Đồng nghĩa của insurance

Alternative for insurance


Đồng nghĩa: indemnity, insurance policy, policy,


solemn word promise affiance affirmation agreement asseveration assurance avowal betrothal bond commitment compact consent contract covenant earnest engagement espousal guarantee guaranty marriage oath obligation pact parole pawn pledge plight profession promissory note sacred word security stipulation swear swearing token troth undertaking vow warrant warranty word word of honor word of honour solemn oath assertion deal bargain understanding transaction verbal agreement solemn promise faith gentlemen's agreement surety settlement treaty bail concordat accord debenture certificate convention collateral arrangement entente gage disposition protocol gauge deed indenture charter alliance handshake concord negotiation indemnity deposit attestation gentleman's agreement indemnification declaration acknowledgment document acknowledgement compromise concession commission lease affidavit approval backing hostage business league testament truce sworn statement armistice paper down payment pactum account concordance acceptance meeting of minds meeting of the minds piece of paper tacit agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement instrument certification escrow advance record written promise protection trust recognisance recognizance payment cover safeguard papers dicker reconciliation sanction cartel averment permit underwriting terms accommodation endorsement writ adjudication privilege licence asylum custody resolution prearrangement codicil recognition financial guarantee solemn declaration international agreement proclamation right franchise note avouchment statement common view quid pro quo the nod monetary deposit gambit forfeit decision accordance harmony concurrence assent adjuration protestation counter testimony prerogative reassurance support lock shoo-in deposition safety measure toast health poker chip sworn declaration conveyance endowment grant allotment license patent lock on rain or shine sure thing hostage to fortune nonformal agreement affair matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play disposal business deal


General, continuing costs of operation

Trái nghĩa của insurance

insurance Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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