Đồng nghĩa của dock

Alternative for dock

docks, docked, docking

Đồng nghĩa: anchor, clip, cut off, moor, tie,


Place for witness testimony


The caudal appendage of an animal that is attached to its posterior


To reduce in extent, duration or quantity
shorten curtail abbreviate truncate abridge elide syncopate cut back reduce cut decrease trim clip contract crop cut short cut down diminish lessen prune shrink slash pare down lop condense retrench compress downsize telescope chop synopsize restrict precis edit boil down put in a nutshell curb restrain abstract limit summarize pare digest rein in hold back snip epitomize cut off put in nutshell blue pencil summarise epitomise top shear lower economize check economise round down constrict concentrate précis abort mark off mark down encapsulate stop short make shorter outline sketch get to the meat take out cut out dwindle narrow sum up play shift stress swing accent modify get shorter minimise take up minimize bob excerpt give a summary of give an abstract of turn up give a precis of give an outline of give a digest of give a synopsis of cut to the bone make a long story short tighten up cramp inhibit halt minify slim down control break off rein back roll back put a restriction on put the brakes on put a limit on get to meat recap recapitulate inventory summate brief reprise wrap up sum capsulize moderate drop capsule give the main points of review skim ease abate weaken run down run through de-escalate impair give the gist of wind down consolidate compact make smaller compile erode depress attenuate downscale give main points temper deplete lighten dilute close make less dent give a rundown of make a summary of go over tone down knock down bring down cut back on expurgate bowdlerize zip tighten bowdlerise conflate capture record express squeeze retrograde cipher rehash deflate wither shrivel write a summary of cypher make fewer turn down cut down on put down shave reduce greatly describe delineate make a outline of make a résumé of draft indicate characterize adumbrate draught characterise touch on examine give a rough idea of make an outline of skeleton tell about skeletonize give a quick rundown on give a rough idea lay out give a thumbnail sketch of conclude estimate total axe size up ax eliminate confine remove omit delete give a summing-up review the evidence summarize the argument summarize the evidence get the measure of salami-slice make cutbacks in make reductions in whittle down whittle away take off decline subside relax fall wane fade let up grow less ebb allay palliate deaden assuage alleviate blunt dull taper off drop off slacken remit recede relent mitigate soften dampen get less ease off tail off grow smaller drop away sink quieten die down taper pall flag desist die off mollify tame discount degrade plummet nosedive waste away go down come down slump peter out dial down take the bite out die away blur become smaller drain amputate fall away take the sting out thin die out slack up ratchet down drain away soft-pedal phase down slow down take the edge off


To cut short (an animal's tail)
crop prune amputate bob clip cut lop nip pare poll remove shave shear shorten snip trim truncate cut off dissever sever cut back cut short lop off chop off hack off take off detach mow slash pollard curtail separate chop slice off barber snip off nip off saw off cleave skive excise slice disconnect top hew off shear off trim off cut down shave off hack part fleece hew peel skin strip reduce dismember eliminate tonsure sunder detruncate decorticate carve rend pare down clip off cut shorter knock off dissect rive even up saw groom axe take contract plane shrink neaten shape whittle down whittle skim decapitate gut lower downsize sliver shingle ream pinch back ax gash incise cream nick slit tidy up notch snick make bare slice thin shred scrape off file off abscise remove surgically disengage flay cut into scrape excoriate thin scalp make shorter cut into a bob cut away split peel off strip off divide pare off disjoin disunite ramify disjoint dissociate bisect divorce uncouple resolve decouple unyoke disassociate unlink break off tear off break break up undo cut in two abrade scratch scuff graze shuck hull husk chafe flake scale rub excorticate bark rub raw scale down style razor coppice trim down thin out decrease lessen grind model grate scour scrub rasp score lacerate file etch raze chip fashion mold sculpt form mould gall triturate sandpaper sand wound shell make cutbacks in slim down scale back step down clear clean segment desquamate uncover shed unwrap unpeel delaminate rip flake off section pull off take the skin off take the rind off take the skin share pierce chiv cut up subdivide


To fasten or fix securely in place
moor fasten secure anchor hitch berth catch clamp fix lash set make fast tie up attach cable chain fix firmly picket tether tie bind join link couple rope connect truss bond pinion fetter bolt stick affix unite pin cement clip batten rivet hook up hook on nail yoke strap append glue shackle annex screw annexe clinch land tack on hitch on plant add weld fuse restrain solder brace imbed settle subjoin adhere tape peg concatenate manacle cohere hold interconnect drop anchor splice tag on slap on tighten come in put together lasso disembark leash bridge stay drop tack position hook compress close staple band gird conjugate interlink catenate compound adjust button make port knot embed implant click wed span consociate tag interface ally cinch batten down button down lock up tie down lodge lock pair network with plug into tie in meld with hog-tie bind up bring together hold together entwine unify fasten together knit tie in with join up with beach establish rendezvous handcuff yoke together knit together draw together wedge gyve pin down peg down infix trammel put in enfetter jam enchain link up freeze to make firm confine hobble chain up bend prefix hitch up latch onto paste conjoin combine associate gum clasp adjoin bracket post seal marry buckle harness hang meld dovetail add on coalesce join together blend interfuse string interlock put on tie together put up insert include correlate affiliate fit Sellotape group display amalgamate league mesh team stick on slot in merge interlace mate network consolidate intermesh pin up engage lace tack up join up strap up nail up fit together stick up Velcro supplement match melt inspan clap assemble juxtapose placard integrate clog mount incorporate align braze piece together come together toe take on identify relate hasp repair plaster grapple put down fit into place agglutinate match up intertwine mortar throw in inject put install conglutinate epoxy place bar fit in attach securely stick together belt latch resolve reconcile plug mix work in draw a connection between lace up do up cleave branch belt up deadbolt grip piggyback instal toenail mortise confederate poise overcome straddle pull together ingraft transplant interweave intermingle concord fasten securely interdigitate engraft deck build on lump together group together slip plumb put on a hook hang up be fastened propagate transfer graft

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