Đồng nghĩa của embankment

Alternative for embankment


Đồng nghĩa: bank, barrier, buttress, dam, fortification, shore,


A naturally raised area of land
mound hill bank rise dune hillock elevation hump knoll altitudes bar drift eminence height highland hummock prominence ridge tor upland acclivity brae butte drumlin kopje tump anthill bundle load molehill mount shock cliff barrow peak tumulus mesa promontory plateau high ground knob precipice slope headland swell shoal heap tableland koppie earthwork mountain sandbank hilltop summit rising ground bluff dam bump levee shelf incline knap inclination esker protuberance ledge reef projection tomb protrusion pile causeway grave mound long barrow sandbar plain fell down monticle lump accumulation barrier heights dike head ascent altiplano table burial mound outcrop berg crag dyke bulge swelling moorland small hill altitude range excrescence platform raised ground rampart breakwater high point elevated plain rock tussock kurgan cairn sandridge knot shallow howe monticule alp flat uplands spur flatland loftiness project highness raise pinnacle sand dune sand drift sand pile ramp moors mountains highlands hills wolds crest berm parados high place escarpment sheer drop mountainous region hilly country conspicuousness arête conspicuity markedness jutting gradient saddleback whaleback pike hogback steep ground protection wall steep incline wold downland inselberg foothills monadnock drum downs scarp hog mote grave uplift boost levitation roof top heave upthrow higher ground hoist holt jebel scar barranca barranco palisade rock formation talus climb law key spit atoll gurry overhang rock face hillside skerry cay barrier reef beach defenses verge defences rock barrier sand bar fringing reef coral reef growth outgrowth nodule node tumescence convexity hunch intumescence tumefaction gibbosity knurl kyphosis mass convexedness

Trái nghĩa của embankment

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