Đồng nghĩa của attenuate

Alternative for attenuate

attenuates, attenuated, attenuating

Đồng nghĩa: attenuated, faded, rarefy, weakened,

Động từ

To relieve or alleviate (a demand, desire or feeling)
quench relieve dull blunt reduce diminish lessen allay assuage deaden mitigate quell check sate damp still alleviate decrease slake lighten lower stifle cool smother overcome suppress extinguish curb take the edge off moderate ease temper abate weaken palliate soften mollify tone down soothe dilute curtail subdue de-escalate dampen minimize calm relax cut minimise help modify appease dwindle ebb cut down wind down ease off deplete downsize drop limit depress restrain extenuate impair downscale slash scale down cut back dial down take the sting out taper quiet ameliorate pacify quieten lull placate degrade shrink erode decrement cushion sweeten dent tranquilize make less roll back tranquillize take the bite out pare down tail off contract remit depreciate narrow slacken trim muffle wane heal lenify prune make smaller thin pare mute minify soft-pedal commute couch taper off bring down decline clip knock down run down make cutbacks in trim down mark down drop off pour oil on take down put a damper on trim back damp down step down peter out slow shorten salve ration smooth control shave address improve round down whittle down subside numb satisfy diffuse kill adjust compose fill surfeit disempower make nice put a stop to put an end to reduce punishment wear away wear down decelerate ratchet down phase down make weaker sap benumb cauterize water down axe hebetate desensitise cauterise obtund enfeeble disable debilitate desensitize cripple undermine dry up ax devaluate sink cast down tighten amortise downgrade qualify amortize slow down make less intense put the lid on put damper on tame discount truncate abridge keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum cut back on treat make lighter nurse cure attend succor shift put off throw out reduce weight disburden free pour out disencumber take a load off empty jettison levitate take eradicate remove upraise unload uplight change comfort unburden facilitate remedy nourish doctor rehabilitate balm make better succour excuse reduce the force of restrict inhibit let up dock retrench fall off slack off rein in slump fade discourage abbreviate decay droop settle degenerate waste syncopate elide devitalize calm down deteriorate evaporate run low crumble lose edge narrow down die down wither shrivel modulate slim down dulcify hold back revise constrict lapse recede fall bridle drain rebate mark off economize economise plummet plunge relent bate restraint play down contain phase out pall defuse chill make reductions in retrench on salami-slice cheapen die away blur become smaller fall away die out grow less drain away become less grow smaller scale back take the heat off deflate deter tail away conciliate silence blanket dash slow up admix fix up mellow take sting out patch things up revamp monkey around with cool out take the bite out of chill out transmogrify fine tune switch make reasonable take the sting out of stamp out propitiate cloud throw cold water on undervalue pour cold water on lower in price devalue cut in price gentle peter dulcorate honey reconcile sugar deduct write down lower the price of undersell make cheaper put on sale cut short chop lop subtract disgrade demerit render worthless offer at a giveaway price drive down reduce the price of write off halt crop tighten up cramp break off put the brakes on get to meat put a restriction on rein back boil down put a limit on put in nutshell compromise damage dispirit crush overwhelm deject subjugate dismay trouble ail break dishearten demoralize disturb disrupt oppress daunt upset squelch shake sadden enervate infringe interfere with place a limit on encroach on humble bother weary perturb abase distress defeat overpower chagrin weigh down demoralise cast a pall over bum out bear down on beat down

