Đồng nghĩa của wily

Alternative for wily

wilier, wiliest

Đồng nghĩa: artful, canny, clever, crafty, cunning, foxy, shifty, shrewd, slippery, sly, smooth, tricky,


Sly, cunning, full of tricks
cunning scheming crafty shrewd sly tricky artful designing foxy guileful sharp astute deceptive arch cagey deceitful intriguing crooked canny devious fly sharp-witted shifty smart calculating disingenuous Machiavellian subtle underhand beguiling cagy cheating clever cute dishonest dodgy double-dealing heads-up Janus-faced pawky slick slim carny deep greasy insidious knowing sagacious slippery smooth sneaky streetwise underhanded vulpine crazy like a fox duplicitous unscrupulous treacherous conniving shady ingenious savvy intelligent fraudulent two-faced furtive sneaking unprincipled stealthy untrustworthy dishonourable secret surreptitious clandestine unethical dishonorable manipulative shonky unfair perceptive quick-witted bent snide covert false acute politic dirty skilful skillful discerning indirect resourceful immoral conspiratorial wise lying evasive secretive roguish adroit judicious plotting dubious disreputable insincere on the ball contriving undercover backstairs perfidious quick hugger-mugger hush-hush hole-and-corner dexterous oblique dextrous street smart rogue fast inventive dissembling keen cautious corrupt brilliant underground illegal deceiving private perspicacious sneak mendacious stealth privy two-timing discreet elusive suss behind-the-scenes brainy street-smart knavish under the table mean discriminating hidden insightful experienced misleading bright hypocritical untruthful defrauding prudent snidey adept heady sapient careful slinking skulking deft unlawful traitorous argute hollow-hearted false-hearted truthless long-headed clear-sighted clear-eyed double-faced double-crossing sub-rosa imaginative swindling unsporting delusive nefarious unsportsmanlike quick on the uptake sensible under wraps fiendish observant rascally hardheaded unreliable tactful cloaked media-savvy seasoned iffy worldly circumspect hard-boiled bluffing unjust black considerate fishy below the belt astucious wary serpentine dirty-dealing whip-smart conspiring worldly-wise alert as sharp as a tack masterly proficient razor-sharp penetrating hardened mischievous intuitive captious illusory low chary collusive sage low-down impish counterfeit criminal tricksy hoodwinking incisive cowardly snaky sensitive contemptible heedful dangerous amoral back-alley cloak-and-dagger illicit diplomatic Punic strategic polite unconscionable opportunistic thoughtful sinister concealed delicate fly-by-night tactical nimble-witted catlike enigmatic catty silent feline noiseless gracious courteous not born yesterday quick off the mark having been around colluding full of plans exploitative caballing leery enterprising feigned wry witted delusory uncandid not candid not frank stinky bootleg shrouded veiled nifty piercing handy mean-spirited unpredictable unfrank unveracious crazy like fox controlling murky gingerly premeditating safe guarded salty ornery hostile suspicious dicey irresponsible unfaithful not entirely truthful terminologically inexact under the counter cynical errant obliquitous erring gimmicky slimy undependable deviant shrewdness opportunist unhonest planful ambidextrous complicitous craft malicious cutthroat lubricious sideways sidelong under-the-table fugitive playing politics put on playing games perilous ensnaring backhanded wormlike malfeasant expedient bogus sham economical with the truth faking one out not straightforward quiet neat slinky sussed cloak and dagger disguised creepy behind someone's back masked recreant backbiting villainous unctuous subversive shorthanded sly like a fox understanding on the QT on the quiet left- handed unsafe unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable uncertain inconstant mutable variable hole and corner downy able frugal watchful hep complicit not to be trusted conciliatory capable bland treating with kid gloves suave genius sharp as a tack with it nasty like a snake in the grass having fancy footwork plausible rascal off mock phoney pretended spurious bum seeming catchy fake phony imposturous despicable faithless sophisticated no fool base percipient urbane qualified expert knowledgeable unprovincial aware knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool not missing a trick with all one's wits about one competent enlightened quick-thinking vile sentient conversant cognizant sordid cheap ignominious quick on the trigger gentle beggarly shameful squalid rotten ungentlemanly respectful sympathetic well-informed clued-up well informed with-it tuned-in profound foul unpleasant scurvy shabby detestable paltry worthless yellow fallacious foresighted execrable illegitimate wretched sleazy grubby abject inequitable unsportsmanly ignoble accurate probing farsighted shark calculated inside sorry deplorable scummy lame currish scungy lousy softly-softly kid-glove ratty scabby far-sighted low-minded far-seeing off-color