Đồng nghĩa của madcap

Alternative for madcap

madcap /'mædkæp/
  • danh từ
    • người liều, người khinh suất, người hay bốc đồng

Tính từ

Impulsive, reckless, or unlikely to succeed
reckless foolhardy impulsive rash wild daredevil heedless ill-advised thoughtless crazy hot-headed imprudent adventurous crackpot daring foolish incautious audacious brash hare-brained hasty impractical indiscreet overbold overconfident senseless temerarious crackbrained radge chaotic daft frivolous harebrained hotheaded inconsiderate lively silly stupid wacky careless impetuous devil-may-care precipitate overhasty unthinking harum-scarum injudicious irresponsible venturesome ill-considered bold headlong unconsidered venturous unwise precipitous headstrong negligent hell-for-leather kamikaze mindless unguarded unwary improvident irrational death-or-glory unheeding ill-judged premature adventuresome ill-conceived brave regardless risky furious over-adventurous misguided determined flighty passionate slapdash fearless intrepid inattentive jumping to conclusions precipitant courageous giddy asinine dauntless desperate undaunted tearaway hurried death-defying ballsy fiery immature frenzied insuppressible over-venturesome cock-eyed helter-skelter ill-thought-out unthought-out spur-of-the-moment reactive absurd preposterous ridiculous idiotic impracticable knee-jerk enterprising unworkable valiant mad dashing gutsy unafraid rushed unreasonable bull-in-a-china-shop half-baked heroic risk-taking cursory gadarene valorous frantic flying scatterbrained plucky spunky breakneck cocky hardy free-swinging nerved nervy emboldened game swaggering have-a-go carefree sudden drive-by unconcerned pell-mell impolitic unsafe pushy unmindful tactless gutty impudent indifferent uncareful neglectful unobservant undiplomatic playing with fire ad hoc macho brazen suicidal unrealistic inane empty-headed barmy scatty misjudged dangerous wide open erratic unthoughtful violent off deep end out on limb haphazard hazardous not thought through badly thought out self-destructive dotty dippy inconstant divvy happy-go-lucky casual nonchalant short-sighted easy-going romping light-minded disorderly inappropriate lawless wrong-headed unseemly airy flippant insouciant remiss fantastic unworried untroubled breezy irreflective unshrinking peppy confident slipshod inadvertent undiscerning unreflective monstrous heinous scandalous anxious previous indelicate graceless inexpedient inadvisable nonsensical outrageous lackadaisical cavalier ditsy unreasoning badly planned wrong confused worried shocking atrocious distracted fanciful ludicrous lunatic fantastical extravagant gritty salty smart-alecky cheeky smart forward gallant brassy dareful obtrusive crusty deaf apathetic blind absent-minded listless unflinching fatuous unpractical brainless witless illogical dumb unintelligent off the top of one's head fire eating as game as Ned Kelly go for broke out on a limb hot shot free and easy unwatchful off-guard insane unreal nutty bizarre unalert uncautious wary unvigilant spontaneous dynamic mettlesome spirited caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind unpremeditated go-ahead instinctive extemporaneous capricious impromptu snap ungoverned uncurbed aweless resolute involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited emotional freakish unprompted unrepressed abrupt unpredictable abandoned quick offhand swift unmeditated hectic superficial perfunctory speedy unexpected automatic ad-lib jumping the gun winging it overweening cocksure presumptuous hubristic overventuresome uncontrolled unsmart smug bumptious conceited uppish unabashed self-assured overbearing blustering arrogant self-assertive presuming out of control riding for a fall overoptimistic bullish fast and loose full of yourself heading for a fall blithe unrestrained uncaring lax sloppy slack wanton intemperate uncircumspect derelict disregardful immoderate feckless cool slap-happy insensitive dissolute unbridled disinterested tardy unconstrained free unreliable unconscious ignorant delinquent napping lazy unchecked easy oblivious unrestricted unreserved laid-back blithely unconcerned without care unfettered untimely exciting shameless naive profligate unsystematic licentious loose lavish undependable untrustworthy unaccountable good-for-nothing profuse unintended prodigal unintentional unwitting undisciplined rude unbounded rampant unhampered accidental runaway chance excessive unhindered rushing forgetful raw careless of corrupt disorganized random maladroit unadvised aimless unmeant unsound indiscriminate arbitrary unsympathetic messy dozy hit-or-miss unreasoned blunt subitaneous doughty futile untidy immoral incontinent featherbrained birdbrained light-hearted impertinent unpolitic credulous unprepared fluky desultory stray scattered catch-as-catch-can stalwart stout incidental slovenly uncalled-for blasé feather-brained disorganised all over the place shoddy hedonistic heady shortsighted whirlwind nerveless disregarding uninterested mechanical unsubtle infelicitous garrulous nosy demonstrative rough tempestuous unfeeling nonobservant snatched undesirable unfortunate childish high-risk restless exploratory thrill-seeking seeking unduly quick fly-by-night unaware uninformed boisterous good-time imbecilic unadvisable coarse abstracted clueless moronic relaxed unwarned unknowing unsuspecting spur of the moment reflex careless of one's duty inept immodest effusive extreme life-threatening thrilling off one's guard aggressive sturdy resourceful on the go damfool without regard crude decadent unthorough otiose unmeticulous faineant fainéant wasteful positive swashbuckling touchy-feely inexperienced in the dark leaving self wide open off the deep end fast-paced stouthearted decisive undauntable lionhearted manful greathearted heroical assured asleep at the switch out to lunch unmethodical vacant untactful brutish without a care in the world prankish jaunty gratuitous supererogative irregular idiotical simpleminded lamebrained feisty lion-hearted farcical self-indulgent self-gratifying salacious lamebrain nonrational meaningless pointless fruitless ditzy dizzy skittish bantam assuming implausible dim-witted half-witted thriftless fluctuating spendthrift fickle fitful eager fierce ardent unlimited temeritous orderless undirected hit-and-miss exorbitant incredible fast impassioned vehement higgledy-piggledy excitable innocent fortuitous uncalculated flukey unreflecting supererogatory unbalanced unconfined harsh ungracious jumbled unorganized willy-nilly unorganised designless unselective uncoordinated any which way hit or miss all over the map fluke purposeless frothy batty dopey goofy puerile yeasty coincidental undevised unthought undesigned fervid restive last-minute inordinate unshackled untrammelled unresponsible not in the loop dappy heedless of O.T.T. too much a bit much OTT over the top unkind clumsy gadabout louche carnal unimpeded natural unsuppressed uncontrollable boundless young inattentive to disregardful of excited bemused gaga bubbleheaded irrepressible unbound unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable not on purpose intolerant impolite discourteous neglectful of regardless of oblivious to thrown-together paying no heed to blind to unheeding of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention disrespectful going off deep end shambolic abundant volatile unhandsome uncivil callous unmannered unmannerly light-headed frank flamboyant candid out of hand saturnalian impotent plenary open exaggerated untrammeled riotous limitless sophomoric depraved dissipated unruly thrown together uncharitable boorish unfair heartless sharp unceremonious short lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair wicked incorrigible reprobate unprincipled sinful debauched all over the shop ill-mannered ill-bred optimistic content free-minded cheerful carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley

