Đồng nghĩa của subversive

Alternative for subversive


Đồng nghĩa: insurgent, revolutionary, revolutionist, seditious, subverter,

Tính từ

Seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution
seditious inflammatory insurrectionary treasonous underground destructive disruptive insurgent revolutionary troublemaking undermining agitational dissident insubordinate insurrectionist rabble-rousing rebellious treacherous disloyal incendiary mutinous overthrowing perfidious rebel renegade unpatriotic corrupting corruptive discrediting harmful perversive riotous destabilising destabilizing ruinous traitorous disobedient contumacious radical defiant refractory rioting mutinying factious recalcitrant ungovernable unruly iconoclastic disorderly restive resistant anarchistic wilful treasonable wayward disaffected unmanageable lawless recusant provocative obstreperous dissenting revolting intractable froward incompliant contrary bolshie aggressive willful untoward balky resistive bellicose anarchical contentious out of control up in arms guerrilla resistance breakaway rebelling conspiratorial criminogenic mercenary turbulent malcontent uncontrollable black nonconformist heretical nonconforming dissentient maverick unbiddable extremist anarchic warring unorthodox apostate schismatic anarchist civil disobedience obstinate challenging non-compliant uncooperative truculent daring antagonistic hostile bold resisting audacious belligerent insolent intransigent confrontational pugnacious combative argumentative stroppy feisty quarrelsome scrappy stirring disregardful cheeky insubmissive sassy gutsy reckless dareful arousing dissentious controversial ready for a fight malevolent dangerous demagogic wicked rousing spoiling for a fight causing trouble difficult headstrong stubborn perverse fractious undisciplined obdurate wild incontrollable awkward noncompliant self-willed unyielding incorrigible ornery heterodox pigheaded mulish uncompliant bloody-minded inflexible unconventional individualistic pervicacious nonorthodox unaccommodating heretic troublesome naughty delinquent errant renitent out-there bull-headed cantankerous unrestrained irrepressible badly behaved alienated unreasonable eccentric mischievous rowdy alternative unwilling unbending stiff-necked undisciplinable boisterous unpredictable obstinately disobedient militant chaotic adverse loud cussed impish disagreeing noisy unmalleable thrawn threatening rascally roguish indomitable negative immovable contrarious rumbustious unbridled opposing out of hand impetuous opinionated discordant sectarian cross-grained estranged haughty irreconcilable impudent nonobservant peevish unfavorable unfavourable petulant cross withstanding unpersuadable unrestrainable secessionist erratic fickle persistent maleficent resolved malicious malign determined spiteful stubborn as a mule disputatious disobliging impotent rampant splinter unresponsive bullheaded obstructive unhelpful opposition protesting complaining objecting opposed vexatious tiresome annoying armed restless sabotaging attacking without law and order separatist seceding capricious original uncomplying intolerable impossible unbearable undependable offbeat uncontrolled contrariant arsey paradoxical immoral aberrant arbitrary weird unfaithful recreant reactionary outlaw runaway untraditional backsliding antipathetic converse inimical wrongheaded rough tempestuous uproarious raucous vociferous oddball clamorous rampaging self-indulgent strong-willed rambunctious uncompromising incurable pig-headed roisterous rackety tumultuous independent separate unconnected autonomous nonaligned unadaptable bohemian rip-roaring freak rock-ribbed rampageous roistering loath reluctant indisposed hesitant negativistic averse hippie screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous beatnik attention-seeking insoluble hard-line pat thorny unpliable tough tenacious locked resolute knotty pertinacious problematic indocile way-out raising Cain raising the roof lawbreaking lively rollicking romping heedless hang tough locked in tough nut impulsive impervious drunken violent rash intemperate bawdy imprudent forward inexorable assertive mean out of line

