Đồng nghĩa của protector

Alternative for protector

protectress, protectors, protectresses

Đồng nghĩa: defender, guardian, shielder,


A thing or object that protects
guard defence defense shield armour armor protection screen buffer cushion pad apron mask safeguard cover ward bumper security shelter bulwark aegis cocoon cushioning buckler safety ammunition egis shade wall rampart support curb fireguard splashboard mudguard wing frame armament mail absorber fender wheel arch fire screen refuge sanctuary barrier safeguarding fortification immunity haven fastness shielding guarding insurance resistance asylum hedge conservation preventive deterrent preservation salvation stronghold retreat safekeeping fence fail-safe harbour safety device shock absorber harbor harborage barricade bastion preventative hiding place weapon precaution deterrence safeness palladium caution upkeep upholding provision surety prophylactic indemnity saving keep fortress sanctum safety net hideaway guardianship hideout bolt-hole foxhole safe keeping preventive measure resort querencia den zoar port covert hole safe haven splashguard safe house ivory tower flap port in a storm mud flap shadow resilience a roof lee invulnerability insurance cover strength protecting protective device reassurance stability assurance safety guard warfare weaponry munitions defenses defences maintenance self-defense citadel arms hiding concealment housing buttress fallback keeping safety measure convoy escort curtain hindrance fort garrison safe harbor preserving care conserving sustentation ark block perpetuation hide-out stockade bastille outpost divider prevention protective obstruction remedy impediment safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve expedient outlet bolthole stopgap recourse escape bolt hole safe place home place of safety exit ambush resource anchorage preserve way out makeshift opening place of shelter preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration restraint check precautionary measure obstacle neutralizer palisade parapet disincentive protective measure oasis purdah anticipatory measure church convent hole-up


A person who protects someone or something
defender guard champion guardian bodyguard patron custodian minder preserver saviour savior watchdog benefactor chaperone escort keeper ombudsman sentry abettor angel bulwark caretaker friend guide handler hero paladin tutelary hired gun tower of strength white knight guardian angel knight in shining armour protection warden overseer watchman attendant safeguard watch lookout warder carer sentinel watcher steward supporter chaperon picket defence defense rescuer curator support companion caregiver stronghold mainstay prop superintendent duenna deliverer convoy bastion supervisor liberator shepherd patrol monitor conservator nurse bouncer ranger trustee janitor godparent scout buttress advocate watchperson heavy bird dog consort protectress nursemaid security guard redeemer salvation security officer Good Samaritan friend in need Sir Galahad care-giver knight on a white charger parent watchwoman conserver intervenor official praetorian muscle governess garrison saver usher cortege nightwatchman crusader tutelar fighter protection officer babysitter convoyer company nurturer surveillant matron cavalier restorer salvager scrutineer inspector exemplar model doorkeeper aide assistant agent observer doorman knight in shining armor upstander squire warrior representative equerry valet helper lifesaver factor porter regulator sidekick manager administrator concierge good angel ministering angel guardian spirit fairy godmother officer superhero bailiff reeve receptionist groundskeeper foreman chamberlain lady in waiting personal assistant estate manager supervisory body buffer security land agent gatekeeper emancipator sitter cerberus cop sponsor vigilante baby-sitter spotter night watchman fiduciary vedette depositary ward jailer screw depository captor wardress prison officer gamekeeper gaoler baby sitter director vigil surveillance governor doorperson super house-sitter executrix executor legal guardian archivist groundsman security man prison warder jailor qui vive avenger skipper watchkeeper deacon prison wardress vanguard signalman patrolman detective spy flagman policeman reconnoitrer prison head turnkey nanny outpost reconnoiterer outrider feoffee lookout woman lookout man night watch mother father advance guard avant-courier deputy au pair prison warden correctional officer corrections officer prison guard rover trooper wanderer soldier park ranger financial person


