Đồng nghĩa của have nothing to do with

Alternative for have nothing to do with

Trái nghĩa: have something to do with,


To quit or cease completely, or to promise to quit, as a bad habit
swear off abjure avoid forgo forswear shun cease discontinue eschew finish go without renounce stop abstain from break off dispense with drop give up kick quit come off desist from jack in steer clear of give a wide berth to reject forsake relinquish abstain abandon spurn refrain from do without refrain fight shy of not touch decline refuse cut out desist forbear withhold elude hold back repudiate sacrifice shirk disavow stop oneself shake renege on abnegate get around shuffle out of stay clear of duck evade keep clear of deny disaffirm disclaim finesse turn your back on gainsay abdicate have no truck with scape shy shy away from escape dodge pack in let well enough alone disdain weasel out of sit out arrest curb leave alone interrupt restrain pass resist check go on the wagon avoid doing something keep pass up take the cure resist the temptation to take the pledge inhibit leave off halt be temperate not do lay off keep from withhold from wash your hands of disown forbear from repeal skip ditch restrain from have done with can stay away from shy from hold off cast aside cut off give over skip out on forego retract recant desert unsay foreswear withdraw renege discard call a halt to suspend belay deny oneself throw off get off knock off rein in cast off axe avert preclude bypass jilt sidestep get out of shrink from break the habit of pack up throw over ax divorce oneself from turn back on skirt have nothing more to do with break up concede surrender yield disallow call it a day bridle omit take back do away with pass on restrain yourself decline to go easy neglect leave back off from pull out of put a stop to check out from escape from put an end to kibosh nip in the bud call it quits on surcease from waive give someone the big E give someone the air end relations with bin off give someone the push give the elbow prevent leave out hinder stay away interfere with head off fend off stave off negate make up for circumvent steer clear nullify obviate ward off neutralize shake off block impede counterbalance withstand help prohibit neutralise counteract anticipate keep off shrink demur flinch end shy away cancel terminate hang back abort scrap quail at turn away break scratch rescind scrub shelve back away draw back jib at baulk at boggle at revoke ignore remit forfeit divorce part with resign from lay off of cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from shut off finish with dust off part from wipe out call off break with write off forget about starve fast constrain fence-sit disinherit stay neutral turn tergiversate defect apostatize tergiverse dump not take sides sit on one's hands give the go by apostacize sell out walk out on toss over


To ban or refrain from using
boycott ban blacklist embargo bar avoid black blackball cut off reject shun debar snub spurn interdict prohibit proscribe veto outlaw exclude ostracise ostracize refuse strike shut out withhold patronage abstain from pass up place an embargo on refrain from stay away from turn your back on brush off cold-shoulder pass by ice out impose sanctions steer clear of give a wide berth to refuse to take part in wash your hands of hold aloof from rebuff cut jilt ignore desert scorn renounce repulse excommunicate discount abnegate drop abjure blank forsake eschew disdain repel disown give someone the big E send to Coventry give someone the go-by have nothing more to do with disfellowship unfriend scoff at cut dead put down bin off give someone the push unfollow give someone the air despise hand someone the frozen mitt leave out in the cold swear off give the cold shoulder burn cast aside kick in the teeth leave off cast out freeze out not buy give the elbow break with give someone the brush-off disallow forbid banish stop expel block repudiate preclude rule out make illegal enjoin evict prevent throw out put an embargo on restrict vote against kill remove oust restrain suppress negative nix down keep out dismiss criminalize taboo inhibit criminalise shoot down censure thumbs down get rid of force out put an end to put a stop to exile impede check expatriate deport sentence doom obstruct cashier drum out attaint disqualify hinder coldshoulder illegalize curse halt condemn leave in the cold declare ineligible officially forbid close down close up declare illegal give the cold shoulder to consider undesirable refuse to employ hit list put on hit list overrule turn down quash squash nullify rule against decline deny pass defeat disapprove negate dissent discountenance give the thumbs down to give thumbs down declare null and void pass on not go for throw away refuse permission to put the kibosh on give the red light to eliminate except omit bounce disbar eject close out estop occlude sideline deny access to disregard disclude suspend obviate bate not count refuse to admit cut out leave out count out miss out prevent from entering put out lock out ward off set aside refuse admittance pass over shut the door on drive out