Tính từ

Amusingly eccentric
eccentric ridiculous unconventional weird zany wacky crazy kooky odd strange funny outlandish kookie nutty bizarre absurd insane quirky dotty screwy whacky oddball wacko kinky off-centre mad daft silly peculiar crackpot nonsensical loony cuckoo offbeat off the wall lunatic dippy idiosyncratic unusual queer daffy looney cranky balmy freakish curious way-out rum cockeyed freaky quaint screwball far-out bizarro out there comic off-the-wall weirdo way out far out clownish amusing foolish stupid senseless preposterous asinine fatuous brainless witless unorthodox unwise harebrained simpleminded lunkheaded bubbleheaded featherheaded jerky inept tomfool ludicrous sappy fool weak-minded half-witted half-baked uncommon erratic wild singular remarkable funky extraordinary queerish outré spaced-out off-kilter comical out-of-the-way in left field chucklesome hilarious light-hearted nuts humorous goofy surreal diverting cracked avant-garde droll farcical witty irregular uncustomary alternative hare-brained rare abnormal anomalous nonconformist barmy aberrant potty off the air unique out in left field grotesque unaccustomed capricious whimsical off the beam off beam daggy quizzical freak eccentrical flakey unnatural excentrical flaky avant garde off-center waggish different original atypical individual individualistic dilly joshing camp campy dumb uproarious hysterical slapstick unwonted unfamiliar distinctive unprecedented bohemian maverick informal killing left-field out of the ordinary unheard of esoteric radical comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming antic laughable risible riotous hysteric entertaining hippy heterodox unceremonious side-splitting rib-tickling priceless custard-pie boho exceptional hysterically funny off the beaten track batty bonkers fantastic loopy unpredictable irrational Bohemian brainsick bughouse unhinged crackbrained psychotic deranged slang fruity unbalanced crackers demented haywire bats crazed gaga loco maniac wud maniacal moonstruck unsound bedlam scatty whacko meshugge psycho mental meshuga certifiable gonzo looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis acting crazy novel innovative unexpected new deviant fresh pioneering special revolutionary experimental exotic inventive out of the way groundbreaking surprising innovatory creative untypical ingenious trailblazing innovational modern progressive imaginative mysterious uncanny unknown phenomenal mystifying advanced newfangled perplexing uncharacteristic alien puzzling unheard-of ultra-modern fanciful new-fashioned cutting-edge aberrated leading-edge unco preternatural state-of-the-art outre extraordinaire futuristic neoteric baffling especial unaccountable artistic incongruous forward-looking modernistic disruptive untried ground-breaking extravagant nonconforming isolated something else out of the common inspired characteristic originative astonishing incredible noteworthy exceeding refreshing contemporary spooky infrequent unparalleled freethinking inexplicable scarce perverse eerie fishy visionary brand-new creepy inconceivable unordinary divergent cool extreme foreign amazing off-key suspicious particular dubious questionable outrageous independent clever seminal memorable outstanding fantastical groovy nonstandard beat enlightened open-minded front-line Promethean hip prodigious liberated unconforming out-of-the-box striking sporadic fringe breaking new ground unofficial distinct unrepresentative aberrational typical devious heteroclite deviate perverted wonderful resourceful exclusive romantic conspicuous notable fertile twisted atypic artful liberal anomalistic inimitable obscure significant awesome eminent distinguished bent prominent fashionable happening up-to-date modish trendy cutting edge awe-inspiring unexplored one and only just out trendsetting untrammelled unconstrained unfettered marginal specific illogical occasional stimulating warped suspect inspiring seldom essential schizoid free-spirited untrammeled non-typical unhealthy underground wayward untested recent monstrous latest touched random far-fetched corrupt malformed productive out of this world dreamy old-fashioned unreal arbitrary incomparable flighty chimerical vivid poetic interesting blue-sky one of a kind rummy few and far between remote recondite uninvestigated unhackneyed quixotic unimaginable classic superior thin on the ground out of line off-base off-color little known one-off signal gray grey back-door unexampled mould-breaking very unique very unusual welcome anarchistic out of the box spearheading innovating non-standard half-cracked birdy rational tolerant exciting wigged out schizo offhand subversive alternate arty skittish other impressive mischievous playful out-there not tightly wrapped dissimilar chance untraditional out of place private representative distinguishing specialized discordant specialised arty-farty earthy now fab out of keeping disorderly startling egregious few arcane nondescript personal disconsonant irrelevant disparate inapropos incongruent incoherent transformational unrecognized unharmonious vagarious changeable teratoid fitful unthinkable loner sparse rad hippie ultramodern deep mod cockamamie relaxed left bank carefree laid-back variational depraved up to date brand new marked unrecognised very different fundamental scattered intermittent deviceful seldom seen kookish expressive drastic avant go-ahead very unconventional nonmainstream peripheral limited errant intriguing incomprehensible unintelligible weird and wonderful crotchety unlikely deviating inscrutable enterprising not just another off-beat off the rails bugged out extremist aperiodic this season's new-fangled fabulous free like nothing on earth doubtful episodic casual discontinuous episodical unsavoury pervy sadistic sick degenerated degenerate masochistic uncertain dicey chancy altered imported not prepared variant ready ahead of the times vanguard head lead funny peculiar distorted diagnostic discriminating symptomatic identifying diagnostical shady colourful glamorous up-and-coming game-changing world-shattering far cry beyond your ken disputable shaky equivocal dodgy dubitable disquieting debatable doubtable mind-boggling mind-blowing rarefied periodical scant periodic neat stylish pathbreaking hot in modernist with-it nontraditional dreamlike fancy mythical unnormal heteromorphic problematical problematic fascinating immoral licentious deviative sicko scanty semioccasional spasmodic genius keen brilliant illusory imaginary insightful all your own eye-catching new wave mistakenly trendy chimeric phantasmal phantasmic astute unhampered undisciplined bold unrestrained unfrequent sensational off Broadway crinkly twisty unsavory barbarous awkward poetical head in the clouds out of touch with reality attractive glamourous foreign-looking marvellous marvelous not normal inspirational fictive pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian headstrong wilful freewheeling contrary external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine eye-popping breaking ground brain wave uncontrolled decontrolled unregimented from abroad disturbed unstable frenzied distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable demiurgic raving bananas delirious frantic manic barking nutso buggy squirrelly nutsy bushed porangi yarra impractical egoistic mentally ill nutty as a fruitcake not all there mad as a hatter have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head stark mad raving mad not together mad as a March hare round the twist not right in the head sick in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head have kangaroos in the top paddock away with the fairies of unsound mind mentally unbalanced as daft as a brush stark staring mad not the full shilling barking mad have a screw loose up the pole stark raving mad self-indulgent selfish egomaniacal self-serving self-interested self-centered self-loving megalomaniac egotistic stuck-up pompous conceited individualist self-absorbed egoistical vainglorious narcissistic egotistical egocentric self-reliant self-concerned self-centred ultimate exemplary model ideal unequalled prototypical quintessential superlative unsurpassable unrivaled exquisite paramount unparagoned without equal purpose-built transcendent beyond compare without precedent sui generis nonpareil supreme unrepeatable unsurpassed unmatched archetypal matchless utmost primo unexcelled second to none standout once-in-a-lifetime best peerless one-of-a-kind unrepeated consummate unequaled separate unrivalled in a class by itself perfect irreplaceable wrapped up in oneself