Tính từ

Carrying an intent to harm
evil harmful hurtful injurious detrimental deleterious inimical bad mischievous pernicious malignant malign baleful venomous noxious poisonous corrupting baneful calamitous damaging dangerous ill nocuous prejudicial disastrous destructive ruinous malefic maleficent prejudicious unwholesome unhealthy dire catastrophic deadly adverse wicked disadvantageous crippling undesirable toxic cataclysmic lethal sinister malicious menacing incendiary hazardous undermining negative unfavourable unfavorable fatal perilous devastating unfortunate threatening parlous virulent critical painful cancerous counterproductive dicey nocent wounding corrosive corroding annihilative suicidal eradicative extirpative unsafe unpropitious untoward inopportune inexpedient risky precarious murderous malevolent lethiferous harassing wreckful insalubrious pestilential sinful internecine pestiferous wrackful slaughterous noisome environmentally unfriendly imperiling insidious hostile afflictive hard imperilling immoral depraving corruptive perverting degrading improper indecent salacious demoralizing exploitative demoralising mortal nasty awful dreadful grievous terrible vicious distressing cruel cataclysmal spiteful bitter fateful life-threatening foul contaminated terminal deathly damning tragic grave woeful pestilent death-dealing mephitic septic unlucky violent infectious offensive ominous serious severe evil-intentioned mean rancorous vindictive vitriolic direful lamentable hateful catty annihilatory devastative disturbing troublesome appalling diseased unhealthful savage abusive black shocking fell impure unfriendly insanitary unhygienic unsanitary inauspicious unkind incurable killing unpleasant unsound disease-ridden disagreeable alarming skanky festy miserable objectionable antagonistic killer gross dirty rotten infective unnutritious ill-fated brutal filthy unclean vital unconducive polluted vengeful vile crushing ravaging homicidal infested repulsive repugnant agonizing fierce horrible deplorable distasteful forbidding destroying poison despiteful jeopardizing germ-ridden germy costly harrowing heartrending disquieting upsetting unwelcome mortiferous regrettable obnoxious rancid dark ill-natured acute shattering heartbreaking harsh jeopardising frightful ill-boding agonising difficult apocalyptic messy sickly unsympathetic antipathetic disgusting carcinogenic counter frightening acrimonious infected minatory repellent iniquitous revolting contagious ruining abhorrent displeasing wretched abominable corrupt horrid envenomed excruciating sickening nauseating insecure viperous consumptive defamatory bodeful nefarious odious ill-starred ugly poisoned spoiled minacious sharp hapless mortuary ill-disposed unsavoury unpalatable detestable tragical distressful rank execrable yucky tough off-putting uncertain stinking bothersome galling toxicant immoderate wasteful unsalutary hairy beastly jeopardous spoilt morbid chilling unsavory high-risk treacherous venturesome worrying chancy dodgy ill-omened foreboding touchy touch and go dismal aggressive tainting contaminating uncontrollable bad for you unbeneficial aching hurting cantankerous reprobate nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing miasmatic miasmic afflicting contrary opposed dirtied feculent intimidating invasive final mortifying hate-filled oncogenic tumorous carcinomatous loss-making artful untimely causing death desolating annihilating intimidatory disease-causing morbific metastatic irremediable toxiferous splenetic climactic climacteric wild necrotic louring aspersive sacrificial capital rapacious unadvantageous resentful heavy tormenting torturous thorny troubling spreading peccant full of hate neutralising rough withering cutting bad-natured unwelcoming peracute unnourishing dead untreatable concerning of evil intent blighting earth-shattering shrewish unpromising erosive cutthroat scathing stinging slighting innutritious very dangerous not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds unpredictable cussed low impetuous maddened intemperate unrestrained epidemic communicable significant infelicitous catastrophal impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting barbed insulting portentous slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic uncool ornery envious petty predictive prophetic revealing oracular junk tainted catching sordid touch-and-go iffy sticky tricky intense evil-minded raging maniacal furious creepy eerie unsuccessful mighty vexatious irksome gnarly caustic stained sullied dusty squalid tarnished scungy grimy muddy soiled sloppy abortive doomy scary evil-looking spooky eldritch decayed pathological trying icky yukky annoying unappealing uncomfortable lousy uncongenial unlovely irritating unpleasing plague-like vituperative hot fraught with danger haphazard shameful outrageous heinous pathogenic doomed luckless sinistrous minatorial crashing invidious grody fearful acid trenchant mordacious pointed acerbic ill-intentioned atrocious glaring egregious pesky sour suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering scarring gut-wrenching monstrous unbearable flagrant intolerable terrifying flagitious weighty villainous heart-rending pathetic pitiful taxing mind-blowing horrifying disheartening gloomy straitened dour discouraging sombre hard-pressed lurid inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy discommodious tortured morose troubled full of hardship doubtful glum gray mournful strained exacting doleful austere grey oppressive nightmarish bleak pressing comfortless grim desolate exigent solemn rocky somber sad depressing very bad cheerless loathsome malodorous fetid traumatic putrid uninviting nauseous ghastly smelly vulnerable repellant hideous sick-making scandalous God-awful bogging horrendous fulsome obscene reeking niffy yucko disgustful loathly olid exposed defenceless insalutary foetid unstable threatened unreliable unprotected on the nose explosive unsteady erratic fearsome ticklish slippery defenseless undependable wobbly untrustworthy tottering rickety on a limb on thin ice hanging by a thread open to attack

