Đồng nghĩa của tear off


To physically tear or pull off or out
remove detach rip off pull off pull out separate disconnect part divide disunite sever disjoin sunder decouple disassociate undo uncouple split disengage free unfasten dissociate loosen dissever divorce unyoke unlink unhitch isolate resolve disjoint ramify loose segregate disentangle cut off unfix chop off hack off withdraw abstract disassemble dismount break off take apart break up strip off disaffiliate cleave rend cut dock bisect amputate hew off lop off shear off slice off rive slice carve cut in two break dissect unbutton unzip unhook untie unbridle clip off nip off prune off dismember split up chop partition section cut up slash segment hack rip tear subdivide shear dichotomize disarticulate alienate distance set apart slit come apart take off slice up disband pierce chop up quarter excise halve dissolve lacerate diverge break apart incise keep apart split open lop extricate bifurcate gash crack estrange disperse splinter open divide up unclasp divide in two carve up set at odds break down drive apart split in two untether set at variance turn off cut open prune tear asunder trim drive a wedge between put at a distance truncate axe cross disrupt anatomize butcher dislimb distinguish mutilate snap hew intersect saw off luxate come away ax dislocate demarcate spread dismantle disaffect fork joint seclude extract portion release break away divaricate clear tear apart rupture unclick share scatter antagonize lay open disintegrate distribute fractionate go separate ways abscind sour disgruntle alien untwine disentwine knife branch off untangle turn away unloose strip cut into pieces set against wean cut in half lance antagonise portion out share out cut across make unfriendly turn your back on come between break in two make an incision in slot make hostile to push away abjugate unstrap delink snap off come off unmarry draw back reduce decompose end things break open wedge apart skim put away embroil dislodge relocate move abscise curtail eliminate remove surgically unravel bust fray uncombine compartment unbuckle unbolt pull apart take out unpin branch stand between sort part company rope off group become disconnected become detached chiv shred shave mince hash dice particularise articulate itemise factor itemize particularize unsnap cut away disburden let loose discumber move apart score maim branch out put asunder draw apart make hostile withhold fork off slice open nick carve out cripple limb liberate cube fell screen off split off section off lose insulate sequester smite open up wound injure disillusion leave disunify dissatisfy disenchant divert apportion crack open furcate dimidiate hemisect hack up drive away quarantine avoid disembarrass deal disburse screen dispense set at odds with cause antagonism between destroy the affections of sow dissension between put on the outs sever connections between split down the middle schismatize tear limb from limb bite parcel out whack hackle mangle clip fragment factionalize jimmy separate into two dissipate saw break from cut into cut in place far off size into divvy up break with dole out move away measure out withdraw from walk away keep at arm's length cut off the limbs of solve differentiate take a chunk out of burst penetrate polarise polarize dispel saw down bring down cut down hack down vivisect pit against one another create a schism in create a rift in cause a rift between cause disagreement among drive squander send exscind operate exsect prosect perforate kick in bust in puncture break in chase go in different directions set asunder put to flight migrate clear out move in different directions go their separate ways shatter disject sow dissension make indifferent withdraw the affections of cut apart

Trái nghĩa của tear off

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