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Trái nghĩa: imprudence,


The quality of being prudent
wisdom judiciousness sagacity sense discreetness discretion gumption judgment judgement levelheadedness nous policy sensibleness wit advisability common sense shrewdness good judgement horse sense good judgment good sense intelligence acumen understanding astuteness discernment insight reason perspicacity practicality sharpness knowledge sapience canniness comprehension sageness perception savvy perceptiveness discrimination experience smarts erudition foresight sagaciousness enlightenment penetration rationality sanity circumspection cleverness brains clear thinking acuity percipience learning soundness wits knowingness worldliness perceptivity intuition logic native wit intellect perspicaciousness sound judgment tact thoughtfulness acuteness wariness level-headedness sharp-wittedness clear-sightedness keenness reasonableness mother wit perspicuity balance ingenuity common savoir faire sophistication know-how caution consideration presence of mind marbles heedfulness stability reasoning watchfulness tactfulness lucidness profundity grasp caginess foxiness mind cageyness intuitiveness hardheadedness arguteness sound mind awareness vigilance lucidity apprehension forethought providence intellectuality cognition pragmatism intellection incisiveness poise pansophy thought genius commonsense rationalness education vision native intelligence good reasoning expertise clear mind expertness scholarship ability resourcefulness saneness heed cogency clear-headedness maturity quickness powers of reasoning mentality information solidity omniscience ratiocination coherence capacity sound judgement cognitive faculties soundness of mind powers of discernment skill proficiency carefulness mastery subtlety enterprise initiative learnedness depth rationale normality soberness capability profoundness moderation intimacy smartness observation authority acquaintance deep insight loaf healthy mind right mind logical thought scientific thinking cunningness realism cool plain sense grey matter propriety practicability esprit care cop on sound sense sweet reason diplomacy sense one was born with practical intelligence deepness brainpower brain spirit gray matter daylights worldly wisdom chariness soundness of judgement soundness of judgment get-up-and-go imaginativeness imagination cavernousness reach immensity insightfulness fathomlessness guardedness logicalness logicality head inventiveness accomplishments edification adeptness doctrine study acquirements accomplishment delicacy sensitivity backbone forcefulness nerve culture mettle pluck oomph courage grit spunk native ability attainments concern deliberation responsibility calculation warning considerateness precaution solicitude attention consciousness appreciation recognition schooling industry conception mindfulness cognizance idea realization grip kid gloves cunning ingeniousness observance acquaintanceship sensibility sentience savviness analysis deduction skills exposure involvement familiarity realisation academic attainment training practice competence practical knowledge familiarity with intimacy with acquaintance with brightness brilliance conversance with knowing inside out professionalism qualifications impression talent qualification savoir-faire command alertness contact action finesse conversance grounding responsiveness accuracy precision skillfulness refinement prowess knack empiricism inclination right stuff evidence faculty fitness doing hindsight proof efficiency life skills participation power distinction suaveness development touch technique dexterity quick-wittedness knowledgeability braininess creativity mental capacity precocity artfulness flair IQ intellectual capacity aptitude adroitness artistry percipiency craftiness wiliness suss farsightedness trenchancy creativeness precociousness headpiece eye nose keen-wittedness far-sightedness inspiration brain cells mental agility intellectual power brain power mental acuity mental ability I.Q. calculatedness guile originality sensitiveness innovation ken invention clarity deftness upper storey aptness quick wits gift innovativeness nimbleness brainbox giftedness kop intellectual capabilities quickness of mind sharp-sightedness slyness hold sleight agility subtleness knowing excellence ideation greatness virtuosity powers of intuition good taste psyche skilfulness stimulation panache great intelligence fine mind great intellect individuality expressiveness productivity thinking outside the box bookishness masterfulness art artifice knowledgeableness craft ego faculties subconscious apprehending attitude notion concept notice sight light picture realizing focus cerebrum creative talent creative power creative skill instinct powers of thought function apperception enthusiasm drive spiritedness the right stuff what it takes energy vigor ambition vitality zest push dash vigour powers of comprehension quick wit realising vim go pep pizzazz zip pzazz resource intelligence quotient mental age


