Đồng nghĩa của surcease

Alternative for surcease

surcease /sə:'si:s/
  • danh từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sự thôi, sự ngừng
    • nội động từ
      • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) thôi, ngừng


    To cease to proceed or act
    desist stop cease halt quit end discontinue drop abandon forgo conclude eschew suspend avoid refrain abstain forbear belay kick keep relinquish pause yield resign break off give up leave off refrain from lay off knock off pack in give over pack up hold back call a halt to dispense with have done with not do call a stop to break can desist from cut out break up finish cut off shut off terminate wind up bring to an end lay off of call it quits close elapse determine renounce intermit withdraw dead-end let up call it a day bring to a halt cut it out wink out call off call a halt forswear stay fail culminate abstain from kick the habit wrap up sew up hang it up take the cure quit cold do without pack it in forbear from not continue get on the wagon kick over withhold from keep from restrain oneself from hold back from resist the temptation to stop oneself from jack in swear off close out come to a close bring to a stop close down quit cold turkey cut short shut down back off die down lapse pass expire go die cancel interrupt axe scrub abolish scrap kill cut disconnect intervene disjoin dissever separate interpose part disunite ax put a stop to get rid of put an end to blow off do away with bag it knock something on the head phase out pull the plug on give the chop complete come to an end adjourn dissolve bring to a close abort forsake check arrest be over finish off round off draw to a close withhold reject round out curb scratch steer clear of annul shun disappear refuse withdraw from vanish come to a standstill abjure put the kibosh on resign from leave sever consummate pull out of nip in the bud take a break wind down come to a stop retire from cry off run out come to a halt fade away recess die away give a wide berth to revoke repeal ditch rescind rest resist shelve desert wrap go without abate settle inhibit ultimate end up bite the dust take a breather delay bring to a standstill put the lid on stop dead get done top off run its course peter out die out fizzle out drop out of run down get out of have nothing to do with wait hang back call chuck eliminate recall ignore pass up fade suppress block exit curtail evaporate hold off check out from prorogue freeze shake finalize pull up crown dwindle evanish put paid to bail stifle prevent depart pull the plug restrain take five finalise be suspended break with stop short stop oneself put on hold have a breather move from cease to exist put a lid on have a break become invalid leave alone take ten bow out of step aside from become void become obsolete pass away blow over finish with back out of say goodbye to melt away go away from put a period to bring to a conclusion give a rest throw up depart from bring to an untimely end stand down from put a stop to something disrupt decline give something up nullify relent ebb spurn bring come off resolve disturb obstruct wane skip preclude suspend proceedings subdue quell quash cap sunder stay away from bypass mothball set aside lay aside clear nix back off from restrain from shrink from rein in forlet subside cinch evanesce kibosh surcease from call it quits on be put on hold spell dispose of switch off steer clear do liquidate do for be at an end be no longer valid stop midstream draw to a halt come to rest redline renege back out ease off ease up knock it off interfere with cut into break into be broken off be abandoned discharge accomplish withcall get shut of fold up be put to bed cut loose button up button down get off stop trying fight shy of not touch cool it stop in your tracks collapse reach a standstill rise retreat drop out bring down curtain draw to close put to bed play out throw in the towel throw in the sponge get shot of immobilize stem turn back transpire carve isolate exclude extirpate usurp remove delete snub exsect marginalize extract overlook oust excise clean up finish up hold stand deactivate immobilise put the stopper on take time out take time off close off bring to end hold up shutter clinch stop doing lie by sit out avoid doing something take the pledge be temperate give notice go on the wagon extinguish detain retain fold tie up loose ends be through with come to the end hang up carry out bring to fruition come to a conclusion round up carry through set the seal on go dead go by trail off tail off take out marginalise cut dead take away postpone keep back deny constrain be no more fly by slip away remit forfeit forego divorce jilt sacrifice repudiate hold off on stall vacillate procrastinate step down from bag secede from stop cold break short avert refuse to pay put on ice stop in full flow leave unfinished bring to a premature end hold on break away from split with delink from sever relations with part with part from dust off forget about turn your back on eighty-six write off wipe out prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in keep off hesitate disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from thwart foil dump escape vacate discard sit tight hang about hang fire hang around break free from take leave from have nothing more to do with waver obviate intercept be gone from be done with forfend stonewall falter deliberate brush off bail from break off with walk out of walk out on clear out from disappear from run along from cast aside take off from abscond from escape from cast off exit from set out from absent oneself from adopt Fabian tactics defend against stave off ward off shut out save turn aside head off fend off keep from happening mark time sideline linger take a breath reflect tarry stop briefly call time think twice come to standstill catch one's breath break it up stop what you're doing


