Đồng nghĩa của draw back


Isolate or hide away
sequester isolate seclude insulate retire segregate separate withdraw cloister cut off enisle hide island isolate oneself quarantine seclude oneself secrete closet oneself cut oneself off hide oneself away remove oneself segregate oneself set oneself apart shut away shut oneself away shut oneself off withdraw oneself close off keep apart set off set apart confine detach shut off remove closet cordon off block off exclude divorce disconnect sever seal off cordon protect screen shield dissociate divide cocoon close shelter alienate fence off distance disengage partition off split up sunder part screen off curtain off tape tape off set aside form a ring around put a cordon sanitaire around maroon restrict barricade strand fence bar rope shut seal partition mark retreat select sort out ghettoize choose divide off section off single out discriminate against ghettoise shut up lock up mark off withdraw from the world sunder out separate out free decouple disaffiliate disassociate avoid cushion defend save safeguard keep safe break from walk away break away keep at arm's length break with withdraw from place far off move away put at a distance cover conceal evict blockade ostracize treat inlay fill coat keep from harm line wad immure boycott enclose embargo ostracise appropriate keep on one side dedicate put aside reserve split off pull out keep away wrap up in cotton wool break up disunite estrange abstract rope off keep out keep in solitude block distinguish differentiate separate off sift filter out identify encircle surround clog shut in impede dam put to one side turn off sift out weed out limit bound circumscribe disaffect demarcate winnow antagonize alien sour disgruntle leave drive apart turn away set against wean antagonise mark out set at odds make unfriendly push away set at variance make hostile to drive a wedge between turn your back on separate the wheat from the chaff pick out pick on pluck out cut cordon something off rend stop halt stipulate specify extract sieve shut something off find set something apart encompass circle get rid of shy look after ferret out make hostile withhold care for take care of engird gird girdle compass lose ring-fence pinpoint typify characterize sort dissatisfy disillusion disunify disenchant split divert delink drive away thresh divide up set at odds with cause antagonism between sow dissension between put on the outs destroy the affections of sever connections between quit defect winnow out delimit characterise become estranged secede from form a ring round form a barrier around bust up part company with sever connections with define make something stand out determine reach a parting of the ways break off relations with fix demark terminate delineate draw establish discriminate distinguish between sow dissension break off make indifferent come between withdraw the affections of


To separate from something else, or into smaller pieces
disassociate separate divide disconnect sever part split dissociate disunite divorce disjoin decouple uncouple sunder unlink unyoke resolve dissever disjoint ramify detach isolate distance disaffiliate withdraw disentangle extricate break up set apart disengage remove cut off segregate break undo unfix split up break off unhitch free unfasten cleave abstract loose unhook take apart come apart disband rend loosen diverge cut partition disassemble dissolve rive dichotomize alienate slice section tear off dismount untether break apart untie disrupt luxate branch disarticulate spread bifurcate dismantle subdivide segment dissect unbutton move away chop off hack off break down avoid keep apart divide in two split in two cut in two abjugate unstrap delink reduce decompose factionalize disintegrate dislocate splinter distinguish clear scatter unmarry dislodge move dismember relocate unclasp put away unbuckle unbolt disperse embroil estrange rupture unravel go separate ways unzip unpin dock bisect amputate uncombine tear cut up hew off shear off slice off lop off pull apart tear apart set at odds unbridle unsnap unclick divide up carve become disconnected come away become detached itemize portion open particularise strip particularize articulate itemise factor clip off rip off pull off prune off nip off strip off set at variance fork move apart wedge apart break open insulate sequester shy put asunder draw apart divaricate seclude branch off quarantine branch out fork off turn off break from walk away break away keep at arm's length break with withdraw from place far off put at a distance extract untangle spread out release anatomize analyse take off analyze distil crack halve assay untwine unloose prune trim unwind slice up open up expand come between pull tear asunder distill pull out excise rip purify refine disentwine slash carve up open out slit unlace deconstruct fractionate lop liberate drive apart intersect untwist saw off screen quarter shear unlock shatter cut across shred hack pierce unknot screen off lacerate gash solve section off bust up radiate unstick incise decompound ravel unfold take out split off lay open study pit against one another straighten out rectify drive a wedge between draw demarcate clip crop leave cross pluck out ribbon breach snip unbind unsnarl crosscut part company disturb snip off tatter disembarrass share fan out traverse fracture distribute interrupt polarize triangulate chop nick rip apart yawn differentiate separate off portion out share out unbraid unweave unlay think through set against parcel out puncture polarise unlash unwrap unloosen divvy up unkink wrest mangle mutilate lay bare set free rip asunder notch cut in half let out become estranged set against one another transect wall off fence off rip in two scratch cut into rift split down the middle ravel out separate out snick injure gape gap work loose chop up break in two create a rift in cause dissent reach a parting of the ways discumber cause disagreement among decipher faze atomize dig out end things redivide compartment consider snap off come off unitize intercut stand between sort go your separate ways rope off group burst test skim spread wide widen nip something off truncate yank out prise out tug out disaffect bust disembed abandon concentrate thicken compress examine scrutinize abscise curtail eliminate remove surgically uncoil unroll unfetter unshackle unmanacle hold erupt fragment smite broaden carve out meddle intervene interpose interfere unreel crumble evaluate investigate inspect crack open abscind unseal disburden let loose hoick out go through with a fine-tooth comb cause a breach unfurl split open ray extend condense hydrolyze electrolyze partition off unshut unclose unblock unstop scrutinise rip open ease slacken cut away issue fragmentize parse determine get divorced get a divorce displace shift transfer unlatch filter process straighten divide off curtain off mark off fan X-ray splay move off uncork unleash take something out defect quit reposition transpose budge apportion lay out lever jimmy pare cut loose fall open frondesce open wide yaw dehisce mitigate unbar unscrew untighten shave boil down obtain deal disburse dispense cause disagreement between sow dissension between put at odds bob divvy cut out nip meet ray out poll secede from shorten force work free sow dissension among cause to disagree draw out pit against cause a rift cause disagreement sow dissension sow disaccord stir the pot evulse frazzle impair wrench fray claw grab pluck run snatch yank damage seize pump suck tap vivisect crisscross span furcate dimidiate hemisect exscind operate exsect dislimb prosect part company with sever connections with cut in size into dole out measure out become unfastened come loose slacken off clarify simplify comb card intercross touch interconnect overlap cut through pass across mete out score wound penetrate work out disencumber emancipate remove the knots from smooth out let off clear up unscramble disembroil bail one out let go sort out disinvolve go fifty-fifty in go fifty-fifty go even-steven go halves with go halves in break off relations with rip to pieces tear in two tear to pieces cut back trim off draw off cut open schismatize perturb unhinge go Dutch pay half rummage misplace go halves cut apart separate into two lance graze saw pry cut into pieces take away perforate behead chip flitch saber sickle skive scarify scissor raze sliver scythe fell guillotine sabre lever open force open give way fissure display unjumble create a schism in break out cause a rift between unstitch unpick come undone


