Đồng nghĩa của shutdown

Alternative for shutdown

  • sự đóng cửa, sự kết thúc


A closing, of a computer, business, event, etc.
end cessation halt stoppage termination finish close conclusion ending discontinuation stop arrest discontinuance closure expiration cease arrestment lapse closedown cutoff shutoff surcease check stay offset closing abandonment blackout stopping interruption suspension desistance standstill finale break completion wind-up wrap-up culmination halting pause windup finis freeze abeyance downtime layoff ceasing denouement consummation blockage winding up period finishing endgame homestretch capper grand finale intermission mop-up end of the line immobilization adjournment disruption expiry gridlock resolution obstruction hindrance breakdown breaking off result delay grinding halt screaming halt occlusion terminus payoff immobilisation respite failure interval rest hiatus breather deadlock break-off desuetude letup epilogue time-out coda screeching halt wrap climax peroration outcome cutting short epilog execution fulfilment issue consequence curtains achievement accomplishment curtain breakup winding-up fulfillment jam snafu walkout holdup lockout down hitch sit-down deduction limit severance separation let-up disjunction gap remission discontinuity concluding withdrawal alternation curtailment recess folding cloture tie-up shutting time off suppression shutting down closing down dead stop dead end dissolution lull brick wall roadblock inhibition cancellation determination retirement full stop upshot realization realisation abortion cesser omega perfection cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining end result closing stages last word final word bottom line sign-off last part cut-off point finalization fruition stagnation inactivity dénouement death interlude liquidation finalisation stalemate impasse last stage last logjam polishing off run-in end of the road final stage sewing up final part final act standoff paralysis stand Mexican standoff breathing space outro eventuality time out bitter end final thoughts wait stopover interregnum interim breathing spell moratorium checkmate breath latency entr'acte stand-off hold-up spell hold lag layover coffee break postponement hiccup interstice parenthesis hiccough quiescence doldrums dormancy block obstacle truce lacuna abeyancy reprieve smoko stop-off holdback holding pattern embargo hesitation deferment draw five caesura repose deferral suspense wash disconnection impediment snarl-up holding catch-22 holiday vacation time break in your journey leave intermezzo retardation lapse of time stall ten detention prorogation dead heat happy hour retardment slack ado traffic jam time wasted time lag period of waiting fix tie pausing disturbance restriction buildup quiescency port of call half-way house intrusion blind alley disbarment disbandment winter vacay relief complete stop sojourn visit lessening slackening relaxation episode discontinuing rupture division rift split disuniting breach wall slowness blow short break hols meanwhile idyll meantime hole schoolie desisting remaining terminating deterring temporary cessation of business day off temporary closure cessation of business inaction lunch break disjointedness tea break disconnectedness deliverance discharge release exculpation leisure pardon acquittal protraction forgiveness immunity ease level toss-up beat freedom incoherence hush silence pausation stillness comma pigeonholing shelving rescheduling ban prohibition pause in the action staging post showdown collision disunion setback communication breakdown breathing room spare time free time tabling mothballing break off rest period awkward moment time to burn time to kill lack of unity cutout lack of coherence even money time on one's hands hangup detainment even game photo finish drawn battle encumbrance curb armistice deep freeze cold storage suspended animation cross-purposes retard fetter interference snag carrying over bind trammel problem filibuster grace period showstopper putting back putting off peace ceasefire treaty waiting period cooling-off period clog congestion snarl backup bottleneck barrier tailback détente cease-fire sig alert wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente cessation of hostilities olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities


A failure or malfunction, including technical, mechanical, or in personal relationships
breakdown failure crash malfunction collapse disintegration disruption disturbance hitch interruption crackup crumbling crumpling downfall fizzle foundering halt hindrance impediment mishap ruin ruination stoppage wreck break cessation cropper defeat falling apart falling through fizzling out conking out falling to pieces seizing up falling down lack of success end undoing miscarriage decline slump deterioration degradation folding disorganization rupture flop termination seizure fall nonsuccess disorganisation bankruptcy nonachievement breaking down non-function buckling debacle falling depression failing botch abortion bust fiasco misadventure washout mess bomb frustration lemon bungle misstep turkey rout nonperformance implosion blunder loss fail miss catastrophe false step faux pas dud clinker hash clunker overthrow sinking ship bummer loser disaster calamity checkmate shipwreck stalemate snafu foul-up let-down screw-up total loss lead balloon balls-up flash in the pan decay inadequacy deficiency deficit unsuccessfulness tragedy frost non-fulfilment setback misfiring error misfire misfortune shambles car crash liquidation coming to nothing dead duck damp squib dead loss insolvency letdown devastation mistake reversal non-success unsuccess trainwreck whammy non-starter no-hoper train wreck nonaccomplishment oversight neglect default negligence misprision dereliction delinquency thwarting omission muck omnishambles muddle bodge mismanagement perversion impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary rabble trouncing pig's breakfast nonfeasance administration indebtedness pauperdom receivership stumble capitulation shit show vanquishing flameout trouble mischance aborting financial ruin stalling shellacking crack-up beating farce vanquishment havoc licking dissolution smash smashup defeasance drubbing insufficiency lapse miscarriages fall from grace closure faultiness vain attempt spontaneous abortion still birth blue ruin sinking closing cutting out playing up fault shutting down close-down going under winding up glitch impairment defect flaw gremlin bug blip slip disappointment discomfiture reverse rejection


An interruption in the supply of power (usually electricity)


(somewhat rare) To refuse, or to vote against
down blackball kill veto negate nix negative vote down shoot down reject turn down refuse ban squash bar disallow embargo give the thumbs down to boycott throw out give the red light to say ‘no’ to prohibit forbid block interdict outlaw proscribe dismiss rule out overrule quash nullify stop rule against preclude dissent decline discountenance deny pass cut censure defeat disapprove burn place an embargo on declare null and void pass on not go for pass by put down put an end to throw away give thumbs down put a stop to refuse permission to put the kibosh on thumbs down repudiate exclude snub debar expel remove ostracize blacklist oust vote against shut out evict shun cashier drum out disfellowship cold-shoulder spurn get rid of ostracise force out keep out leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder give the cold shoulder to enjoin make illegal rebuff taboo prevent criminalize inhibit restrain withhold banish criminalise black pass up reprobate halt suppress abjure deselect restrict stymie avoid balk at throw over ignore set aside say no to disavow disacknowledge freeze out knock back say no cancel scorn overturn censor freeze spike forfend eliminate zing estop disqualify obviate oppose declare illegal disown except repulse revoke hold up lock up deprive declare ineligible cut off ice out discount close out suspend count out put an embargo on steer clear of send to Coventry lock out have nothing to do with give a wide berth to condemn destroy recant sentence doom disentitle begrudge countermand reverse invalidate overthrow disclaim outvote illegalize curse throw give something a miss not grant give thumbs down to refuse admission to stand in the way of refuse entrance to penalise penalize stonewall officially forbid close down close up consider undesirable keep back give the brush-off to gridlock cool cork stopper refuse to employ hit list make something punishable put on hit list fetter bottle up box in hang up jam up tie up give the thumbs down omit keep lid on put chill on declare something a punishable offence strike bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in throw cold water on withhold patronage pour cold water on disbar bounce wash one's hands of turn your back on brush off stay away from impose sanctions hold aloof from abstain from refrain from refuse to take part in eject deny access to disregard disclude bate occlude sideline leave out not count refuse to admit cut out miss out put out ward off prevent from entering refuse admittance hinder pass over shut the door on drive out desert jilt renounce check obstruct forestall impede disdain repel drop blank excommunicate eschew abnegate forsake unfollow unfriend despise declare taboo kick someone in the teeth leave off give someone the brush-off give someone the big E give someone the go-by scoff at cut dead give someone the air cast out hand someone the frozen mitt not buy break with have nothing more to do with bin off give someone the push swear off cast aside give the elbow shut down put the chill on

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