    The ending of an activity
    cessation end stoppage halt termination close finish stop discontinuation conclusion ending arrest discontinuance closure shutdown cease expiration arrestment lapse cutoff closedown shutoff check stay offset suspension interruption closing break pause stopping desistance interval intermission respite hiatus completion rest recess breather wind-up wrap-up finale lull culmination windup halting breathing space interlude standstill freeze gap downtime disruption discontinuity denouement consummation breaking off winding up let-up endgame homestretch finis time out ceasing capper grand finale mop-up finishing expiry adjournment abeyance interregnum interim resolution layoff parenthesis hiccup hiccough entr'acte break-off letup grinding halt time-out screaming halt period end of the line failure breakdown spell remission desuetude abandonment deadlock climax cutting short intermezzo breakup result terminus epilogue execution fulfilment wrap achievement accomplishment coda curtain screeching halt peroration fulfillment epilog winding-up payoff severance separation limit disjunction concluding alternation curtailment tie-up blackout folding cloture suppression withdrawal shutting stalemate impasse time away logjam shutting down closing down gridlock standoff outro final thoughts eventuality bitter end dissolution episode stand cancellation Mexican standoff interstice occlusion dead stop full stop dead end blockage brick wall roadblock abortion cancelation cesser meanwhile delay wait idyll meantime smoko caesura cut-off lessening slackening lacuna suspense lapse of time blow pause in the action outcome doldrums latency determination issue consequence retirement abeyancy upshot realization realisation end result closing stages last word final word bottom line sign-off omega last part perfection breathing spell finalization fruition time off dénouement curtains death liquidation finalisation polishing off last stage run-in last end of the road final stage sewing up final part final act moratorium coffee break breath postponement silence dormancy demise relaxation hold-up quiescence relief lapsing swan song stopping point disbandment running out stopover checkmate deferment deferral attainment disconnection disunion pausation comma stillness ten hush tranquillity five inaction winding down happy hour tranquility final scene summation last act holding pattern abatement disbarment leave completeness success hips integration hesitation discontinuing cutting off breaktime holiday vacation limbo intrusion interference vacay beat summing-up final point last stop ballgame time finishing point hitch draw stand-off embargo hole cut-off point holdup hold wane summing up catastrophe catch-22 disconnectedness disjointedness detention break off rest period awkward moment block wall breathing room holdback incoherence afterpiece closer chaser button crowning glory final curtain blow-off end piece reprieve target coup de grace communication breakdown time wasted time lag period of waiting cutout lack of coherence lack of unity ban prohibition truce grace period deep freeze cold storage suspended animation revocation disbanding repeal dispersal dismissal rescission scattering recall calling recision dropping disestablishment evaporation defunction release solution disappearance break-up cession split-up quitting calling off leisure ease repose serenity idleness placidity unwinding refreshment inactivity restfulness recreation sereneness calmness restoration relaxing peace quiet renewal calm peacefulness siesta doze somnolence comfort snooze quietness dreaminess kip period of repose me-time mental repose calming oneself peace and quiet quietude decompression period of relaxation loosening up


    A period of time by which something is late or postponed

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