Đồng nghĩa của jock

Alternative for jock

jock /dʤɔk/
  • danh từ
    • (từ lóng) lính Ê-cốt
    • (thông tục) (như) jockey


A member of the crew of a spaceship or other spacecraft that travels beyond Earth's atmosphere, or someone trained to serve that purpose


An eccentric or odd person
crank nut nutcase eccentric oddball nutter weirdo crackpot oddity screwball kook fruitcake character crackbrain flake wacko zany lunatic original crack loony maniac codger quiz individualist weirdie nonconformist maverick misfit case sicko madman freak madwoman cuckoo nutjob wackadoo wackadoodle wack dingbat psychotic radge bohemian deviant dropout pervert geek zealot perv fanatic hippy head case unorthodox person odd fellow free spirit odd fish odd bod one-off queer fish wing nut crazy loon psycho psychopath whacko fool card sickie bug individual headbanger schizo nutso madcap rare bird meshuggener oner basket case eccentric person rara avis odd duck lamebrain square peg in a round hole piece of work daredevil devil clown simpleton bedlamite loose cannon schizophrenic deranged person odd bird fish out of water odd man out headcase beatnik loner round peg in a square hole queer hothead dodo galoot peculiar person strange person tearaway one numbskull bozo goof dumbbell saphead bonehead blockhead lunkhead caution sociopath zombie spook insane nutbag nutbar wild man anomaly strange bird gink crazyman looney raver schizoid hippie mad person booby nit turkey jackass simp mooncalf nitwit nincompoop ding-a-ling goose dipstick ninnyhammer charley ninny doofus featherhead charlie ding-dong berk git yo-yo half-wit exception outsider odd person crazy person psychiatric patient insane man live one nut ball queer duck rum customer unstable personality disturbed person antisocial personality insane person unbalanced person mental case jester wag joker comedian one who has bats in the belfry moonling demoniac one who has a screw loose paranoid sociopathic neurotic scatterbrain offbeat dissident dissenter loser harebrain dement bigot bad boy lone wolf different breed odd one out prankster joculator merry-andrew buffoon wisecracker moron idiot show-off farceur humorist cutup comic non compos mentis gag person practical joker funny person rebel iconoclast heretic freethinker boho radical counterculturist nonconformer enfant terrible lone ranger unconventional person free thinker dissentient rarity malcontent flower child nut case renegade protester independent outlier misbeliever New Ager extremist avant-gardist one of a kind skeptic gonzo wackjob trendsetter outcast nonbeliever odd type rationalist unconventional thinker independent-minded person unconstrained thinker unorthodox thinker nut job libertine revolutionary infidel sceptic longhair dilettante gypsy artist writer artistic person New Age traveler independent thinker apostate separatist schismatic recusant demonstrator heresiarch sectary seceder swinger liberal night person

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