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censors, censored, censoring

Đồng nghĩa: ban,


To hide or conceal something (literally or figuratively)
suppress conceal hide gag redact ban belie blanket burke cloak cover curtain disguise enshroud hush up mask mute muzzle obscure occult screen shroud smother stifle stonewall veil withhold cover up keep hidden keep secret outlaw proscribe blot out not disclose paper over keep dark draw a veil over keep silent about keep under your hat not breathe a word of sweep under the carpet sweep under the rug sweep something under the carpet sweep something under the rug repress keep quiet about not tell keep something from someone dissemble deny forget shut off erase bottle up blank out shut out wipe out close obstruct hold back gloss over keep the lid on keep quiet keep under wraps keep a lid on keep in the dark sit on block out camouflage shield secrete whitewash bury harbor harbour envelop keep back cache shadow adumbrate mantle wrap keep to yourself ensconce guard cloud eclipse shelter shade surround overlay befog dress up stash squash sugarcoat airbrush separate block swathe coat obfuscate muffle ditch canopy plant blind obliterate beard drape tuck away put out of the way give a false idea of keep out of sight give a false account of put up a front refuse keep from isolate cover something up downplay minimize pull a veil over cocoon clothe minimise wallpaper dissimulate squirrel front hush not divulge finesse launder smuggle make light of shutter hole up seclude masquerade stow gird hem sheathe umbrage keep under one's hat make up shut in wall off put in a hole misrepresent make inconspicuous put up a smokescreen distort board up do on the sly stop something being overheard bush up falsify overshadow warp blur fog mist haze colour misinterpret enfold enwrap dim darken bedim blear overcast overcloud encase becloud miscolor pervert misstate color garble mislead twist carpet pall submerge hinder dislimn benight blacken bemist pettifog murk obnubilate overspread crown top overlie cap cast a shadow over put out of sight pave trump up put a spin on extend over protect reserve keep unknown not give away hide from view salt away keep cover keep mum about


To fix, correct, revise or improve (a text or document)
edit revise correct adapt check improve polish redraft rewrite condense emend rephrase rework copy-edit assemble cut modify redact reword abridge annotate rescript revamp shorten approve alter amend amplify analyse analyze assign blue-pencil butcher change compile compose delete discard draught draft excise feature fine-tune finish massage prepare prescribe proofread publish recalibrate rectify refine regulate rehash report retouch scrub splice style tighten trim clean up iron out boil down check over fix up fly speck go over make up set up strike out tidy up write over prepare for publication repair clarify fix enhance red-pencil subedit debug remedy reform recast bowdlerize emendate expurgate right better bowdlerise touch up adjust update redo upgrade reshape reorganize remodel reorganise perfect vary tweak develop redraw ameliorate help remake refashion redesign restyle reconstruct make over overhaul look over hone elevate convert set right remould transform rejig temper metamorphose square go through fashion mend remold progress mold tailor readjust modulate rearrange lift raise affect doctor mould turn around make adjustments to make alterations to boost cultivate rebrand shape up straighten out pick up qualify transmute transfigure turn the corner put right shift evolve renovate redress meliorate enrich switch mutate morph revolutionize shape retool reorient customize translate reorder regenerate reorientate reconcile moderate diversify warp reconfigure revolutionise reconstitute turn alternate replace tamper with reshuffle transpose rejigger commute review make innovations permute interchange customise refurbish tune remap reread examine give something the once-over advance rise heighten increase say differently augment sharpen purify recuperate fit cure suit condition make strides perk up take off make perfect bend paraphrase make improvements to put make make good sort out optimise optimize elaborate complete grow metastasize move metamorphize renew reclaim look through mark up copyedit remove errors check through rebuild transmogrify put differently XXX patch up clear up deal with consummate crown polish up transubstantiate alchemize diverge do over fiddle with make right pay dues set straight finish off express differently put another way put in other words metamorphosize redevelop get with it set the record straight clean up act put in order rehabilitate permutate denature refit recondition cook transfer pass realign transmutate transit turn over new leaf turn the tables stir up change completely shift gears sing different tune switch over turn upside down do up put the finishing touches to put the final touches to compare scan scrutinize reexamine scrutinise launder fluctuate distort transition swing disguise flip-flop substitute vacillate swap veer displace pay one's dues make up for maintain strengthen beef up benefit mitigate reanimate vitalize bolster rehab revive save revitalise resurrect revitalize fine revivify remediate stimulate sustain facilitate ease restore fortify bone up brush up freshen up tamper order remix shuffle become different arrange make different


