Đồng nghĩa của impediment

Alternative for impediment


A hindrance or obstruction in doing something
bar obstacle block obstruction barrier hindrance check encumbrance handicap curb deterrent difficulty snag drawback restraint restriction brake catch hitch limitation setback stumbling block baulk balk chain clog cramp crimp drag embarrassment fetter hazard hiccup holdback hurdle inhibition interference issue let manacle problem shackles stop trammel catch-22 cumber facer barricade blockage bottleneck burden defect delay detriment disablement disadvantage disorder fault flaw holdup impairment load millstone prohibition retardation retardment rub shackle stoppage stricture tie wall weakness dead weight red tape road block millstone around your neck spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works fly in the ointment complication constraint discouragement pitfall inconvenience damper trouble prevention rein interruption disbenefit determent minus downside shortcoming hamper hampering control impedance blocking disincentive glitch thwarting nuisance albatross liability deterrence circumscription negative congestion hold-up forestalling preventive imperfection straitjacket weak point weak spot sticking point halt uphill dissuasion condition limit blockade joker headache ball and chain safeguard occlusion jam bridle monkey wrench avoidance deficiency booby trap gridlock interception inhibitor baggage preclusion blow dilemma forestallment debit strike incommodity mishap defeat deterence hang-up obviation impasse checking snarl defence traverse interdict cumbrance defense fence predicament arrest precaution preventative roadblock clot jam-up confinement reversal misfortune circumvention downfall embargo hangup hardship disappointment rebuff gotcha whammy hassle gimmick blank wall con pickle protection land mine disqualification snarl-up ban opposition logjam cross to bear foiling security suppression reverse fetters curbing baulking stopping stifling reduction boycott quashing lock ill failure upset cross frustration caution precautionary measure knock choking clampdown curtailment constriction prob taboo remedy quandary lack failing disability balking break collapse adversity bummer foundering preventive measure protective measure stone in one's path bug disturbance body blow tangle puzzler knot cropper knock-back wet blanket piece of bad luck thorn in one's side tight spot lack of success one in the eye bit of trouble reversal of fortune kick in the teeth bond bonds elimination barring deadweight bone of contention hobble misery woe disgrace yoke complaint anticipation averting precluding stumbling stone slowing harm railing intimidation injury albatross around one's neck demerit bump buttress pale evil weary load prophylaxis penalty deadlock exclusion leash tailback obligation commitment handicapping psychological baggage privation affliction mountain checkmate saddle debt guilt duty bad flip side defensive measures afterdeal restrainer narrowing backup tie-up queue millstone round someone's neck sabotage intervention proscription deterring factor chill put down damp bridling repression bind bulwark tribulation aggravation harness mountain to climb depressant cloud shackling fettering holding back cramping smothering detention constrainment captivity kink pinch foot dragging excess baggage entanglement factor web development moratorium veto warning encirclement snafu discontinuance negative aspect stopping up halting deal-breaker gloom pall fix spot crunch unseen problem scrape trap other side of the coin interdiction stint infarct closure embolus cordon infarction monkey on back consequence can of worms disputed point depression trick cinchers anchor binders traffic jam lapse sublimation snare rahui hold moderation point at issue conundrum ploy puzzle dodge wile regression flip-flop unfortunate development slowdown backset comedown regress bath about-face foil bottom the rub inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction modification definition qualification gate retarding device rail retardant interference with restricted access reverse of fortune double whammy putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud demarcation cold water joker in the pack blunder bondage rope order instruction deprivation pinions weight decrease string manacles chains abridgment abridgement ceiling command hedge drawing board slip line of defense compression contraction astringency boundary tightening squeezing binding shrinking restraining order spoiling palladium fail-safe protective shield inefficacy error whole new ballgame grievance bother miscalculation mistake mischance bafflement neutralizer prophylactic mix-up hot potato thorn in the flesh mess vexed question question mark vexation gremlin source of difficulty worry hornets' nest source of trouble muddle dispute plight difficult situation countering scotching derailment dashing crushing bitter pill jump stretch stroke of bad luck crippling hindering snookering baffling nonfulfillment scuppering nonfulfilment contravention unfulfillment involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account nonsuccess anticipatory measure malfunction crash shutdown non-success bad news disaster area disintegration disruption millstone round one's neck wreck crackup ruination crumbling ruin crumpling fizzle breakdown cessation falling apart fizzling out falling down seizing up conking out falling to pieces falling through annoyance fuss trial concern pain awkwardness unwieldiness unfitness exasperation distress untimeliness unsuitableness cumbersomeness troublesomeness uneasiness stew unhandiness bothersomeness close cutoff anxiety stress stalling discomfort grief incommodiousness struggle problems irritation disquiet unease agitation unpleasantness task timewasting filibustering obstructionism strain down layoff abeyance immobilization sit-down deduction walkout lockout downtime standstill wait preemption detainment remonstrance expostulation persuasion holding pattern immobilisation issues strife turmoil deep trouble dire straits danger torment hot water row sorrow onus maximum responsibility charge mental weight blame punishment unwanted responsibility accountability cap irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve harassment botheration pest aggro ruffle threshold nuisance value bound regulation bounds irons handcuffs cuffs incommode hair shirt tiresomeness inopportuneness extent containment border perimeter put out bilboes tethers trammels ropes restraints tops line of demarcation cutoff point margin confine cut-off point upper limit line arrestment finish discontinuation expiration end surcease closedown stay termination shutoff conclusion cease offset ending bracelets gyves darbies staying restraining suspension leg irons