Tính từ

Guilty of or involving betrayal or deception
treacherous disloyal traitorous unfaithful deceitful duplicitous perfidious untrustworthy treasonable unreliable untrue faithless seditious treasonous false fickle rebellious recreant renegade apostate mutinous undependable breakaway inconstant two-faced betraying Punic unloyal deceptive dishonest insidious misleading shifty slick tricky underhand double-crossing double-dealing back-stabbing false-hearted two-timing Janus-faced snake in the grass fly-by-night unpatriotic wormlike undutiful insubordinate dissident snaky backstabbing adulterous cheating backstabby double-faced hollow-hearted crooked unscrupulous dishonourable dishonorable shady deceiving sneaky corrupt insincere devious slippery guileful shonky dodgy lying crafty cunning designing untruthful dubious wily unprincipled subtle sharp sneaking artful scheming forsworn mendacious foxy sly conniving bent shrewd cagey irresponsible delusive underhanded iffy bluffing elusive not to be trusted backsliding furtive stealthy fraudulent falsehearted flighty low disreputable roguish base calculating astute wicked questionable beguiling rascally canny intriguing dissembling ingenious illusory plotting captious smart smooth truthless knavish defrauding cute cagy trustless perjured immoral unlawful villainous mean evasive slim heretical wayward clever unfair irresolute swindling rebel defecting arrant doubting coquettish lubricious perjurious of bad faith secret Machiavellian slimy cowboy unprofessional disingenuous covert dirty unjust skulking vile unbelieving amoral criminal unethical illegal fly manipulative chameleon-like unconverted sceptical fluctuating skeptical wavering unstable capricious changeful changeable carny not to be relied upon equivocating fast malfeasant rogue skillful skilful nifty hypocritical impish arch mischievous secretive extramarital hoodwinking sinister backbiting unctuous heterodox revolutionary reactionary outlaw runaway untraditional schismatic radical untrusty unsound dicey fink deviant dangerous illicit commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness unsafe scoundrelly venal malicious foul mythomaniac malevolent adulterate extracurricular unchaste adulterine clandestine fornicating moonlighting speedy improper not dependable not to be depended on fair-weather fast and loose

