking sublimation leg-iron yoke gyve pendant lavaliere locket rackle clinker monkey on back thorn in one's side avoidance forestallment anticipation averting forestalling precluding preclusion snaffle electronic ankle bracelet custody limits extremity circumference putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud anticipatory measure small difficulty interception prophylaxis obviation deterence inhibitor prerequisite demand clause anathema eradication crushing abolition requisite essential necessity ambit disapproval exception term specification precondition contingency kicker terms linkage tie-in stickum hookup nexus gunk network non-acceptance tapu exemption postulate stern measures strike getting tough crush severe measures arrangement don't religious convention sanction forbiddance social convention law thou-shalt-not superstition need article must arrestment close cutoff finish discontinuation expiration surcease closure closedown cessation shutoff conclusion lapse cease offset ending discontinuance must-have sine qua non guy lacing small print choker staying restraining suspension stalling coaxial piece of cordage boom topping lift wire rope sabotage intervention foot dragging


The position or place of command or leadership


A strap or rope attached to the bridle or bit, used to control a horse, animal or young child


Keep under control
check curb bridle restrain restrict constrain control limit regulate arrest curtail hold back stop collect compose cool halt hold hold in repress slow down smother suppress keep in check keep under control put the brakes on simmer down stifle contain inhibit govern tame rein in pull in bottle up hamper hinder retard measure keep rule moderate withhold choke back cork bite back hold down keep the lid on confine impede subdue frustrate bar prevent stem muffle stay swallow imprison straiten choke gaol jail gag squelch rein back fight back hem in kill lock up put a brake on keep a lid on keep back master keep control of keep on a string keep a tight rein on chain strangle hamstring baulk constrict cramp intern incarcerate trammel conceal ban bind lock in deprive deny hog-tie shotgun disallow close in concuss coop up fence in shut in necessitate immure balk suffocate submerge hide sink pocket snuff extinguish keep lid on cool off put half nelson on delay thwart obstruct cork up shower shroud oppress quell put out quench overpower bite one's lip quash heap button up hush up stall foil hold up pause neutralize block catch reduce still terminate interrupt cut short bottleneck staunch counteract repulse discourage rebuff circumvent neutralise brake checkmate draw up slacken pace pull up fetch up play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel interfere with stand in the way of nip in the bud bring to a standstill stem the flow of muzzle handicap dampen bit leash harness hold in check debar keep within bounds guide impound detain circumscribe direct hogtie deter delimit keep in keep down sit on crack down box up put away pin down pull back tie down bring under control have on a tight leash keep in line fetter shackle stymie encumber hobble handcuff manacle clog embarrass short-circuit tie tie up cap slow cripple hang up set back cumber bork put on ice hold captive put in prison clap in irons put behind bars put inside put in chains throw a spanner in the works of pinion freeze forestall prohibit bound tether commit burden disadvantage jug fix bastille delimitate cramp someone's style hold prisoner put in irons send down take into custody put into detention bang up send to prison send up box in throw a monkey wrench in the works of put under lock and key get in the way immobilize retain contract enfetter gyve enchain secure disrupt pin trap cuff avert remand cage refuse immobilise peg demarcate hold fast interfere inconvenience enclose keep hold of encircle chain up make late slow up tie someone's hands surround crimp baffle specify get in the way of book railroad demark narrow define lock away take away bog down resist weigh down set limits on impose limits on not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put at a disadvantage clip someone's wings cool down place at a disadvantage keep within limits hold in custody keep under lock and key rail in press ruin manage counter modulate preclude intercept clap impair keep waiting decelerate overload enmesh net ensnare capture sideline suspend cause to wait cause to stay entangle debilitate snag gain control over gain mastery over put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in incommode rule out entrap charge discommode bother give disadvantage take out put out of commission prison sentence can throw book at slough send up the river throw in jail settle discipline cramp one's style drag your feet tie one's hands get bogged down entrammel oppose make impossible saddle with make difficult ration waive put a limit on throw in dungeon set prescribe shrink temper inclose come down on put a ceiling on modify shorten cut down on prelimit qualify decrease diminish pound contravene crab cut back girdle throw the book at throw away the keys cut off cease keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt shut out throw a spanner in the works be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of louse up stultify constipate throttle place a limit on hold off on lay off discontinue fasten shut up keep under custody keep under constraint put in jail hold under custody draw the line on mark off damp down dissuade wrong put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on the shelf forbid concentrate faze sandbag ward taboo interdict outlaw enjoin rope truss lash treat harshly encompass treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on put an end to ring press down put on brakes put an stop to compass gird corral kettle truss up hurdle isolate reserve localise focus pen in pinpoint center localize centre mew up hedge in pen up forbear refrain keep secret keep yourself keep under wraps hold out on dummy up deduct hold on to hold out keep to oneself refuse to give fail to disclose spike clam up abstain stop oneself keep under your hat stop from spreading pen stockade closet ice keep captive hold hostage detain at Her Majesty's pleasure take prisoner keep in custody

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