Đồng nghĩa của sizzling

Alternative for sizzling

sizzle /'sizl/
  • danh từ
    • (thông tục) tiếng xèo xèo
    • nội động từ
      • xèo xèo
        • fat sizzles in the pan: mỡ xèo xèo trong chảo

    Tính từ

    Very hot
    baking blazing burning fiery flaming red-hot blistering parching scorching searing sweltering torrid tropical boiling broiling baking hot extremely hot unbearably hot withering calescent close decalescent febrile fevered feverish feverous heated humid igneous incandescent like an oven ovenlike piping recalescent red roasting scalding smoking steaming stifling stuffy sultry summery sweltry thermogenic tropic warm white boiling hot like a blowtorch like a furnace on fire very warm hot ardent ultrahot piping hot superheated white-hot fervid fervent very hot blazing hot scorched ablaze afire inflamed aflame kindled glowing ignited oppressive parched warmed stewing toasted alight enflamed dry combusting raging conflagrant violent suffocating toasty lukewarm melting lit lighted empyreal flushed sweaty perspiring in flames febrific hectic burning up pyretic drying burnt fired baked burned broiled cooked fried aboil burning hot airless muggy steamy arid sticky jungle-like hot and humid uncomfortably warm barren browning frying steeping grilling heating toasting simmering brewing waterless desert dried mellow warmish hottish tepid thermic snug like a Turkish bath flashing intense gurgling evaporating bubbling gleaming overheated fierce acute ferocious moderately hot sweating fiery hot strong extreme flickering agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained explosive dreadful heavy heavy-duty vehement furious intensive terrible excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound keen deep hellacious almighty hard ghastly fearful frightful thermal very great cooking blistery red hot at boiling point severe powerful sharp serious great forceful agonizing excessive consuming agonising concentrated harsh unbearable insufferable piercing stormy heightened blustery tempestuous wild overwhelming vigorous penetrating potent grievous passionate harrowing uncontrollable torturous unendurable earnest tumultuous tormenting squally marked racking overpowering cutting bitter frenzied forcible biting all-consuming deep-seated thorough oven-like grave total impassioned awful major zealous full hellish strenuous drastic extraordinary fanatical tough energetic exceptional gusty eager cyclonic intolerable urgent thundery thunderous howling inclement boisterous perfervid poignant very bad shrill savage heartfelt typhonic blustering choppy high volatile uncontrolled inordinate devastating immoderate intemperate unqualified storming emotional painful intensified volcanic stinging vivid desperate roaring deeply felt balmy industrial-strength durable sound real pronounced right impossible proper heavyweight long-lasting diabolical immense terrific claggy unstoppable dire reprehensible indefensible inexcusable unforgivable relentless titanic mighty stiff stark crushing powerhouse shameful disgraceful parlous compelling transcending sincere wholehearted abject significant smouldering heartrending unrelenting grueling punishing brutal repressive grim enormous supreme charged deep-rooted deepest hearty smoldering radiating shining glaring wrenching galling caustic critical avid enthused melodramatic passional protracted warm-blooded cut-throat overemotional sentimental emotive resounding ungovernable pounding afflicting gruelling unsparing undue diligent exaggerated rampaging rabid rampant riotous hopped up spirited gung ho true blue hot-blooded shooting stabbing unchecked unmanageable unfettered uncurbed unbridled emphatic strained pungent peppery convulsive enraged ruinous mother of all paroxysmal coercive dynamic outrageous aroused distressing peracute sudden gale force out of control full of force finely tuned complete comprehensive menacing bumpy windy exhaustive detailed meticulous thoroughgoing rough swirling destructive extensive rigorous scrupulous sweeping elaborate painstaking determined chaotic restless stormful rugged concerted resolute sedulous careful searching conscientious assiduous minute methodical widespread demanding radical persistent accelerated fast insistent in-depth all-out all-embracing all-inclusive out-and-out all-encompassing all-absorbing high-pressure speeded-up more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