Tính từ

Liable to kill oneself
suicidal dangerous deadly depressed destructive fatal lethal perilous reckless treacherous injurious pernicious harmful deleterious devastating noxious baleful baneful damaging detrimental hurtful disastrous catastrophic calamitous cataclysmic dire crippling toxic ruinous unfortunate venomous annihilative unhealthy disadvantageous malignant evil virulent poisonous wounding nocuous maleficent cancerous eradicative extirpative hazardous bad negative unfavourable unfavorable adverse subversive prejudicial undesirable murderous unwholesome prejudicious sinister ill threatening parlous critical painful inimical counterproductive malicious mischievous dicey nocent corrosive menacing corrupting corroding pestilential internecine pestiferous wrackful malefic incendiary undermining wicked mortal cataclysmal unpropitious annihilatory fateful devastative damning lethiferous wreckful slaughterous noisome violent untoward inopportune inexpedient fell environmentally unfriendly death-dealing corruptive shattering fierce ravaging savage brutal crushing withering deathly consumptive erosive cutthroat costly draining extravagant immoderate exhausting wasteful impoverishing depleting terminal killer incurable dead pestilent untreatable vital mortuary mephitic homicidal killing ruthless cannibalistic mortiferous cruel destroying slaying carcinogenic bloody life-threatening bloodthirsty unsafe risky precarious malign malevolent harassing insalubrious sinful tragic terrible dreadful awful vicious grievous hostile nasty spiteful woeful distressing bitter direful lamentable miserable appalling unlucky rancorous mean septic catty evil-intentioned catastrophal vitriolic vindictive viperous unkind poison hateful toxicant wretched grave ill-fated ominous infective corrupt severe black offensive foul deplorable contaminated toxiferous ill-starred antagonistic acid peccant abusive vengeful miasmatic morbid inauspicious unconducive horrible despiteful caustic regrettable shocking unpleasant insidious heartbreaking frightful afflictive hard hapless acute rotten ill-natured sad grim annihilating harrowing desolate forlorn stinging unfriendly cutting antipathetic mephitical barbed vile apocalyptic disturbing repugnant unwelcome harsh ill-disposed resentful defamatory sharp acerbic earth-shattering acrimonious serious troublesome dark repulsive disagreeable distressful heartrending abhorrent horrendous gross abominable spoiled bothersome agonizing vituperative vexatious ruining gruesome sorrowful objectionable distasteful unnutritious galling unhappy doleful spoilt cussed ornery agonising aggressive mortifying untimely desolating contrary opposed convulsionary aching hurting contagious unadvantageous iniquitous cantankerous reprobate nefarious miasmic tough artful portentous fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical climactic climacteric ghastly envenomed poisoned splenetic rapacious tragical unpromising infectious horrific counter unsympathetic infelicitous hideous full of hate epidemic communicable imperilling imperiling atrocious capital unsalutary unwelcoming bad-natured hellfire catching of evil intent grudging hate-filled shrewish grisly monstrous blighting messy not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds scathing slighting aspersive nightmarish tart waspish beastly low predictive prophetic revealing oracular incriminating heinous biting razor-edged astringent uncool envious petty insulting unnourishing disease-ridden plague-like alkaline mordant damnatory condemnatory very dangerous blue sorry innutritious insanitary evil-minded dripping venom full of spleen dirty full of gall accidentally on purpose viperish pathetic touch and go junk tainted sickly unhygienic unhealthful abject anguished mournful unsuccessful acrid burning moving dismal abortive trenchant mordacious pointed civil family exterminatory exterminating internal implicating derogatory condemning pitiable stirring dejected melancholy piteous despondent pitiful ill-boding doomed luckless unsound decayed impure pathological gloomy decimating havoc-wreaking heart-rending implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming ill-intentioned mutually harmful mutually destructive abrasive keen disheartening discouraging weighty sombre earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent worrying strenuous sober unamusing ugly solemn somber depressing far-reaching disgusting revolting intense displeasing horrid repellent mighty irksome trying icky unsavoury yukky nauseating annoying difficult unappealing unpalatable uncomfortable yucky lousy uncongenial unlovely detestable irritating unpleasing unsavory execrable crashing invidious obnoxious grody odious sickening fearful rancid pesky sour off-putting gut-wrenching

Tính từ

(of a person) Disorganized and lacking in concentration
scatterbrained giddy birdbrained dizzy empty-headed featherbrained forgetful frivolous goofy scatty silly disorganised disorganized dreamy unsystematic absent-minded careless ditsy ditzy erratic feather-brained feather-headed flighty frothy futile harebrained inattentive irresponsible lightheaded light-headed light-minded puerile slaphappy thoughtless wool-gathering yeasty bird-brained dappy dippy illogical irrational stupid unreliable vague woolly-headed not thinking clearly not with it with a mind like a sieve foolish inane dopey dotty nutty flippant rattlebrained daffy skittish whimsical superficial batty trifling shallow empty airheaded brainless vacuous fickle kooky capricious reckless crazy asinine hare-brained fatuous petty impetuous wild inconstant impulsive heedless idiotic light juvenile childish carefree gaga bubbleheaded vain ill-considered lighthearted dipsy eccentric airbrained doty simple infantile heady unstable changeable ridiculous dingbat dingdong dozy excitable immature childlike insouciant trivial meaningless pointless wacky excited bemused slight weird flakey screwy flaky insubstantial lightweight insignificant paltry unnecessary light-hearted facetious zany merry frilly unsubstantial lacking substance worthless flip idle non-serious rash inconsequential vapid pea-brained imprudent precipitate nonserious lacking seriousness daredevil hasty foolhardy rattlepated perky lacking in sense playful barmy unprofound tongue-in-cheek gay volatile devil-may-care of no value of no merit of no account precipitous hot-headed not serious kamikaze hell-for-leather incautious haphazard overhasty addle-brained addle-headed addle-pated divvy temerarious daring harum-scarum romping negligent regardless disorderly flimsy impractical unimportant undemanding unintellectual negligible immaterial minor nickel-and-dime valueless failing incompetent featherweight imponderous simplistic glib of no consequence schematic facile ignorant surface hollow oversimplified uncritical sketchy cursory unscholarly unthinking farcical piddling unintelligent wishy-washy half-baked skin-deep one-dimensional

