Đồng nghĩa của supporter

Alternative for supporter


Trái nghĩa: adversary,


A person who approves of and encourages a public figure, political party, policy, etc
advocate champion adherent backer defender friend promoter proponent protagonist upholder ally fan follower advocator apologist apostle booster crusader espouser exponent expounder gospeler gospeller helper herald hierophant paladin partisan patron sponsor tub-thumper votary believer campaigner henchman well-wisher abider bearer brace guardian high priest paraclete pillar seconder support suspender sustainer true believer white knight devotee disciple enthusiast activist convert benefactor pupil endorser sectary protector zealot propagandist guarantor stalwart sympathizer partizan cohort acolyte sympathiser epigone underwriter votarist spokesman fighter spokesperson member subscriber fanatic angel rooter proposer liegeman spokeswoman worshipper mainstay surety janissary reformer demonstrator torch-bearer worshiper Maecenas evangelist second publicist financier proselyte pleader benefactress vindicator standard-bearer missionary battler grubstaker radical organizer subsidizer lobbyist subsidiser pioneer organiser objector speaker admirer groupie advertiser donor protester leader representative sycophant accessory investor plugger militant prime mover warrior dogmatist rebel student attender arguer collaborator revolutionary learner catechumen warrantor ideologue idealogue bondsman voucher contributor chela habitué assenter knight seller godparent guarantee arranger extremist combatant staker guru loyalist cheerleader soldier torchbearer bhakta agitator donator servant meal ticket nominator sugar daddy fairy godmother sectarian satellite picketer red hot religionist Young Turk rioter canonist doctrinaire social justice warrior marcher SJW cheerer performer bankroller hanger-on patriot bolsterer intervenor maintainer guaranty pursuivant hero apologizer justifier workhorse worker idealist propagator challenger heroine warden escort benefactrice savior saviour converter companion messenger witness reader interpreter commentator benefactrix gladiator favorer illustrator elucidator expositor bigot ambassador explainer idolizer philanthropist money agent propounder developer abettor fellow traveller confederate bedfellow abetter proselytizer indoctrinator entrepreneur revisionist idol character exemplar agonist scholar attendant upstander impresario counsellor subject marketer martyr regular reader attester signer customer belligerent quisling conspirator accomplice fraternizer guardian angel dogmatizer another adherent pamphleteer moving spirit sectator counselor stan financer encourager guide head front PR woman PR man stakeholder moneymaker fellow traveler speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for spokesman for campaigner for lead character leading role good guy counsel proselytiser fighter for crusader for capitalist shareholder stockholder vassal regular customer patron saint fairy godparent mover and shaker spin doctor facilitator progressive bailsman dissenter applier applicant aspirant seeker contender prospect hopeful expectant candidate venture capitalist man worthy rock cash cow financial support insurer dissident coordinator card-carrying member walker assistant referee disrupter boycotter revolter striker protest marcher troublemaker backbone strength bastion fundraiser enabler neophyte acceptor orthodox designer guider sinew light prophet leading light character witness tower of strength upholder of disciple of devotee of follower of born-again worshipper in adherent of religious person supporter of


