Đồng nghĩa của wariness

Alternative for wariness

wariness /'weərinis/
  • danh từ
    • sự thận trọng; tính cẩn thận, tính cảnh giác


Caution about possible dangers or problems
care caution prudence alertness circumspection attention carefulness guardedness heedfulness vigilance mindfulness watchfulness deliberation discretion heed awareness canniness cautiousness chariness foresight forethought gingerliness hesitance hesitancy observance caginess hesitation timidity timidness timorousness attentiveness diligence precaution concentration consideration watch scrupulousness conscientiousness alert concern qui vive red alert fastidiousness regard discrimination meticulousness vigil thought thoughtfulness exactness judiciousness tact particularity readiness meticulosity surveillance judgment management judgement shrewdness restraint calculation considerateness lookout discreetness good sense providence closeness suspicion imaginativeness wakefulness keenness foresightedness forethoughtfulness pains brainstorm brainchild intuition design acuity careful observation evasiveness reticence reasoning forecast conservation coolness farsightedness austerity practicality conservatism pragmatism special attention pain keeping your head down monitoring policing risk avoidance belt and braces Fabian policy quickness liveliness agility briskness nimbleness perceptiveness spiritedness guard promptitude activeness sprightliness exertion enthusiasm effort interest direction preparedness sentry duty close watch diplomacy sense tactfulness delicacy nous sensitivity acumen policy gumption sensibleness subtlety wisdom wit discernment levelheadedness sagacity common sense maturity perspicacity solicitude responsibility observation warning moderation horse sense kid gloves presence of mind notice eye note scrutiny solicitousness perception supervision inspection cognizance consciousness focus patrol knowledge mind advertence advertency ear mark TLC application eagle eye tender loving care protectiveness defensiveness apprehension grasp understanding tab view lovingness weather eye gander jealousy kindness stake-out wake nightwatch duty curiosity curiousness interestedness absorption engrossment receptiveness intentness eagerness responsiveness thirst for knowledge undivided attention nosiness contemplation concernment receptivity excitement inquisitiveness preoccupation zest respect night watch study spotlight debate remark listen up prescience clairvoyance vision anticipation insight planning provision foreknowledge premeditation premonition prevision economy penetration preconception forehandedness divination precognition prospect prophecy prenotion hindsight forward planning long-sightedness


Lack of trust
distrust mistrust suspicion caution skepticism scepticism unease caginess chariness doubt dubiety disbelief cynicism doubtfulness misgiving mistrustfulness uncertainty misdoubt reservation incredulity distrustfulness dubitation qualm apprehension incertitude unbelief questioning query lack of trust uneasiness leeriness fear lack of confidence lack of conviction misgivings dubiousness hesitancy hesitation unsureness anxiety question indecision confusion incredulousness disquietude dubiosity qualms disquiet nonbelief insecurity wonder lack of faith dread trepidation irresolution reservations vacillation ambiguity wavering diffidence misbelief bewilderment perplexity alarm chill suspicions shudder jealousy lack of certainty question mark lack of credence lack of belief sudden fear butterflies in the stomach ambivalence trust issues circumspection amazement astonishment shiver concern foreboding presentiment scruple demurral difficulty inhibition quandary queries questions faltering faithlessness umbrage shock surprise bafflement thought guesswork stupefaction possessiveness sneaking suspicion repudiation unbelievingness spurning rejection unfaith suspiciousness bad vibes spite ill-will overprotectiveness resentment tentativeness worry apprehension about rivals irresoluteness hesitance indecisiveness nervousness equivocation timidity reserve discredit untrust apprehensiveness second thoughts niggle doubts perturbation agitation reluctance trouble compunction restlessness objection tension angst distress anxiousness solicitude sweat care fearfulness concernment agita nervosity pessimism willies questionableness questionability suffering heebie-jeebies agnosticism demur scruples issues uncertainties premonition worries objections tenseness difficulties consternation edginess nerves suspense stress fretfulness butterflies panic worriment second thought watchfulness shakes jitters flap fuss jumps cold sweat downer misery goose bumps creeps shivers botheration drag ants in pants pins and needles nail-biting fidgets all-overs pangs regrets reconsideration instability dissent dilemma unwillingness demurrer defeatism Pyrrhonism needles sense of foreboding demand problem interrogatory probe scepsis minimifidianism regret prenotion presage remorse disinclination twinge a pinch of salt repentance remonstrance contrition forebodingness pang conscience shame strain scoffing world-weariness negativity sardonicism pressure misanthropy sarcasm disillusion disenchantment trauma jitteriness scorn negative thinking contempt disparagement bitterness misandry acrimony twitchiness abdabs yips hassle Joe Blakes jim-jams collywobbles screaming abdabs burden grief oppression pain hardship ferment affliction passion flutter urgency expectancy nervous tension overextension agony albatross trial distention heat intensity impatience fidgetiness alarum terror horror