Tính từ

Not fitted with a bridle
unbridled intemperate rampant unchecked uncontrolled unrestrained excessive runaway unconstrained uncurbed wanton unrestricted abandoned full-on irrepressible raw riotous unbounded uncontainable ungovernable unhampered unhindered uninhibited unquenchable unruly unstoppable violent wild berserk chaotic crazed crazy enthusiastic hysterical immoderate licentious noisy rabid self-indulgent turbulent unconcealed undisciplined ungoverned unmanageable unimpeded uncontrollable out of control profligate untrammelled untrammeled unfettered free dissolute incontinent unlimited unsuppressed inordinate extravagant outrageous dissipated unconfined extreme debauched reckless loose impetuous boisterous furious immoral unrepressed out of hand limitless raging unreasonable depraved fast overindulgent unshackled over the top boundless intense unregulated undue forceful unwarranted frenetic passionate ferocious prodigal lavish fierce exaggerated imprudent explosive no holds barred severe frenzied tumultuous corrupt rampaging tempestuous wicked incorrigible unprincipled sinful uncalled for shameless heavy powerful unreserved no-limit unbound unjustified lawless resounding emphatic rough open not controlled egregious saturnalian vigorous silly disobedient stubborn uproarious aggressive indiscriminate unopposed fiery dissipative widespread epidemic enormous running wild unobstructed feverish steep rife pandemic unbalanced exorbitant frantic exuberant pervasive unconscionable slack lax O.T.T. profuse emotional stormy proliferating overmuch vehement plethoric convulsive gay rakish extensive hot overdue insane overweening intolerable volcanic over-the-top overextravagant towering devilish dizzying unmeasurable paroxysmal flaming too much over the odds spreading like wildfire a bit much on the rampage untamed unmanaged mental demonstrative rowdy wayward disorderly delirious unchained untied driverless fanatical mass carefree Dionysian unsubmissive torrential self-willed uncalled-for lacking self-restraint unconventional bacchanalian lacking self-control stiff baroque fancy unmerciful impulsive reprobate autonomous freed unencumbered attention-seeking extrovert decadent too-too relentless rapid immodest effusive Bacchic corybantic incautious irrational mad cyclonic lacking control without restrictions ceaseless no-holds-barred bloody uncompromising unambiguous uncontestable all out unmitigated flat-out full brutal unconditioned categorical undisputable assured thrilled rash raving touchy-feely bacchic Dionysiac Saturnalian heated rushing fast-flowing excited greedy giddy flighty lively workmanlike unchaste blind orgiastic libertine cataclysmal cataclysmic knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts hammer and tongs bang-bang easy natural whorish roundheeled tarty swinging fallen slaggy footloose riggish light complete philandering spontaneous frank flamboyant candid audacious impertinent blunt impotent plenary bizarre promiscuous rank dominant strong free-for-all absolute clear flagrant prevalent luxuriant unconditional of easy virtue spreading clamorous blustering rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing easygoing flexible unblocked unqualified relaxed public great uncircumscribed total freewheeling profound acute exceeding bounds excruciating devastating consuming allowed independent liberal able liberated uncommitted free-spirited storming vicious exquisite fearsome deep ghastly overwhelming sharp terrible frightful inflamed biting dreadful harsh blistering keen almighty fearful desperate agonizing hard urgent energetic concentrated intensive strenuous peppery hellacious painful potent enraged blustery ruinous forcible coercive agonising dynamic aroused at liberty free for all heavy-duty on one's own with no holds barred gale force full of force superfluous gratuitous needless extortionate disproportionate super substantial surplus vast immense grandiose tremendous gross improvident monstrous infinite indulgent overabundant immeasurable stupendous fantastic prodigious huge monumental astronomic redundant massive humongous astronomical wasteful giant mega ridiculous recrementitious stratospheric ludicrous overboard mighty supernatural overkill mammoth overgenerous extra unnecessary thumping whopping superabundant monster mountainous epic gargantuan more colossal gigantic preposterous sky-high super-duper out of all proportion too many way out OTT unfair unjustifiable unjust high unwarrantable draconian drastic serious improper cruel punishing strict punitive tough expensive inflated shocking rigorous inexcusable fulsome prohibitive unacceptable oppressive unprovoked thriftless indefensible austere criminal spendthrift swingeing stringent generous overpriced unthrifty squandering radical overdone luxurious dire elaborate scandalous beyond the pale abundant out of bounds unrelenting pricey unpardonable too great grievous unforgivable unseemly copious hardhanded unyielding bountiful stern careless iniquitous de trop dear unmerited ruthless bounteous high-rolling disgraceful abounding openhanded grim irresponsible sybaritic illogical supererogatory senseless absonant posh ample unstinting unbending sumptuous out of order up to here hedonistic unsuitable far-out plentiful in excess opulent prolific gushing extraordinary costing an arm and a leg galore burdensome gushy excessively high inappropriate aplenty plenty appalling profusive savage searing inconsiderate reprehensible undeserved horrifying merciless offensive magnificent inhuman atrocious bitter no end rigid tyrannical rich showy a dime a dozen insupportable without justification far-reaching impressive uncivilised uncivilized utter without cause without reason striking heinous wrong unlawful peremptory unrightful wrongful arbitrary ungrounded out of proportion pleasure-seeking heavy-handed lush