Đồng nghĩa của ignoble

Alternative for ignoble

ignobler, ignoblest

Đồng nghĩa: base, disgraceful, low, mean, shameful, elegant, graceful, noble,

Tính từ

Not honourable in character or purpose
base low despicable mean contemptible dishonourable shabby degraded unworthy abject sordid shameful vile corrupt craven disgraceful infamous petty wretched wrong currish degenerate detestable dirty dishonorable execrable ignominious improper low-down low-minded nasty paltry reprehensible shameless snide unchivalrous unprincipled blameworthy dastardly discreditable heinous uncharitable coarse immoral lewd menial modest ordinary peasant plain poor reproachful rotten scurvy servile simple wicked disreputable abominable villainous bad sorry scandalous disgusting odious offensive unscrupulous loathsome depraved cheap degrading deplorable abhorrent shoddy shady nefarious unsavoury dishonest sinful unsavory foul hateful debased beastly shocking appalling lousy inglorious reprobate crooked vicious deceitful worthless evil unethical unseemly outrageous vulgar unfair scummy unbecoming undignified iniquitous atrocious knavish indecent monstrous louche unspeakable humiliating pitiful amoral dissolute opprobrious debauched humble shaming untrustworthy no-good slavish underhand beyond contempt sleazy repugnant debasing cruel unrespectable unforgivable groveling distasteful notorious flagitious grovelling dreadful egregious miserable grubby lame treacherous criminal ungentlemanly unconscionable unsuitable ratty scabby mortifying demeaning unbefitting tawdry squalid sly underhanded unpleasant impure deceptive subservient venal inexcusable inappropriate mercenary terrible perverse indecorous profligate obscene shy filthy roguish horrible wanton cruddy crass diabolical revolting sneaking beggarly slimy lowly fraudulent perverted horrifying decadent scungy dissipated corrupted disagreeable fawning unfitting despisable lamentable sycophantic devious objectionable good-for-nothing obsequious cheating perfidious unrefined Machiavellian indefensible malevolent warped indelicate obeisant sneaky unclean common awful gross cowardly pitiable no-account intolerable ungodly sad ruthless horrid miscreant obnoxious pathetic beyond the pale rascally scoundrelly nauseating thoughtless disrespectful unladylike unkind fiendish ingratiating malicious self-abasing conscienceless arrant cheapening seamy seedy rude rakish cutthroat meanspirited ugly unceremonious belittling lowering inelegant obedient unresisting illegal malignant undesirable mean-spirited cunning bent selfish guileful repulsive embarrassing disdainable fallen inconsiderate graceless vitiated untoward unlawful cantankerous two-faced abandoned unwholesome sleazoid shifty crafty libertine surly retrograde double-dealing recreant licentious demoralized unacceptable sick rakehell jackleg rakehelly repellent self-seeking scheming retrogressive unfriendly intemperate preposterous scurrilous out of place vice-ridden demoralised flagrant questionable insupportable inferior exceptionable unbearable sickening out of keeping distressing outcast insufferable godawful not cricket low-life unhealthy ornery caitiff dirty rotten ill-humored off-color ill-humoured ill-tempered ill-natured bad-tempered very bad doggish stinking crude useless traitorous unheroic unsuccessful unprofessional uncouth blackguardly failed indiscreet callous tasteless slipshod poxy humiliatory base-minded smutty unskilled shiftless tricky exploitative discomfiting loose low-status boring infra dig ill-famed unsporting hateworthy measly dull routine unregenerate incompetent feckless furtive wrongdoing dirty-dealing mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing double-crossing two-timing ungenerous avaricious skanky swinish in poor taste degenerated lascivious lecherous promiscuous pervy libidinous ill-reputed wily good-for-naught meritless no-count humdrum calculated covetous detested execrated conniving designing calculating slippery dodgy unconscientious in bad taste mischievous devilish hard-hearted narrow-minded tragic unrighteous dark illegitimate deceiving inequitable unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike beneath you lacking dignity despised demeaned sinking flatitious failing senseless grievous unfortunate slick meek gloomy dejected deferent dismal hangdog humiliated self-effacing accursed abominated hated loathed abhorred casuistic sinister wrongful stingy natty miserly illicit pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish ridiculous unpardonable foolish grody hateable faithless abysmal dire frightful disastrous low-grade spiteful below the belt ill-gotten against the rules Janus-faced out of order beneath contempt below contempt maggot yucky yucko unjustifiable calamitous grim regrettable bribable beneath your dignity frolicsome horrendous blue-collar violent unreasonable savage crummy woeful heartbreaking mournful hideous ghastly steep baseborn basic tedious immoderate exorbitant unendurable excessive inhuman barbaric abusive malign trashy plebeian infernal unwarranted extravagant maddening exasperating impossible OTT catty churlish God-awful O.T.T. extortionate hellacious hostile poisonous venomous vindictive uncivilised depraving contumelious too great disgracing extreme uncivilized debauching over the top wounding hurtful annoying despiteful virulent cringing immodest ribald drunken carnal sarcastic unctuous irritable testy evil-minded grouchy incongruous inconsistent incompatible toadying oily oleaginous bootlicking grumpy crabby submissive greasy toadyish undeserving beneath splenetic cranky brown-nosing cringey smarmy soapy forelock-tugging arse-licking sucky excessively deferential apple-polishing dyspeptic ineligible bilious crusty ass-kissing Uriah Heepish quarrelsome unfit unfitting to valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited unsuitable for inappropriate to bearish acid eating crow eating humble pie passive out of character unbecoming to sour obstinate difficult uncooperative awkward not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit bloody-minded hard-nosed not good enough