    Tính từ

    Very exciting or passionate
    amorous ardent passionate sexy torrid erotic hot lustful red-hot steamy hot-blooded loving impassioned sensuous zipless aroused sensual red-blooded sultry wanton warm-blooded lascivious randy satyric lecherous salacious libidinous licentious lewd lubricious concupiscent horny desirous stimulated turned-on romantic obsessive prurient enthusiastic avid turned on goatish hypersexual itchy lubricous carnal sexual amatory unchaste dissolute lickerish libertine impure aphrodisiac aphrodisiacal debauched degenerate dissipated raunchy naughty dirty depraved loose immoral promiscuous coarse indecent erotogenic sinful fast intimate lovesick infatuated enamored hot and heavy amative enamoured erogenous tender erotical intemperate corrupt voluptuous filthy lovey-dovey excited abandoned decadent wicked sentimental ruttish kissy perverted smutty incontinent ribald crude pervy love affectionate vulgar disorderly toey fond doting immodest coital hircine wolfish lovesome profligate obscene gross smoochy spoony fleshly unvirtuous sportive frisky titillated yearning fervent wooing rapturous blue squirrelly reprobate hot to trot lusty unprincipled of easy virtue sexed up rude uninhibited seductive disgusting bestial suggestive private idolatrous fornicatory devoted attracted languishing admiring low-down illicit adulterous orgiastic touchy-feely sordid of the flesh mushy icky corny colourful maudlin colorful sloppy sexually excited sexually attractive sexually exciting sexually arousing personal physical uncontrollable inflamed foxy unblushing rakish desiring venereous uncontrolled wild uncurbed trashy profane stag porny foul bawdy pornographic whorish gutter nasty unprintable sexually aroused in heat hard up on fire toey as a Roman sandal hot and bothered impious shameless disreputable venereal animal unconstrained swinging amoral unruly unmoral lax relaxed scabrous wayward unscrupulous hankering craving itching locker-room X-rated in the fast lane fast and loose goo-goo in love attached sweet on boy crazy girl crazy sweet for lovey dovey have a crush on