major epicurean distressing unequal imposing out of line elevated irregular overflowing voluptuous theatrical dramatic uneconomical teeming firm over off lotus-eating overblown non-essential swarming exceptional inflexible costly inexpiable onerous ornate horrible far-fetched nasty incredible unbecoming overinflated rugged overdecorated alive with thick with crawling with superior high-flown heedless exceeding ostentatious sensual fast-living inconceivable murderous trying ill-advised blameworthy culpable remiss unworthy regrettable momentous thoughtless groundless incommensurate grand rococo obvious crippling surpassing penal nonsensical insensitive overstated large horrendous blatant over the fence deplorable barbarous free-spending thorough inept outre objectionable effete parsimonious pretentious sweeping zealous diabolical very great impossible exceptionable convoluted fussy conspicuous open-handed munificent a bit thick patent cavalier authoritarian unkind big abominable over-elaborate florid ungodly awful abhorrent unspeakable not on hideous exacting consequential downright manifest outstanding glaring sheer overt villainous forbidding plenteous horrid not in proportion to out of proportion to vile domineering busy ornamented embellished shameful sickening insufferable out-and-out inexorable outré transparent undisguised execrable considerable relatively too large for relatively too small for pronounced bottomless evident brazen illegitimate apparent not the done thing grave ultra significant bad capital dangerous disastrous eccentric harmful censurable unreasoned indiscreet untempered distasteful demanding too very absurd pleasure-loving crushing fancy-pants unneeded very expensive wholehearted actorly expansive Draconian raised increased superlative pre-eminent troublesome capricious boosted excess hedonic voluptuary additional extremely high untimely unfitting forbidden sinister inapt illegal underhanded unapt indecorous ill-timed unseasonable shiftless ambitious punitory abusive blown up out of all proportion imbalanced tall very high negligent a lot comfortable cornucopian handsome not required thick bold below the belt lofty not quite the thing short-sighted highway robbery a rip-off daylight robbery costing a bomb unfeeling callous abrasive hardheaded headstrong pitiless intractable sneaky conscienceless knavish unholy unthinkable iron-fisted iron-handed soaring overreaching inefficient pound-foolish useless squandered destructive surplus to requirements splendid lordly commanding out of sight costing the earth over one's head inessential devil-may-care volatile robust heartless unsympathetic streets ahead supererogative entire unfounded causeless insufficient inadequate imperious shortsighted feckless myopic overbearing tactless high-priced extremist gorgeous eager curt revolutionary despotic high-handed autocratic thoroughgoing comprehensive exhaustive avoidable baseless not needed unconvincing unlikely dubious doubtful implausible questionable unbelievable supreme sky-scraping multistorey hasty plush Lucullian plushy regal palatial deluxe palace silken luxury luxe Lucullan Babylonian fanciful heroic ballsy adventurous flinty ramrod unreasoning dispensable nonessential unessential brutish self-gratifying elegant decorated revolutionist visible paramount titanic altitudinous Brobdingnagian prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing sensationalized overdramatic ungrudging undiplomatic bungling obtrusive fanatic opportunistic cluttered curlicued flowery grotesque transcendent hulking stellar sublime ginormous remorseless unusual unmistakable assumed reasonless unsupportable barefaced naked outright unselfish miserly sadistic overstrict ritzy swanky first-class unstinging inequitable incommensurable uneven palpable arrant plain highly unlikely unmissable inescapable gone outlandish benevolent big-hearted kind-hearted free-handed beneficent ready airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping overelaborate bedecked wedding-cake gingerbread uncommon remarkable advanced iconoclastic not necessary beyond your means out of the question plain to see fabulous disproportionate to top-to-bottom sensationalised root-and-branch wide-ranging bighearted kind freehearted magnanimous charitable freehanded ornamental gilt very elaborate decorative sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb as plain as day stark crying as plain as a pikestaff noticeable staring someone in the face protrusive standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb out and out brass-necked vaulting contrived crowded overwrought financial means conditional willingly given sobering worrying menacing life-threatening bleak precarious critical grinding hazardous weighty arduous perilous difficult toilsome peracute ugly taxing gruesome not appropriate for not proportional at odds with lacking parity highly coloured horrific over-detailed laboured overworked giving procrustean unsparing out of keeping with inconsistent overbalanced disparate lopsided top-heavy unsymmetrical asymmetric nonsymmetrical terrifying dread disarranged mixed-up overripe muddled over-ornate untidy over-embellished messy staged last straw hateful excessively ornate labored excessively ornamental lousy harrowing dreaded wretched frightening alarming direful dismal grisly rotten macabre terrific lamentable lurid redoubtable not appropriate to not commensurate with unnerving disturbing petrifying unwelcome hair-raising spine-chilling inconvenient scary intimidating unfortunate formidable punk nightmarish infamous nefarious beastly evil odious loathsome nauseating foul unbearable unendurable barbaric maddening infernal fiendish exasperating godawful flagitious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious despicable contemptible degenerate opprobrious very bad more than one can afford