An act, utterance, or period that interrupts someone or something
interruption hiatus interlude interval break gap pause cessation discontinuity disruption disturbance halt hiccough hiccup hitch interim intermission interregnum interstice obstacle parenthesis stop stoppage suspension disconnection discontinuance hindrance intrusion obstruction recess severance abeyance abeyancy arrest blackout breach break-off check cutoff delay dissolution disuniting division doldrums dormancy lacuna latency layoff letup quiescence rift rupture separation split respite lull downtime rest breather wait stay discontinuation breathing space time out moratorium let-up adjournment entr'acte postponement lapse hold-up holdup deferral time-out deferment caesura remission spell shelving rescheduling surcease standstill tabling breathing spell coffee break breath relaxation hold pausation time prorogation continuation put-off putting off cut-off period relief lag stopping gridlock comma meanwhile meantime intermezzo freeze tie-up retardation holdback closure jam blockage ten time lag holding pattern breaking off suspense putting back reprieve interference lessening diversion grace holiday vacation lapse of time leave term deadlock quiescency smoko slackening stall recreation span repose detention happy hour retardment ado five time off release intervening time time wasted pause in the action period of waiting occlusion snafu walkout close lockout down immobilization sit-down deduction shutdown withdrawal cutting off breakdown pausing interspace fix vacay episode tranquillity tranquility blow between-time termination disbandment pigeonholing dissolving halting season idyll immobilisation mothballing intervening period stretch space half-time hesitation passage take ten course embargo playtime while hols passing rain check stopover let up temporary cessation schoolie jollification entertainment lightening brightening amusement jollity restriction disconnectedness disjointedness temporary closure knocking off suspension of proceedings taking five beat incoherence hush silence stillness stand refreshment disunion temporary cessation of business day off cessation of business forgiveness deliverance discharge truce exculpation immunity leisure pardon ease acquittal protraction reduction break off rest period awkward moment cutout conclusion ending decrease abatement easing time away breathing room moderation diminution distraction dwindling waning armistice lack of coherence lack of unity setback escapism ebb ebbing detainment hangup deep freeze alleviation amelioration curb encumbrance inhibition cold storage pastime retard block fetter snag suspended animation dying down cutback trammel bind logjam problem filibuster holding showstopper lost time idle time escape waiting period cooling-off period leisure activity