Tính từ

Of, or belonging to, the lower social class
lowly common low mean vulgar baseborn humble lowborn plebeian inferior lower-class low-life lumpen prole proletarian unwashed base peasant ordinary low-born low-ranking working-class undistinguished obscure poor simple modest declassed unpretentious servile subordinate déclassé menial unassuming popular contemptible meek low-class plain blue-singlet commonplace insignificant low-bred unimportant gentle mild second-class lowlife submissive docile dutiful middling meager retiring reverential mundane withdrawing everyday obsequious prosaic measly inglorious miserable puny paltry shabby wretched scrubby petty pitiful humdrum blue-collar second-rate of low birth meagre plebby cast down dishonourable dishonorable unworthy average cloth-cap crude bourgeois grassroots democratic people's philistine declassé traditional unsophisticated banal conventional pedestrian lesser underprivileged minor unrefined severe rough unremarkable deprived inconsequential trivial secondary mediocre uncouth unfit sordid beggarly subsidiary junior second-string small subservient smaller lousy demeaning reduced low-grade degrading ancillary second-fiddle bottom little poorer slighter lower ignominious lower-ranking sorry sad of low rank dinky minor-league small-fry small-time bush-league third-string lower in rank undersized subjacent lower in status second-banana not very important beneath someone bottom-rung back seat below someone entry-level less important under someone's heel not so important grass-roots lowbrow low-paid demotic common or garden low-status

