Đồng nghĩa của de escalate


To decrease in size, amount, value, or degree
reduce decrease diminish lessen limit abate check contain curb deplete downscale downsize drop dwindle ease lower defuse dent minimise minimize slow knock down scale down scale back damp down step down take the heat off curtail moderate cut weaken quell temper tone down cut back cut down attenuate lighten depress mitigate alleviate wind down pare down taper depreciate contract decrement shrink slash ebb roll back tail off dampen allay dull blunt relax assuage dilute erode impair restrain narrow prune make less take the edge off trim ease off slim down deaden palliate degrade soften mollify wane dial down pare peter out decline taper off bring down clip sink make cutbacks in mark down devaluate drop off phase down relieve soothe calm subside damp make smaller truncate abridge stifle cushion mute subdue wear away wear down axe couch ax trim down minify slacken take down trim back downgrade retrench take the bite out take the sting out whittle down let up shave shorten restrict ratchet down turn down cut back on phase out slake appease round down ration smother make fewer cut down on suppress muffle constrict disempower make weaker undermine sap dock make reductions in retrench on salami-slice still tranquilize cool placate tranquillize make less intense put a damper on put the lid on put damper on soft-pedal cause to fall deflate write down undervalue break devalue cheapen write off ease up on demote fall recede relent fall off die away become smaller fade plummet plunge run low fall away die down die out grow less settle slump slacken off become less grow smaller rationalize roll down budget cut deduct economize trim away rationalise economise tune down dry up cast down extenuate amortise slow down run down tighten qualify amortize tame discount quiet help modify quieten lull lenify control pacify numb compose quench repress hold back ameliorate inhibit absorb retard buffer modulate sweeten comfort stop overcome extinguish thin smooth gentle benumb silence destroy hinder regulate cripple stay adjust loosen anaesthetize mellow anesthetize sate cut off salve consume remit let up on hush remove satisfy cauterize slack enfeeble dispel debilitate squelch loose throw cold water on disable cauterise water down arrest take off waste pour cold water on cure pour oil on halt play down put an end to put down exhaust dam stem subtract empty block release blanket staunch adulterate enervate economize on squash stanch wreck ruin vitiate dissipate delay banish spoil paralyse dim crumble eliminate heal bolster debase detain quash untighten handicap devour tire decelerate pad chill out commute pipe down revise impede buttress devalorize obstruct disintegrate take disburden facilitate free rebate knock off improve rein stall kill nurse paralyze deteriorate succor vary cool out hold up set back resolve change shift hamper prevent decay make nice postpone take away choke off transmogrify switch revamp keep down dampen down doctor keep back interrupt aid assist succour console solace get rid of mire retardate whittle away obtund break up loiter choke waste away interfere with eat away take a load off balm bog down rein in detract from scale something down diffuse spare take the edge off sth mask address satiate pillow whittle euphemize devitalize etiolate slenderize blur calm down settle down dip chill excuse restraint muzzle fill surfeit discourage rarefy offset gratify becalm lullaby reduce the force of deter dulcify subvert foreshorten hebetate desensitise desensitize downplay abbreviate dash keep it down decrease the volume extend lace sophisticate nose dive put a stop to prostrate gruntle reduce punishment withstand oppose resist treat muddy up admix stamp out fix up reduce greatly dismiss slim invalidate take pressure off mince make less strict make less formal mar insulate seclude guard stabilize keep to a minimum keep at a minimum refresh relaxed cloud take sting out patch things up delete confine omit worsen lay off soak up drive away chase away put to rest square drive off chop crop compress attend protect against condense lower in price simmer down hold in reconcile dispose ease up make up demilitarise save neutralise rescue recover stabilise neutralize demilitarize thin out fine tune make reasonable lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of reduce the effect of reduce something lop off lop bring to a standstill rob from make lighter subjugate lower in value remedy nourish balance attune sugarcoat defend against shield against brighten monkey around with withdraw play up to cut short concentrate shear soften up harsh rise above counteract safeguard against bridle constrain corrode harmonize punctuate take the bite out of take the sting out of rehabilitate make better prettify drain liss take from disencumber levitate upraise uplight jettison eradicate unload unburden mess up master set tone tune govern expend smooth out clear the air take the heat make light of bring respite to debit abstract clog brake strike off eat gnaw spend crush bring an end to bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring aid take load off incapacitate stun frustrate etherize chloroform KO drown unnerve stupefy injure freeze gas deprive dope inflect encumber abrade evacuate use up withhold minus allow bate lick defer reduce weight put off throw out pour out milk slow up hamstring amend fine-tune alter adapt harmonise tweak reduce by take out decrease by knock out lay out dissolve weather quieten down keep a lid on clamp down on crack down on keep the lid on hold in check get under control nip in the bud slap down snuff out keep in check cheer forward disengage simplify meliorate promote speed expedite lift further put back put to sleep draw back nibble rot fret trammel cumber burn bleed put out of order scrape away hang up close off down hesitate loaf back off falter crimp throw a monkey wrench in the works of baulk bog balk baffle bring to screeching halt shut off shut down dawdle put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of flag poke fetter stunt suck dry impoverish bankrupt run interference for clear the way speed up make easier attend to open the door scour grind down eat away at bite bite at finish draw down draw squander play out lag chip away at eat into gnaw away at procrastinate embog reef wash up eat up dig into back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of keep waiting anchor it


