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Alternative for preparation

Danh từ

The action or process of preparing or being prepared for use or consideration
devising development formation arranging composing composition concocting construction editing establishment fashioning formulation preparing production provision arrangement assembling assembly evolution gestation incubation manufacture putting together drawing up thinking up getting ready thinking-up making ready putting in order creation making origination design invention interpretation qualifying adapting producing manufacturing fabrication rendering building direction generation yielding engendering bearing reproduction mass production inception conception institution foundation initiation constitution setting up forming genesis contrivance concoction inauguration introduction shaping innovation laying down induction start birth emergence pioneering discovery finding founding organization installation launching contriving constructing launch fabricating set-up modelling coinage hatching organisation nascency modeling imagination thought incorporation masterminding propagation excogitation brainchild beginning origin appearance erecting erection incipience nascence incipiency original idea forging nativity breakthrough coming into being outset creating find advance moulding leap commencement germination headway fancying planning causation designing authoring molding occasioning performing constituting framing writing compilation advancement release device discovering conclusion step forward making up quantum leap lucky strike leap forward institute originating establishing starting enactment instituting initiating endowment flotation settlement getting going bringing about conglomeration instigation complex widening thickening unravelling site unraveling

Danh từ

The action or process of providing instruction or coaching for an upcoming test or exam
instruction andragogy coaching disciplining education grooming inculcation pedagogy teaching training tutoring briefing direction drilling guiding priming tuition schoolwork study schooling guidance tutelage drill grounding discipline apprenticeship cultivation lessons indoctrination edification information enlightenment nurture breeding rearing practice upbringing tutorials lesson scholarship erudition literacy science reading chalk talk learning civilization proselytism catechism finish refinement learnedness background brainwashing improvement culture propagandism pedagogics civilisation book learning basis foundation matriculation bettering expenditure fee price charge classes rules lectures custody guardianship wing care protection supervision expert hand exercise sharpening readying seasoning tune-up development knowledge insight awareness understanding illumination wisdom comprehension book-learning tutorial explanation research clarification intelligence cognition e-learning discernment an aha moment tutorship uplifting elevation studying swotting revelation betterment enhancement irradiation elucidation formal education building up academic work discovery perception programming persuasion proselytization propaganda inspiration fostering tending raising control apprehension regulation lore authority bringing up familiarity accomplishments letters attainments class strictness regimen sophistication order session intellect broad-mindedness open-mindedness expertise know-how philosophy academic achievement grasp ability academic study intellectual attainment skill orderliness seminar period lecture light knowingness conversance acquaintance cognizance routine subject advancement awakening liberalism sense judgment course bodhi satori epiphany rules of conduct domestication acquaintanceship judgement intimacy ken grip lear period of instruction information taught period of coaching period of teaching period of tutoring period of schooling peace that passeth understanding