Tính từ

Resistant to control or authority
unmanageable uncontrollable unruly wild difficult intractable ungovernable boisterous disruptive refractory undisciplined disorderly fractious recalcitrant rowdy wayward impossible irrepressible obstreperous froward headstrong ill-disciplined incontrollable incorrigible stroppy troublesome untoward wilful willful contumacious out of hand berserk chaotic crazy disobedient hysterical insurmountable lawless nuts outrageous riotous turbulent unbridled uncontrolled unrestrained violent out of control rebellious insubordinate defiant contrary rebel stubborn balky mutinous incompliant restive recusant obstinate perverse uncooperative awkward bolshie badly behaved rough self-willed delinquent obdurate naughty noisy insurgent mischievous unyielding insurrectionary indocile anarchic disaffected errant seditious attention-seeking lawbreaking unbiddable troublemaking noncompliant uproarious revolutionary resistant intemperate raucous ornery annoying loud bloody-minded uncontainable unrestrainable misbehaving problematic exasperating uncompliant rumbustious mulish intransigent indomitable unpredictable impetuous dissident rampageous pervicacious quarrelsome disturbing undisciplinable renitent rollicking badly-behaved non-compliant bad pugnacious roisterous vexatious rude rambunctious tiresome wrong unreasonable tough rascally clamorous untimely roguish inconvenient bull-headed inopportune rackety rampant insurrectionist stiff-necked criminal pigheaded opinionated unfavorable unfavourable bothersome unconstrained unstoppable rash rioting persistent radical insuppressible dissentient unquenchable inflexible unsuitable iconoclastic unseasonable inexorable factious nonconformist thrawn immoderate mean aberrant demanding cantankerous cussed truculent wanton erratic trying unaccommodating ungoverned belligerent discommodious impudent insolent bellicose sinful impish incommodious threatening hard to handle adverse unchecked subversive robustious tumultuous unbearable intolerable heedless reckless knockabout hell-raising uncurbed unfortunate unwilling offending antisocial malcontent impulsive impervious imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy unmalleable insubmissive disloyal obstinately disobedient unhindered unbounded unbending anarchistic strong inexpedient anarchical determined uninhibited traitorous contrarious treasonable uncompromising dissentious disadvantageous strong-willed out of line raving abandoned sinning ugly ill-timed vicious aggressive insoluble licentious erring deviant unhandy discommoding inappropriate crazed militant transgressing unwieldy irritating dogged treacherous up in arms pestiferous detrimental cumbersome disturbed maladjusted straying complex immovable peevish petulant playful argumentative malicious self-indulgent unorthodox deviating unpliable loudmouthed fiendish tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish out-of-line gallus vexing out-of-order ill-behaved ruffianly devilish pesky full of mischief unsubduable limit cross exuberant loutish lively romping renegade excessive robust roughhouse contentious impotent brutal unsettling upsetting dangerous uncomplying runaway unpersuadable adamant untameable resolved malign malevolent maleficent spiteful burdensome dissenting heretical nonconforming maverick challenging unrestricted stubborn as a mule disputatious swaggering swashbuckling cavalier fickle distracting felonious brawling tricky unresponsive bullheaded resisting opposing withstanding divisive unhampered raw full-on flyaway mutinying apostate schismatic incommoding untrained vociferous tempestuous incurable without law and order excited overwhelming intense freaked overpowering hard thuggish unlawful rampaging unadaptable unsteady capricious unschooled aggravating reprehensible censurable transgressive unconcealed rabid enthusiastic disobliging unhelpful impossible to cope with as stubborn as a mule wild and woolly rock-ribbed undependable two-fisted rugged problem disrupting off-base indisciplined callous hardened worrisome distressing deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered obstructive rip-roaring beside oneself unconventional with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way termagant roistering dysfunctional inconsistent lacking self-control immoral arbitrary artful hard-line pat thorny locked resolute tenacious knotty pertinacious drunk radge piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous unfettered extrovert prickly out-of-control cross-grained irritable touchy causing trouble socially impaired hot-tempered fierce whiny sullen hostile nasty troublous confrontational combative bold irksome scrappy wearisome corybantic incautious profligate irrational like a loose cannon raising Cain on-a-tear raunchy locked in tough nut hang tough chippy raising the roof misbehaved thrilled restless individualistic warring armed sabotaging alienated attacking kiddish infantile ill-natured sly frolicsome foxy thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful bulky difficult to handle cramped disagreeable giddy flighty unfailing undying wicked impolite unanticipated unexpected negative unendurable objectionable offensive culpable guilty teasing worthless everlasting enduring unfading inextinguishable eternal evil unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant insupportable terrible painful insufferable remote prejudicial embarrassing imperishable unrelenting indestructible lasting unwavering constant relentless unremitting unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful improper shifting stray miscreant heretic devious fallible unreliable meandering errable bad-mannered unacceptable egregious inimical malapropos badly timed off straight and narrow frantic irresistible unpropitious misfortunate unpleasant hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless mad furious forceful beyond bearing not to be borne fervid raging frenzied maniacal manic perfervid passional hyper carried away beside yourself like one possessed debauched confused fiery passionate in turmoil frenetic frisky orgiastic depraved spirited saturnalian animated high-spirited energetic explosive hectic antagonistic messy jumbled cluttered untidy disarrayed extreme muddled dishevelled disheveled mussy tousled disarranged messed mussed tumbled vehement littered sloppy rumpled bacchanalian unkempt active in disorder Dionysian ebullient dissipated bouncy pell-mell Bacchic higgledy-piggledy upside-down topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess dissolute clangorous destructive sportive agitated stormy bacchic vigorous resistive effervescent nihilistic in high spirits untamed warlike barbarous savage hotheaded irascible jaunty feverish merry feisty incontinent haywire shambolic orderless disrupted discordant joyful cheerful arsey excitable purposeless ready for a fight impassioned in disarray in pandemonium in uproar in chaos at sixes and sevens out of joint harum-scarum full of beans in a muddle every which way utterly confused quick-tempered in a shambles estranged haughty irreconcilable nonobservant existentialist pessimistic ferocious side-splitting overexcited clattering clattery resounding vibrant brusque gruff gleeful unrepressed corrupt rootin'-tootin reprobate unprincipled misruled misgoverned boozy revelling carousing blind irregular rowdydowdy shameless daring provocative audacious bibulous dionysian sottish crapulous strident vociferant over-the-top outlandish contrariant paradoxical disagreeing unstable untrammelled wassailing wrongheaded antipathetic converse dilapidated neglected crude in a state messed up worse for wear roller-coaster unsettled unlimited unconfined pig-headed sassy gutsy disregardful cheeky dareful unimpeded unsuppressed reveling shaking perturbed strenuous storming demonstrative stern bitter unsubmissive volatile revolting terrorist cruel untrammeled running wild full of confusion full of conflict full of upheavals spoiling for a fight tyrannous despotic terrorizing uncultivated infringing piratical uncivilised heterodox terrorising unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized joyous carefree hearty impatient hasty widespread sprightly cavorting jovial deliberate needless unjustified senseless epidemic not controlled full of ups and downs rife devil-may-care hot-headed short-fused easily provoked on a short fuse unprovoked exacting tiring pandemic dominant rank rollicksome fun-loving happy glad lighthearted thumping ripping fay sportful antic elfish larky prevalent flagrant pervasive gratuitous groundless motiveless eventful arduous fervent obsessive litigious hog-wild luxuriant profuse disputative laborious exhausting unjustifiable spreading blustering exceeding bounds fecund extravagant spreading like wildfire flourishing rambling proliferating predominant extensive multiplying on the rampage growing captious choleric gladiatorial agonistic cavilling Saturnalian Dionysiac ludic skittish keen snappy severe testing harsh unsparing taxing buoyant willed unmotivated assaultive querulous pettish controversial polemical polemic battling brawly fighting grouchy eager infatuated devoted ardent fixated dedicated obsessed full bustling flustering madhouse tireless ructious huffy arguesome wrangling bickering crabby brute sadistic inhumane aimless atrocious heartless butcherly inhuman barbaric burning compulsive over-enthusiastic bad-tempered churlish war thin-skinned have chip on shoulder ill-tempered caviling vivacious sunny busy bumpy onerous full on wearing imperious coltish action-packed unjust unfair double-crossing merciless breezy dotty potty visionary hooked zealous gung-ho bubbly cheery zestful bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo chirpy upbeat peart peppy gladsome sparky chipper sparkling zingy gay blithesome blithe biased nuts for monomaniacal fanatical partial bugged domineering high on credulous fanatic possessed turned on addicted bubbling rhapsodical of good cheer full of life light-hearted as merry as a grig bubbling over