Động từ

To become weaker or of poorer quality
fail dwindle disappear fade wane decrease diminish lessen degenerate deplete deteriorate fall subside vanish drain languish lower dim dissipate wither decline abate decay plummet disperse sink gutter recede dissolve drop reduce weaken die away go down die out go downhill give out wind down become less grow less become weak peter out fizzle out go away fade away grow dim die down tail off drain away wear off drop off waste away fall away ebb moderate taper ease shrink relent remit taper off de-escalate slacken let up pall ratchet down phase down ease off contract slump flag melt away alleviate slack off plunge relax fall off slow drop away grow smaller nosedive come to an end droop evanesce evaporate grow faint sag collapse melt shrivel trail thin fade out depreciate descend temper mitigate trail off soften get smaller desist slip crash quell subdue quieten get less ease up slacken off terminate blur rachet down become smaller close settle down minify slack cool off become lower get lower wilt atrophy perish dematerialize emaciate fly go lag flee crumble disintegrate etiolate give way give in hush fold quiet deliquesce grow feeble evanish rarefy tire clear go through the floor abbreviate hit the floor extenuate retrench make smaller be on the way out lull become unimportant fall short allay assuage relieve calm stop halt become weaker decelerate unlax end chill out coast cool cool it dull pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud depress lighten quieten down mollify downsize downscale draw to a close vanish into thin air die on vine erode still cease slake dampen downgrade calm down tone down die off devaluate devalue come to a stop fall down level off come down take the bite out cut amputate take the sting out impair crop roll back cut back slack up clip abridge soft-pedal slow down retrogress get quieter mark down write down become softer get softer become quieter dip tumble dive go downwards take a nosedive nose-dive die waste pass dry up falter faint dispel pass away withdraw wear away depart settle cease to exist trail away rot regress run out break down come to nothing shrivel up check sicken be no more pine tail away worsen wizen run low wear down retrograde rebate be forgotten grow weak leave go into a decline cease to be wear out run dry curb come to a halt drop out of sight turn down curtail vaporize restrain scatter lose edge narrow down moulder succumb hang conk out desiccate disassemble finish lose strength concentrate parch diffuse be destroyed grow weaker molder bedim pale exit retrocede vaporise darken become limp minimize become emaciated thin out age minimise be abandoned wither away devolve retire relapse decrement be neglected be disregarded become extinct be lost to view recede from view become obsolete be dispelled clear out be lost to sight make less intense melt into thin air make faint pass into oblivion disappear from the face of the earth slash set modify cut down weary clear up fizzle stall malfunction break pack up lose intensity ebb away peter peak mummify fall through dehydrate dehumidify lose courage swag loll give up sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over dry rescind shape elongate bate pine away decompose cave in weather flow away disband squander banish lose its effect lose its effectiveness be gone become unproductive grow barren grow sterile volatilize dent phase out thin down close out drive away numb end gradually constrict deflate blast blight retreat be engulfed unmake dilapidate be invisible become invisible spread become shrunken be used up cease to yield totter impoverish cripple debase vitiate lose tremble limp become marcescent expire become enfeebled become debilitated become stale knock down pare down make less boil away bend dangle become indistinct become vague become blurred come to a halt end come to a an end infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost break into pieces flop bow go missing disappear from sight be lost be exterminated lose spirit break up fall back pull out return back away drop back become shadowy become confused stoop hang down move away go back be wiped out mute back retract move back drape lose significance decrease in importance pale into insignificance go south be done for cease to be known leave no trace come to naught back off move further off sling slouch suspend lop lean draw away draw back flow back make dim become flaccid lose lustre take a turn for the worse have a relapse suffer a relapse get ill again get worse again tucker long hunger make less bright tire out let down hanker yearn teeter ail brood despond grow dull go to pieces knock out go soft vanish from sight pass from sight cease to be visible vanish off the face of the earth

Động từ

Use up the supply or resources of
deplete consume drain exhaust expend empty reduce spend decrease evacuate use up lessen milk sap diminish absorb bleed burn devour lower bankrupt impoverish slash suck dry draw draw down finish pare down play out slim down squander undermine waste weaken cut back dig into dry up eat up run down wash up use utilize employ dissipate utilise frivol away get through go through finish up run through fritter away swallow up wear out run up bleed dry empty out put to use throw away blow through have recourse to take last of avail oneself of run out deprive fleece void tap clean out ruin clear finish off unload exploit vacate draw off purge unburden burn up squeeze wipe out siphon extract syphon strain dispatch dry eat break bust dispose of gut wreck make use of discharge pauperize guzzle expel disburden run out of bring to ruin bring down take up burn through pump out enervate fray trash suck the life out of bring to its knees occupy blow pay out fritter dispel disperse gobble exhaust one's supply of divert catheterize rid free strip destroy burn out annihilate liquidate ravage engulf demolish filter off get rid of free from get last drop envelop devastate crush make destitute decimate ruinate disencumber divest pump raze draft lay waste pillage beggar disfigure draught cripple financially reduce to beggary unpack release eject remove dump withdraw unlade disgorge decant leak leave pour out siphon off flow out make void clear out make vacant consume the contents of rush out remove the contents of