Danh từ

The action of expecting something
anticipation expectation forecast foresight prescience awareness consideration foreseeing forethought premeditation prevision readiness apprehension contemplation foreboding foretaste outlook preconception prediction prospect realisation realization inkling intuition premonition presentiment prolepsis prior knowledge foreknowledge precognition provision prudence discernment caution precaution care circumspection providence prophecy penetration clairvoyance planning canniness discretion discreetness vision foresightedness judiciousness farsightedness insight perception perspicacity forehandedness forward planning divination feeling presence of mind forewarning expectance expectancy sense deliberation judgment gumption judgement looking forward telepathy omen acumen ESP psyche intelligence hunch second sight extra sensory perception sixth sense fortune-telling safeguard insurance palladium fail-safe preventive protection backstop preventive measure wariness defence defense regard deterrent security prognosis preventative measure safety measure belt and braces prognostication augury projection guess conjecture estimate vaticination calculation prognostic cast presaging foretelling predicting forecasting token bodement soothsaying sign warning signal speculation auguring prophesy foretoken prognosticating auspication guesstimate watchfulness preparedness vigilance attentiveness budget discrimination best guess economy carefulness long-sightedness prenotion sagacity hindsight heedfulness wisdom shrewdness heed cautiousness chariness guardedness perceptiveness tact common sense thoughtfulness alertness good sense gingerliness understanding percipience nous wit astuteness sharpness sensibleness cleverness pragmatism tactfulness practicality reasoning levelheadedness horse sense attention reason thought caginess smarts sapience sageness perspicuity logic erudition acuity perceptivity enlightenment knowledge savvy keenness comprehension perspicaciousness wits experience sagaciousness rationality ingenuity sanity brains soundness commonsense thrift good judgement clear thinking sound judgment good judgment clear-sightedness savoir faire forethoughtfulness thriftiness mindfulness good management careful budgeting intellectuality intellection intellect cognition restraint coherence policy concern considerateness grasp quickness acuteness lucidness lucidity incisiveness genius sophistication capacity mentality ratiocination moderation rationalness marbles maturity soundness of mind powers of discernment clear mind cognitive faculties logical thought good reasoning sound mind scientific thinking contrivance diplomacy guidance provident foresightfulness smartness rationale learning intention keeping your head down subtlety delicacy sensitivity observance hesitance hesitancy saneness worldliness hesitation timidity timidness timorousness poise pansophy balance arguteness imagination frugality worldly wisdom responsibility kid gloves solicitude observation innovation saving creativity inspiration inventiveness husbandry abstemiousness economizing sparingness diligence coolness austerity conservation conservatism haruspication psychism pythonism psychic powers adumbration temperance sophrosyne economising creative power third eye omniscience presage breadth of view risk avoidance Fabian policy

Danh từ

A mixture of events, people, or things that interact to form a more potent whole
brew mixture blend mix combination mishmash miscellany compound melange concoction hodgepodge hash amalgam potpourri fusion mélange admixture cocktail infusion pot-pourri jumble medley assortment hotchpotch conglomeration collage mingling variety olio composition mash-up collection patchwork mess alloy pastiche farrago confusion assemblage selection ragbag diversity salmagundi combo stew gallimaufry mixed bag motley collection omnium gatherum amalgamation composite muddle meld synthesis grab bag intermixture scissors-and-paste job conflation emulsion montage motley agglomeration menagerie clutter smorgasbord miscellanea salad gumbo tumble litter scramble rummage welter jambalaya agglomerate botch jungle shuffle ragout pasticcio union omnium-gatherum crazy quilt olla podrida alphabet soup patchwork quilt odds and ends array merger chaos mashup oddments mass shambles random collection random selection mingle-mangle cross hotch-potch conjunction marriage coalition interfusion commixture incorporation goulash soup grouping commingling anthology merging Whitman's sampler homogenization balance homogenisation intermingling melee accumulation garbage cumulation aggregation coalescence fusing pooling integration weave combine aggregate blending arrangement recipe association dough batter crossing infiltration confection hybridization adulteration transfusion saturation package mosaic mash assimilation everything but kitchen sink heterogeneous mixture colluvies hodge-podge hybrid assembly macédoine conglomerate unification consolidation range uniting joining alliance immixture group cluster multiplicity combining choice welding melting pot complex melding whole compost marrying junction organization coadunation organisation pluralism reduction rich tapestry tapestry cream line-up mishmosh compilation sundries tartan check disorder plaid series bunch pasteup kind sort paste mush gathering amassment multiculturism ethnic diversity multiculturalism pick `n' mix wide range hoard trove accretion disparateness fluctuation discrepancy variability incongruity variance all shapes and sizes all sorts amalgamating mixing cross section binding bonding everything but the kitchen sink agglutination smelting federation compounding connection coupling liquefaction interflow reconciliation interweaving weaving confederation affiliation hook-up linking connecting link-up heating soldering liquification lump pile creation making organism production forming entirety manufacture unit construction structure mergence pool takeover blur tie-in tie-up hookup cahoots lineup total heap sum quantity clump build-up bundle body amount concentration summation full bulk totality diverseness sum total all dog's dinner dog's breakfast heterogeneity whole shooting match whole schmear whole enchilada whole ball of wax the works multifariousness sweep heterogeneousness scope miscellaneousness variation field manifoldness sphere compass variousness variegation ambit multiformity multeity