To fail to care for or pay attention to
neglect overlook disregard ignore discount forget abandon bypass overpass shirk skip dismiss forsake avoid contemn defer desert discard omit pretermit depreciate elide evade miss overleap postpone procrastinate reject scant underestimate leave something undone pass over be lax about gloss over let pass not attend to pay no attention to pay no heed to pay no mind set aside skimp on brush aside brush off fail to look after leave alone let go let something slide lose sight of not care for procrastinate over shrug off take no notice of think little of be remiss about not care pass up pay little attention to slur over tune out turn a deaf ear to turn your back on be careless be derelict be indifferent fail to care for fail to provide for live with not trouble oneself be irresponsible be negligent be remiss laugh off be remiss in keep at arm's length make light of throw to the winds trifle with keep your distance fail to remember look the other way not remember turn back on slight turn a blind eye to fail pass by forfeit forego leave out leave whitewash give up pass waive forgo condone excuse dispense with fail to take advantage of wink at blink at paper over surrender blow yield close your eyes to renounce eschew spurn decline unheed remit connive unmind lose out on let slip drop the ball dodge take no account of gloze over put aside shut eyes to do without turn a blind eye skip over squander shun sidestep escape duck relinquish elude drop cede shake botch forgive pardon lose withgo refuse get around run away from get out of funk duck-shove weasel out of wriggle out of finesse scape cut quit slough off delay minimize cop out of fail to take fail to grasp be oblivious to sacrifice duck out of shuffle out of shelve minimise push aside fail to notice let go of put off pooh-pooh give something a miss leave be pass on play down trip up miss out on fail to spot turn down hold off write off let something ride not choose waste skirt blow off cushion lose track of not take into consideration dance around shy from blank blink pussyfoot around tergiversate skirt round avoid considering not dwell on disbelieve let something go downhill concede fritter away expend cold-shoulder throw away steer clear of skim over cut out keep one's distance from fend off go around shake off give the slip to lay low from leave out of account let off easy send to Coventry brush away turn a deaf ear connive at undersell dispel doubt let something go to seed lay aside take with a pinch of salt give no credence to shirk from blow it fail to exploit misheed exclude repudiate never mind reschedule negative disapprove look through reprobate nix let it go take no notice turn blind eye pay no mind to turn deaf ear deselect not take into account bury one's head in sand antedate resign abjure abdicate put on hold mothball put on back burner take a rain check on hold off on put on ice give rain check put on the back burner throw out balk at deny oneself let go by throw over precede antecede preexist predate disclaim hand over stay hold up disown allow remove refrain from grant sign away table turn over suspend prorogue renege reserve refrain pay no attention fail to see let fall between the cracks fail to observe look past leave out of consideration leave unnoticed slip up on abstain from go without belittle flout trivialize trivialise stop thinking about blank over put behind you erase from your mind put out of your mind cock a snook at scoff at refuse to acknowledge wave aside think no more of sweep aside forget about have no time for shuffle off body-swerve not attend shrink from scrimshank mislay misplace play truant from creep parry dog cheat bludge slide out of fence miscarry muff blunder flub avert bob off skive off fail to seize fall short of fail at lie down on job rebuff snub scorn disdain cast aside deliberately ignore shut out make allowances for let someone off with downplay despise treat with contempt excommunicate put down treat lightly unfollow put away have done with let bygones be bygones give someone the brush-off cast out break with cut off swear off take lightly have no use for sneeze at soft-pedal disavow wink dissimulate de-emphasize treat as unimportant palliate pour cold water on throw cold water on make a joke of joke about indulge deal rapidly with refuse to recognize refuse to abide by override deodorise deodorize trample on ride roughshod over plead ignorance close one's mind to deride banish deny sneer at ridicule mock scout relegate blank out wipe slam-dunk make little of undermine cease to remember erase from memory consign to oblivion dismiss from mind get over cease to think of not worry about banish from one's thoughts deprecate denigrate diminish sniff at disparage discredit acquit express contempt reprieve absolve exonerate kiss off turn up one's nose at hold up to scorn laugh away accept clear knock back tell someone to get lost exculpate free justify release liberate amnesty not heed look right through someone give the cold shoulder to withhold from desist from say no to give the thumbs down to baulk at not accept not take advantage of deal leniently with have mercy on be merciful to blackball ostracize make allowance for let it go by forgive and forget blacklist jilt repulse repel veto abnegate disfellowship ostracise unfriend burn leave off freeze out give someone the big E give someone the go-by cut dead give someone the air kick in the teeth hand someone the frozen mitt not buy have nothing more to do with give a wide berth to bin off give someone the push leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder give the elbow spare sink bury take stomach put up with grin and bear it stand for roll with punches bear with swim with the tide turn blind eye to go along with wipe slate clean play past

Trái nghĩa của have nothing to do with

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