To prevent from being heard or noticed
muzzle silence suppress curb gag restrain stifle check choke fetter inhibit cork hush ice muffle prevent quiet quieten repress restrict shush squash squelch still stop tongue-tie trammel bottle up dry up dummy up shut down shut up clamp down on crack down on mute quash dumb put the lid on say nothing throttle soft-pedal put a gag on keep the lid on no-platform seal somebody's lips prohibit from speaking debrief hold one's tongue sit on hush up subdue quell crush extinguish kill arrest deaden halt settle abate clam dull keep down snuff out choke off put down cut off put an end to cut short put a stop to close up slap down control contain hinder smother bridle constrain hold back choke back keep in check keep under control limit impede hamper hold regulate moderate govern keep curtail tame retard strangle measure rule withhold deter rein in hold in check keep within bounds hold in hold down fight back keep back conceal submerge swallow sink pocket cover up keep secret keep a rein on put a lid on stultify constipate damp down discipline freeze peg entrammel put a limit on box in cut back keep lid on bite back cool down put the brakes on cool off keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt keep a tight rein on tie up stem the flow of button up keep a lid on slow down confine handicap dampen rein bit leash harness debar straiten gaol rein back guide impound detain circumscribe direct imprison pull in cool stay hogtie jail delimit stem put a brake on keep in hem in crack down box up lock up put away pin down pull back tie down bring under control keep in line have on a tight leash


