Đồng nghĩa của anticipation

Alternative for anticipation


Đồng nghĩa: expectancy, expectation, prediction, prevision,


The action of expecting something
expectation forecast foresight prescience awareness consideration foreseeing forethought premeditation prevision readiness apprehension contemplation foreboding foretaste outlook preconception prediction preparation prospect realisation realization inkling intuition premonition presentiment prolepsis prior knowledge foreknowledge precognition provision prudence discernment caution precaution care circumspection providence prophecy penetration clairvoyance planning canniness discretion discreetness vision foresightedness judiciousness farsightedness insight perception perspicacity forehandedness forward planning divination feeling presence of mind forewarning expectance expectancy sense deliberation judgment gumption judgement looking forward telepathy omen acumen ESP psyche intelligence hunch second sight extra sensory perception sixth sense fortune-telling safeguard insurance palladium fail-safe preventive protection backstop preventive measure wariness defence defense regard deterrent security prognosis preventative measure safety measure belt and braces prognostication augury projection guess conjecture estimate vaticination calculation prognostic cast presaging foretelling predicting forecasting token bodement soothsaying sign warning signal speculation auguring prophesy foretoken prognosticating auspication guesstimate watchfulness preparedness vigilance attentiveness budget discrimination best guess economy carefulness long-sightedness prenotion sagacity hindsight heedfulness wisdom shrewdness heed cautiousness chariness guardedness perceptiveness tact common sense thoughtfulness alertness good sense gingerliness understanding percipience nous wit astuteness sharpness sensibleness cleverness pragmatism tactfulness practicality reasoning levelheadedness horse sense attention reason thought caginess smarts sapience sageness perspicuity logic erudition acuity perceptivity enlightenment knowledge savvy keenness comprehension perspicaciousness wits experience sagaciousness rationality ingenuity sanity brains soundness commonsense thrift good judgement clear thinking sound judgment good judgment clear-sightedness savoir faire forethoughtfulness thriftiness mindfulness good management careful budgeting intellectuality intellection intellect cognition restraint coherence policy concern considerateness grasp quickness acuteness lucidness lucidity incisiveness genius sophistication capacity mentality ratiocination moderation rationalness marbles maturity soundness of mind powers of discernment clear mind cognitive faculties logical thought good reasoning sound mind scientific thinking contrivance diplomacy guidance provident foresightfulness smartness rationale learning intention keeping your head down subtlety delicacy sensitivity observance hesitance hesitancy saneness worldliness hesitation timidity timidness timorousness poise pansophy balance arguteness imagination frugality worldly wisdom responsibility kid gloves solicitude observation innovation saving creativity inspiration inventiveness husbandry abstemiousness economizing sparingness diligence coolness austerity conservation conservatism haruspication psychism pythonism psychic powers adumbration temperance sophrosyne economising creative power third eye omniscience presage breadth of view risk avoidance Fabian policy


The possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring
prospect expectation likelihood chance hope odds possibility promise probability expectance expectancy likeliness danger dream fear hazard lookout presumption calculation forecast opening in the cards irons in the fire liability percentage plausibility feasibility conceivability contingency chances practicability credibility reasonableness toss-up shot prayer outside chance snowball's chance outlook opportunity indication fighting chance assumption supposition prediction projection belief conjecture surmise view reckoning conviction assurance presupposition trust faith notion reassurance apprehension reliance contemplation fancy design confidence intention motive risk potential potentiality threat contingence contingent event tendency eventuality capability imminence case scope peril capacity exposure workableness achievability attainability trend direction uncertainty fifty-fifty fortuity occurrence what it takes balance off chance ability favour favor emergency power facility fluke vulnerability wherewithal susceptibility proneness concern chance event foreboding portent foreshadowing menace omen presage unknown predisposition propensity openness fix impendence impendency worry probableness happenstance perhaps viability future strong possibility good chance writing on the wall hopes usefulness workability vulnerableness even break shot at long shot fair shake coin flip happenchance path prognosis track trajectory source of fear source of fright source of dread source of terror source of apprehension sensibleness attainableness unpredictability advent maybe chances of success likely improvement play stab instance circumstance occasion helpfulness utility use suitability practicality expedience expediency value constructiveness riskiness insecurity precariousness perilousness speculation instability exposedness doability feasibleness leap in the dark