A difficult or awkward situation
corner predicament dilemma fix jam pickle hole bind spot mire difficulty plight quagmire quandary mess impasse box rattrap swamp muddle scrape jackpot problem stew puzzle comess distress knot tight spot awkward situation tight corner rabbit hole sticky wicket hot water tricky situation dire straits ticklish situation how-do-you-do spot of trouble bit of bother with nowhere to turn fine kettle of fish mare's nest trouble difficult situation sticky situation crisis deep water imbroglio catch-22 strait perplexity kettle of fish emergency confusion embarrassment mix-up pinch condition spot of bother clutch tangle hang-up bad news double bind no-win situation entanglement pretty kettle of fish straits exigency unfortunate situation hardship juncture circumstance asperity deadlock drag case situation state pass complication soup hot spot facer conundrum catch uncertainty cleft stick desperate straits bad situation tight situation double trouble l Dutch trouble spot flash point extremity circumstances jumble cul-de-sac bottleneck morass cessation pause rest involvement sorry condition sad state discomfiture disorder mass of problems squeeze crunch troublesome situation indecision conflict diffict situation stalemate bewilderment damned if you do, damned if you don't poser bother doubt lose-lose toughie matter toughy puzzlement pitfall between a rock and a hard place difficult problem embarrassing situation hot seat embarrassing problem vicious circle difficult choice state of perplexity state of uncertainty delicate situation complexity crux hassle controversy up a tree embroilment brouhaha enmeshment soap opera complicated situation hiccup mishap gremlin fly in the ointment prob Gordian knot rub misadventure stumbling block hornets' nest katzenjammer nodus issue vicissitude rigor position rigour problematic situation rough go misfortune adversity headache zero hour disaster hindrance setback hitch calamity turning point catastrophe question head crossroads obstacle tinderbox snag tribulation cataclysm Dunkirk tragedy conjuncture crossroad hell breaking point boiling point crunch time hurdle hard times can of worms obstruction drawback worry botheration urgency critical situation fiasco hell on earth uphill havoc depression danger shambles contingency challenge nuisance pain dispute stage disputed point train wreck point at issue upheaval disarray turmoil concern chaos blow debacle pressure trauma drama affair meltdown horror panic stations snake pit worst-case scenario accident struggle car crash count disagreement inconvenience equation urgent situation intricacy need necessity woe bugbear hazard burden frustration reversal worriment incident reverse barrier tension failure stress occasion collapse crash affliction handicap point vexation devastation scourge contretemps exigence apocalypse messiness disorderliness enigma trammel grievance trial mystification a jam a scrape a hole a fix to-do source of trouble stumper spanner in the works thorn in the flesh difficult position big trouble hot potato monkey wrench in the works reversal of fortune matter of contention point of contention awkward climacteric snarl unpredictable situation dog's breakfast hornet's nest snafu troublesome problem hard nut to crack complex problem Pandora's box place upset indigence destitution grief disappointment deep trouble torment emergency situation potential crisis situational problem time connection combination spectacle tight squeeze extreme suffering peril jeopardy moment bar crimp demand commotion fuss botched situation uphill battle concurrence crucial point business adventure row scene disturbance melodrama imperilment worst case task thrill fracas sensation excitement constraint requirement hamper farce endangerment worst outcome subject pretty undertaking nut acuteness want demandingness worst possible outcome worst that could happen worst comes to worst traverse state of affairs disadvantage risk a bad situation a plight a mess a sorry condition a predicament a difficult situation vexed question question mark thorn in one's side source of difficulty compulsion push climax unforeseen circumstances needfulness requisite essential imperativeness wont criticalness pressingness focus theme topic oppression state of things moment of truth period phase mistake a tight corner a bind duress misery millstone cumber tear-jerker interest contention subject matter argument choke point point of no return posture interval status instant point in time choice exertion painfulness mischance moment in time barricade discouragement sweat labor hardness labour harassment harm's way pest a stew a spot dead end a pickle habit downside unfortunate occurrence awkward moment irritant aggravation negative aspect glitch teething trouble irk annoyance thorn peeve exasperation aggro ruffle clutter mystery nark blight whammy ruin shock shipwreck desolation bust monstrosity bomb holocaust disorganization pain in the rear bane pain in the backside source of irritation source of annoyance pain in the neck fair cow hair shirt pain in the bum bore secret brain-teaser teaser disarrangement dishevelment head-scratcher why misorder disorderedness hash ravel scramble muss heavy blow koan rebus paradox stroke of ill luck fankle botch heck disorganisation ataxia tumble Chinese puzzle tough nut to crack stickler riddle brainteaser distraction charade mind-boggler tough proposition labyrinth knotty question brain-twister twister unsolved problem maze closed book sixty-four dollar question cryptogram chance-medley free-for-all mess and a half confused state rat's nest pig's breakfast

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