To thoroughly check or investigate particularly with regard to providing formal approval
vet examine check appraise assess investigate review scrutinise scrutinize evaluate inspect screen consider study look over probe redact research scan weigh up check out delve into look into check up on dig into search into give something the once-over give the once-over pass under review size up give something a once-over analyse survey analyze audit explore look at check over view prospect go over take stock of case pore over recce overlook oversee subject to an examination enquire into sift canvass eyeball test scope out con go through search scrutinate reconnoiter scout reconnoitre go into give something a going-over check into look at carefully observe follow up give the once over check up dissect suss out inquire into work over go over with a fine-tooth comb pry into probe into conduct an investigation into peruse sound out eye scope assay verify enquire inquire question interrogate enquire about inquisite frisk make enquiries about take a look at make inquiry conduct an enquiry into look-see run down put to the test cross-examine try to get to the bottom of poke around stake out nose around monitor anatomize delve gage gauge parse diagnose read supervise query dig superintend brainstorm find out about ask questions about bug tap poke spy take a dekko at give something a look-see take stock look see excogitate sift the evidence concerning do research into put questions to ask questions of read into chew over mull over shake down brood over deliberate on be all ears try out inquire about feel out listen in read up on make enquiries into dive into make inquiries into search the evidence concerning make inquiries about conduct an inquiry into search for ask about balance check something out report grade adjudicate judge have a look at wiretap muckrake underseek sit in sum up conduct investigations into spy on make an observation of make a recce of establish examine closely put under a microscope look through pass through run over bone up read over confirm certify note ascertain regard watch notice clock catechize contemplate behold subject to an inspection estimate see tell kick the tires triangulate compare prove quiz correct ensure count candle size summarise chart graph plot valuate summarize get a bird's-eye view of map out stare at look upon gaze at eye up find out rummage look root hunt keep account make sure of test out scout out fossick forage trial search high and low dig down turn inside out turn upside down sample pilot try weigh put to trial try on field-test experimentalize fool with play around with carry out trials on try on for size experiment with road-test carry out tests mess around experiment conduct experiments do tests on conduct research test drive futz around put through its paces turn over give a tryout make a trial run practice with carry out trials pursue sweep winnow undersee get back to make sure chase up sift through get a load of ponder take in witness spot perceive stare rubberneck skim discern flick through seek gaze run through follow browse take a shufti at espy descry gape sight distinguish flip through catch have a gander at have a squint at cast an eye over peer remark leaf through think through slang interpret tour gawp at ogle pry take a gander at gawp gawk separate think about goggle blink mind glare look around pay attention to look on patrol penetrate scour glimpse glance at have a dekko at read through leer flash rake peg rate take note of mark thumb through catch sight of discuss keep under surveillance deconstruct lay eyes on keep an eye on divide spy out comb watch like a hawk peer at cut keep a weather eye on measure pick apart set eyes on break down heed practice pick at peep skim through dip into make a survey of ferret in peek eagle eye rummage through understand admire root about in root around in ferret about in perlustrate ferret around in run your eye over have a look-see look something over fossick through sort out look fixedly sort through get an eyeful look vacantly gaze upon traverse surveil visit pierce recon surf taste practise keep under observation keep tabs on keep watch on fathom keep a tab on have a shufti at value twig keep under scrutiny clap eyes on glance over give the eye palpate keep a beady eye on pipe beam quarter make a reconnaissance of resolve snoop rubberneck at look up and down fan look closely have a butcher's at glance through range over see how the land lies go round pan wade through browse through determine case the joint drive round hunt through poke around in sort kick around gloat pin bore eagle-eye focus take apart focus on take a shufti round stare open-mouthed glim look round roust around in rootle around in rummage in feast your eyes on go through with a fine-tooth comb stare in wonder take a good look leave no stone unturned find out the lie of the land rifle through make inquiries revise rehearse repeat reiterate revisit double-check contextualize contextualise look through something tackle riffle through make enquiries esteem treat make out examine carefully smoke get down to brass tacks conduct an enquiry drill down squint feel dissolve pay heed to earmark memorise memorize discover spot-check quest see over identify think of detect give attention to gawk at burn up run one's hands over be shown over spectate take a good look at believe devour ask skirr comprehend unravel nitpick keep one's eye on pick up on get an eyeful of keep track of look earnestly feast one's eyes glass have a look around parade muster mine dowse drill attempt essay endeavor strive look out keep an eye out cast one's eye over have a look-see at keep tabs grasp sound unpack criticize get the lie of the land squinny remove beware ogle at gape at seek an answer riffle riff rumble open up feast eyes on take the measure of plough through be absorbed in bury oneself in refer to lay bare give the eagle eye set guesstimate price take notice of leer at concentrate on criticise narrow your eyes look through narrowed eyes try to see squint at screw up eyes know consult decompose decompound apprise undertake endeavour dive in do research do tests consult the archives follow a line of investigation look up sightsee have a tour of have a look round go on a tour of make eyes at not take one's eyes off take a butcher's at go after roast knock grill hit request rubber lamp ru moon plumb get rid of pick over body-search calculate deem figure adjudge demonstrate take a gander look something up and down find fault pick holes go around sieve gaze open-mouthed stare in amazement rivet the eyes on figure out have one's number set at figure in take account of wear have a taste of search through get to the bottom of fit audition give a go deliberate about turn ruminate reflect on deliberate cogitate meditate revolve perpend debate entertain take soundings give something a whirl take a shot at take a stab at seek information of test the waters hit up request information request information of seek information walk round give it a go try something on for size put to the proof march past ruminate about muse on drain select colander clean outstare ransack regulate entertain the idea of sweat wrestle with rehash give thought to track glower reconsider meditate on think over deliberate upon think out hash over meditate upon think on reflect upon contrast look intently have a good look fix on look hard rivet on watch closely juxtapose reexamine overhaul debug pat down body search troll rifle look around in dredge put through a sieve scrabble about in dig in forage through rummage around in rummage about in scrabble around in re-examine finecomb leave no stone unturned in go through with fine-tooth comb grub grub about in rummage round in look high and low search high heaven dig through fish around in delve in fish about in beat the bushes beat grub around in poke about in differentiate collate correlate strip down give something a check-up track down compete parallel holiday in stay in hang place in juxtaposition stack up against measure up confront balance the differences between weigh against stand the pace segregate weigh the differences between measure the differences between oppose stand the test set side by side weigh against another set against match up put side by side visit with go over to go to see stop over in vacation in go see go to holiday with holiday at spend time in stop by come to see run reconnaissance look out for look for scout around rustle up make a reconnaissance take a look have take a glance at have a look keep eagle eye on