The quality of being fit or suitable to effect some desired end or the purpose intended
judiciousness expedience expediency desirability advisability wisdom advisableness desirableness sense appropriateness suitability aptness benefit effectiveness helpfulness fitness profitability utility practicality soundness advantageousness usefulness appropriacy propriety advantage sensibleness gain profit merit value sensibility preferability reasonableness preferableness recommendability seemliness sagacity shrewdness judgment discrimination caution care judgement convenience pragmatism gainfulness utilitarianism propitiousness timeliness meetness opportunism properness expedient efficiency feasibility stopgap asset plus worth virtue good point perk strong point reward help upside bonus privilege favor favour good avail use service worthwhileness boon aid blessing mileage godsend attraction amenity strength fringe benefit perquisite additional benefit added extra plus point valuableness assistance efficacy gratuity account quality beauty opportuneness favourableness fittingness pro interest extra rightness dividend treasure advancement premium valuation gift windfall indulgence behoof percentage worthiness cream good thing prize added advantage attractive feature egg in one's beer gravy appeal start recommendation selling point favorable aspect favourable aspect good feature appealing aspect thing in its favour leeway leg-up leverage preference eminence break return luck influence gratification support pre-eminence improvement foredeal serviceableness ace in the hole ace up your sleeve exploitation distinction forte grace attribute excellence realism Machiavellianism point power excellency talent credit efficaciousness meritoriousness manipulation manoeuvring unscrupulousness capitalization realpolitik potency long suit force strong suit cardinal virtue good quality redeeming feature opportunity taking advantage maneuvering serviceability ad hocery reason viability practicability workability possibility relevance applicability productiveness functionality niftiness function adequacy handiness note making the best of a bad job making hay while the sun shines striking while the iron is hot


The state of being austere
austerity self-discipline asceticism chastity economy continence puritanism self-denial sobriety strictness abstemiousness abstinence chasteness rigidity determination solemnity stoicism temperance exactingness Spartanism moderation restraint self-control moderateness forbearance refrainment frugality forgoing discretion uninebriation sacrifice unintoxication self-deprivation measure reasonableness conservatism mortification control abnegation eschewal moderatism constraint astringency teetotalism soberness golden mean happy medium dryness prohibition drabness dullness plainness simplicity severity self-restraint temperateness self-abnegation lack of indulgence nephalism Rechabitism abstention renunciation composure mildness patience refraining non-indulgence self-sacrifice equanimity judiciousness balance coolness celibacy calmness toleration lenity selflessness fairness altruism justice unselfishness justness sedateness resignation abstaining poise quiet dispassionateness sedation steadiness avoidance ascetic leniency self-mastery self-possession willpower equability self-command cool self-containment will self-government countenance will power strength of will clear-headedness plain nonindulgence generosity martyrdom plain living simple living fasting virtue strength of mind repudiation renouncement tolerance indulgence long-suffering fortitude endurance sufferance long-sufferingness clemency discipline suppression repression reserve inhibition longanimity patientness resisting living with going easy on


Unemotional, dispassionate, or moderate behaviour
restraint self-control self-restraint self-discipline continence control moderation self-command self-possession abstemiousness constraint discipline discretion inhibition refrainment repression reserve self-containment self-government self-mastery suppression temperateness will willpower judiciousness non-indulgence abstinence caution coercion command compulsion confines coolness economy forbearance grip hold prevention secretiveness self-denial silence unnaturalness withholding pulling your punches strength of will determination resolve resolution strength of mind temperance will power single-mindedness firmness of purpose fixity of purpose drive grit force check sobriety smothering stifling cool abstention countenance holding back keeping back purposefulness tenacity keeping under control self-will firmness doggedness strength strength of character iron will composure calmness anger control anger prevention patience restraining fixity frustration asceticism austerity stopping biting back controller regulator obedience orderliness holding in keeping in check good behaviour controlled behaviour plain bottling up self-constraint balance poise stoicism stability reticence aplomb dignity frugality puritanism self-deprivation renunciation anger management concealment checking plain living severity ascetic self-abnegation blocking curbing containing restriction bridling deadening muffling simple living strong-mindedness containment choking back persistence limiter moral fiber moral fibre commitment backbone spine resoluteness dedication aim purpose intention spirit passion motivation tenaciousness urge stickability pining power temperament perseveration Sitzfleisch stick-to-it-iveness fancy character velleity longing yearning attitude craving ambition willfulness conviction feeling decisiveness liking design appetite staying power hankering guts heart's desire