A loyal and trusted follower or subordinate
henchman aide bodyguard follower heavy sidekick subordinate attendant crony minder adjutant associate cohort flunkey minion satellite underling acolyte assistant helper lackey protector right-hand man shadow stooge toady abettor accessory accomplice adherent adjunct ally appointee apprentice backer backup coadjutant coadjutor collaborator colleague companion deputy flunky friend gofer hanger-on help helpmate myrmidon partner secretary servant yes-person girl Friday man Friday body man fellow worker gal Friday hatchet man hatchet woman right-hand person right-hand woman mate aid confederate helpmeet lieutenant wingman temp comrade abetter fellow second auxiliary workmate temporary worker compatriot co-worker compeer second in command hobnobber coworker consociate paraprofessional running mate number two junior cooperator representative cobber main man aide-de-camp coconspirator succorer reliever protagonist aider hand subsidiary bedfellow peon henchwoman hireling confrere sympathizer patron teammate pal dependant fellow traveler escort offsider oppo comate hired hand personal assistant sympathiser hired help reserve adviser confidante crutch attaché accessary conspirator stall partisan disciple affiliate acquaintance confrère colluder contact connection peer buddy chum domestic understudy menial consort protege delegate steward proxy substitute conniver playmate offshoot pard vassal sub understrapper vice inferior depute gopher valet dogsbody serf beginner scrub trainee dependent subaltern slave skivvy novice poodle daily employee second-in-command business partner partner in crime second string second fiddle stand-in fill-in relief one of the folks kissing cousin fellow conspirator running dog P.A. surrogate third string PA footman slavey worker labourer laborer retainer workman outfit band pool labor operator party labour staff member foot soldier hired man hired person member of the workforce man member of staff agent administrator ambassador envoy legate clerk co-conspirator minister right arm second self liaison team-mate co-partner factor rep intermediary factotum emissary replacement plant insider spokesperson procurator attorney assignee commissary commissioner locum promoter administrative assistant locum tenens camp follower direct report right-hand girl runner right-hand-man number-two messenger helping hand aider and abetter amigo adjuvant subject ringer shill successor designate go-to person right hand runnerup farmer supporting role freeholder churl chorus commoner second-rater loyal follower servitor scullion pupil accompaniment supply fellow traveller team player ADC staffer nuncio vicegerent second stringer representant councillor dogcatcher regent councilor secondary person assembly member diplomat the second in command yeoman second banana official plenipotentiary negotiator consul confidant alter ego fidus Achates broker executive trustee booker concierge executive secretary handler manager advocate office-holder dignitary officeholder premier officer mediator spokeswoman frontman mouthpiece middleperson spokesman cover functionary actor go-between business manager mediary proctor principal lawyer equivalent stopgap standby substitution alternative receptionist cabinet member prime minister ancillary designated hitter alternate pinch hitter pinch-hitter supplanter double successor changeling temporary expedient succedaneum stand-by registrar register touchpoint point of contact POC single point of contact department head help desk clerical assistant office worker office assistant clerical worker


A role model or someone who has the characteristics of a mentor
influence mentor inspiration role model guide example adviser coach counsellor counselor epitome example setter exemplar good example hero heroine idol instructor model paradigm paragon shining example teacher trainer tutor guru master consultant confidant confidante rav rebbe maharishi acharya swami spiritual leader therapist expert educator authority pedagogue specialist professor advisor pedagog educationist preceptor lecturer sage schoolteacher schoolmaster counsel pundit pandit don educationalist dominie schoolmistress academic monitor aide leader helper consigliere Dutch uncle mahatma mistress mystic scholar dean doyen reader demonstrator doctor analyst wizard handler schoolie chalkie beak guidance counsellor intellectual spiritual guide guiding light solon right-hand man fellow psychologist tipster psychiatrist nestor connoisseur psychotherapist savant religious teacher trusted adviser maven elder shrink schoolmarm philosopher exponent healer teach schoolman fundi manager oracle professional edifier usher thinker mind doctor main man statesman department head supply teacher whizz spiritual teacher Maharishi head doctor trick cyclist head shrinker Roshi roshi high priest elder statesman workshop leader wise old man right-hand woman prophet evangelist parent person of influence boss director instructer consultee lawyer pedant guardian governor solicitor dogmatist admonitor advice-giver torchbearer torch-bearer bellwether grind prof career coach business coach lawmaker psychoanalyst private teacher lawgiver authority figure right hand man right hand woman sophist governess abecedary ace hotshot legislator psychoanalyser crammer disciplinarian supervisor star superstar very model headshrinker couch doctor tout kibitzer force power skipper pro veteran freelancer faculty member rabbi clubhouse lawyer second-guesser backseat driver life coach preschool teacher nursery school teacher yogi senior drill instructor physical education instructor influencer Nestor Solomon spiritual advisor judge wise man wise man/woman Solon source mastermind wise woman learned man learned woman tohunga starets intellect man of letters woman of letters arbiter buff boffin old soul man of learning learned person maestro national leader important person horse's mouth wonk cognoscenti bookworm egghead auger cereb commentator brain self-appointed expert learned one member of a policy unit member of a think tank one of the cognoscenti