Tính từ

Morally depraved
evil wicked bad wrong wrongful immoral sinful ungodly unholy foul vile base dishonorable dishonourable corrupt iniquitous depraved degenerate villainous nefarious sinister vicious malicious malevolent demonic devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish dark black-hearted monstrous shocking despicable atrocious heinous odious contemptible horrible execrable low-down stinking dirty shady warped bent rotten unethical unlawful unrighteous unsavoury unsavory crooked dastardly reprobate black damnable hateful hellish infernal rancorous satanic spiteful wrathful egregious flagitious shadowy peccable morally wrong bad-hearted mean dissolute abominable reprehensible barbarous sordid cruel unscrupulous low dishonest unprincipled beastly scoundrelly debased shameful outrageous murderous detestable criminal underhand offensive roguish lawless rascally disgusting malfeasant perverted infamous unpleasant nasty scandalous underhanded impure not cricket illicit illegal illegitimate sacrilegious loathsome disgraceful terrible wretched felonious impious obnoxious inhuman deplorable abhorrent godless irreligious ignominious abject shabby debauched blasphemous disreputable obscene currish snide scurvy paltry maleficent profane degraded low-minded sneaky revolting appalling horrid ugly repellent nauseating repulsive vulgar erring fallen dreadful sickening repugnant disagreeable treacherous distasteful off-putting notorious sorry uncharitable unbecoming sullied undignified tainted cowardly inequitable miserable yucky humiliating unworthy gut-churning icky degrading sick-making God-awful coarse gross worthless lamentable caitiff inelegant menial servile vomitous noxious sick lousy bogging noisome indictable transgressing yucko disgustful loathly awful sleazy abandoned filthy ruffianly blackguardly irreverent thievish off-color vomit-inducing peccant culpable undesirable knavish disrespectful idolatrous amoral brutal merciless ruthless shameless inhumane deceitful callous devious heathen unfeeling shifty licentious unkind brutish defiled delinquent forbidding unfair slippery bestial bloodthirsty unconscientious sadistic unconscionable heartless sly scheming inexorable improper pernicious savage tyrannical two-faced unbelieving disbelieving pitiless self-indulgent vitiated dodgy decadent exploitative hard-hearted crafty harsh profligate wanton questionable self-seeking vengeful vindictive corrupted conscienceless cold-blooded errant pagan irreverential atheistic infidel incorrigible objectionable libertine evil-minded squalid scornful disparaging despiteful mean-spirited scrofulous virulent contemptuous grisly gruesome disdainful barbaric unspeakable ghastly cacodemonic accursed horrifying hideous brute truculent butcherly demoniac malignant Mephistophelian facinorous ferocious demoniacal demonical demonian Luciferian fierce implacable remorseless crude from hell hellacious crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed unhallowed uncouth serpentine guilty dangerous injurious deleterious damaging baneful nocuous adverse hurtful mischievous prejudicial baleful harmful wayward indecent ill detrimental ignorant unrefined uncultured unlettered wolfish bad news nightmarish flagrant harrowing intolerable unforgivable horrendous grewsome horrific lurid macabre terrific nightmare frightful grievous desperate godawful hairy grody beyond the pale fearful