Động từ

Lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, especially gradually or insidiously
undermine weaken sabotage subvert threaten damage hurt impair compromise disable injure cripple diminish reduce ruin sap enfeeble hinder impede mar spoil botch shake debilitate disempower eat away whittle away blunt challenge corrode demoralise demoralize dent destabilise destabilize dig emasculate foil foul up frustrate mine sandbag soften thwart torpedo tunnel wear wreck dig out drag through the mud hollow out chip away at clip one's wings queer the pitch of poke full of holes knock the bottom out of put the kibosh on throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of harm destroy vitiate lessen blemish break blight tarnish erode disrupt decrease enervate deface disfigure debase flaw endamage crab crush corrupt bloody taint ravage cross up water down devitalize dilute smash sully invalidate shatter prejudice shrink wound deplete cut impoverish jeopardize undercut lower besmirch take the edge off wear away undo demolish thin trash devastate temper annihilate defile dismantle jeopardise total mess up be detrimental to abate gut blot cause detriment to unsettle consume deteriorate degrade curb check limit devalue etiolate moderate pervert mitigate contract wither rough up adulterate devaluate tire shock interfere with incapacitate queer stain waste discolour discolor desecrate infect scorch batter constrict dirty calm vandalize have a bad effect on smash up louse up muck up mangle raze assuage do harm to wreak havoc on smirch be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to soothe ease vandalise crack be deleterious to play havoc with drive a nail into the coffin of knock sap the strength of gnaw use up blacken whittle crool bruise influence lead astray pull the rug out from under scotch endanger scupper imperil upset cost prostrate minimize minimise detract demean belittle dislocate dim have a negative effect on atrophy bodge blow soil befoul chip away dilapidate cause the sacrifice of result in harm to cause the loss of warp debauch deprave manipulate put at risk distort blotch speckle drain emaciate exhaust shrivel result in damage to lead to the end of nick mutilate rob from wear down knock off balance wrench touch afflict depress disturb curtail lighten deflate dissipate rarefy extenuate offset handle roughly strike at the foundations wear out blast inconvenience prune set a bad example extend lace sophisticate disfeature excavate numb dull bleach scratch play merry hell with abuse fade tear bang up stab lacerate scathe maltreat do damage to wrong maim split cause injury pollute rust rot contaminate burn disintegrate tamper with dump on do mischief to deaden dampen infringe encroach on screw up detract from shake up take out downsize narrow restrict downscale make feebler pare down cut down cut back retrench burrow hollow gouge make feeble put out of commission throw a monkey wrench into put out of action cool thin out worsen allay muffle reduce the power of deprive of force knock down make weaker de-escalate soften up cut away slake mollify benumb damp sate pull the teeth of appease alleviate cauterize remove the sting from relieve reduce the powers of place a limit on tone down hebetate desensitise cauterise obtund put a damper on desensitize unfit ding disqualify tweak cheapen gouge out cut out lose strength make useless

Tính từ

Thin or haggard, especially from hunger or disease
emaciated skeletal gaunt wasted haggard thin bony cadaverous pinched skinny atrophied attenuated scrawny undernourished lean scraggy angular half-starved raw-boned size-zero stick-like underweight weak anorexic drawn shriveled shrivelled shrunken starved underfed withered wizened consumptive famished lank macilent meagre meager peaked phthisical skeletonlike skin-and-bones skin and bones thin as a rake thin as rail like a bag of bones looking like a bag of bones slender slim rangy spindly slight spare lanky narrow svelte delicate sylphlike willowy trim slightly built stick threadlike rarefied rawboned lissom lithe boney gracile fatless snake-hipped wiry clean-limbed puny gangly gangling stalky reedy weedy rickety slinky beanstalk small beanpole fragile fleshless lightweight twiglike wan ethereal featherweight twiggy graceful all skin and bones thin as a rail tall fine frail thread-like wispy as thin as a reed undersized feeble gawky underdeveloped shadow stilt subtle pole tapered pint-sized tapering light skin and bone without an ounce of fat stark limber loose-limbed long-limbed refined extended thinned lengthened slimmed extenuated elongated stretched out spun out drawn out thinned down lithesome spindling lissome aciculate acicular pencil-thin spindle-shanked stringy hollow-cheeked anorectic starveling as thin as a rake hollow-eyed leggy very thin hungry lantern-jawed little long-legged ultrathin skin-and-bone scraggly wraithlike spidery worn to a shadow stilted sharp awkward sinewy hairline paper-thin needlelike slim-jim waifish sticklike long like a rail malnourished loose-jointed like a skeleton like a matchstick bare tenuous rattleboned broomstick over-thin no fat raddled peaky skeleton looking like death warmed up Lilliputian meek undersize homuncular stunted diminutive tiny shrimpy stubby pint-size dwarf peewee fun size small-boned dwarfish shrimp squat elfin pygmy runtish bantam midget mere short a slip of a … petite

