Đồng nghĩa của elusive

Alternative for elusive

Đồng nghĩa: evasive, subtle,

Tính từ

Difficult to find, catch, or achieve

Tính từ

Barely perceptible to the senses
subtle impalpable imperceptible indistinguishable slight minute undetectable small fine inappreciable indiscernible unnoticeable indistinct faint unapparent inconspicuous indefinite vague unperceivable imperceivable illusive tenuous implied sheer undistinguishable attenuate ethereal inferred attenuated thin barely visible hard to make out tiny infinitesimal inaudible invisible microscopic insensible gradual shadowy ephemeral insignificant trivial inconsiderable imponderable momentary evanescent intangible inconsequential negligible minuscule unobservable nanoscopic unobtrusive impossible to detect obscure barely perceptible odorless indetectable untraceable hidden teeny-weeny unclear teensy-weensy odourless light undiscernible unfathomable minor unimportant trifling petty immaterial paltry exiguous piffling piddling not worth bothering about of no account not worth mentioning nugatory little frivolous measly picayune of no consequence niggling incidental nominal Mickey Mouse irrelevant fiddling footling meagre of no importance small-fry meager worthless pimping piddly nickel-and-dime no-account lightweight insubstantial de minimis of little account foolish scanty peanut minimal meaningless casual chicken pointless nonessential inadequate insufficient derisory pitiful of little importance of little consequence pathetic mingy poxy small-bore puny secondary unsubstantial lesser inessential non-essential of no moment superficial miserable marginal mean dinky small-time ignorable silly beggarly trite token not worth speaking of base pettifogging purportless second-rate shoestring wee wretched sorry scant peripheral pitiable nondescript low atomic neither here nor there ungenerous mere shallow two-bit skimpy idle useless flimsy valueless cheap of minor importance minor-league of no great concern low-ranking diminutive shabby twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante ghostly slender senseless ineffectual all the same perfunctory hollow mild subsidiary symbolic unintelligible smaller empty neglectable everyday incomprehensible commonplace toytown lilliputian wanky of no matter beside the point skin-deep vanishing trashy set common shoddy sleazy narrow unconsequential limited bush-league smalltime nothing uncelebrated unessential unnecessary soft inarticulate extraneous scratch unconsiderable contemptible inferior subordinate lower junior inconsequent of little import hard to understand teeny itsy-bitsy itty-bitty unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp weensy microscopical miniature microminiature teensy eensy-weensy bitsy bitty weeny abstract extremely small titchy very small little-bitty tiddly no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero airy little bitty incorporeal untouchable non-physical concealed dim bodiless disembodied aerial unembodied invisible to the naked eye obscured unseen transcendental unreal unearthly phantom wraithlike spectral supernatural unbodied spiritual unseeable shrouded unnoticed unobserved cloaked phantasmal discarnate disincarnate phantasmic clouded unexposed disguised surreptitious discreet undercover camouflaged nonexistent masked veiled secret undetected eclipsed unrevealed imperceptible to the touch uncertain abstruse rare hypothetical evasive unquantifiable indeterminate eluding evading unsure perdu covert vaporous imaginary latent unviewable screened gaseous undisclosed covered under wraps not in view not in sight not visible out of sight in the dark out of view

