Đồng nghĩa của fall back

Alternative for fall back


Fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development
lag drop behind fall behind hang back lag behind lose ground drop back trail straggle dally dawdle trail behind bring up the rear not keep pace be behind be left behind not keep up slow down lose be down be losing delay linger loiter tarry saunter idle shilly-shally dillydally dither crawl drag mope creep poke decrease fail dilly-dally lollygag drop flag lallygag diddle diminish slacken wane ebb drag behind hobble lounge tool slow move slowly procrastinate trudge slouch stagger limp jelly retard plod tail falter stay inch shuffle fall off put off slow up drag your feet lose strength inch along get no place fast drag one's feet pause hang about stall amble wait hesitate hang around take your time drift hang fire vacillate mark time take one's time wander meander nose snail waste time ramble ooze temporize kill time putter temporise hover halt fritter away fool around creak along hang out stay put hold back play for time hold off remain loll loaf bide stray mosey roam toddle rove traik while away time trifle traipse go slowly waver filibuster rest defer postpone stop walk slowly lodge be slow potter around potter about hang round adjourn potter round horse around warm a chair sit around drag your heels be dilatory wait around goof off put off doing something use delaying tactics hang on play a waiting game be indecisive hum and haw stroll slack shirk follow schlepp along be long be tardy stonewall mooch skulk drag oneself shamble slough dabble lurk totter potter tag along drag yourself drag along tag along behind diddle-daddle buy time pass time let the grass grow under one's feet demur teeter wabble fritter time away poke along draggle boondoggle scruple wobble shlep along scrounge around bum around prolong protract haver sit on one's butt fool with while away trifle with swither goldbrick cool limp along creep along stay back shy away shrink back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward hang heavy wear on advance slowly play games with fool about appear to pass slowly go on too long go on and on kick the can down the road postpone action defer action take a raincheck be undecided suspend action let slide drag one's heels go at a snail's pace become tedious remit shelve range goof around stop over lose time dangle droop sag hold up put over lay over hold over hold the phone straddle hang down err scramble spread maunder put on hold put back hold off on put on ice leave to another time suspend prorogue reschedule put on the back burner stand abide be late be strung out poke around stick dwell settle hang reside await string out keep on perch endure remain behind nest sweat it out put down roots continue outstay squat sit tight bunk hold the fort establish yourself be left stick around stay out stay behind roost establish oneself hold on


Move or turn back
retire retreat withdraw back off draw back flee move away pull away pull back pull out turn tail take flight beat a retreat beat a hasty retreat recoil back away recede drop back shrink give ground shy away give way shrink back regress take off leave bolt lose ground escape vamoose decamp run away shrink away split beat it run for it move back cower depart skedaddle run off scram scarper back out peel out cut and run make off leg it clear out go away disengage flinch cringe fly grovel run skip off go quit hook it hightail it blench quail step back evacuate skidoo exit vacate levant adjourn remove show a clean pair of heels head for the hills cut out light out do a runner fly the coop make a break for it repair go off bug out make a quick exit take a powder do a fade make a run for it get away betake oneself draw away do a bunk seclude oneself absent yourself absent oneself run along return retract balk distance oneself crawfish backpedal quake resile turn away baulk make yourself scarce move out reverse drop out straggle drop behind lag behind fall behind slow down make oneself scarce take a hike take leave shut oneself away bail out abstract oneself take oneself move out of draw retreat from retire from blow check out bow out clear get lost wince go backward squinch spring back refuse start back shudder slink huddle boggle scruple jump back crouch start jerk back leave for go to one's room separate shut oneself away in betake yourself part get off make an exit go out evade break fold elude abandon go back make one's getaway take to one's heels push off shove off clear off begone buzz off set off bug off set out get going get sally forth move walk out be off bail start out hit the road push on step along get out pack off pike off pack up pike out book peel off make tracks dig out scoot head off rack off voetsak hamba hit the trail hop it scat set forth shoo sling your hook sod off avaunt move off get under way bog off nick off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake embark up sticks naff off get along be on your way haul off set sail be off with you on your bike be on one's way make a start move along proceed walk off take your leave say one's goodbyes duck out pop off set forward flit break camp slope off make a move hightail sail pull stakes disappear say goodbye haul away hop the twig pack one's bags take a long walk on a short pier sling one's hook push along get stuffed take wing get moving hop the stick take one's leave tear away drag away abscond desert resign head make git forsake opt out step out strike out travel go forth go your way pack your bags pull the plug secede withdraw from move on leave port take yourself off get out of my sight part company hit the bricks uproot do a disappearing act take to flight take to your heels leave in a hurry exeunt issue range cruise maroon alight wend lam mosey make like a tree and leave make like a tree and get out of here strand start off go offstage hurry away beat off go and chase yourself make one's way take one's farewells flake off skip out make for wriggle out opt out of run out take a walk do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure put forth get on the road begin one's journey set about begin bear say adieu say farewell break up break off conk out split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells dedomicile make one's farewells walk out on ease out go one's ways go their separate ways go separate ways leave flat abstract dissociate disassociate become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate break away delink transfer pass weasel out pull head for resort journey retreat to hie process disengage from step down from resign from give up pull out of back out of bow out of chuck walk away from stop participating in stop participating recede from scratch from pack in detach yourself detach retire to go to adjourn to motor set off for depart for withdraw to remove to raise sail make headway put out weigh anchor leave harbour put to sea cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock put out to sea hoist sail betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for vanish abdicate migrate emigrate sally advance absent troop blast off make a break slip away march out