ill-gotten wised up in the know on the inside on top of up on out of order not cricket against the rules puckish wicked playful devilish saucy pixieish naughty scampish pixie teasing cheeky leprechaunish waggish frolicsome pixy prankish tongue-in-cheek flippant elfin elvish affected coy pert rational practical sound reasonable pragmatic logical commonsensical realistic sane informed levelheaded down-to-earth sober learned erudite well-advised nimble commonsense intellectual matter-of-fact ready provident businesslike level-headed good critical analytical hard penetrative reasoned scholarly unsentimental rapier-like vigilant exceptional well advised cool mature fine common-sense supersmart ultrasmart apt advisable cultivated reflective hyperintelligent gifted unidealistic no-nonsense cultured analytic well-founded objective desirable pragmatical gnostic clear grounded hard-headed educated justified well judged agile well-reasoned philosophical tough searching trenchant solid responsible earthy utilitarian commonsensible witty just unromantic unfantastic full of insight real hard-nosed sharp-sighted contemplative considered well-grounded reliable responsive refined cerebral well thought out balanced thinking visionary whiz precocious firm cogent well-thought-out coherent active valid well reasoned showing great knowledge with great knowledge forearmed razor-edged knife-like quick on the draw tasteful thrifty economical selective prescient open-eyed with both feet on the ground tough-minded intent sharpened cool-headed genuine keen-witted judgmatical judgmatic seemly hard-bitten dependable creative cosmopolitan razor-like ratiocinative truthful insighted parsimonious forethoughtful sophic skilled artistic unwasteful true finely honed lucid clear-thinking joined-up penny-pinching philosophic deductive exact proven precise prompt polished awake conscious thorough prosaic together wide awake attentive well-judged cluey well grounded all there thinking twice playing safe tuned in hedging one's bets knows what's what with one's feet on the ground ear to the ground exquisite self-aware einstein real-life factual healthy hip razor sharp inquisitive clairvoyant well-balanced appropriate concise satisfying dinkum succinct punchy crisp pithy advantageous recommended beneficial profitable adult satisfactory exacting detailed complex decent estimable enquiring questioning inquiring receptive lively alive original gainful worthwhile lifelike naturalistic natural acuminous fitting appreciative innovative wise to robust unemotional resolute intractable swift PDQ brisk to the point effective effectual well balanced efficacious vigorous mercurial curt wired seasonable judicial well a good idea true-life straight deliberate grown-up having smarts genial well-read well read well educated inspired deliberated smart as a whip talented serious abstruse recondite smart as a tack sparing with both one's feet on the ground innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean elaborate innovatory equipped esoteric weighty arcane pioneering miserly economic hermetic hermetical particular well-prepared hang tough stand pat locked in tough nut deviceful cogitative acroamatic occult orphic abstemious scrimping economizing forehanded serious-minded consequent practised fastidious fair stingy masterful nimble-fingered saving prepared tight full of common sense thinking outside the box discriminative efficient accomplished trustworthy selfish materialistic grasping blasé economising professional crack impressive au courant discriminatory discriminational differential worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous ace nippy wizard practiced virtuoso workmanlike bravura in right mind callous self-centered self-centred disenchanted uptown power-loving mondain justifiable veridical faultless collected unquestionable certain veracious synthetic credible infallible trustable reasoning penny-wise finely judged habile aesthetic nice having all one's marbles steady-going rigorous substantiated secure confirmed errorless sure corroborated colorable meticulous sincere impeccable inerrant validated verified fleet well versed in the ways of the world worldly wise been around choosy picky individualising opinionated individualizing choicy esthetic finical select eclectic persnickety fussy finicky certified defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive open stringent empiric having know-how with good taste recognized faithful kosher sanctioned significant orthodox legit canonical reputable recognised having good hands reserved measured reticent apprehensive mindful tentative conservative hesitant suspecting scrupulous restrained precautious legal tried-and-true on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on the lookout on your guard belt-and-braces with reservations watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes with eyes peeled taking it slow on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled

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