Đồng nghĩa của recede

Alternative for recede

recedes, receded, receding

Đồng nghĩa: regress, retreat, withdraw,

Trái nghĩa: proceed,


(of a quality, feeling, or possibility) To gradually diminish
diminish lessen abate decrease dwindle ebb fade subside wane de-escalate shrink fall off grow less taper off peter out decline fall drop drop off ease lower fall away moderate die down weaken sink die out let up relent die away slacken remit taper reduce pall slump tail off ratchet down phase down plummet drain away disappear ease off contract fade away plunge melt away attenuate come to an end flag nosedive deteriorate vanish droop fail wither descend dip go down go downhill degenerate regress decay grow smaller depreciate tumble crash dive dissolve drop away slacken off cease waste away become smaller shrivel wind down terminate end slack off retrograde nose-dive soften drain lapse collapse crumble go away backslide evaporate retrogress temper get smaller relax relapse quieten dissipate take a nosedive deplete dim languish quell stop wilt die off downsize fizzle out blur decrement get less close ease up crater skid trail trail off calm down revert become less slow down alleviate settle down cool off finish atrophy mitigate downscale slide slow disperse slip sag return slack dull withdraw melt wear off become weaker settle waste drift back wear away run low go into a tailspin rachet down calm pass quieten down clear worsen lighten erode desist subdue condense slake shorten disintegrate devolve trail away go minify rot devaluate dent halt evanesce fall steeply deflate minimize curtail give out recidivate bate become weak downturn grow faint minimise die fall sharply come to a stop run out get worse level off slip back sink back run dry fall short fade out roll back drop rapidly fall back go back dry up narrow down wear down break down knock down take a dive go through the floor tone down drop down grow dim hit the floor lose ground become lower pass away allay assuage relieve be forgotten release fizzle mollify narrow disengage emaciate lag dampen sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over clear up grow retire thin out depress fall through come to nothing rebate wrinkle slim gutter elongate rescind shape weary faint pine succumb spiral curb quiet close out flow away go downwards get lower slide back telescope constrict compress restrain check end gradually leave depart become less intense be gone be no more dispel thin down phase out lull compact come down come to a halt totter lose devalue squeeze tighten cut amputate impair thin crop clip abridge soft-pedal drag slope buckle cheapen decelerate unlax coast cool pare down make less turn down lose edge discontinue elapse degrade flop constringe capsule capsulize expire quit conclude determine debilitate bow out still scrimp cut back slack up spoil lose value fold up hit the dirt decrease in value tip over be precipitated cave in take a header decline in price chill out cool it dilapidate molder moulder numb take in give way give in take the bite out take the sting out abbreviate extenuate retrench become shadowy become vague grow feeble become confused make faint become blurred become indistinct break off dead-end leave off wink out go dead pack in break up wind up be on the way out retreat fall down disimprove go backwards retrocede grow worse become worse draw to a close hit the skids go bad fall apart go down the toilet make smaller go to pot be neglected go down the tubes lose headway turn the clock back go to the dogs turn back throw back move back lose lustre pale into insignificance grow dull pale lose significance decrease in importance


To take back or renege on an initial statement or stance
retract withdraw disown recant renounce abjure repudiate revoke unsay cancel disavow reverse take back disclaim repeal rescind deny recall abnegate annul foreswear forswear renege apologise apologize backtrack on countermand eliminate exclude go back on nig renege on retreat retrocede retrograde suspend welsh withcall back down back off call off do a U-turn on draw back eat your words fall back forget it reel in row back on rule out take in back out change one's mind change one's tune do an about-turn on eat one's words back out of have change of heart backtrack reject abandon backpedal forsake change your mind do an about-turn do a U-turn do an about-face change go back break give up relinquish about-face row back discard spurn eschew desert reconsider refuse double back retire decline apostatize default on cast off drop pull out have second thoughts surrender turn back contradict rethink rebut gainsay abdicate quit disallow disaffirm climb down relent negative eat crow cast aside disacknowledge flip-flop fail to honour rat on dial back turn your back on refuse to acknowledge wash your hands of do a volte-face have nothing more to do with retrace your steps yield abrogate concede betray leave call back renig return kick alter defect default retrogress amend adapt refute negate disconfirm dishonor dishonour disinherit depart refrain shun drive back withdraw from weasel out cut off eat humble pie say sorry give in turn tail turn tergiversate tergiverse regress pull out of back away cop out of change opinion worm out of back divorce oneself from break with wash one's hands of cop out turn one's back on think better of take it all back shift one's ground go into reverse sing a different song decide against break your promise wash hands of break one's word move back revisit repossess reclaim be unfaithful revert impugn dissociate from sacrifice nullify void retreat from welsh on forgo weasel out of go back on word drop out forbear ditch abstain back-pedal on change your decision swallow come around come round end relations with send packing break one's promise back out on change your mind about change one's attitude concede defeat change one's plans abstain from refrain from go back on one's word break your word break a promise cut off without a penny refuse to recognize throw off dispense with avoid turn the tables set aside move backward go backward move backwards back up drive backwards do away with pack in jack in swallow one's words capitulate go revolt submit blink bow succumb abscond decamp rebel compromise bend comply escape divert acquiesce knuckle under vary adjust revise modify recast budge run out turn coat shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from walk out on change sides go over split recalibrate give way contravene shift make adjustments to separate disaffiliate subside abate flip-flop on change gears on yo-yo on resign ebb turn back on refuse to accept nix pass reprobate deselect disapprove lessen secede rebuff disprofess shrink sink demur throw out rat balk at banish flush oust cast turn down shed lay aside pass up dump throw over break from disaffiliate from split with become independent resign from defect from separate oneself from split from split off from sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group separate from dwindle wane diminish moderate fade drop back decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate be against not accept have no more truck with fly in the face of move away die away close taper off fall away drop off let up go away die down die out reduce go down ratchet down move further off die off draw away flow back drain away phase down

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