Tính từ

Difficult for the mind to grasp
intangible impalpable abstract invisible airy ethereal incorporeal insubstantial non-physical untouchable aerial bodiless dim disembodied immaterial unembodied vague ghostly indefinite phantom shadowy spectral spiritual supernatural transcendental unbodied unearthly unreal wraithlike discarnate disincarnate evanescent phantasmal phantasmic unsubstantial abstruse eluding evading evasive hypothetical imperceptible imperceptible to the touch imponderable inappreciable indeterminate insensible rare slender slight unapparent uncertain unobservable unquantifiable unsure indefinable unclear indescribable mysterious obscure hazy nameless inexpressible undescribable unanalysable fugitive subtle delicate imprecise indiscernible fine indistinct nebulous tenuous thin unperceivable hard to describe hard to define unanalyzable unable to be touched nonmaterial metaphysical nonphysical formless imaginary illusory dreamlike unworldly dreamy celestial incorporate apparitional unfleshly spiritlike asomatous disbodied psychic uncorporal heavenly subjective visionary vaporous fanciful chimerical hallucinatory indistinguishable light imagined faint discorporate dainty non-existent fancied false obscured fuzzy fragile figmental delusive blurry rarefied diaphanous blurred frail bleary gauzy murky foggy misty opaque pale blear nonexistent gaseous out of focus ill-defined non-material uncorporeal flimsy wispy weightless remote sketchy volatile frivolous not material obfuscated faded imperfect confused illusive ghostlike exquisite gossamer ephemeral illusionary inexistent gossamery puny fly-by-night unsound infirm petty idle decrepit beautiful elegant graceful make-believe undefined fictitious mythical fabulous inviolable sacrosanct fairy fluffy lovely refined pretend invented unrecognizable hidden made-up mock fantastic holy sacred hallowed unassailable undetermined nebulose concealed phantasmagoric ideal too little too late otherworldly waiflike filmy vapory eerie unseen inconspicuous unrecognisable cloudy legendary dreamed-up unseeable shrouded unnoticeable lacking definition fantasied seeming storybook chimeric mythic artificial fantastical fake theoretical imaginal fairy-tale fictional notional pretended unnoticed undetectable imperceivable unobserved cloaked ostensible sham insincere phoney clouded unexposed disguised surreptitious unobtrusive discreet fabled unnatural supposititious weird faux misleading romantic incredible reproduction reachy fictive suppositious replica phony imitation unbelievable undercover camouflaged masked veiled secret undetected eclipsed unrevealed perdu under wraps covert not in view not in sight not visible latent out of sight unviewable screened in the dark undisclosed covered out of view impossible to detect out of this world invulnerable

