Đồng nghĩa của revolutionist

Alternative for revolutionist

revolutionist /,revə'lu:ʃnist/
  • danh từ
    • nhà cách mạng


A person who takes part in a rebellion
insurgent insurrectionary insurrectionist mutineer revolter revolutionary rebel red agitator anarchist antagonist apostate demagogue deserter disectarian dissenter experientialist experimenter frondeur guerrilla heretic iconoclast independent individualist innovator malcontent nihilist nonconformist opponent overthrower recreant renegade resistance rioter schismatic secessionist seditionist separatist subverter traitor turncoat subversive radical dissident protester terrorist demonstrator freedom fighter resistance fighter troublemaker dissentient rabble-rouser instigator firebrand inciter incendiary fomenter objector exciter provocateur kindler demagog stirrer campaigner activist soapbox orator bioterrorist ecoterrorist cyberterrorist agroterrorist narcoterrorist Zapatista Montonero partisan tub-thumper disputant reformer maverick agent provocateur Bolshevik heresiarch sceptic skeptic protest marcher hothead outlaw criminal quisling saboteur recusant seditionary deviationist rejectionist resister freethinker protestant collaborator insubordinate refusenik anarch bad boy independent thinker sectary schismatist misbeliever fifth columnist irregular striker picketers picket underground fighter human chain militant marcher heckler picketer irregular soldier paramilitary commando mercenary bushfighter critic loner nonconformer boho deviant bohemian counterculturist questioner member of the underground professional soldier member of the resistance soldier of fortune nonbeliever detractor cynic ruiner non-conformist denouncer original image-breaker unbeliever free spirit lone ranger enfant terrible lone wolf ringleader zealot disrupter reactionary champion propagandist provoker leftist revisionist fighter agent pusher advocate dogmatist mover sparkplug free thinker wave maker


Far beyond the norm in terms of public opinion
extreme fanatical extremist revolutionary radical rabid fanatic ultra immoderate intemperate militant diehard fervent bigoted zealous swivel-eyed passionate enthusiastic overzealous rebel ultraist rebellious far-out wild mad frenzied exaggerated obsessive subversive outrageous overenthusiastic terrorist unreasonable combative over the top OTT outlandish gone excessive drastic outre outré over-the-top reforming progressive all out too much reformist out of bounds progressivist anarchistic revisionist insurrectionary seditious mutinous insubordinate insurgent refractory intransigent recalcitrant recusant lawless nihilistic restive riotous loony looney way out ardent keen dedicated perfervid maniacal intense obsessed intolerant partisan prejudiced illiberal uncompromising biased virulent irrational overboard over-enthusiastic gung-ho narrow-minded eager fervid devoted impassioned single-minded burning avid vehement fiery earnest committed frenetic devout possessed dogmatic sectarian blinkered activist chauvinistic inflexible fixated infatuated compulsive crazy dotty visionary nuts potty hooked big doting fond loyal staunch exuberant faithful resolute true true-blue supportive deep dutiful adoring steadfast wackadoo wackadoodle passional incorrigible credulous impulsive partial willful stubborn raving obstinate addicted violent bugged headstrong erratic opinionated monomaniacal contumacious unruly domineering feverish turned on nuts for high on wholehearted spirited fierce vigorous energetic forceful hot antsy sincere hearty pushy zestful afire itchy ripe purposeful fired fireball zealotic go-ahead self-starting wild-eyed coming on strong

Trái nghĩa của revolutionist

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