Tính từ

Far beyond the norm in terms of public opinion
extreme extremist radical fanatical revolutionary exaggerated immoderate intemperate diehard fanatic militant outrageous overzealous rabid rebel rebellious revolutionist ultra unreasonable combative over the top swivel-eyed OTT zealous wild fervent frenzied passionate bigoted enthusiastic obsessive keen dedicated mad maniacal outlandish fixated devoted intolerant prejudiced partisan illiberal addicted unruly narrow-minded uncompromising violent over-enthusiastic overenthusiastic obsessed ardent frenetic gung-ho crazy perfervid biased raving feverish ultraist far-out dogmatic sectarian blinkered single-minded activist chauvinistic unrestrained inflexible hog-wild terrorist excessive drastic outre gone outré reforming progressive eager infatuated over-the-top reformist too much all out compulsive fervid burning progressivist revisionist anarchistic out of bounds dotty visionary nuts potty hooked insurrectionary wackadoo wackadoodle passional insubordinate seditious mutinous insurgent fiery incorrigible credulous impulsive partial willful stubborn obstinate impassioned bugged headstrong erratic opinionated possessed monomaniacal contumacious domineering refractory intransigent recusant lawless riotous recalcitrant nihilistic restive loony looney turned on nuts for high on way out frantic furious crazed fierce one-sided irrational ferocious raging delirious infuriated berko berserk sick unwell mad-dog diseased virulent deranged insane infected corybantic flipped naked nutty intense sizzling ill poisoned bitten smoking overboard freaked out dissident anarchic insurrectionist defiant disloyal anarchical disobedient factious treasonable ungovernable unmanageable traitorous wayward renegade wilful uncontrollable bolshie disorderly resistant politically aware political iconoclastic intractable rioting turbulent contrary disaffected party-political treasonous froward treacherous obstreperous untoward incompliant balky difficult warring up in arms fractious bellicose negativistic destructive pessimistic existentialist civil disobedience guerrilla resistance conspiratorial active party factional mercenary uncooperative self-willed unwilling unbiddable underground black resistive incontrollable stroppy bloody-minded obdurate awkward obstinately disobedient perverse mutinying party political pervicacious renitent inflammatory agitational noncompliant indomitable insubmissive argumentative undisciplined undisciplinable withstanding resisting opposing out of control revolting nonconformist dissentient malcontent perfidious anarchist threatening pugnacious individualistic armed restless sabotaging quarrelsome alienated attacking rabble-rousing reactionary heterodox apostate unfaithful outlaw runaway untraditional schismatic backsliding recreant

Tính từ

Behaving or done in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard
underhanded clandestine covert furtive secret sneaky surreptitious underhand backstairs behind-the-scenes hole-and-corner hugger-mugger hush-hush private privy sneak sneaking stealth stealthy undercover underground cunning devious dirty shorthanded sly unethical unfair unscrupulous wily dishonourable shady cloak-and-dagger black secretive hidden immoral dishonest dishonorable crafty unprincipled shifty disreputable crooked deceitful under wraps concealed fraudulent scheming base closet treacherous nefarious guileful despicable sub-rosa vile contemptible mean two-faced under-the-table conspiratorial tricky shameful ignoble degenerate low-down artful slippery veiled dark back-alley wicked corrupt under the table indirect depraved duplicitous shrouded on the QT calculating evil cheating sordid abominable execrable detestable unsavoury reprehensible disgraceful snide foul villainous deceptive skulking slinking dodgy illegal bad unsavory unlawful designing conniving double-dealing dastardly backstair abhorrent sinful low wretched odious nasty cowardly shameless iniquitous vicious foxy heinous reprobate ignominious Machiavellian abject monstrous insidious cloaked rotten scurvy scandalous dubious not cricket unsporting unsportsmanlike Janus-faced inequitable deplorable cheap fiendish diabolical hole-in-the-corner shrewd atrocious roguish evasive shocking outrageous knavish confidential wrong oblique below the belt shabby scummy barbarous unpleasant criminal ungodly illegitimate bent cruel unrighteous illicit flagitious egregious dissolute top-secret infamous sinister beastly scoundrelly disguised masked incognito low-minded appalling behind someone's back on the quiet subtle discreditable unjust shonky two-timing slim sleazy vulgar lame lousy snidey grubby murderous diabolic under-the-counter unholy amoral malevolent malicious erring ratty scabby murky slick indecent crass graceless wrongful sorry horrible exploitative unconscionable conscienceless improper corrupted slimy hateful catlike enigmatic catty silent feline noiseless paltry dirty-dealing ruthless stinking rascally surprise squalid unworthy no-good out of order currish errant degraded malfeasant unconscientious perverted good-for-nothing mean-spirited disgusting lawless cautious self-seeking questionable dissembled obscured buried backdoor unseen off-color black-hearted morally wrong on the sly in secret thoughtless bootleg despisable disagreeable slinky stinky unauthorized disingenuous double-crossing loathsome meanspirited disrespectful intelligence under the counter infernal unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for quick slipshod shoddy cruddy disdainable malignant unauthorised devilish lubricious untrustworthy spy unbowed unwarranted off unnecessary satanic unspeakable dreadful opprobrious creep underneath sideways sidelong perverse flagrant glaring miscreant putrid gross not on out of turn wrongdoing in holes and corners quiet good-for-naught meritless no-count no-account cloak and dagger elusive creepy circumspect unsuspected distasteful cutthroat venal hole and corner QT camouflaged ulterior incog a bit much perfidious casuistic selfish degrading recreant petty mercenary arrant sub rosa over the fence a bit thick ambiguous strange unenlightened deep enigmatical clouded mystic occult obscure unintelligible out-of-the-way covered mystical fishy cagy beguiling cute cagey debauched tawdry clever insincere low-life brutal merciless in ambush obliquitous gimmicky debased inhumane callous inhuman fly irreligious sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous fallen impure pitiless unfeeling rancorous licentious self-indulgent unkind vitiated disparaging delinquent forbidding hard-hearted libertine bloodthirsty heartless wrathful demonic scrofulous evil-minded vengeful felonious contemptuous grisly pernicious cold-blooded savage tyrannical incorrigible scornful maleficent objectionable decadent brutish defiled despiteful bestial sadistic harsh virulent profligate inexorable wanton vindictive gruesome disdainful spiteful playing politics put on playing games carny yellow offensive godless faking one out not straightforward unofficial notorious beggarly ungentlemanly protected uncharitable sullied undignified tainted unbecoming classified closed inside warped worthless discreet privileged peccable hushed undisclosed intimate backstage restricted esoteric unknown nonpublic deceiving unsportsmanly lamentable caitiff servile obscene inelegant menial offstage inconspicuous scungy unpublished unrevealed untold censored behind the scenes not for publication off the record in camera not to be disclosed not open not in the public domain under one's hat tête-à-tête strictly confidential close to one's chest non-public not for circulation one-on-one not to be made public top secret ill-gotten against the rules