Tính từ

Having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
slippery cunning evasive sneaky tricky crafty devious untrustworthy false shifty dishonest duplicitous sly treacherous unpredictable unreliable artful foxy shady slick two-faced wily contriving deceitful deceptive guileful scheming dodgy fugitive furtive iffy Janus-faced sneaking snide stealthy shonky cagey changeable fly-by-night hard to pin down inconstant insecure mutable uncertain unsafe unstable unsteady variable designing double-dealing crooked subtle underhand unscrupulous calculating sharp bluffing dishonorable traitorous dishonourable secretive conniving roguish secret astute shrewd covert captious canny smart intriguing dissembling ingenious smooth illusory plotting delusive underhanded insidious slim clever Machiavellian disingenuous beguiling cute fly manipulative cagy carny skillful skilful nifty mean impish arch mischievous fraudulent corrupt cheating unfair clandestine surreptitious lying swindling bent hidden cloaked disreputable conspiratorial perfidious deceiving mendacious unprincipled underground slinking untruthful hugger-mugger skulking hush-hush rascally dirty unjust immoral criminal unethical illegal amoral unlawful knavish oblique stealth undercover sideways behind-the-scenes sneak indirect sidelong private backstairs hole-and-corner privy under-the-table defrauding malfeasant fast rogue black double-faced hollow-hearted false-hearted truthless masked under the table behind someone's back circumspect cloak and dagger disguised cautious sub-rosa creepy hoodwinking insincere sinister misleading recreant backbiting double-crossing unctuous two-timing villainous hole and corner under wraps dubious hypocritical faithless base questionable unfaithful untrue disloyal counterfeit fishy fake low phoney phony wicked nefarious venal feigned bad suspect sham suspicious unsportsmanlike unsporting undependable foul wrong pretended spurious nasty artificial unsavoury sordid scandalous reprobate rapacious unconscionable low-down illicit contemptible despicable corruptible evil ignoble backhanded seedy unsavory below the belt thieving murky scoundrelly degenerate shameless discreditable larcenous sticky-fingered bogus cutthroat light-fingered mock shameful unpleasant phony-baloney phoney-baloney pilfering bribable vile fickle delusory conscienceless grafting mealymouthed mealy dirty-dealing jive double buyable lawless kleptomaniacal rotten Pecksniffian lip inequitable fallacious irresponsible unprofessional mercenary snidey deep sleazy improper left-handed depraved specious iniquitous back-stabbing inglorious scurvy not to be trusted predatory pretend vicious dissimulating Punic unsound thievish fabricated dark concocted invalid corrupted not dependable intelligent vulpine perjured sinful spoliative plunderous piratic shabby trustless fibbing invented dastardly ignominious off disgraceful sketchy malicious unworthy cheap incorrect knowing forged distorted abject wrongful deluding slimy sharp-witted exploitative unfounded not cricket mean-spirited economical with the truth unregenerate stealing streetwise adroit mysterious purchasable apocryphal imaginary nimble-fingered funny fair-weather hollow untrusty notorious fictitious irregular unloyal made up doubtful ruthless distasteful cooked-up not candid not frank seamy not to be depended on unwarranted vulgar unwholesome cowardly unveracious arrant felonious inaccurate astucious erroneous tricksy pseudo ambidextrous fiendish illegitimate cynical prevaricating equivocating imitation dissolute suborned ill-gotten inexact beggarly detestable wretched licentious snaky reprehensible casuistic canting grubby flawed adulterous cloak-and-dagger worthless dangerous petty deplorable scummy sorry treasonable back-alley falsified affected warped low-minded mistaken out of order simulated renegade treasonous glib apostate keen resourceful contrived faked coloured counterfactual greasy dexterous against the rules pawky colored cod of dubious character dextrous on the take trumped up potentially illegal betraying trumped-up snake in the grass contraband shadowy suspected disbelieved equivocal kleptic theftuous furacious uncandid corruptable wrongdoing conspiring unfrank incorrigible unconscientious Byzantine stinky bootleg sleazoid sleazo queer macabre dicey mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate wanton salty ornery hostile not entirely truthful terminologically inexact tortuous plausible rascal bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous overdone exaggerated indefensible raffish intentionally misleading selfish degrading self-seeking degraded cowboy unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for deviant bamboozling against the law obnoxious offensive devilish under the counter buccaneering put-on lacking sincerity paltering collusive unhonest wayward repellent repulsive objectionable rough disagreeable rudderless acute self-righteous sanctimonious unnecessary backstabbing left- handed fink pretentious pseud wry witted pixieish scampish pixie leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish observant heedful alert opportunist assumed heads-up concealed untrusted opportunistic pillaging plundering sagacious masterly adept not trustworthy inventive pretending misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying not on out of turn falsehearted malevolent forsworn mythomaniac perilous ensnaring wormlike with tongue in cheek good-for-nothing expedient proficient politic frolicsome imaginative deft savvy infamous prostituted faux shrouded veiled grotty subversive seditious double dealing pinching shoplifting pocket-picking boorish uncouth revolting rude churlish coarse gross not to be relied upon rebellious lubricious avaricious grasping crazy like a fox doubting committing perjury a bit much louche adopted wolfish mutinous experienced like a snake in the grass unrighteous unseemly unqualified inauthentic improvised framed devised cooked up noisome repugnant filching flighty errant obliquitous erring gimmicky shocking simoniac simoniacal padded decadent breakaway negligent profiteering dud jivey hypocritic oily pharisaical unnatural feigning non-existent made-up flimflam scam unbelieving biased prejudiced street-smart street smart on the QT on the quiet open to bribery squalid ungentlemanly extortionate open pharisaic Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical playing politics put on playing games dummy unauthentic over the fence a bit thick unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating fabulous out misguided crazy like fox discriminatory abhorrent faking one out not straightforward paltry outrageous opprobrious disorderly piratical mythical in error mythological actorly quack execrable unsportsmanly disgusting indecent crass tawdry abominable graceless of bad reputation shy unrespectable shoddy partisan low-life no-good odious unfactual nonfactual fictional baseless lame currish scungy lousy smooth-spoken smooth-tongued beastly ratty scabby discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted pitiable lowly lewd derogatory libidinous so-called not genuine make-believe fast and loose off-color dual gone to the dogs weighted intolerant slanted preferential no good in bad in low esteem in the doghouse undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary faulty blameworthy culpable cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious unreal imprecise one-sided non-objective uncalled-for misrepresentative sophistical factitious ersatz