Tính từ

Having a physically small size or stature
slight small diminutive little puny pocket pygmy undersized petite Lilliputian dwarfish bantam wee dinky smallish shrimpy undersize toylike fine subnormal elfin dainty thin skinny fragile slim twiggy slender spare reedy gracile broomstick skeleton stick pint-sized pocket-size pocket-sized pint-size half-pint fun size small-boned slightly built size-zero lightly-built not heavy tiny miniature mini minute midget teeny minuscule teensy-weensy teeny-weeny dwarf microscopic itsy-bitsy infinitesimal bitty teensy bitsy short minuscular itty-bitty minikin stunted weeny pee-wee insignificant peewee microscopical negligible yea big atomic runty trifling minimum microminiature weensy delicate baby underdeveloped compact toy stubby little bitty pintsize pintsized fun-size squat runtish homuncular little-bitty miniaturized vest-pocket nanoscopic undeveloped meager meagre titchy miniaturised small-scale imperceptible knee high to a grasshopper knee-high to a grasshopper feeble scrawny stocky tiddly scrubby frail squatty weak peanut light lilliputian low small-fry minor not large shrimp weedy teeny weeny spindly pygmyish sprightly wispy atrophied underweight portable birdlike dwarfed tincy teentsy measly sawn-off handy abridged potted pygmaean reduced smaller bijou concise condensed piddling piffling ickle capsule trim neat cute dear adorable button dumpy fubsy lesser secondary bush-league adorbs minor-league small-time natty very small meek lank mere a slip of a … underfed weakly itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy sickly shallow undernourished low-lying not long low-slung not tall second rate insufficient sawed-off inconsiderable sparse skimpy inappreciable limited cramped knee high to a gnat close to the ground scant unsubstantial niggling zero useless zilch inferior picayune nothing unsound runt infirm two-bit unconsequential worthless snub embryonic truncated babyish young immature infant fleeting junior hasty shriveled brief wizened shrivelled short-lived not big hardly any small time micro nano eensy bitesize flyspeck scaled-down knee-high bite-sized eensy-weensy nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about bite-size mite invisible invisible to the naked eye poky stumpy very little teenty youthful nanosized model indiscernible unnoticeable unimportant extremely small barely perceptible bonsai granular submicroscopic fragmentary microbic runted scrub shot undergrown molecular minim exiguous efficient munchkin boxy narrow with no room to swing a cat yea high small fry economic of space

Tính từ

Barely perceptible to the senses
subtle impalpable imperceptible indistinguishable slight minute undetectable small fine inappreciable indiscernible unnoticeable indistinct faint unapparent inconspicuous indefinite vague unperceivable imperceivable illusive tenuous elusive implied sheer undistinguishable ethereal inferred attenuated thin barely visible hard to make out tiny infinitesimal inaudible invisible microscopic insensible gradual shadowy ephemeral insignificant trivial inconsiderable imponderable momentary evanescent intangible inconsequential negligible minuscule unobservable nanoscopic unobtrusive impossible to detect obscure barely perceptible odorless indetectable untraceable hidden teeny-weeny unclear teensy-weensy odourless light undiscernible unfathomable minor unimportant trifling petty immaterial paltry exiguous piffling piddling not worth bothering about of no account not worth mentioning nugatory little frivolous measly picayune of no consequence niggling incidental nominal Mickey Mouse irrelevant fiddling footling meagre of no importance small-fry meager worthless pimping piddly nickel-and-dime no-account lightweight insubstantial de minimis of little account foolish scanty peanut minimal meaningless casual chicken pointless nonessential inadequate insufficient derisory pitiful of little importance of little consequence pathetic mingy poxy small-bore puny secondary unsubstantial lesser inessential non-essential of no moment superficial miserable marginal mean dinky small-time ignorable silly beggarly trite token not worth speaking of base pettifogging purportless second-rate shoestring wee wretched sorry scant peripheral pitiable nondescript low atomic neither here nor there ungenerous mere shallow two-bit skimpy idle useless flimsy valueless cheap of minor importance minor-league of no great concern low-ranking diminutive shabby twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante ghostly slender senseless ineffectual all the same perfunctory hollow mild subsidiary symbolic unintelligible smaller empty neglectable everyday incomprehensible commonplace toytown lilliputian wanky of no matter beside the point skin-deep vanishing trashy set common shoddy sleazy narrow unconsequential limited bush-league smalltime nothing uncelebrated unessential unnecessary soft inarticulate extraneous scratch unconsiderable contemptible inferior subordinate lower junior inconsequent of little import hard to understand teeny itsy-bitsy itty-bitty unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp weensy microscopical miniature microminiature teensy eensy-weensy bitsy bitty weeny abstract extremely small titchy very small little-bitty tiddly no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero airy little bitty incorporeal untouchable non-physical concealed dim bodiless disembodied aerial unembodied invisible to the naked eye obscured unseen transcendental unreal unearthly phantom wraithlike spectral supernatural unbodied spiritual unseeable shrouded unnoticed unobserved cloaked phantasmal discarnate disincarnate phantasmic clouded unexposed disguised surreptitious discreet undercover camouflaged nonexistent masked veiled secret undetected eclipsed unrevealed imperceptible to the touch uncertain abstruse rare hypothetical evasive unquantifiable indeterminate eluding evading unsure perdu covert vaporous imaginary latent unviewable screened gaseous undisclosed covered under wraps not in view not in sight not visible out of sight in the dark out of view

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