To take back or renege on an initial statement or stance
retract withdraw disown recant renounce abjure repudiate revoke unsay cancel disavow reverse take back disclaim repeal rescind deny recall abnegate annul foreswear forswear renege apologise apologize backtrack on countermand eliminate exclude go back on nig recede renege on retreat retrocede retrograde suspend welsh withcall back down back off call off do a U-turn on draw back eat your words forget it reel in row back on rule out take in back out change one's mind change one's tune do an about-turn on eat one's words back out of have change of heart backtrack reject abandon backpedal forsake change your mind do an about-turn do a U-turn do an about-face change go back break give up relinquish about-face row back discard spurn eschew desert eat crow reconsider refuse double back retire decline apostatize default on cast off drop say sorry pull out take it all back have second thoughts surrender turn back contradict rethink rebut gainsay abdicate quit disallow disaffirm climb down relent negative cast aside disacknowledge flip-flop fail to honour rat on dial back turn your back on refuse to acknowledge wash your hands of do a volte-face have nothing more to do with retrace your steps yield abrogate concede betray leave call back renig return kick alter defect default retrogress amend adapt refute negate disconfirm dishonor dishonour disinherit depart refrain shun drive back withdraw from weasel out cut off eat humble pie give in turn tail turn tergiversate tergiverse regress pull out of back away cop out of change opinion worm out of back divorce oneself from break with wash one's hands of cop out turn one's back on think better of shift one's ground go into reverse sing a different song decide against break your promise wash hands of break one's word move back revisit repossess reclaim be unfaithful revert impugn dissociate from sacrifice nullify void retreat from welsh on forgo weasel out of go back on word drop out forbear ditch abstain back-pedal on change your decision swallow come around come round end relations with send packing break one's promise back out on change your mind about change one's attitude concede defeat change one's plans abstain from refrain from go back on one's word break your word break a promise cut off without a penny refuse to recognize throw off dispense with avoid turn the tables set aside move backward go backward move backwards back up drive backwards do away with pack in jack in swallow one's words capitulate go revolt submit blink bow succumb abscond decamp rebel compromise bend comply escape divert acquiesce knuckle under vary adjust revise modify recast budge run out turn coat shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from walk out on change sides go over split recalibrate give way contravene shift make adjustments to separate disaffiliate subside abate flip-flop on change gears on yo-yo on resign ebb turn back on refuse to accept nix pass reprobate deselect disapprove lessen secede rebuff disprofess shrink sink demur throw out rat balk at banish flush oust cast turn down shed lay aside pass up dump throw over break from disaffiliate from split with become independent resign from defect from separate oneself from split from split off from sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group separate from dwindle wane diminish moderate fade drop back decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate be against not accept have no more truck with fly in the face of move away die away close taper off fall away drop off let up go away die down die out reduce go down ratchet down move further off die off draw away flow back drain away phase down


A stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded
hoard store cache stockpile fund reserve supply accumulation heap mass pile stash stock aggregation collection reservoir amassment conglomeration deposit fall-back treasure-trove abundance agglomeration backlog cumulation garner inventory riches treasure trove wealth treasure house treasure trove nest egg kitty money funds reserves investment stake resources money in the bank rainy day fund investments savings gleanings insurance emergency fund assets provisions ace in hole emergency supply capital asset harvest saving money put by for a rainy day mattress full life saving provision for a rainy day pool bank mine source storehouse repository repertoire quantity treasury budget force stack assemblage array accretion supplies wellspring lot bunch gathering set cluster arsenal well fount surplus fountain build-up buildup aggregate depository agglomerate passel package stocks stores argosy cornucopia plethora chunk group accrual clutch batch load mess repertory pileup constellation band battery huddle parcel knot grouping mountain variety assortment hidden treasure acquisition holdings stream clump suite selection clot block gold mine assembly combination allocation provision goods mother lode amount vein armory armoury vault property muster coffer safe register spring archive storage portfolio rich source excess pirate treasure treasure cache armamentarium hideaway crop cradle fountainhead seedbed logjam pile-up number range font origin root bottleneck arrears surfeit wares produce hunk gob commodities choice merchandise rick jumble mound scad ocean ream common supply amassing accumulating articles pharmacopeia pharmacopoeia collecting stockpiling assembling reaping compilation miscellany medley roundup piling garnering mix heaping hoarding composite mishmash potpourri pot-pourri bonanza pataka storeroom combo hodgepodge hodge-podge hotchpotch conglomerate caboodle slew plenty wherewithal materials hiding place plant shade drop drop-off bursary chest museum exchange bursar gallery strongbox damper mixed bag raft bundle spate mint congeries cumulus kit lodgment lodgement profusion bushel Fort Knox everything but the kitchen sink trench bed ditch field pithead coalmine coalface hidden supply drop joint myriad collateral means holding record list boatload pack bucket pot oodles volume reams wad yard ton basketful fistful listing catalogue file account possessions multiplicity shipload lashings truckload sheaf loads potful tonne scads sight plentitude plenitude barrel lode carload roster good deal belongings credit resource effects fortune description directory log tally roll checklist schedule statement itemization catalog index table stock list stock book tabulation


Someone or something that replaces or provides support to another
reserve substitute replacement backup relief cover sub locum alternate spare alternative extra auxiliary fallback reinforcement stand-in fill-in locum tenens pinch hitter designated hitter fall-back standby understudy surrogate proxy double stopgap deputy pinch-hitter stand-by successor supply temp second DH representative second string ancillary temporary substitution delegate contingency part new part backup plan makeshift plan B accompaniment body double lieutenant support someone else spare part temporary worker casual worker supply teacher equivalent depute supplanter changeling assistant succedaneum temporary expedient agent factor attorney envoy commissary procurator minister assignee rep office temporary temporary secretary ambassador emissary spokesperson expedient go-between expediency resort recourse appointee subordinate aide helper commissioner legate adjutant intermediary junior subaltern PA underling sidekick apprentice broker negotiator henchman adjunct mate aid spokesman improvisation coadjutor helpmate refuge resource second in command vice number two personal assistant second-in-command helpmeet nuncio frontman messenger right-hand man spokeswoman regent man Friday girl Friday mouthpiece contrivance temporary solution band-aid temporary measure last resort courier hack palliative mediator liaison plenipotentiary executor mediary lawyer substitute agent accredited messenger consul vicar catchpole member viceroy member of Congress senator people's choice nominee front shift pis aller partner associate attendant collaborator accomplice wingman subsidiary protege accessory backer aider secretary peon henchwoman colleague second fiddle friend dependant running dog serf P.A. servant understrapper supporter gofer aide-de-camp flunkey beginner scrub body man companion trainee right-hand person coadjutant ally dogsbody patron adherent inferior hired help abettor hired hand right-hand woman dependent cooperator confederate slave fellow worker skivvy help third string minion gopher novice abetter flunky lackey follower poodle walk-on part bit part walking part vicegerent representant councillor dogcatcher councilor assembly member the second in command


Providing supplementary or additional help and support
auxiliary supplementary reserve accessory emergency supplemental backup extra spare subsidiary substitute accessorial additional appurtenant fallback peripheral adjunct back-up fall-back other secondary abetting adjuvant complementary contributory subordinate subservient back up relief second alternative alternate ancillary supporting another replacement standby supernumerary second-string surplus leftover free fresh optional supererogatory in store in reserve associate junior temporary acting surrogate lesser lower attendant minor younger inferior proxy smaller lowly provisional deputy interim stopgap caretaker less sub youngest assistant under locum provisory provisionary makeshift intervening substitutive lower-level transitional tentative second-rate low-ranking second-class short-term fill-in stand-in pro tem pinch-hitting ad interim pro tempore lower-ranking second-fiddle low-grade vice- less important sub- accompanying add-on added more further supportive new top-up increased bonus farther related collateral different assisting unused affixed appended possible cover superfluous on the side adscititious incremental derivative aiding reciprocal correlative redundant support augmenting side assisting in else non-standard roundabout concomitant helping adjunctive coincidental tributary corresponding one more in addition equivalent double non-operational understudy relating pertinent appropriate connected belonging appertaining relevant apposite applicable germane material ad rem

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