Tính từ

Obscene or offensive in nature
rude vulgar coarse dirty filthy crude lewd gross obscene foul offensive improper impure indecorous disgusting salacious base smutty crass tasteless raunchy inappropriate risqué debased immoral naughty indecent indelicate saucy cheap immodest racy impolite unsavoury unsavory vile profane taboo hard-core sordid suggestive lecherous explicit uncivil uncouth distasteful profligate repulsive low questionable uncultivated uncultured unrefined foul-mouthed libidinous licentious malicious nasty rakish scandalous inelegant odious randy scurrilous bawdy colorful colourful ribald rough shameless unclean adult blue grimy grubby in bad taste lascivious mucky off-color off colour wanton fruity gamy low-down-and-dirty near the knuckle nudge-nudge spicy unchaste unvirtuous X-rated common illiberal incult insensible lowbred lowbrow raffish roughneck rugged unpolished pornographic raw ill-bred earthy porny rough-hewn gutter trashy unseemly unprintable locker-room boorish stag scatological scatologic titillating Rabelaisian sexy prurient churlish loutish erotic ill-mannered steamy porno discourteous broad near the bone wicked unmannerly porn unsophisticated uncivilized obnoxious salty graceless mean uncivilised brutish bad-mannered off natural native juicy gamey unprocessed off-colored untreated sleazy abusive repugnant ungentlemanly tactless lustful unladylike unacceptable contemptible provocative undressed oafish depraved blunt philistine blasphemous arousing objectionable disagreeable ignorant close to the bone unwholesome unpleasant unfinished loose beyond the pale reprehensible undesirable shocking carnal sensual loud rustic unbecoming tacky sick exceptionable Fescennine indiscreet outrageous primitive unprepared rank lubricious low-minded abhorrent off-colour shady deplorable displeasing unwelcome insufferable intolerable censurable vulgarian concupiscent gruff degenerate uneducated ungracious hot out of line despicable dishonourable dishonorable untoward revolting foulmouthed basic scabrous soft-core sexual unsuitable barbaric cloddish bad sickening libertine skin rascally ungraceful mature malodorous Cyprian perverse unfit tawdry organic loathly unmilled insupportable unsatisfactory in poor taste disgustful upsetting unwanted goatish brusque curt barbarian out of order inconsiderate uninhibited disreputable harsh yobbish gaudy unscrupulous insensitive undignified unprincipled corrupt detestable repellent hard villainous provincial low-down plebby parochial awkward unworthy lowdown and dirty barbarous unfitting nauseating unrestrained incorrect inapposite inapt wrong gruesome outlandish debauched inept incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos dissolute sexually explicit unpurified lusty ithyphallic mannerless unworked shameful out of place unmannered ungodly unconventional lurid poor out of keeping purple untouched unbearable affronting insulting whole page-three degrading out of the way in the raw in the rough simple thoughtless lumpish obtuse gauche embarrassing ungallant clumsy lubricous satyric passionate itchy horny hypersexual unlettered unheard-of dysphemistic risque grody illicit ordinary unbefitting homespun exploitative corrupting barro daring undecorous ridiculous sketchy untactful unblushing callow Philistine plebeian agrestic inurbane undiplomatic bizarre full-frontal vicious sooty scurvy slippery sneaking fractious profanatory sizzling tempting seductive ill-advised discreditable exciting lively stimulating entertaining rogue devilish execrable wretched snide ignominious currish paltry vernacular illiterate low-born corporeal voluptuous fleshly libellous libelous backward savage immature common as muck shoddy toey disorderly fast incontinent XXX amoral sly rowdy ruffian dirty-minded baseborn general tough farmyard angular troglodytic base-minded abject groveling grown up unrighteous unequitable unrightful unjust wrongful disrespectful barnyard excessive clodhopping slobbish dour severe brutal bluff brash low-down and dirty rough and ready seamy seedy forbidding fierce stern bearish stiff austere roughcast grim fresh sexually suggestive unfiltered unsettling vilifying colloquial vituperative derisive unutterable loud-mouthed grovelling in the gutter cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman derogatory dishonest low-bred flashy garish unstained unfashioned flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive unwrought undeveloped unmodified intact impudent hurtful impertinent insolent trailer-park dubious suspicious notorious suspect murderous lowering unconditioned in its natural state ostentatious flash showy wounding provoking slighting crooked meretricious naff tatty hardened kitsch vexing noisome dodgy funny iffy stupid ornate useless hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift wild dissipated incorrigible cheap and nasty roguish abandoned scoundrelly warped unregenerate degraded decadent rakehell perverted demoralized jackleg rakehelly knavish sinful demoralised reprobate appalling loathsome unpalatable plain rebarbative hateful dislikable frightful horrible noxious dreadful horrid irritating inadmissible opprobrious nauseous awful invidious ghastly annoying terrible inexpedient ill-favoured bogging poison beastly sick-making ill-favored off-putting

