Đồng nghĩa của go to hell


To go out the window


Leave quickly
vamoose scarper clear off bail begone book decamp depart exit get go go away move part quit scram skedaddle bolt escape flee hightail hook it leave scat scoot skiddoo take flight bail out beat it bog off bug off bug out buzz off clear out cut out dig out get off go off make off peel off pull out pull stakes push off push on run along run away sally forth shove off step along take off walk out do a bunk head off hit the road run off take a hike take a powder get on your bike make yourself scarce pack off pack up pike off pike out sling your hook take yourself off beat a hasty retreat make a break for it make a run for it split fly cut and run withdraw retreat light out beat a retreat run for it do a runner abscond leg it retire make oneself scarce head for the hills show a clean pair of heels hightail it run peel out make tracks get out do a disappearing act fly the coop make a quick exit turn tail get going disappear skidoo get away absent oneself go through shoot through vanish get lost vacate skip off set off evacuate skip set out break move out voetsak blow hamba levant rack off be off shoo hit the trail hop it take leave do a fade avaunt slip away desert make an exit steal away do a moonlight flit take French leave nick off flit sod off go jump in the lake sneak away lam check out go and jump in the lake be on your way start out break out naff off get along slope off up sticks haul off make a getaway abstract oneself be gone go on the lam move along say goodbye recoil hotfoot it scamper back out be off with you abandon on your bike fall back break out of absent yourself make your getaway take it on the lam say one's goodbyes be on one's way duck out hurry break free go AWOL draw back pull back make a move go out take to your heels betake oneself do a vanishing act walk off make your escape back off pack one's bags sling one's hook move off take your leave take wing make one's getaway take to one's heels break loose get free get under way shrink avoid shun evade have it away break camp repair make a escape remove step out do a Skase head out skip out step on it give ground back away pack your bags take a long walk on a short pier draw away hop the twig make a break push along get stuffed get a move on pop off get moving move back hop the stick scurry zip dash kite alight embark hasten speed race dart rush hustle bust spur expedite whiz clear absquatulate jump forsake bustle elude remove oneself emigrate issue elope migrate sally git walk away make start move away hurry up make time make haste move fast make quick exit make one's escape drop back go forth make a start shake a leg give way say one's farewells slip out go like lightning go your way take one's leave get out of my sight do a moonlight scatter make away tear off duck egress dodge shirk recede beat off hurry away walk regress fade away sneak off have it away on one's toes fold disengage hide stand surety post security maroon free oneself extricate oneself march make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave exeunt hasten away run from sign out strand depart suddenly distance oneself be lost range cruise head book it get cracking go offstage hotfoot wend mosey run out drop out take a walk flow off-load ship shove leap put up bail obtain somebody's release go back separate say adieu abdicate flake off do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure adjourn advance absent proceed troop make one's way resile strike out break up say farewell shrink back slip make for move about pass emerge double blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks step on the gas conk out dedomicile storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out get out of someone's clutches run out on burst out play hooky break away from get away with make getaway make good one's escape cut loose wriggle out take on the lam work out of go scot-free slip through your fingers turn around run scared shy away step back turn away shrink away kick rocks betake yourself break off split up quit the scene walk out on ease out go one's ways part company leave flat ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways turn on a dime make a U-turn desert under fire defect relinquish cut go and chase yourself stir withdraw from depart from hare hurtle scuttle go from disappear from be gone from retire from decamp from abscond from disengage from go away from do a bunk from pull out of flee from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down take your leave of move out of fly from take one's leave of ride off escape from run away from break away exit from bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from come away shoot zoom sprint trot career belt pelt tear jump ship charge skirr whizz hie skitter go south make scarce make a quick getaway dog it depart secretly ram hurl drive blast careen rip highball whirl bundle rustle breeze beetle rocket nip motor chase bomb jet whisk step buzz hump blaze course barrel travel bowl scutter cannonball post beeline accelerate crack on move quickly be quick set sail sail set forward relocate bound shift get out of move abroad bear transfer resign transmigrate begin one's journey ditch take oneself renounce empty tear away leave for clear out from cast off seclude oneself leave port move from haul away retreat from pull away pull up stakes take off from drag away bow out begin take to flight put forth leave in a hurry start off drift wander amble canter gallop immigrate set about get on the road budge from go out of shift from void commence take one's farewells resettle shut oneself away in go absent without leave go missing go west make a move from run for the hills skidaddle displace go to one's room uproot transport flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly circumvent trek move overseas bail out from clear from pull out from head out from yeet move house leave your country start a new life go forward sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from aim scramble steer veer run off from move out from make vacant make empty eject from draw secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate stand down hand in one's notice step aside give notice pack in relinquish one's position end part with dump drop discard discontinue shut oneself away put out leave harbour leave dock finish raise sail put to sea put out to sea hoist sail make headway weigh anchor hoist the blue peter head for be done with journey retreat to resort process brush off bail from give up drop out of bow out of check out from break off with say goodbye to walk out of blow off run along from cast aside step aside from call it quits retire to go to adjourn to depart for set off for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for