    Tính từ

    Suggestive of sexual impropriety
    risqué bawdy blue racy ribald suggestive daring gamey gamy immodest improper indelicate lewd naughty off off-color off-colored salty spicy coarse crude dirty earthy erotic hot indecent indecorous indiscreet lurid obscene provocative Rabelaisian raw rude salacious scabrous scandalous smutty vulgar wanton X-rated off colour sexually suggestive near the knuckle raunchy filthy pornographic lascivious gross titillating saucy impure offensive adult profane foul nasty sexy fruity trashy gutter unseemly porny unprintable locker-room stag broad steamy licentious explicit prurient wicked vile juicy arousing immoral nudge-nudge tasteless inappropriate sordid low base near the bone scatological scatologic foul-mouthed off-colour rough colourful tantalizing impolite exciting unchaste colorful hard-core tantalising sensual distasteful seductive disgusting unrefined lecherous taboo uncouth alluring shocking scurrilous shady porno libidinous shameless bad-mannered in bad taste voluptuous crass stimulating unbecoming debased sensuous mature cheap ravishing bootylicious sultry unvirtuous foxy rakish loose unwholesome lowbrow porn beddable purple unconventional lustful unclean fascinating graphic aphrodisiacal entertaining uncensored aphrodisiac untoward randy mucky sexual sleazy unrestrained uninhibited outrageous repulsive profligate unsavory uncivil malicious odious uncultured low-down-and-dirty questionable lowbred unmannerly boorish unsavoury abusive soft-core inelegant skin provoking blasphemous unpolished discourteous close to the bone come-hither bad full-frontal page-three desirable sick revealing corrupting exploitative foulmouthed risque unfitting sensational tempting sooty embarrassing obnoxious sexually explicit illicit shameful rank rogue devilish depraved unladylike ungentlemanly undignified sly rascally intriguing lively lusty fast libertine incontinent amorous erotogenic erogenous erotical lush amatory low-minded striptease go-go barro unblushing brutish callow untactful bold forward piquant sex grownup concupiscent out of line low-down and dirty dishonourable dishonorable sneaking contemptible slippery villainous outlandish unworthy fractious vivid thrilling interesting fresh cheeky brazen kissable cuddly adults-only unrightful ungodly unjust unrighteous wrongful unequitable malodorous reprehensible uncultivated ignoble shock-horror very interesting appealing captivating out of keeping tactless insulting brash grimy grubby exotic insensible roughneck common raffish rugged incult illiberal beguiling enthralling attractive enchanting uncivilised tawdry degrading colloquial vituperative unsettling derisive uncivilized churlish loutish affronting sickening ill-mannered unutterable vilifying ungracious compelling charged stirring gripping riveting edgy mean tacky vulgarian farmyard lowdown and dirty degenerate carnal detestable loathsome despicable abominable horrible unpleasant corrupt dissolute disreputable debauched evil repugnant revolting sinful ignominious low-down abhorrent atrocious lubricious deplorable noisome wretched appalling unscrupulous disgraceful nauseating unprincipled graceless discreditable reprobate hideous nefarious scurvy execrable horrid beastly repellent unacceptable diabolical ill-bred disagreeable objectionable abject awful monstrous heinous lousy vicious stinking dreadful yucky disrespectful fleshly dissipated Fescennine wrong perverse gruesome ugly icky poor horny grody grotty yucko God-awful perverted goatish snide currish paltry dishonest shabby unsuitable unethical horrendous displeasing infamous barbaric fiendish humiliating Cyprian frightful profaned rotten nauseous dark hateful desecrated unsophisticated barnyard sorry black shoddy truculent undiplomatic hellish in poor taste egregious noxious disgustful terrible dire loathly ghastly sick-making cruel savage brutal beyond the pale lubricous satyric passionate itchy hypersexual irreverent unfashionable iniquitous uncleanly fierce ruthless inhuman derogatory decadent orgiastic ferocious underhanded ridiculous bodily off-putting blunt disparaging unbefitting merciless deceitful abandoned heartless remorseless bestial demoralized barbarous unpalatable exceptionable crooked corporeal opprobrious rough-hewn degraded worthless murderous unstylish ignorant ithyphallic vomitous unwelcome notorious galling bogging tremendous sneaky deceptive incorrect inapposite inapt unpleasing unspeakable infernal inhumane black-hearted butcherly brute sadistic inglorious gut-churning hellacious scummy repellant inept unfit incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos cruddy undesirable flagitious rubbish inexcusable slimy unappetizing pitiless out of place unforgivable alarming distressing rancid fulsome demoralised creepy no-good godawful abysmal skanky festy not pure unsightly godforsaken vomit-inducing scuzzy yecchy out of the way barbarian toey disorderly base-minded groveling evil-minded exuberant satirical profanatory libellous libelous gaudy grovelling gruff seamy seedy dysphemistic awkward bizarre ruttish squalid promiscuous fleshy amoral vigorous extravagant robust parodic undecorous dirty-minded thoughtless sullied warped rakehell jackleg rakehelly crummy dubious suspicious suspect animal defiled Philistine slavish humble servile petty menial oafish excessive strong sacrilegious insensitive XXX despisable sour bitter uncongenial unlovely harsh unlettered annoying irritating mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish blameworthy tainted in the gutter ill-chosen wild lowly pitiful plebeian grown up wolfish dastardly dodgy funny iffy malevolent meanspirited lame brackish messy whorish physical vitriolic unfair contaminated impious shy unrespectable knavish indefensible louche wounding hurtful exasperating contumelious denigratory invective pejorative deprecatory slipshod ratty scabby disdainable malignant unceremonious wayward demeaning personal impudent vexing impertinent slighting insolent venereal of easy virtue venomous intemperate flagrant drunken serious underhand ill-advised debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying trailer-park funky harrowing low-life contemptuous censurable material somatic corporal desirous grungy gnarly depressing vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless voyeuristic rowdy ruffian hankering upsetting unhealthy longing cheesy itching from hell very unpleasant good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account vituperous offending insupportable horrific dowdy naff unpardonable grievous intolerable genital grisly horrifying uninviting unlikable putrid dismaying squicky rebarbative cloying surfeiting sleazeball macabre styleless bloodthirsty stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning ticky-tack ticky-tacky diabolic miserable damnable unlawful