Tính từ

Cowardly or weak in character
unmanly craven cowardly spineless fearful soft timid feeble timorous weak wimpish yellow apprehensive fainthearted gutless milksoppish pusillanimous wimpy afraid cringing dishonorable dishonourable chicken-hearted lily-livered limp-wristed weak-kneed chicken scared chicken-livered hesitant spiritless frightened chickenhearted recreant faint-hearted cowering unheroic dastardly milk-livered weakling diffident nervous boneless jittery nervy irresolute jumpy weak-willed sissy spooked yellow-bellied candy-assed poor-spirited nerveless pigeonhearted base effete frail characterless weakened invertebrate poltroon submissive pathetic sissified vacillating squeamish forceless pithless quaking daunted trembling wishy-washy namby-pamby milk-and-water without a will of your own afraid of one's shadow pigeon-hearted easily frightened feart half-hearted easily scared wet retiring tentative coy shy funky alarmed tense anxious panicky terrified uneasy petrified shrinking worried intimidated disquieted wired affrighted horrified aghast horror-struck terrorized scary hysteric hysterical shocked afeared frit scared stiff rabbity worried sick phobic quivery in a blue funk running scared have cold feet scared to death sheepish in a funk aflutter shaky goose-bumpy terrorised disturbed in a dither perturbed agitated discomposed solicitous ineffectual wussy enervated ineffective impotent indecisive weedy meek languid tremulous unassertive insipid debilitated infirm abject drippy vapid inept impressionable mousy enfeebled tame lacking courage mousey slight wavering silly cowed wasted foolish sapped unsubstantial delicate low faint asthenic tender easily led softened prostrate inadequate prostrated white-livered down-and-out unnerved daft useless caitiff persuasible persuadable compliant weak-minded fallible passive colourless jejune limp skittish nerdy listless powerless feeble-minded dismayed dull colorless having cold feet inefficient incompetent reluctant innocuous soppy mean-spirited disorganized wasteful insufficient fearsome niddering coward poltroonish insignificant lame epicene simpering swishy snowflake deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking unprincipled unethical tricky fickle doubtful cringey sookie afraid of one's own shadow faltering dithering gentle browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unassured disorganised flabby biddable bland vulnerable errant defenceless susceptible malleable undetermined indeterminate cowhearted backward worthless startled corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling yielding unreliable unsure undependable imperfect erring flawed resistless paper tiger no guts without guts changeable flavourless mediocre watered-down sapless flavorless having the willies easily tempted defenseless exhausted drained spent decrepit worn out vitiated washed-out declining played out lacklustre unenthusiastic droopy apathetic lifeless melancholic melancholy passionless dispirited torpid unmoved lackadaisical bloodless despondent languorous depressed mopy desiccated dejected flat unimpassioned wooden languishing dry uninspired anaemic uninspiring unconcerned draggy slothful broken boring blue down lackluster disconsolate dopey subdued inanimate downhearted indifferent sad blah downcast anemic down in the dumps flat tire cast down down in the mouth lacking in vitality

Tính từ

Having hard or strong hands
hard-fisted cheap chintzy close grudging mean miserly acquisitive avaricious chary churlish costive covetous curmudgeonly economical extortionate frugal grasping greedy illiberal ironfisted narrow near close-fisted parsimonious penny-pinching stingy ungenerous mingy tight tightfisted penurious beggarly cheese-paring Scrooge-like money-grubbing sparing uncharitable closefisted spare stinting tight-fisted puritanical pinching pinchpenny ascetic masochistic money-grabbing snoep skinflint derisory meagre abject meager cheapskate sordid scrounging thrifty scrimping selfish saving pennywise skimping prudent rapacious grabby provident economizing cheeseparing unwasteful skinflinty economising ungiving petty miserable careful canny abstemious cautious mercenary hungry hoarding forehanded materialistic coveting moneygrubbing avid penny-wise scrimpy skimpy careful with money venal tightwad sensible money-oriented desirous usurious money-conscious grabbing gluttonous preserving conserving possessive wary cost-effective efficient money-saving time-saving work-saving pleonectic predatory prehensile itchy watchful on the rims practical circumspect prudential methodical Mammonish Mammonistic insatiable pennypinching extremely thrifty scurvy pinchfisted financially savvy scanty on a tight budget tight-wad stewardly economic close-handed not generous cost-conscious extremely frugal shrewd wise cupidinous austere spartan abstinent budget-conscious monastic monkish self-denying nunlike non-indulgent self-disciplined bribable mean-spirited extorting meticulous discreet Scotch money motivated money hungry on the make voracious corrupt unprincipled unethical unscrupulous gold-digging fuel-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving hoggish swinish narrow-minded intolerant rude edacious ravenous crude esurient piggy boorish reactionary prejudiced hidebound bigoted small-minded self-indulgent guzzling ravening eager piggish carnivorous gormandizing intemperate omnivorous gobbling craving devouring gulping insatiate fundamentalist conservative unenlightened authoritarian strict despotic undemocratic alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive totalitarian draconian fascist tyrannical biased proscriptive myopic partial antiliberal