To debase or destroy the moral purity of
debauch corrupt debase degrade pervert deprave vitiate poison warp demean subvert defile abase cheapen demoralise demoralize bastardise bastardize pollute profane deteriorate lessen prostitute canker sully ruin brutalise brutalize bestialize violate abuse betray make degenerate go bad live in the gutter foul taint contaminate lower stain spoil smirch devalue mar damage dishonour tarnish desecrate lead astray dishonor disgrace soil shame chasten adulterate blacken animalize dehumanize injure besmirch humble undermine blemish blight befoul blot infect harm humiliate discredit dirty sink dehumanise take down smear make impure embitter impair bemean drag down cast down denigrate tar seduce misuse demote distort spot depreciate reduce dilute weaken mortify desensitize alloy belittle disparage radioactivate muck distain gaum begrime mire grime muddy bemire smudge daub lower the status of drag through the mud mudsling diminish defame bring shame to desensitise make unclean mark vilify discolour discolor twist confound darken touch lure bend skew colour influence unsettle rot bias misemploy prejudice depress downgrade misapply turn waste jaundice consume rust inflict squander stoop descend mongrelize sell sacrifice sour crawl color worsen reduce in value sell out corrode envenom harden be untrue to oneself subjugate reduce in quality bring down muck up scourge ulcer sore dump on bring low manipulate undercut sabotage destabilize toughen lower someone's status lower someone's dignity embarrass waste away case-harden inure afflict overwhelm enthuse disease run through spread among move spread to set a bad example destabilise stigmatize make callous coarsen make unfeeling disconsider make lose face bring into disrepute give a black eye slander attaint reflect badly on libel bring shame on disoblige cripple stigmatise bring dishonour to bring discredit to debilitate blacken the name of give a bad name to show in a bad light devaluate slam decry pan destroy detract derogate scorn hoodoo blaspheme revile vice cuss despoil flame swear voodoo curse darn trash mock treat with disrespect reduce the status of run down put down take down a peg cut down shoot down tear down cut down to size put double whammy on commit sin do wrong commit sacrilege be evil talk dirty slur malign calumniate deride asperse knock rubbish besmear drag through the mire bad-mouth censure minimize slag off crush traduce reproach deflate give a bad name rip do a hatchet job on abash minimise scandalize blotch disrespect speak ill of attack scandalise bring shame upon break undervalue subdue breathe on discount squash ridicule tar and feather deprecate assail rip up and down do a number on sling mud at muckrake dismiss show up discomfit make someone eat crow take down a peg or two own put someone in their place cast a slur on spread scandal about fling mud at run smear campaign blister cast aspersions on trivialize detract from play down deface put to shame downplay make someone eat humble pie quash minify chagrin snub diss dis vilipend insult trivialise put in a bad light trash-talk poor-mouth roast cry down write off make a fool of hurt underrate criticize marginalize outrage slate flatten scorch pooh-pooh criticise marginalise impugn pull down pour scorn on sneer at cause to lose face mark down pull apart mess up take to pieces kiss off talk down have a go at cut to the quick make ashamed settle someone's hash cow disfigure decrease underestimate bust expose vanquish compromise condemn disfavor attenuate understate overcome disfavour tame treat lightly annoy squelch disrate dispraise bash affront ravage upset laugh off laugh at slight misprize vandalize scoff at discountenance do down confuse maculate hold cheap hit out at pick holes in treat sacrilegiously vandalise make light of disconcert reflect negatively vituperate speak badly of pull to pieces have the last laugh on cast in a bad light damage the reputation of harm the reputation of get the better of muddy the reputation of take the wind out of someone's sails blacken the reputation of condescend deign flaw denature brand wreck endamage badmouth subordinate bloody crab speckle devalorize lower in rank demolish cast a slur disdain lower in status blackguard blast curb criticize unfairly relegate beat down rap sneer deform abandon one's principles cross up disregard drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud sling mud soften discipline restrain let down take apart spread lies about make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed declass silence check repress blacken the character of bad mouth give black eye sully the reputation of throw mud at rip up lose face put hooks in tear into cut offend strike dumb put away provoke take to bits pop one's balloon put one away make eat dirt bump set back revert aggravate succumb nose dive make one feel small bring down a peg wound drop reduce to the ranks kick downstairs force to eat humble pie dispirit defeat put in your place taunt axe slash smash enfeeble overpower fix someone's wagon disappoint slap ax dip slow tease alter incapacitate suppress sap devastate depredate sack pillage devour desolate spoliate lower oneself debase oneself debase yourself demean yourself lower yourself be reduced demean oneself keep down lace falsify faze fluster rattle displease nonplus vex automate robotize mechanize mechanise imbrute automatize barbarize be reduced to impoverish extinguish irritate blaspheme against write down horrify appal doctor putrefy cook sledge rout enervate miscall appall get one's comeuppance take the wind out harass worry slang gird jeer scoff scuzz up lay waste to commit sacrilege against be rude to give offence to call names step on one's toes cause offence to cut dead hurt someone's feelings treat disrespectfully throw shade make foul wither interfere with splash get dirty spatter bring to ruin cause instability tinker with fiddle with tamper with splatter poor mouth pooh pooh sour grapes bring someone to their knees make filthy make dirty get filthy cause to feel small crumb bedraggle mess muss make mucky muss up put out of countenance take a swipe at shoot full of holes disesteem ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour blacken someone's name damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility

Trái nghĩa của go to hell

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