Đồng nghĩa của exeunt

Alternative for exeunt

Trái nghĩa: enter,


An act of leaving a place
exit departure farewell parting going departing exiting leave decamping withdrawal decampment leaving quitting outgo retirement retreat exodus flight evacuation adieu egression escape goodbye offgoing outgoing passage leave-taking pull-out walking out lighting out going away desertion egress recession abandonment passing migration emigration hegira fading dissolution removal getaway valediction disappearance evanescence wane evaporation dematerialization dissipation melting eclipse receding disintegration ebbing dispersal disappearing act wearing away decline and fall ceasing to exist vanishing fleeing resignation pullout pullback disappearing disengagement mass departure congé abdication embarkation expatriation secession extraction vacation separation marooning ebb fading away bow out loss fade-out vanishment expiration leavetaking breakout abscondment escapement sendoff fallback diaspora outpour outflow outpouring gush setting-out clearance eviction journey katabasis vacation of a place pulling back going out chicken run drawing alienation pulling out drawing out moving out taking out retiral going off stampede running away walkout takeoff withdrawing sailing powder start dying out setting off starting out setting out melting away taking leave vanishing act setting forth taking off passing from sight receding from view disappearing trick expulsion withdrawment recourse falling back deportation shifting disaffiliation break split defection apostasy splitting severance breakaway schism vacating rupture division dissension disunion rift seceding breakup notice demission splinter group dropping out termination standing down stepping down discharge excretion voiding elimination ejection emptying draining purging voidance egestion defecation clearing emptying out


To leave or exit a place
exit go leave quit vamoose begone move scarper bail get withdraw split book retire retreat escape blow git issue take off clear out clear off shove off push off pull out run along buzz off go off go away bug off walk out bug out bail out cut out step along push on peel off sally forth dig out get off take a hike pack up move out pack off make tracks get away take leave pike off pike out make an exit say goodbye go out step out go offstage flake off bid farewell do vanishing act make one's departure depart part decamp scram vacate skedaddle beat it flee scoot evacuate make oneself scarce fly hit the road run off abandon run away get going absent yourself make off set off bolt desert set out withdraw from get out take a powder hightail abstract oneself check out sling your hook be off be on your way get lost beat a retreat remove repair abscond betake oneself forsake scat pull out of voetsak light out hamba bog off start out up sticks hop it hightail it flit disappear head off abscond from rack off depart from adjourn exit from pull stakes back out hit the trail take flight avaunt do a bunk retire from move out of escape from shoo cut and run say your goodbyes go away from pack your bags hook it make a break for it run away from be gone from walk off give up skip off beat a hasty retreat slope off drop out absent oneself from naff off get out of sod off move along move off draw away go jump in the lake take wing haul off get along nick off take yourself off go and jump in the lake break camp run embark get under way sally disengage chuck resign slip out do a disappearing act resign from step down from clear out from move from make a move head out remove oneself take off from bow out of make a run for it go from bow out disappear from back out of fly from take your leave of set out from on your bike take a long walk on a short pier hop the twig push along get stuffed go AWOL duck out pop off be off with you get moving hop the stick lam alight discontinue recede ditch kite separate clear walk proceed emigrate stir vanish migrate head out from fall back back away drop back start defect walk away turn tail leave for take oneself run off from move out from step aside from head for the hills make a quick exit seclude oneself skip out opt out drop out of do a runner flee from bolt from decamp from go forth part with run along from call it quits disengage from make a start say goodbye to say one's farewells walk away from walk out of stop participating in walk out on back off go your way take French leave wriggle out pull back pack in get out of my sight take oneself off from check out from skiddoo skidoo maroon go to hell sign out regress empty strand range cruise levant leg it skip wend mosey stand surety post security make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave duck avoid egress dodge shirk evade shun march bail out from clear from pull out from budge from go out of shift from make one's way fly the coop peel out say adieu get on your bike make for run out take a walk put up bail obtain somebody's release shut oneself away in pull break up say farewell end fade away flow off-load ship shove leap bustle hurry go through shoot through run for it do a fade make vacant make empty eject from go absent without leave go missing sneak off go west make a move from dump drop renounce discard abdicate conk out dedomicile break break out of free oneself break out extricate oneself be gone make a getaway make your escape be lost go to one's room secede detach advance absent troop show a clean pair of heels elope storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out contract out move about relinquish cut flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly finish go and chase yourself recede from detach yourself stop participating scratch from break off ease out part company leave flat ship out opt out of exclude oneself set forth be done with slip away split up quit the scene go one's ways make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways blast off march out move on make a break hit the bricks brush off bail from break off with blow off cast aside cast off ride off break away do a bunk from give the slip slope off from step down come away cease head make scram from vamoose from demit make oneself scarce from take a hike from give the slip to take leave from head off from remove oneself from break away from cut and run from slip out from set off from clear off from transfer bag pass strike out take the count throw in the towel call it a day throw in the sponge give something a miss jack in chuck in make one's exit head for draw journey retreat to resort hie process retire to go to adjourn to betake oneself to wend one's way to depart for set off for take off for withdraw to remove to retreat from shut oneself away steal away take to your heels do a moonlight flit sneak away go on the lam take it on the lam scamper break free sail recoil do a vanishing act set sail break loose get free hotfoot it make a escape start off draw back shrink step on it do a Skase have it away bust elude begin one's journey set forward dash make quick exit scurry hustle race dart rush travel give way run out on give ground cut loose leave port move back take to flight do a moonlight leave in a hurry scatter make away absquatulate have it away on one's toes dash off begin shrink back tear off hide depart suddenly pull up stakes take one's farewells go south make scarce make a quick getaway dog it depart secretly jump ship hasten away run from slink off slink creep sneak skulk shy away step back turn away resile shrink away make a dash for it spring leave in the lurch cop out run like scared rabbit kiss goodbye leave holding the bag leave high and dry slip fold emerge double hasten spur speed expedite zip whiz put in motion set in motion get out of someone's clutches burst out play hooky get away with make good one's escape take on the lam work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers uproot back down move away go back shake a leg hurry up go like lightning make time make haste get a move on move fast kick rocks go forward commence creep off sprint bound career aim beeline scramble shoot scuttle steer bear veer set about get on the road raise sail put out leave harbour put to sea put out to sea hoist sail motor make headway weigh anchor hoist the blue peter leave dock jump hotfoot step on the gas

Trái nghĩa của exeunt

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