The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions
canniness astuteness sharpness shrewdness intelligence acumen wit prudence wisdom sagacity keenness circumspection judiciousness acuteness perspicaciousness sageness caginess knowingness foxiness cageyness hardheadedness worldliness clear-sightedness understanding insight perception discernment discretion reason sense penetration nous smarts judgment sapience discrimination foresight perceptiveness percipience gumption perspicuity thoughtfulness logic erudition sensibleness acuity perceptivity heedfulness enlightenment tact vigilance knowledge savvy pragmatism comprehension perspicacity watchfulness practicality judgement reasoning providence consideration tactfulness experience sagaciousness forethought cleverness rationality wits sanity brains ingenuity soundness levelheadedness commonsense good sense good judgment presence of mind common sense good judgement clear thinking sound judgment savoir faire horse sense awareness intellectuality intellection thought intellect cognition coherence apprehension sophistication capacity grasp quickness mentality intuition lucidness ratiocination lucidity incisiveness genius rationalness marbles soundness of mind powers of discernment clear mind cognitive faculties logical thought good reasoning sound mind scientific thinking cunningness smartness rationale learning saneness balance maturity arguteness poise caution policy heed pansophy worldly wisdom profundity information solidity stability depth profoundness deepness reach immensity deep insight insightfulness cavernousness fathomlessness


An understanding or awareness of something
grip understanding perception comprehension grasp apprehension knowledge discernment awareness appreciation conception sense insight realisation realization cognizance recognition consciousness percipience assimilation apperception cognition familiarity consideration mindfulness acquaintance regard knowingness ken cognisance information observance heed heedfulness vigilance sentience insight into apprehension of comprehension of familiarity with grasp of understanding of awareness of cognizance of command of knowledge of realization of conception of perception of ken of mastery of enlightenment sensibility acknowledgement alertness responsiveness acknowledgment sensitivity sympathy imagination achievement awakening handle respect estimation aha moment light bulb moment valuation notion attention hold assessment intuition impression idea esteem inkling concern observation perceptiveness judgment appraisal experience care advertence notice attentiveness advertency perceptivity sensitiveness judgement knowledgeableness self-awareness wakefulness acquaintanceship self-understanding aesthetic sense acquaintance with sensitivity to sensibility to discrimination acumen sapience taste belief take wisdom perspicacity sageness astuteness intelligence interpretation ear penetration shrewdness concept eye sagacity acuteness erudition feeling picture command view vision thought opinion apprehending intuitiveness acuity keenness savvy sagaciousness mastery cultivation ability capacity education schooling reading expertise acceptance image viewpoint good taste admission refinement know-how subtlety note concession perspicaciousness wit sharpness realizing sensation attitude light sharp-wittedness farsightedness recognizance admiration sentiment granting allowance culture cleverness nous judiciousness conceding confession distinction arguteness realising avowal smarts connoisseurship sophistication intimacy authority aestheticism decipherment recognisance finesse scholarship learning expertness uptake proficiency learnedness ability to understand skill sight verdict feel anticipation indication suggestion suspicion keen-wittedness quick-wittedness evidence bearing thanks appreciativeness gratefulness gratitude canniness clear-sightedness sense of taste hint greater understanding better understanding enhanced understanding superior understanding comprehensive understanding improved understanding insightfulness percipiency nose mind liking relish attraction commendation enjoyment love affection aha prehension grace polish delicacy ability to imagine clue about tastefulness class style elegance receptivity selectivity separation fastidiousness demarcation discreteness thankfulness slow take double take association relationship visualisation stylishness intellect prudence worldliness receptiveness culturedness clearness proficiency in visualization tuition grapple absorption expertise in digestion skill in knowing savviness cunning ingeniousness companionship fellowship astucity susceptibility vibes fluency control knack high regard good judgment intimacy with gut reaction deep feeling emotional response capability mastership conversance edification prowess deftness aplomb adroitness adeptness virtuosity facility clear thinking conversance with intellection study finer feeling knowing inside out common sense clue IQ skilfulness accomplishment dexterity expertism fluency in ability in savoir faire social contact perceiving identifying differentiation establishing detection acknowledging distinguishing noticing slant approach conceit discovery verifying corroboration profession flash plan affirmation concurrence confirmation assertion accession ratification declaration admitting acquiescence assent asservation allowing compliance big idea brain wave prescience flair rejoinder yielding divination estimate horse sense breadth of view evaluation self-confession respect for approval of acquiescence in agreement with concurrence with cooperation with guesstimate honor approximation honour fix reckoning credit appraisement reverence educated guess veneration guess ciphering estimating arithmetic informed guess inference predicting computation stock figuring rough calculation value judgment calculating good opinion rough guess considered opinion ballpark figure


A feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way
inhibition reserve restraint shyness reticence self-consciousness bashfulness diffidence nervousness repression timidity constraint coyness discomfort embarrassment hang-up hesitance hesitancy reluctance unease apprehension continence discipline discretion insecurity modesty nerves refrainment self-command self-control self-restraint suppression timorousness unassertiveness reservation timidness lack of confidence mental block mental blockage psychological block reservedness doubt fearfulness mousiness hesitation self-effacement sheepishness inhibitedness introversion chariness demureness suspicion meekness humility caution quietness backwardness formality silence secretiveness taciturnity unresponsiveness uncommunicativeness control uneasiness aloofness distance coldness self-containment willpower uncertainty self-doubt humbleness will self-discipline self-mastery self-possession lack of self-confidence self-government guardedness coolness stand-offishness calmness fear moderation temperateness modestness forbearance anxiety awkwardness stiltedness woodenness unnaturalness forcedness worry disinclination unwillingness undemonstrativeness secrecy unsureness unforthcomingness closeness caginess shame vacillation indecision insecureness abstemiousness temperance non-indulgence patience cool countenance abstention will power detachment strength of will judiciousness unapproachability prudence remoteness grip frigidity self-constraint balance poise stoicism stability self-will sobriety aplomb dignity froideur strength of character strength of mind lack of warmth unwillingness to open up


Long and careful consideration or discussion
deliberation consideration thought reflection cogitation debate meditation study discussion pondering thinking account advisement brooding calculation cerebration consultation contemplation musing rumination speculation circumspection conferring excogitation forethought application attention brainwork heed negotiation planning premeditation prudence purpose rap ratiocination ventilation weighing up serious thought scrutiny regard concentration examination care heedfulness caution notice review introspection judgment awareness analysis judgement foresight discretion reasoning attentiveness concern idea thoughtfulness observation watchfulness carefulness opinion diligence perusal absorption understanding view inspection vigilance impression canniness mind notion interest reverie mindfulness weighing intentness abstraction precaution guardedness alertness chariness assessment agonizing investigation exploration assiduity industry agonising estimation mulling observance judging image note logic conception rationalization hypothesis imagination engrossment pensiveness cautiousness supposition gingerliness mulling over providence rationalisation thoughts preoccupation discreetness anticipation belief brown study contrivance research hesitation picture concept deduction ideation cognition theory once-over knowledge advertence advertency eye studying ear apprehending probe conclusion regardfulness immersion inference concluding inferring curiosity intention vision conjecture evaluation inquiry inquisition spotlight assumption judiciousness sense focus thesis tact caginess conceptualization discernment perception gumption postulation inquisitiveness farsightedness self-examination enquiry forecast conviction prospect conceptualisation reason suspicion perspicacity interpretation deep thought presence of mind good sense considerateness lucubration grind fascination careful considering thought process passion premise intellection ruminating prayer time captivation philosophy worrying puzzling restraint evaluating measuring deciding balancing fantasy dream preconception vagary caprice risk avoidance Fabian policy belt and braces respect cognizance consciousness action mind's eye dreaming conservation conservatism pragmatism coolness austerity practicality daydreaming conclusions breakdown dissection quiet time object navel-gazing TLC listen up tender loving care mark remark ponderings ideas position presumption a brown study daydream woolgathering thinking over careful consideration interrogation diagnosis audit think ascertainment beliefs views outlook viewpoint opinions viewpoints diplomacy verdict induction consequence sequitur determination finding eduction recollection period of deliberation period of contemplation period of reflection spell of deliberation spell of contemplation spell of reflection cross-examination check hesitance hesitancy intuition hope deriving inducing theorization knowing seeing findings corollary results wool-gathering navel gazing day-dreaming accepted wisdom line of thought point of view points of view timidity timidness timorousness provision enthusiasm discrimination tactfulness checkup survey scan look inventory going-over look-over result answer illation derivation nous policy sensibleness subtlety wisdom delicacy sensitivity acumen wit levelheadedness interestedness receptiveness thirst for knowledge receptivity keenness curiousness eagerness undivided attention responsiveness nosiness concernment zest excitement idée fixe perceiving deducing rationalizing considering realizing discerning prescience common sense sagacity foresightedness aspiration expectation inkling visualisation sentiment inclination thing soul-searching responsibility warning kid gloves horse sense maturity solicitude shrewdness moderation self-observation heart-searching self-questioning self-reflection self-analysis self-searching self-contemplation self-scrutiny forward planning forehandedness penetration prevision learning visualization objective worry motivation fancy plan inspiration intent realising rationalising guess guesswork surmise education theorizing probation disquisition scholarship swotting probing examen lessons delving inquest reading work schooling talk hypothesizing guesstimate prediction tuition academic work hearsay hunch theorising rumour stab gossip shot hypothesising rumor analyzing search training class experiment subject comparison cramming memorising schoolwork lesson questioning exercise course homework analysing school work revision shot in the dark stab in the dark sneaking suspicion memorizing book work

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