Tính từ

Intellectually hard to comprehend or resolve
baffling inexplicable mysterious puzzling mystifying unfathomable incomprehensible perplexing impenetrable obscure cryptic enigmatic bewildering confusing abstruse unclear unaccountable opaque strange wildering unexplained weird bemusing beyond one difficult to understand hard to understand really hard very hard over one's head ambiguous inscrutable arcane complicated complex deep difficult Delphic unintelligible esoteric recondite hard involved labyrinthine equivocal enigmatical oracular confounding paradoxical unknowable sibylline elliptical intricate secret dark convoluted occult mystic insoluble elliptic beyond comprehension double-edged hidden indecipherable unsolved murky odd nebulous unexplainable fuliginous fathomless clear as mud incognizable sphinxlike contradictory inconsistent oblique vague profound befuddling surprising peculiar uncanny illogical knotty Byzantine ungraspable concealed mystical inconceivable veiled cabalistic absurd impossible to understand unresolved incongruous secretive unsolvable disconcerting insolvable funny as clear as mud ironic disorienting bamboozling riddling unimaginable cabbalistic uncertain Greek obfuscated beyond one's grasp beats me doubtful uncomprehensible abstract clandestine coded hermetic hermetical out of one's depth two-edged amazing unintuitive stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering thorny taxing misleading incalculable Daedalian stupefying Gordian astounding shadowy unresolvable unanswerable muddling beyond you indiscernible beyond understanding undiscoverable ticklish worrying mind-bending clouded shrouded cloaked full of surprises heavy mysterial ineffable blurring unsettling spiny cryptical irresolvable inextricable unconcluded muddlesome mistakable subtle apocryphal teasing stickling covert evasive Delphian stumping too deep improbable impossible uninterpretable without a solution unable to be solved illegible technical incredible indecisive little known inaccessible challenging dense indeterminate far-out Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater indefinite indistinct hazy foggy anomalous conflicting oxymoronic self-contradictory dubious hard to follow all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head amphibological nubilous tenebrous purblind imperceptive all Greek to you curious bizarre queer unnatural stealthy unknown cagey subjective

Tính từ

In an isolated or remote location
hard to find isolated inaccessible remote faraway unreachable distant out-of-the-way difficult to get to out of the way secluded lonely cut-off off the beaten track far far-off outlying far-flung godforsaken obscure lonesome unget-at-able removed unfrequented hidden retired off the map Barcoo in the hinterlands jerkwater lone in the back of beyond in the backwoods in the booay in the sticks in the backblocks in the backveld in the platteland in the middle of nowhere in the tall timbers beyond the black stump private sequestered unapproachable away beyond god-knows-where backwoods in a backwater off-lying cut off off the beaten path deep undiscovered concealed quiet tucked away cloistered solitary secret undisturbed far-out middle of nowhere boondocks impervious foreign unknown apart in the depths of … inconvenient hidden away disconnected unsettled off beaten track sheltered back incommunicado impassable covert frontier uncontactable wild alien outlandish far off far removed blockaded personal shrouded reclusive insular uninhabited screened separate seclusive set apart deserted shut off inconspicuous off the grid segregated desolate unvisited in the boondocks barren peripheral outer abandoned unpeopled unexplored neglected vacant outermost forgotten virgin forsaken unoccupied vacated exotic strange empty unpopulated bare untenanted forlorn far-removed furthest provincial unattainable detached fringe evacuated uncivilized unmapped untravelled uncultivated disused extreme uncivilised external new uncharted desert unused derelict bleak afar depopulated dreary outside beyond reach free waste out of reach uninhabitable hard to get to marooned nonnative un-get-at-able hard-to-reach ulterior abroad aloof ruined void rejected unfamiliar well away marginal suburban border perimeter unplumbed rough inhospitable trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged destroyed at a distance a long way stone's throw a good way unresearched untouched in the distance in the boonies unidentified unsurveyed unheard-of unnamed miles away farthest remotest furthermost disowned destitute uninviting sad depressing cheerless lorn little known not mapped ultimate farthermost utmost dissociated separated disengaged divorced companionless friendless without a friend in the world lost homesick outmost disparate beyond your ken independent outward severed withdrawn extrinsic extraneous

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