Outlaw, prohibit an action
forbid ban prohibit proscribe outlaw disallow interdict exclude preclude veto debar hinder inhibit rule out bar enjoin criminalise criminalize make illegal block restrain stop cancel check deny deprive embargo forestall forfend freeze halt impede nix obstruct obviate oppose prevent restrict spike stymie taboo withhold declare taboo declare illegal hold up lock up say no shut down shut out put an end to put a stop to give the red light to give the thumbs down to put the chill on put the kibosh on refuse reject dismiss overrule blackball rebuff overturn repudiate disown invalidate reverse countermand quash abjure squash disclaim disavow zing disacknowledge throw out kill set aside throw say no to declare null and void pass on put down keep back turn down boycott thwart estop eliminate except suppress suspend disapprove banish negate ward off disqualify place an embargo on negative hamper counteract deter hold back arrest freeze out close out count out revoke limit decline black ostracize interrupt defeat curb counter declare ineligible nullify ostracise foil bate avert retard frustrate baulk hang up shoot down balk recant ward nip in the bud illegalize censure disentitle circumvent pass by hamstring reprobate blacklist discount pass up cool cork interfere with slow pass discountenance keep out rule against fetter baffle tie up encumber slow down handicap cramp begrudge expel repress cripple stifle keep lid on hobble contravene crimp spurn knock back leave out put a brake on lock out stave off stand in the way of leave out in the cold condemn plug give the red light destroy sentence doom forbid to repulse place injunction on place an injunction on misdemeanorize felonize vote down avoid discard disfellowship redlight refuse admission to refuse entrance to give the cold shoulder to curse give the brush-off to abolish penalise penalize down close down ice out close up officially forbid quit discontinue cease deselect unfit gridlock burn cut dissent put paid to not consider close one's doors to forget about defend against chill intercept keep at bay turn aside stave head off fend off keep off dam hold off anticipate make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible make impracticable make something punishable not grant throw over give something a miss balk at give thumbs down to thumbs down throw away refuse permission to override exile bottle up box in jam up declare something a punishable offence incapacitate disable give thumbs down not go for put chill on disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair paralyse weaken disenable omit put a lock on put a stopper in bring to screeching halt put half nelson on throw cold water on spoil disappoint contradict shut off gainsay pour cold water on disbar remove ignore oust bounce shut out of dash discourage eject evict scotch crush derail constrain refute confront snooker deny access to sideline disregard disclude occlude shackle bridle dissuade from discomfit neutralize beat checkmate not count refuse to admit miss out cut out crool foul up scupper banjax rebut disprove not make the cut cut off stonewall disrupt cramp one's style stump dash one's hope neutralise put the lid on annul outwit render null and void overcome lick screw up ruin upset the applecart conquer do for give the run around put out send to Coventry refuse admittance put an embargo on prevent from entering backpedal explode disaffirm debunk contest discredit retract challenge clog manacle hog-tie handcuff trammel dissuade short-circuit smother embarrass pass over drive out get rid of force out shut the door on rein in declare untrue controvert disconfirm dissent from faze bit reduce stall sandbag disagree with confute take back put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in throw a spanner in the works of hold down disbelieve shoot full of holes not buy withsay take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames forgo doubt disagree turn thumbs down stand in the way sacrifice