    Tính từ

    Having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something
    rabid wild violent extreme fanatical fervent bigoted extremist frantic frenzied furious intolerant mad maniacal uncompromising crazed diehard over-enthusiastic overzealous passionate biased delirious ferocious feverish fierce frenetic gung-ho illiberal irrational one-sided partisan prejudiced raging raving unreasonable zealous berko berserk infuriated intemperate narrow-minded perfervid swivel-eyed ardent bitten corybantic crazy dedicated deranged diseased enthusiastic flipped ill infected insane intense keen mad-dog militant naked nutty obsessed overboard poisoned sick smoking ultraist unwell virulent freaked out hysterical excited agitated manic uncontrolled distraught hectic overwrought hyper beside oneself demented fraught panic-stricken worked up out of control energetic flipped out obsessive fevered nuts unhinged wired unscrewed keyed up in a tizzy wigged out weirded out hyperactive desperate unrestrained distracted confused impassioned fiery unglued unzipped turbulent angry weird zonkers shook up hot under the collar hot and bothered spazzed out at wits' end in a stew possessed overexcited single-minded eager fervid devoted burning uncontrollable vehement panicky restless tumultuous hot panic-struck confusing exciting distrait unbalanced lunatic nervous hysteric chaotic neurotic fanatic busy in a state convulsive maniac beside yourself fast and furious off your head in a frenzy dogmatic sectarian radical madding blinkered activist chauvinistic inflexible phrenetic furibund heated abandoned lost it in a lather overactive boisterous overcome demonic demoniacal impatient emotional ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited incoherent overwhelmed unrestrainable sectionable stunned struck incredulous overawed affected babbling gay riotous high-strung like one possessed psychotic up turned out hopped up freaky high overpowered irrepressible in a panic carried away impetuous maddened driven to distraction rampant blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic very upset in a fit seething unnerved out of one's wits lightheaded hallucinating aberrant deviant disturbed light-headed rambling disordered bewildered wandering hallucinatory unsettled disarranged deviate fixated immoderate infatuated devastated compulsive destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself out of one's head out of one's skull mental dotty visionary hooked potty wackadoodle wackadoo passional overenthusiastic ape amok incorrigible credulous impulsive willful addicted erratic opinionated monomaniacal unruly partial stubborn obstinate bugged headstrong contumacious domineering bananas bonkers spare batty bats barmy barro crook porangi crackers postal turned on nuts for high on earnest on the rampage up the wall off the deep end through the roof avid off the air wholehearted off your rocker out to lunch around the bend spirited out of one's mind vigorous distressed committed forceful anxious antsy sincere worried devout hearty pushy zestful uptight afire itchy ripe purposeful zealotic fired fireball go-ahead self-starting wild-eyed wound up coming on strong in a flap het up in a tizz having kittens in a cold sweat last-minute in a flat spin at the end of your tether

    Động từ

    Present participle for to feel or express great anger
    fuming seething boiling raging storming steaming rankling foaming burning bristling going ballistic seeing red wigging out blowing up flying off the handle foaming at the mouth smouldering raving ranting exploding smoldering breathing fire spitting feathers blowing a fuse simmering chafing spitting ranting and raving going berserk having a fit throwing a fit flaring up cracking up jumping up and down going off the deep end going up the wall hitting the roof frothing at the mouth blustering erupting flaring losing control getting steamed up losing it getting worked up blowing your top losing your temper hitting the ceiling blowing one's stack losing one's temper losing your rag getting hot under the collar going ape blazing angering raising the roof getting hot getting steamed up about champing at the bit chomping at the bit popping one's cork going mad blowing a gasket flipping out flying into a rage burning up steaming up carrying on stewing sparking flipping fulminating sputtering foaming at mouth throwing a wobbly breathing fire and slaughter boiling with rage throwing a tantrum roaring fretting yelling scolding spluttering screaming making a scene letting off steam having a tantrum boiling over flipping your lid tearing into losing the plot looking daggers working oneself into sweat snapping at becoming enraged getting angry getting mad going bananas going wild going into a rage becoming angry going crazy going spare going crackers going through the roof smarting festering becoming furious becoming annoyed going into a fury becoming very angry going psycho going non-linear going postal flipping one's wig flying into a temper bursting a blood vessel losing your head blowing rumbling letting fly letting rip gnashing your teeth boiling over with rage flying into a passion losing your cool having a conniption fit having a cow getting all steamed up firing up shouting bellowing thundering heating bridling growing passionate complaining freaking out going crook becoming animated becoming excited getting annoyed heating up becoming impassioned getting excited growing vehement sounding off becoming infuriated becoming indignant taking offense swelling taking umbrage objecting rearing up recoiling ruffling resenting taking offence drawing oneself up becoming upset getting your dander up getting your hackles up

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    sizzling Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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