Long and careful consideration or discussion
deliberation consideration thought reflection cogitation debate meditation study discussion pondering thinking account advisement brooding calculation cerebration consultation contemplation musing rumination speculation circumspection conferring excogitation forethought application attention brainwork heed negotiation planning premeditation purpose rap ratiocination ventilation wariness weighing up serious thought scrutiny regard concentration examination care heedfulness caution notice review introspection judgment awareness analysis judgement foresight discretion reasoning attentiveness concern idea thoughtfulness observation watchfulness carefulness opinion diligence perusal absorption understanding view inspection vigilance impression canniness mind notion interest reverie mindfulness weighing intentness abstraction precaution guardedness alertness chariness assessment agonizing investigation exploration assiduity industry agonising estimation mulling observance judging image note logic conception rationalization hypothesis imagination engrossment pensiveness cautiousness supposition gingerliness mulling over providence rationalisation thoughts preoccupation discreetness anticipation belief brown study contrivance research hesitation picture concept deduction ideation cognition theory once-over knowledge advertence advertency eye studying ear apprehending probe conclusion regardfulness immersion inference concluding inferring curiosity intention vision conjecture evaluation inquiry inquisition spotlight assumption judiciousness sense focus thesis tact caginess conceptualization discernment perception gumption postulation inquisitiveness farsightedness self-examination enquiry forecast conviction prospect conceptualisation reason suspicion perspicacity interpretation deep thought presence of mind good sense considerateness lucubration grind fascination careful considering thought process passion premise intellection ruminating prayer time captivation philosophy worrying puzzling restraint evaluating measuring deciding balancing fantasy dream preconception vagary caprice risk avoidance Fabian policy belt and braces respect cognizance consciousness action mind's eye dreaming conservation conservatism pragmatism coolness austerity practicality daydreaming conclusions breakdown dissection quiet time object navel-gazing TLC listen up tender loving care mark remark ponderings ideas position presumption a brown study daydream woolgathering thinking over careful consideration interrogation diagnosis audit think ascertainment beliefs views outlook viewpoint opinions viewpoints diplomacy verdict induction consequence sequitur determination finding eduction recollection period of deliberation period of contemplation period of reflection spell of deliberation spell of contemplation spell of reflection cross-examination check hesitance hesitancy intuition hope deriving inducing theorization knowing seeing findings corollary results wool-gathering navel gazing day-dreaming accepted wisdom line of thought point of view points of view timidity timidness timorousness provision enthusiasm discrimination tactfulness checkup survey scan look inventory going-over look-over result answer illation derivation nous policy sensibleness subtlety wisdom delicacy sensitivity acumen wit levelheadedness interestedness receptiveness thirst for knowledge receptivity keenness curiousness eagerness undivided attention responsiveness nosiness concernment zest excitement idée fixe perceiving deducing rationalizing considering realizing discerning prescience common sense sagacity foresightedness aspiration expectation inkling visualisation sentiment inclination thing soul-searching responsibility warning kid gloves horse sense maturity solicitude shrewdness moderation self-observation heart-searching self-questioning self-reflection self-analysis self-searching self-contemplation self-scrutiny forward planning forehandedness penetration prevision learning visualization objective worry motivation fancy plan inspiration intent realising rationalising guess guesswork surmise education theorizing probation disquisition scholarship swotting probing examen lessons delving inquest reading work schooling talk hypothesizing guesstimate prediction tuition academic work hearsay hunch theorising rumour stab gossip shot hypothesising rumor analyzing search training class experiment subject comparison cramming memorising schoolwork lesson questioning exercise course homework analysing school work revision shot in the dark stab in the dark sneaking suspicion memorizing book work appraisal conscientiousness surveillance scrutinization meticulousness scanning scrupulousness critique fastidiousness surveying recce anatomy treatment look-see test recognition handling trial presentation apprehension coverage particularity vetting acknowledgment testing checking acknowledgement check-up assay hearing supervision sifting reconnaissance perlustration canvass management mention comment focussing focusing travel monitoring pains grasp quizzing mentation watching meticulosity resolution sweep sympathy sight anatomization special attention deconstruction anatomizing pain dissolution viewing excursus dissertation exactness examining investigating appraising assessing analyzation an eye detection superintendence overhaul exam physical biopsy autopsy postoperative exertion direction watch effort recognising overlook recognizing noticing parade maneuvers pageant manoeuvres read frisk imaginativeness alert discovery apperception enthrallment mental acquisitiveness inquiring mind absent-mindedness red alert qui vive snoop legwork snooping gander case dreaminess quiz quest poll potential tribunal brainstorm brainchild design obliviousness inattention absence potentiality outline overview distraction vagueness fact finding fact-finding synopsis post-mortem précis remoteness inattentiveness heedlessness syllabus digest aperçu compendium raptness bemusedness distractedness audition reception legal proceedings congress parley industrial tribunal chance admittance meeting conference court case council tryout performance attendance sample sketch pandect entrancement aloofness trance absence of mind reflecting overall picture

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