Denotes an awareness to a fact or situation
knowledge awareness idea alertness regard appreciation attention attentiveness belief feeling indication realisation realization sensibility sentience suggestion suspicion understanding concern evidence perception recognition consciousness ear heed hint mindfulness notice observance responsiveness mind eye cognizance observation advertence advertency note apprehension grasp comprehension acknowledgement acknowledgment insight consideration discernment heedfulness care acquaintance sense enlightenment conception estimation familiarity thought notion impression cognition judgment apprehending assimilation apperception judgement picture concept percipience attitude light sensitivity realizing cognisance respect assessment grip wariness realising knowingness study vision sight acumen acceptance admission sympathy scrutiny concession valuation ken esteem recognizance hold appraisal allowance granting vigilance sensitiveness conceding experience confession deliberation detection view perceptiveness interest avowal concentration remark sensitivity to application recognisance watchfulness familiarity with insight into acquaintance with mark aesthetic sense spotlight debate wit discrimination bearing information witfulness carefulness capacity ability self-awareness self-understanding wakefulness acquaintanceship knowledgeableness thanks gratefulness appreciativeness gratitude sensibility to imagination scope horizon reach range analysis perusal exploration commendation admiration liking relish enjoyment love affection attraction awakening achievement perspective overview reflection examination review action contemplation light bulb moment aha moment sensation diligence industry once-over assiduity inspection investigation purview thankfulness caution TLC intentness ascertainment studying thinking intellection interpretation take reading viewpoint slant listen up tender loving care range of view taste image approach conceit opinion high regard flash plan establishing perceiving identifying acknowledging distinguishing differentiation noticing big idea brain wave verifying discovery corroboration profession handle ratification affirmation declaration admitting acquiescence concurrence assent asservation confirmation assertion accession allowing compliance rejoinder yielding intuition inkling perceptivity self-confession agreement with respect for approval of concurrence with acquiescence in cooperation with


rumination meditation ponderings reflection thought thoughts attention cerebration cogitation cognition consideration contemplation deduction deliberation deriving excogitation heed hope ideation inducing introspection intuition judging knowing logic musing rationalisation rationalization reasoning regard scrutiny seeing speculation study theorization thinking understanding apprehending brainwork concluding considering deducing discerning inferring perceiving rationalising rationalizing realising realizing pondering brooding concentration examination debate advisement account reverie analysis mulling idea forethought mulling over brown study judgment judgement agonizing impression serious thought view premeditation agonising opinion pensiveness thought process planning review abstraction notion picture image concept notice conception inference daydreaming calculation circumspection discussion imagination perusal absorption woolgathering weighing up assessment application ratiocination reason belief inspection thoughtfulness trance observation prayer ruminating carefulness care caution self-examination investigation intellection mentation deep thought quiet time consultation worrying puzzling premise perception vision philosophy revery conferring a brown study conceptualization theory dreaming mind's eye rap wariness prudence ventilation negotiation purpose vagary caprice fantasy dream preconception interest time muse conclusions conclusion think prospect conceptualisation daydream preoccupation ideas position mind awareness recollection period of deliberation period of reflection period of contemplation viewpoint beliefs views opinions viewpoints outlook hesitation object navel-gazing spell of contemplation spell of deliberation spell of reflection evaluation conjecture assumption point of view points of view accepted wisdom line of thought presumption supposition navel gazing day-dreaming wool-gathering determination eduction thesis verdict induction consequence sequitur finding suspicion hypothesis findings results conviction corollary interpretation result answer illation derivation exploration estimation weighing once-over concern audit engrossment probe survey check studying enquiry scan going-over checkup inquiry postulation lucubration grind Zen careful considering evaluating measuring deciding balancing action heedfulness profound thought thinking over careful consideration diligence industry mindfulness observance assiduity absent-mindedness knowledge eye intentness ascertainment advertence attentiveness advertency ear note dreaminess retrospect look-see reappraisal reconsideration reexamination report retrospection appraisal absence obliviousness inattention guess research breakdown dissection anatomization spotlight guesswork surmise vagueness distraction objective intention inclination thing visualization worry aspiration motivation expectation inkling fancy plan contrivance visualisation idée fixe sentiment inspiration intent interrogation diagnosis fresh look second look reevaluation recapitulation file second thought drill theorizing inattentiveness heedlessness remoteness talk hypothesizing guesstimate cross-examination inquisition raptness bemusedness distractedness forecast prediction entrancement reflecting aloofness absence of mind shot in the dark hearsay stab gossip stab in the dark shot hunch sneaking suspicion hypothesising rumor theorising rumour look inventory look-over