Tính từ

Having no use, purpose or reason
worthless valueless useless futile pointless ineffectual meaningless unavailing paltry trifling empty ineffective nugatory unproductive fruitless inferior no use defective deficient hollow inadequate inconsequential insubstantial measly miserable poor senseless trashy trivial unsatisfactory banal chaffy insignificant junky lame negligible nickel-and-dime no-good null pathetic petty poxy rubbishy silly unimportant unusable vain wanky wretched bootless inutile of no benefit pants piddling to no avail unfructuous abandoned barren bogus counterproductive mediocre nothing profitless rubbish sterile unessential unprofitable waste not much cop two a penny a dead loss a dime a dozen not worth a hill of beans no-account abject drossy despicable contemptible cheap base ne'er-do-well good-for-nothing niggling piddly picayune pimping inconsiderable piffling chicken nominal peanut slight footling minute de minimis Mickey Mouse idle unsuccessful inefficacious abortive otiose purposeless hopeless aimless in vain impotent inept inefficient feckless failed incompetent weak to no effect to no purpose of no use unrewarding feeble powerless unfruitful thwarted lazy non-successful unpurposed wasted needless irrelevant apathetic spiritless of no avail without rhyme or reason impractical no good purportless lousy vapid hamstrung inexpedient foiled slothful indolent inoperative frivolous irresponsible unambitious doomed shiftless without success insufficient unenterprising no dice unable lifeless unnecessary inane scrap expendable motiveless impracticable unremunerative spineless superfluous baulked unprolific bungled frustrated incapable unfit unavailable balked void indecisive Sisyphean limited on a treadmill uninspiring lacklustre not worth the candle lackluster thankless unworkable nonfunctional unreasonable unfunctional misfired rambling mindless unreal dysfunctional dallying nonsensical dry goalless unsuitable forlorn vacuous vacant delusive unsubstantial stupid disadvantageous defeated disastrous unhelpful exhausted casual loafing redundant botched lost forceless withered neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic of no value broken gainless inapt drifting for nought impuissant pyrrhic unsalable specious uneconomic failing throwaway insincere groundless scant absurd unserviceable objectless bungling miscarried stillborn nonpractical emasculate slack-spined dead of no earthly use unimpressive time-wasting baseless insipid rotten unuseful inoperable insane fatuous no-win misleading unnotable puny shuck delusory frustaneous unlucrative wandering nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly blocked wasteful ruined spoiled unfounded save one's breath no go no way not effective unanimated lustreless listless muted unneeded resultless dull sorry Pyrrhic nongermane for naught not useful pitiful adrift boring going nowhere spoilt lacking foundation not a prayer in vicious circle not needed stale spinning one's wheels wild goose chase invertebrate no good to gundy bad woeful tame messed up uninteresting helpless impossible lamentable deplorable meagre without grounds without foundation arid tedious flat commonplace not pertinent wet not serious null and void dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational wanton ill-fated bleak flaccid unmeaning unsound ill-suited inappropriate unsuited unfilled clear pitiable crummy sad unskillful unskilled desultory brainless random lackadaisical flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous inconsistent not good enough incompatible improper beyond remedy unachievable despaired of fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless unreliable wild inexpert unskilful ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable meager unused unwanted inproficient bum unproficient wishy-washy uncalled for uncalled-for hit-or-miss lethargic improvident excess deceitful unindustrious dubious dishonest suspicious slack laggard directionless inattentive lagging unenergetic untrustworthy workshy devious procrastinating unmotivated lacking ability extra supernumerary leftover spare remaining discarded surplus left over