To discontinue or no longer provide (something previously supplied or offered)
withdraw cancel rescind revoke repeal annul nullify invalidate abolish reverse retract countermand drop quash abrogate void end terminate stop discontinue disannul remove dissolve null undo cut disallow lift set aside take back strike down roll back render invalid declare null and void call off render null and void phase out take off pull back take away recall negate vacate overrule override avoid repudiate scrap scrub recant overturn obviate veto abort abate abandon nix obliterate renege wipe out axe kill overthrow put an end to dismantle discharge call back delete ax do away with cry off renounce ditch call abjure disclaim vitiate expunge erase make void back out black out eliminate forswear annihilate efface backpedal discard rule against pull out rub out back out of blot out take out disaffirm dump backtrack on disown dismiss suspend reject waive renege on give up throw out X-out stamp out declare invalid root out sweep away snuff out blue pencil make null and void eradicate get rid of alter strike retire chop upset junk deny counterorder subvert excise extinguish exterminate jettison go back on deracinate break off extirpate supersede ignore outvote suppress dispense with zap liquidate withcall stand down censor weasel out clean up dele cast aside cross out strike out shelve give something the chop blank out blue-pencil knock something on the head chuck in cancel out put a line through relax drop out get out retreat raise discount cross off back-pedal on declare disregard disobey dishonour go against refuse dishonor backwater forget do a U-turn on watergate disqualify destroy refuse to fulfil excuse oneself beg off abnegate unsay get off the hook bleep purge omit wangle out knock on the head remit bottle up cork up shut down hush up edit black exclude pull the plug crawl out of break halt desist postpone cop out wimp out crap out duck out put the lid on put damper on relinquish refute redline elide dominate flout prevail defy defeat predominate call in shed forgo counterpoise turf countercheck belay redress renig KO blow torpedo trample underfoot ride roughshod over trash ink out block out x out stroke out edit out X out white out score out redact wipe off bowdlerize scratch out rule out render inert go back on one's word wipe slate clean trample upon get cold feet wash out worm out opt out shoot down throw over knock out finish off do in strike off trim dispatch blank remove all traces of gut cut out bowdlerise blot scrape off launder disavow inhibit finish disestablish squelch prohibit kick surrender betray yield pull close down put kibosh on bring to an end put the kibosh on desist from abdicate stop using forsake change stop having overset down prostrate turn your back on have done with scratch extract knock down bring down pull out of bow out of draw out neutralize neutralise offset bar counteract counter oppose put a stop to block forbid preclude contravene forestall undermine prevent ban proscribe debar counterbalance frustrate check hinder rebut impede obstruct stymie shut out leave out ruin divorce cease blackball thwart outlaw make ineffective foil embargo squash baffle gainsay circumvent put down turn down taboo impugn dash traverse cross disprove negative restrict scotch derail contradict hamper snooker fetter stifle disconfirm forfend dispute hobble cripple hamstring beat crush render void confront give the thumbs down to scupper stump hold up dispose of crimp cramp arrest buck devalue weaken countervail bin pack in unfit impair circumduct inter bring to a close lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under compensate limit nig confine bilk get shut of call a halt to repel shut the door on blow sky-high render meaningless forget it snip get shot of spool back back up wind back call all bets off ding stonewall belie knock off antagonize antagonise bring to naught forbear pull the plug on break with controvert backtrack disband turn thumbs down deface weed out interdict adjourn except work against conclude prorogue pass over brush aside fly in the face of confute avert break up wind up disunite invert upend thumbs down question say the opposite of withsay withspeak refuse to accept have bone to pick call in question dare lay to rest differ take on abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless enjoin deter bate wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate unmake collapse destruct sever shoot wind down shatter demolish make illegal criminalize rebuff stave off put paid to count out ward off not consider close out freeze out close one's doors to forget about restrain fade out resolve into withhold freeze spike deprive rewind throw say no to zing disacknowledge declare taboo criminalise desert put the chill on lock up give the red light to say no declare illegal pass on keep back spoil disappoint write off toss aside banish oust shrug off baulk balk burn down silence blow sky high declare to be untrue contend expose parry argue against reply to tear down top contest show up burn convict debate evert take a stand against give thumbs down to discomfit checkmate crool foul up banjax cramp one's style hang up dash one's hope outwit overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer put a brake on stand in the way of nip in the bud do for give the run around

Trái nghĩa của draw back

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