Danh từ

A defensive wall or other reinforcement built to strengthen a place against attack
fortification bastion stronghold bulwark castle fort fortress redoubt barricade battlement blockhouse citadel defence defenses defences earthwork fastness keep parapet rampart stockade hold outwork palisade protection buttress defensive wall fieldwork fortalice ravelin barrier block breastwork buffer defense embattlement entrenchment garrison outpost presidio support wall building up tower embankment donjon fence barbican bartizan turret refuge alcazar circumvallation vallum burg blockade bunker camp security castellation station vallation escarpment bastille acropolis sanctuary partition buffet enclosure bar post railing obstruction roadblock obstacle hedge hurdle cordon stop blank wall crenellation shield retreat balustrade guard bailey mound hill ridge elevation dungeon top manor battlements bank berm chateau peel palace safeguard mainstay rock prop projection blocking object upholder protective wall seat fasthold safehold estate house tower of strength paling base encampment pillar column precipice cliff scarp scar barranca barranco crag bluff obelisk steeple casern barracks cantonment quarters slope spire command post billet belfry campanile skyscraper lookout minaret monolith pylon mast military post military base cloud buster high rise bell tower pale ditch boundary fencing limit trench moat rock face height rail overhang peak dam promontory headland face screen steep eminence trellis dyke krantz linn mountain hillside cuesta incline chainlink fencing tor pinnacle rocky height steep rock ledge banister rails aiguille channel watercourse conduit drain gutter guardrail bannister panel siding pole rest divider separator sheer drop boundary line facade curb surface restriction panelling levee side paneling limitation room divider retainer brink steep cliff cliff face escarp abyss cliffdrop façade hedgerow windbreak groyne railings chains backstop pickets posts cyclone net dike boards groin stakes barbed wire

Danh từ

A person's education and experience
background experience education grounding credentials history qualification qualifications training past record accomplishments capacity knowledge attainment deeds practice seasoning curriculum vitae expertise proficiency savvy skills ability mastery capability skill aptitude talent expertness faculty command antecedents past history savoir-faire previous circumstances know-how understanding skilfulness adeptness finesse technique accomplishment gift moxie chops deftness flair ingenuity adroitness competence knack art dexterity cunning craft wisdom bent savoir faire skillset acumen abilities qualities features development attributes goods qualifiedness smarts grasp acquaintance perspicacity employability professionalism perception practical knowledge what it takes life skills talents aptitudes power faculties fitness endowments knacks strength gifts competencies skillsets prowess right stuff caliber calibre bents stuff fortes skillfulness quality geniuses commands might distinction suitability value nous artistry aptness virtuosity facilities effectiveness worth eligibility potency certificates habilitation inclination stature strong points virtue potentials diplomas degrees efficiency potentiality intelligence force groundings adequacy touch resourcefulness clout efficacy exposure involvement familiarity intimacy insight worldliness maturity contact authority learning conversance reason character refinement standards capableness prudence superiority essence empiricism wherewithal evidence excellence tactfulness promise recommendations awareness gumption scholarship puissance records hindsight common sense sageness form pasts intuitiveness grasps proof foresight constitutions participation enlightenment sophistication merits eminence means observation curricula vitae suaveness sagaciousness assets credit discretion worthiness sagacity head cleverness rationality attribute energy craftsmanship handiness readiness seasonings impression judgment functions propensity instinct competitiveness property agency dynamism hard skills characteristics turns repertoire action comprehension tacts actions profundities profundity judgments doing judgements genius doings judgement impressions tact comprehensions repertoires dependability drive self-confidence whatever it takes bravery the goods essential qualities courage the makings guts the stuff acceptability suitableness documents achievement warrants preparedness licence testimonials productiveness competency beauty pluses selling points aces in the hole pros long suits strong suits advantage attraction fields of expertise baccalaureates sheepskin bachelor's degrees brilliance polish green thumbs panache pizzazz noses pzazz masterliness inventiveness merit competences capacities

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