A loyal and trusted follower or subordinate
henchman aide supporter bodyguard follower heavy sidekick subordinate attendant crony minder adjutant associate cohort flunkey minion satellite underling acolyte assistant helper lackey right-hand man shadow stooge toady abettor accessory accomplice adherent adjunct ally appointee apprentice backer backup coadjutant coadjutor collaborator colleague companion deputy flunky friend gofer hanger-on help helpmate myrmidon partner secretary servant yes-person girl Friday man Friday body man fellow worker gal Friday hatchet man hatchet woman right-hand person right-hand woman aid mate confederate second retainer vassal junior temp abetter second in command auxiliary wingman disciple number two lieutenant cooperator helpmeet comrade temporary worker dogsbody liegeman peon camp follower slave conniver dependant partner in crime paraprofessional inferior skivvy pursuivant representative serf workmate scrub subaltern co-conspirator coworker stall personal assistant menial co-worker second fiddle fellow conspirator main man squire page hireling succorer sycophant steward compatriot protege subject adviser reliever compeer fellow accessary delegate proxy substitute protagonist hobnobber understudy stand-in conspirator plant coconspirator insider aider poodle subsidiary surrogate henchwoman vice depute confrere PA patron fill-in relief second-in-command running mate pal sub consociate understrapper cobber running dog second string aide-de-camp third string liege reserve factotum confidante crutch attaché servitor scullion bedfellow ringer shill proselyte apostle sympathizer domestic hand partisan sympathiser agent fellow traveler valet devotee daily ambassador second stringer bootlicker altar boy teammate footman slavey legate loyal follower supply commissioner gopher spokesperson procurator attorney assignee envoy rep minister factor commissary beginner trainee dependent novice escort nuncio vicegerent locum P.A. hired help hired hand representant councillor dogcatcher regent replacement locum tenens councilor promoter affiliate assembly member acquaintance confrère the second in command colluder contact connection peer buddy chum train-bearer consort playmate offshoot pard lady-in-waiting cup-bearer lord lady offsider oppo business partner self-seeker crawler equerry creep flatterer wooer leech lover climber beau noble one of the folks kissing cousin courtier lady of the bedchamber administrator clerk right arm second self employee liaison team-mate co-partner worker intermediary emissary administrative assistant right-hand girl runner right-hand-man number-two messenger helping hand aider and abetter amigo adjuvant successor designate direct report go-to person right hand runnerup farmer supporting role freeholder churl chorus commoner second-rater pupil accompaniment fellow traveller team player ADC staffer secondary person diplomat yeoman second banana official plenipotentiary negotiator labourer laborer consul confidant alter ego fidus Achates broker workman executive trustee booker concierge executive secretary handler manager advocate outfit band pool labor operator party labour office-holder dignitary man officeholder premier officer mediator spokeswoman frontman mouthpiece middleperson spokesman cover functionary actor go-between business manager mediary proctor principal lawyer equivalent stopgap standby substitution staff member foot soldier hired man hired person member of the workforce member of staff alternative receptionist cabinet member prime minister ancillary designated hitter alternate pinch hitter pinch-hitter supplanter double successor changeling temporary expedient succedaneum stand-by registrar register touchpoint point of contact POC single point of contact department head help desk clerical assistant office worker office assistant clerical worker


(archaic) A safeguard or source of protection
palladium safeguard precaution preventive caution fail-safe protection security defence defense deterrent provision shield insurance prophylactic preventive measure safety measure hindrance block preventative impediment prevention remedy protective obstruction curb obstacle check restraint precautionary measure neutralizer guard disincentive protective measure screen cover buffer aegis surety anticipatory measure armor shelter ward buckler ammunition egis wall indemnity armour bulwark escort armament convoy safety device safety net backstop forethought prudence care circumspection foresight canniness preventative measure belt and braces safety cushion support immunity barrier fortification safeguarding guarding preservation assurance stronghold safekeeping refuge shielding guarantee bastion bumper guardianship resistance sanctuary custody hedge conservation indemnification salvation pad buttress rampart supporter defender warranty keeping fence coverage shock absorber mainstay prop trust weapon haven fender deterrence safeness charge maintenance protecting asylum upkeep upholding barricade custodianship backing reassurance fastness keep supervision mail saving warrant tutelage safe keeping resilience insurance policy cocoon cushioning invulnerability shade strength surveillance certainty protective device safety guard insurance cover absorber stability allowance endorsement self-defense good hands warfare weaponry munitions something to fall back on defenses defences apron mask financial protection hiding concealment housing fallback citadel arms harbour retreat harbor life assurance life insurance preventative medicine preventive medicine preserving conserving sustentation harborage perpetuation safe harbor preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration hiding place safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve reinforcement plate breastplate panoply possession armor plate suit of armor protective clothing bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket coat of mail suit of armour body armor body armour breastwork embankment bank castellation battlements pledge protectorship patronage trusteeship battlement bartizan earthwork collateral partition protective wall parapet buffet pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract

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