Danh từ

A person who attacks or criticizes cherished beliefs or institutions
iconoclast heretic dissident rebel maverick nonconformist bohemian boho counterculturist critic deviant dissenter dissentient individualist loner malcontent nonconformer questioner radical sceptic cynic denouncer detractor image-breaker innovator mutineer nonbeliever non-conformist original reformer renegade revolutionary revolutionist ruiner skeptic unbeliever enfant terrible free spirit lone ranger lone wolf free thinker freethinker apostate schismatic eccentric separatist outsider beatnik infidel revisionist independent insurgent sectarian sectary recreant revolter nihilist red hippie insurrectionist unorthodox person unconventional person flower child traitor agitator deserter bad boy miscreant anarchist protester dropout turncoat rioter hippy secessionist separationist freak recusant insurrectionary individual oddball weirdo rarity extremist rare bird rara avis guerrilla frondeur seditionist subverter overthrower antagonist demagogue opponent disectarian experimenter resistance experientialist misfit heathen heresiarch demonstrator idolater weirdie agnostic atheist wackadoodle screwball kook wackadoo non-theist misbeliever outlier idolatress tergiversator pagan paynim odd fish New Ager one-off fish out of water avant-gardist one of a kind odd one out counterculturalist gonzo trendsetter exception character rationalist pervert libertine oner sicko odd type longhair dilettante gypsy artist writer peacenik beat square peg in a round hole round peg in a square hole artistic person non-believer New Age traveler heterodox thinker unorthodox thinker militant progressive fanatic nullifidian gentile idolator leftist zealot withersake polytheist socialist ultra crazy diehard idolist pantheist irreligious person scoffer doubter paganist philistine firebrand avant-garde activist objector ultraist Bolshevik Bolshevist defector offbeat seceder swinger liberal betrayer different breed night person outlaw runaway quisling backslider renegado fifth columnist escapee forsaker abandoner double-crosser refugee snake in the grass turnabout exile snake fugitive rejectionist disbeliever disputant opposer odd man out oddity doubting Thomas protestor independent thinker picketer social justice warrior SJW freedom fighter humanist unconventional thinker independent-minded person unconstrained thinker outcast complainer giaour nonworshiper protestant deist rule breaker crank flake loser profaner misanthrope materialist pessimist hipster basketweaver bigot partisan treehugger dogmatist rocker yippie flower person dogmatizer partizan disciple refusenik devotee adherent drop-out schismatist picket supporter Young Turk cohort satellite protest marcher true believer Judas serpent double-dealer backstabber rat renouncer deconvert

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