To diminish in intensity or severity, especially gradually
decline diminish subside wane abate ease ebb fall moderate relent remit shrink taper decrease dwindle lessen pall recede lower drop off let up drain away fall away phase down ratchet down taper off die away die down die out drop weaken slacken fade reduce sink peter out fall off tail off ease off slump attenuate plummet contract relax go down plunge grow less flag grow smaller ease up nosedive come to an end rachet down drop away descend dip alleviate fade away droop soften become smaller mitigate take a nosedive quieten die off wither wind down slacken off slow regress close shrivel quell crash get smaller tumble trail waste away dive go downhill slack off nose-dive slow down terminate deteriorate fail lighten degenerate downsize calm down disappear melt away collapse drain temper depreciate trail off subdue blur calm cease quieten down withdraw stop slope retire dissolve desist decay downscale melt get less vanish deplete dull evaporate crumble decelerate slack cool off waste minify come to a stop become weaker settle down crater dry up go through the floor hit the floor downturn become less become lower fall short finish languish release close out incline downwards slope down tilt downwards slant down modulate go downwards get lower thin out wilt drop down dent disengage shorten narrow flow away elongate rescind trail away bate shape take it easy go easy slake allay tone down assuage mollify dampen relieve grow deflate condense knock down fade out abbreviate extenuate fizzle out retrench make smaller wrinkle slim curb quiet decrement dim thin down phase out run low restrain devaluate check lose edge narrow down settle wear away wear down retreat telescope minimize minimise halt unlax end coast cool die away or out die away or down atrophy chill out cool it retrocede grow faint disintegrate back away drop back fall back pull out return lull give way evanesce give in become weak relapse go back retrogress move away totter lose lapse skid devalue be on the way out erode retrograde retract back depart move back drag buckle backslide cheapen draw to a close still go into a tailspin lose value fold up hit the dirt decrease in value tip over break down flop be precipitated cave in take a header bow out decline in price back off move further off come down go away draw away draw back flow back slip cut amputate impair thin crop clip abridge soft-pedal take the bite out take the sting out roll back cut back slack up fall down level off die run out come to nothing come to a halt fall through give out rebate run dry emaciate go lag sag worsen degrade weary faint pine succumb debilitate spoil slide devolve rot disimprove get worse go down the toilet be neglected hit the skids grow worse go bad go down the tubes fall apart become worse lose intensity lose strength grow dim wear off lose its effectiveness lose its effect

Trái nghĩa của de escalate

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