Tính từ

Prepared to obey others unquestioningly
subservient deferential submissive servile acquiescent compliant docile meek obedient accommodating biddable duteous dutiful passive slavish yielding cowering cringing ductile humble lamblike mild pliant spiritless subdued timid truckling unassertive abject downtrodden groveling grovelling inferior self-abasing self-effacing sniveling snivelling subject sycophantic bootlicking longanimous obsequious resistless dancing fawning mean menial obeisant resigned a slave to at one's mercy in one's clutches in one's pocket in one's power under one's thumb at one's beck and call tractable obliging ingratiating manageable unresisting tame amenable respectful reverential regardful polite toadying malleable unprotesting lowly low gentle attentive soft patient willing agreeable complaisant deferent nonresistant forbearing base civil courteous considerate thoughtful reverent tolerant mannerly law-abiding vile unresistant dull calm ignominious tolerating easy accepting peaceable conformable spineless uncomplaining venerating complying governable unworthy pliable ready amiable quiet genial nonresisting controllable following humiliating craven crawling toadyish creeping solicitous gracious awed non-resisting sequacious chivalrous courtly gallant admiring stoical long-suffering consenting ingratiatory shy cowed unobtrusive demure appreciative fatalistic reconciled philosophical non-resistant sheepish supplicatory assenting acceding cooperative flexible agreeing conforming approving persuadable timorous unambitious hesitant tentative apprehensive fearful enduring adapted well-disposed phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied quiescent stoic relinquishing adjusted accommodated unskilled supine well mannered well-mannered persuasible under someone's thumb boring degrading low-status mim self-conscious domesticated obeying bowing down comformable giving-in convincible kowtowing subordinate surrendering placable trainable disciplinable teachable handleable routine acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive game humdrum degraded contemptible worthless easily persuaded despicable sorry debased demeaning Uriah Heepish well-trained sordid low-grade reprehensible blue-collar good observant under control tender shabby dishonourable scungy detestable disciplined tedious common baseborn basic pacific horrible gloomy dishonorable dismal hangdog deplorable humiliated dejected outcast serene placid well trained well disciplined mellow devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike well-behaved honouring docious hearsome unquestioning moderate warm easy-going soft-hearted unassuming kind forgiving conciliatory warm-hearted compassionate tender-hearted indulgent good-natured modest sensitive sympathetic pleasant tranquil wrapped around finger on a string merciful affable peaceful equable chilled easy-oasy easygoing mild-mannered good-tempered flat good-humoured jejune good-humored vapid smooth forbearant adaptable manipulable responsive impressionable susceptible suggestible influenceable orderly easily influenced open happy receptive milky helpful easily handled lenient eager keen go-with-the-flow supple transformable bendy glad enthusiastic disposed seemly cool laid-back cheerful weak-kneed charitable supportive favorable favourable workable like putty in your hands rolls with punches putty in hands acceptive compromising restrained conformist willing to compromise assentient accordant consentient under someone's control unpretentious proper concurring trusting gullible submitting tameable childlike usable complacent able to be influenced putty in one's hands retiring easily swayed easily manipulated tamable weak ungrudging down-to-earth diffident selfless in accord in agreement mindful decorous wimpish frightened boneless trained untroublesome convenient amendable with the patience of Job onside pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero plain wussy well behaved well brought up moldable well-brought-up accessible companionable useful eager to help forthcoming eager to please inclined prepared pleased like a lamb to the slaughter glad to be of assistance nonviolent non-violent lifeless non-aggressive content set predisposed prone static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid motionless poker-faced moony idle unflappable desirous friendly zealous one fain minded dominated like-minded nothing loath so minded so-minded in favor in the mood in accord with in favour of a mind hands off subjugated bullied browbeaten benevolent kindly oppressed going through motions walking through it intimidated repressed generous nagged magnanimous unselfish neighbourly constrained uxorious understanding sweet nice henpecked bighearted breezy decent altruistic warmhearted ground down treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel softie marshmallow neighborly well disposed good-hearted willing to please kind-hearted even-tempered favourably disposed