One who chooses to take up or follow


Person who lends money, advises
financier banker capitalist investor stockbroker tycoon speculator industrialist magnate backer bankroller broker businessman businessperson businesswoman entrepreneur grubstaker manipulator merchant money moneybags operator sponsor staker usurer business person fat cat investment banker merchant banker money lender money man rich person Santa Claus captain of industry person who writes the checks manager director dealer executive mogul baron trader administrator producer bigwig nabob promoter plutocrat big businessman big wheel impresario top executive agent big shot merchandiser trafficker employer lord manufacturer contractor chief grandee magnifico boss organizer king wheeler-dealer bank manager banking executive business executive prince lion Napoleon honcho czar tsar captain monarch fixer arranger merchant prince kahuna controller organiser buyer and seller big noise conductor big cheese officer storekeeper suit owner partner factory boss factory owner treasurer teller house croupier supervisor executive director gray flannel suit career person working woman franchiser tradesperson organization person big-time operator notable leader scrivener money-lender noble venture capitalist financial expert proprietor VIP prelate aristocrat aristo personage V.I.P. nob bashaw peer name big hitter figure Mister Big heavy hitter have Croesus important person yuppie loadsamoney buyer seller deep pocket liberal silk stocking bourgeois landowner tradesman supplier wholesaler marketeer showman promotor publicist shopkeeper vendor distributor purveyor retailer vender the boss the money economic liberal maestro showperson entertainer one who signs the checks homme d'affaires stage manager business manager multimillionaire millionaire billionaire supremo squillionaire zillionaire potentate top dog big gun wealthy businessman Big Daddy Big Chief enterpriser intermediary middleman big enchilada wealthy person top banana undertaker founder hustler impressario go-getter whizz-kid high-flyer commercial intermediary mover and shaker dignitary heavyweight celebrity notability biggie somebody hotshot big fish star luminary personality superstar heavy celeb megastar public figure big name leading light celebutante macher mandarin worthy icon panjandrum kingpin standout ikon light household name notoriety famous name cause celebre robber baron person of note major leaguer master pillar of society man of means head honcho big kahuna high muckamuck high muckety-muck pooh-bah moneymaker joss kingfish royalty big bug power nawab richling someone brass hat key player bigfoot big nibs wheel top brass great authority giant rich man guru big-timer famous person person of means character hero eminence face big leaguer high-muckety-muck muckety-muck poo-bah muck-a-muck high-muck-a-muck big boy taipan toff ruler money-spinner feudal lord industrial magnate financial magnate deputy viceroy governor person well-known person very important person muckymuck bigshot person of influence top cat pillar of the community hotdog dignity high-up multimillionairess multibillionaire gazillionaire lady muck lord muck big chief Daddy Warbucks Mr. Moneybags dynast princess queen ace immortal mahatma big stuff cynosure big deal the cheese Dives moneyed person person of substance Midas oligarch legend headliner expert inspiration idol head nouveau riche important personage top name guiding light commander wonder prodigy muckamuck commandant headman foreman helmsman skipper taskmaster jefe skip commanding officer principal moneyed man man of wealth wealthy individual Mr Moneybags woman of means chieftain figurehead Capt. representative CEO CFO mistress four-striper boss man exec pilot guide top number one cap major player old man muckety muck powerful person powerful batter influential person grand poobah great gun person in charge team leader straw boss higher up pilot in command


Party worker

Trái nghĩa của supporter

supporter Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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