Đồng nghĩa của rampart

Alternative for rampart


Đồng nghĩa: bulwark, wall,


A structure that complements or supplements something else
support foundation base column hold platform reinforcement substructure underpinning backing bracket buttress cornerstone fulcrum groundwork pillar foothold joist pole post scaffold stanchion stave stilt substratum abutment arch back beam bearing bed bedding block brace bulwark cantilever collar device flotation footing frame girder guide lining means medium mount mounting pedestal peg pier pilaster plinth prop rafter rest rib rod shore shoring spur stake stay stiffener sustentation timber trestle truss underprop upright gird stand bottom basis ground foot strut framework pile bedrock shaft root infrastructure piling leg structure stick rack holder seat mainstay mast vertical batten tripod standard seating understructure keystone bar bolster warp podium trivet paling basement baluster pylon pale palisade chassis staff doorpost edifice shell warp and woof splint dais shelf spar skeleton stud picket armature fundament floor backbone cane newel spike arm rail band chock core stage cutwater cadre framing bollard jamb configuration architecture cylinder scaffolding armrest horse setting sustainer cage obelisk fixture tower sprag flagpole supporter caryatid rostrum monolith strengthener body gripper telamon herm flagstaff form crutch gantry gatepost baton colonnade crosspiece boom fundamental bodywork side fabric beanpole lever socle subfloor underlayer sawhorse wire tether dado crossbeam joint banister surround I-beam anchor shroud trussing bracer lintel underpropping subframe upholder rock easel counterfort tiebeam truncheon hook wedge wood maypole bannister bit metal skid guy transmitter aerial stele peristyle sile minaret monument totem cradle point d'appui flying buttress base position setup support system door jamb plank end dowel mattress pad bastion trapion pediment orthopedic device basic structure groundwall substance trunk bridgehead nadir tribune spoke billet shank guts spine bandage organization arrangement rudiment grandstand case trellis catafalque pyre panel deepest part lowest part resting place counter board mace rule crossbar underbuilding organisation tie orthotic cleat staging spinal column vertebrae puncheon milepost stock rock bottom a tall vault end bridge end jutting piece arch end end piece marker chine casing gabion lightpost fencepost rachis dorsum vertebral column fence post upright support boundary marker finger post layer king post mound mass heap construction bier table stratum seam hulk caliper cast calliper essence beginning heart caliper splint premise orthopedic cast surgical appliance thrust key principle fundamentals rudiments kernel authority nub principles basics brass tacks nitty-gritty starting point principal element bottom line fundamental point main ingredient point of departure fundamental principle nuts and bolts principal constituent


A raised mass of earth and stones created for purposes of defence or burial

Trái nghĩa của rampart

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