Tính từ

Not open to views or opinions
small narrow-minded intolerant illiberal insular prejudiced disdainful xenophobic bigoted contemptuous hateful inflexible mean sectarian selfish set base grudging nasty petty small-minded vulgar Lilliputian parochial provincial narrow little picayune hidebound limited small-town inward-looking blinkered restricted localist parish-pump jerkwater dogmatic rigid myopic partisan short-sighted biased close-minded petty-minded conservative conventional diehard entrenched dyed-in-the-wool blimpish claustral reactionary discriminatory unsophisticated ungenerous local sectional strait-laced closed-minded prudish priggish moralistic prim starchy stuffy puritanical opinionated prissy chauvinist chauvinistic shockable unimaginative self-centred closed uncharitable puritan circumscribed set in one's ways contracted secluded sequestered confined separated factional fanatical borné inexorable obdurate self-centered clannish cliquish suburban shabby spiteful doctrinaire schismatic uninformed corn-fed upcountry exclusive extremist fanatic denominational cheap homespun rude bucolic simple homegrown unpolished outmoded unfashionable pastoral extreme mean-minded stingy ultra-conservative resentful vindictive contemptible malicious mean-spirited nonconformist religious sceptical nonconforming skeptical parti pris splinter dissident racialist sexist racist nationalistic unenlarged pigheaded introverted hick shallow regional partial one-sided strict Victorian unfair stiff old-fashioned jaundiced formal uncompromising old-maidish schoolmarmish schoolmistressy proper goody-goody warped Grundyish distorted square unjust obstinate severe niminy-piminy traditional coloured staid blind colored uptight fuddy-duddy anti-Semitic straitlaced prim and proper stick-in-the-mud homophobic of the old school tight-laced inequitable governessy mimsy sententious genteel Pecksniffian stubborn unadventurous censorious prepossessed twisted austere jingoistic zealous authoritarian smug dictatorial nice-nelly straightlaced bluenosed lopsided fundamentalist disapproving pompous despotic slanted stern anti-gay heterosexist tyrannical conforming individualistic buttoned-down stilted arrogant orthodox weighted influenced preferential conformist straight preconceived tendentious magisterial inclined predisposed button-down constricted one-eyed deaf shortsighted unpersuadable resistant self-righteous niggling trivial maniacal radical rabid militant short-term improvident overscrupulous holier-than-thou sanctimonious single-minded activist pedantic Pharisaic nationalist swivel-eyed hypocritical vain self-satisfied complacent superpatriotic squeamish old-maid overnice demure overmodest interested jingoist unobjective non-objective loaded overexact simpering pretentious scrupulous affected rigorous mincing artificial precise offish fastidious finicky unprogressive ultraconservative racially discriminatory racially prejudiced racially bigoted brassbound ageist disablist conditioned paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic lacking foresight unbalanced archconservative classist leaning fattist presupposing intransigent mossbacked unreasoning conspiratorial devoted overzealous accessory sympathetic adhering unsympathetic unforgiving intractable set in your ways reserved hard-line sedate set in one's opinions sober impersonal old-line old-school die-hard fixed in one's views misleading favorably favourably unrepresentative ascetic fogeyish deadly musty cynical bitter jealous irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse indignant snappy irate averse upset antipathetic unindulgent worked-up waspish unforbearing fractious tilted humourless fusty forbidding pietistic envious old-fogeyish suspicious self-important hot bloated supercilious humorless as dry as dust puffy foetid warm fetid smoky smelly important unenlightened sordid tight bourgeois undemocratic parsimonious alt-right tightfisted totalitarian miserly anti-democratic oppressive repressive hair-shirt spartan correct district disenchanted disillusioned hostile soured pessimistic traditionalist decorous close-fisted draconian fascist stodgy misanthropic invidious green-eyed distrustful disappointed covetous town abstemious moral abstinent assertive Pooterish respectable doctrinal Biedermeier ceremonial ceremonious antiliberal proscriptive greedy penny-pinching emphatic overbearing imperious peremptory civic parish comme il faut straight-laced bien pensant pontifical neighbourhood vernacular geographical legendary territorial divisional bounded neighborhood yellow unenthusiastic tainted jaded unindifferent opprobrious imperative domineering insistent adamant high-handed authoritative arbitrary downright unchallengeable self-opinionated unquestionable categorical unyielding opinionative unbending opinioned fascistic cocksure confident definite stiff-necked egotistical unequivocal tenacious determined dictative wrong-headed bullheaded high and mighty

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