To remove completely, leaving no trace
erase delete efface expunge obliterate remove cancel excise eradicate rub out eliminate wipe out abolish annihilate blot out cross out exterminate extirpate liquidate strike out blank out blue-pencil bowdlerise bowdlerize dele redact score out scratch out wipe off annul black out blank blot cancel out clean up cut disannul dispatch gut kill launder negate nullify root out scrape off snuff out stamp out strike sweep away trim withdraw X-out blue pencil cut out put a line through remove all traces of take out revoke recall rescind countermand reverse abrogate void scrub obviate null quash renege discard recant repudiate nix disclaim take back overrule scrap override call abandon retract discharge vacate abort omit drop purge renounce undo set aside avoid deny edit dismiss lift abjure counterorder black dismantle make void backpedal disown exclude repeal render invalid forswear invalidate call back elide cry off back out of declare invalid X out strike down call off edit out roll back cast aside ink out render null and void x out stroke out put an end to declare null and void white out block out destroy get rid of terminate axe ax squash scratch squelch shed chop zap do away with dissolve trash stop end rub snip clean expurgate abate vitiate give something the chop knock off scrub out unpublish cross through raze forget conceal extract subtract fade erode score bleep decontaminate sterilize sanitize declare amputate exsect exscind slash pull torpedo total cover over leave out get off the hook sterilise sanitise rub something out sink smash off smooth away rub away wear away put out of your mind rule out Tippex out pass up cut up lop off scissor out take away finish off do in budge break off wash out extinguish overturn ditch junk suppress overthrow shift loosen jettison rid clear throw out discontinue subvert dispense with dump empty get off strip deracinate inhibit supersede finish disestablish prohibit scour clear out cleanse close down put kibosh on shake out weed out dispose of rout out unload clean out rid of knock something on the head put the kibosh on bring to an end


Inflict a violent and disfiguring injury on
mutilate maim butcher damage disable mangle cripple disfigure hack lame dismember distort injure lacerate cut incapacitate mangulate mar spoil adulterate bowdlerise bowdlerize cut up expurgate amputate batter crush hack up harm hurt ravage scratch weaken tear apart cut to pieces hash up mess up tear limb from limb impair wound deface ruin slash deform tear blemish gash break rend total maul rip wreck bruise slice scrape slit flaw claw contort hamstring scar graze stab sever torture incise disjoint shatter debilitate dissect disarticulate undermine destroy twist shred vitiate smash score immobilize separate pierce cleave split disqualify prostrate savage sunder paralyse dislimb cut open paralyze handicap put out of action disarm cut into pieces attenuate unstrengthen immobilise sap blunt chop warp take out vandalize trash traumatize buckle scathe molest abuse squinch screw disfeature compromise crab hog-tie malform bloody endamage carve misshape gnarl torment ribbon puncture part vandalise anatomize traumatise knot skew torpefy cross up divide wrench rive disenable wince enfeeble pinch beat cut to ribbons crack inactivate unfit exhaust muzzle pinion kibosh sabotage hogtie hock unbrace enervate fray frazzle work over punish knock out throw monkey wrench in shoot down render incapable whip tarnish demolish blight defile shiver hew mark uglify bend mayhem massacre gimp castrate truncate brand annoy bow jigsaw palsy sideline stifle saw burst disfashion distort the shape of make misshapen affect play merry hell with shear make unattractive scythe make lame bend out of shape halt make ugly jam stop dig rake freeze deactivate tatter be torn wing hit clamp wheel-clamp zap blast irritate plug scrabble be rent tie prevent from moving bring to a standstill render inoperative make inoperative prevent from working action bring to a halt render inactive arrest invalidate stick ding ouch nick clip contuse knife gouge knacker crool open itch scrap jag hinder grieve pique pain wax aggrieve foul distress prejudice sting burn disjoin open up rough up dissever dig into scrabble at grimace serrate lance wrest rupture evulse pull grab pluck run extract snatch yank seize rift pull apart quarter foul up draw blood shake up do mischief to do in section joint clip wings lay up dichotomize pound crumple vivisect put out of commission limb exsect exscind operate prosect pulverize cut apart break up lay open slice up dislocate scourge persecute slay mash cut about hash flay bang up put out cause pain to pummelled cause injury to pulverise mistreat maltreat ill-treat chop up indispose pummel slap slug whack lash spank belt flog punch flail pommel afflict crucify martyr cut off the limbs of make unfit make powerless spike restrict render powerless martyrize give someone the works smite brutalize impale grill inflict suffering on inflict pain on put on the rack brutalise


Moralizer or critic

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