Danh từ

An eccentric or reckless person
daredevil madman crank eccentric hothead character individual lunatic madwoman maniac oddity psychotic crackpot cuckoo devil loony nut nutcase nutjob nutter oddball weirdo dingbat odd fellow radge screwball tearaway wackadoo wackadoodle wild man head case hotspur desperado firebrand adrenalin junky schizophrenic headbanger psychopath schizo psycho bedlamite headcase crazy crazyman looney raver basket case deranged person crazy person insane man wing nut psychiatric patient original flake card zany nonconformist case individualist quiz one kook crack crackbrain wacko fruitcake caution codger oner odd fish wack spook queer freak clown zombie rare bird rara avis odd bod queer fish square peg in a round hole sicko loon fool whacko sickie bug nutso meshuggener dement weirdie zealot neurotic insane person schizoid mad person madperson geek bigot mental case ding-a-ling lamebrain nut case raving lunatic mental defective non compos Section 8 madling berserker imbecile deranged patient idiot sociopath odd duck piece of work eccentric person moonling demoniac paranoid sociopathic scatterbrain booby simpleton ninnyhammer charley nit ninny doofus turkey jackass simp featherhead charlie ding-dong mooncalf berk nitwit nincompoop goose git dipstick yo-yo half-wit one who has bats in the belfry one who has a screw loose unstable personality disturbed person antisocial personality unbalanced person harebrain non compos mentis maverick misfit bohemian deviant dropout pervert perv hippy fanatic jock unorthodox person free spirit one-off

Danh từ

A flighty, disorganized or forgetful person
scatterbrain featherbrain flibbertigibbet birdbrain butterfly cuckoo ditz featherhead nitwit rattlebrain softhead bird-brain grasshopper mind ninny goose simpleton jackass nincompoop dingbat turkey mooncalf fool doofus nit airbrain fluffhead airhead git dipstick simp silly goose space case silly person booby ninnyhammer charlie charley lunatic berk nut nutcase ding-dong ding-a-ling yo-yo half-wit idiot imbecile dolt twit oaf moron dunce halfwit dimwit lamebrain dope ignoramus buffoon sap bonehead loon fathead numskull nerd boob clod blockhead cretin clown jerk dunderhead schlemiel innocent simple illiterate twerp stooge lightweight silly bore tomfool dumb ox dummy meathead dullard dork dumbhead clot numbskull knucklehead lump yahoo goof donkey dumbbell clunk pinhead mug goon chucklehead prat chowderhead dodo noddy lunkhead thickhead noodle nimrod cuddy dip schlub mutt dum-dum stupid clodpole clodpoll stupe bubblehead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf loggerhead shlub natural saphead cuddie hammerhead schnook stock hardhead ratbag gander golem cluck know-nothing dim bulb schmuck putz numpty chump bogan wally divvy coot pillock dweeb dumbo lamer geek thicko eejit plank knobhead plonker gonzo dorba nyaff bozo muppet galoot goofball poop drongo galah nong goofus alec wazzock palooka lummox gobdaw prick gowk sumph balloon wing nut dumb-bell stupid person pea-brain wooden-head spud klutz wiener sucker dill dingleberry mompara weenie weeny boofhead muggins poon squarehead muttonhead gink silly billy nerk zombie spoony twonk schlepper pudding-head victim bungler duffer goat prig lowbrow juggins dildo jughead foolish person blunderer meatball pea brain born fool easy mark fair game Simple Simon cloth-head nutter loony eccentric fruitcake maniac crank crackpot head case screwball crazy oddball kook wacko madman weirdo madwoman crackbrain headbanger nutjob schizo oddity character crack quiz sicko bug sickie nutso zany psychopath flake meshuggener whacko psycho radge original codger weirdie wackadoodle wack basket case wackadoo bedlamite harebrain zealot dement odd bod bigot non compos mentis witling

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