Enthusiasm to do or to have something
eagerness enthusiasm avidity keenness hunger impatience ardour earnestness fervour longing passion thirst yearning zeal zest appetite ambition commitment dedication desire voracity wholeheartedness anxiety appetency ardor avidness desirousness excitement greed intensity interest lust voraciousness wishing yen ardency fervency heartiness impetuosity intentness passionateness alacrity anxiousness fervor greediness gusto promptness quickness readiness solicitude vehemence willingness zing craving hankering urge inclination itch devotion drive wish love need fancy fire pining covetousness aspiration relish liking warmth determination letch expectation propensity proclivity cupidity expectancy spirit rapaciousness fondness energy thirstiness jones heat hope infatuation resolve will ache animation suspense emotion feeling motivation lustfulness tenacity ravenousness push predilection mania prurience motive concupiscence craze verve eroticism sincerity vigour taste vigor initiative enterprise fieriness want assiduity perseverance resolution libido lechery appetence zealousness lasciviousness fanaticism dream burning weakness libidinousness gameness frenzy fascination urgency amativeness salacity doggedness erotism pruriency attraction rapture avarice rapacity expectance graspingness hopefulness hungering fierceness mercenariness penchant pep firmness fire in the belly steadfastness action ambitiousness resoluteness stomach get-up-and-go appetition liveliness thrill soft spot doting disposition impulse amenability single-mindedness goodwill obligingness confidence favour favor persistence purposefulness committedness acquisitiveness diligence consent aim compliance devotedness gumption dynamism admiration horniness activity flurry emotionalism salaciousness devoutness hurry spunk incentive stimulus partiality hustle hots faithfulness loyalty turmoil demand elation empressement fever faith lustihood avariciousness intent conviction furor materialism feverishness punch strong interest hot-bloodedness constancy use agitation vim lech possessiveness piety purpose fervidness ferment restlessness excitation furore go-getting desideratum high hopes bated breath vehemency bias ebullience preparedness preference warmness conscientiousness unscrupulousness edacity intense desire facility palate tendency addiction gluttony tooth hungriness estimation compulsion nostalgia cacoethes coveting effort excitability haste joyousness agreement agreeableness hastiness rashness impetus impulsiveness indulgence positivism strong desire big eyes cheerfulness gaiety ants in pants eros aptness ease cooperation volition thirsting aridity strong want fortitude exhilaration positiveness force waiting fixation alertness violence intenseness mettle backbone thrust striving preoccupation obsession strength of character strength of mind ripeness predatoriness money-grubbing selfishness address pertinence pertinacity pertinaciousness decidedness decisiveness tenaciousness hang-up impulsion piousness hurrah seriousness religiousness jazz solemnity oomph money-grabbing insatiableness grabbiness pleonexia Mammonism militancy aggressiveness vitality dash go zip aggression firmness of purpose moxie emulation esprit aphrodisia leaning mind self-motivation white heat depth instigation what-it-takes dispatch stick-to-itiveness dazzle bustle requirement fire in belly uncertainty engrossment deliberation will power get up and go a sense of purpose pep talk entrepreneurial spirit right stuff what it takes spark ado positivity butterflies kicks movement intoxication flutter enjoyment delirium expectingness tension itching unrest ecstasy distraction rampage uproar flush flap fury rage hysteria deliriousness awaiting needfulness scarcity requisite necessity occasion focus imperative deficit scantiness dearth cry out call support absence necessitude drought scarceness exigence market exigency butterflies in one's stomach steadiness fixedness staunchness looking forward burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes allegiance fastness troth fidelity adhesion fealty attachment application obstinacy goal objective object commotion design endeavor target plan honesty honor integrity unfailingness staying power honour decision abidingness principle certainty truthfulness surety adherence trustiness end pursuit intention mission ideal endeavour scheme calling vision vocation pretension thing idea destination bourne bourn direction mark provocation stimulation incitement raison d'être object of desire holy grail Holy Grail desired result

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