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motors, motored, motoring

Đồng nghĩa: engine, machine,


A machine or device, especially one that converts energy forms into mechanical energy
machine engine apparatus appliance device instrument contrivance mechanism contraption gadget structure system gizmo equipment machinery components hardware implement mechanics gadgetry gear gears generator transformer cylinder piston turbine moving parts diesel engine electric motor gasoline engine petrol engine power train internal combustion engine what's under the hood bus wheels auto motorcar automobile car tool motor vehicle utensil horseless carriage vehicle widget cogs Brass Era automobile Brass Era car dynamo drive rig tackle kit setup materials gimmick construction black box doohickey unit power source lever pulley thingamabob organization workings administration institution ministry agency channel medium organ means instrumentality mechanisms channels procedure organisation arrangement accouterment method nitty-gritty set-up doodad thingamajig works whatchamacallit gubbins invention doodah doobry whatsit paraphernalia jigger aid dingus thingo doojigger gismo accessory material convenience thing waldo stuff mod con innards article object outfit thingummy labour-saving device item action piece parts guts artifact commodity movement artefact thingy trinket insides something component matter things element knickknack doo-dah whatdoyoucallit thingummyjig thingumabob thingumajig nicknack what's-its-name what-d'you-call-it what's-it bitzer plant gimcrack whatsis amenity agent weapon novelty piece of equipment Heath Robinson device Rube Goldberg device minutia bit accompaniment oojamaflip thingamajigger oojah jiggambob curio motion fixtures fittings fandango body fitment wherewithal silverware ware knife tableware fork bits spoon iron clockwork working gaud bauble gewgaw geegaw concern business harness tools implements putt-putt pot fan diesel barrel powerhouse horses accoutrements utensils materiel accouterments working parts nuts and bolts resort creation rigging whatnot resource makeshift supplies piece of apparatus piece of hardware furnishings accoutrement power plant rubber band provisions Rube Goldberg invention habiliments dingbat product module substance member entity part fragment piece of merchandise dojigger


The hinged cover over the engine of a motor vehicle


Producing physical or mechanical motion


To move or proceed very quickly
rush race dash hurry speed run shoot career hurtle fly scurry bolt zoom hasten tear zip hare scuttle scoot belt blast barrel bustle pelt buzz bundle whisk careen bomb drive whirl trot blaze breeze rocket hustle bowl blow course chase jet rustle hurl cannonball hie rip nip jump highball travel step ram hump hotfoot it crack on tear along dart sprint charge streak whizz gallop boogie post whip scramble scamper bucket go like a bat out of hell flash clip go hell for leather scud scutter sweep burn rubber stampede leg it go like lightning hightail barrel along wing get a move on zap shift fleet wheech go like the clappers get the lead out whoosh make haste scorch step on it bound swoop cut along whiz spank along hightail it beetle lay rubber get cracking spring haste bowl along skip go fast make tracks go like the wind hotfoot flit rattle along move shake a leg jog pound accelerate dive plunge steam speed up roll put on some speed quicken expedite push burn hurry up fling move quickly fast-track put your foot down flutter go skedaddle trip rage boil spurt dispatch beat it lose no time whip along really move get your skates on fuss lope cannon double jogtrot skitter skirr leap tool dogtrot stir proceed ride be quick canter bullet surge amble lunge beeline spur skim vroom flee lash break press on dust pace sail bestir press smoke get moving make time belt along bomb along go like a bullet move along go like a bomb cover ground step on gas go quickly patter skite roar catapult kite flow stream gush roll along push on swoosh cascade waltz go briskly step lively run fast outstrip retreat pour leave scat vamoose split storm go rapidly drive fast pass run like mad plunge ahead slip away be off like a shot progress hop it plough rush headlong yeet whish burst sally put foot run off bug out run away rush around hop along step along flood sloosh tumble tear up the miles go like greased lightning go at breakneck speed pass by tear out move forward move rapidly go by stir one's stumps march turn on steam make short work of dig in get a wiggle on pump express clear out go away move fast steamroller railroad blitz buck gear up bowl over gather momentum go all out make a run for it move apace rush at make it snappy get on it waste no time whip around not lose a minute take wing make oneself scarce plow launch oneself throw oneself go headlong gust slide lurch glide thrust whistle pounce wind pitch take flight jostle go faster get faster swirl pick up speed make off bluster drift flurry coast slip hop cruise prance frisk wash gambol float start increase speed gather speed advance pass quickly light out pick up the pace rev up take off step up pile barge propel pop shove crack blow fiercely romp scatter heave launch waft go at top speed stride hurdle go like lighting rack thrill move like greased lightning run very fast exhale frolic circulate flourish flicker billow eddy descend plummet drop well up brandish flick put on a burst of speed book it chuck it down dance caper surge through startle duck dodge head flitter go along show quickly stomp bounce spin swish twist seethe churn rush off speed away nosedive run out flirt smooth along stoop stalk escape gee up play cavort stamp flounce bob scram beat a retreat turn tail contend strive squirt puff squall swing strike attack fall tear around skidoo run for it clear off scarper fall upon make for set upon make depart hover vie hook it skip off levant decamp rev buzz around brush move suddenly dip run round in circles fly down peel out cut and run make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat set out set forth aim cut head off set off make a break steer bear veer jab prod poke stride angrily scrabble go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost gain momentum move faster tilt continue move past drive faster tilt at put on a spurt open it up jockey for position get a wriggle on step on the gas open up the throttle put pedal to metal put on afterburners peel rubber open up put on speed


To make a journey by motor vehicle
cruise travel drive ride spin automobile coast journey roll glide proceed tool ride by car travel by car go by car travel on wheels go move tour bowl tool along bowl along progress canter cycle gallop jockey trot sit be borne be supported be carried hitch a ride thumb a ride be conveyed fly sail voyage traverse jaunt roam wander exodus scramble jet head advance pass peregrinate trek globetrot approach road-trip navigate take off wend coach barnstorm gallivant get escape transition junket perambulate bus bustle spring continue trundle depart galavant migrate traipse gig cab speed race transport backpack rove circuit safari hop range ramble process fare hie knock about take a trip go on a trip push on go on safari go on a tour go on an expedition go places globe trot meander make one's way wend your way go on an excursion wayfare drift hike trip pilgrimage cross walk tramp stray stroll prowl course bat pass over set out go walkabout pass through hit the road saunter amble cover do maunder float explore track transit knock around mooch cut across straggle circumambulate proceed along gad about kick around trudge steam itinerate trog stravaig swan mosey scour set forth streel vagabond travel around gad sweep globe-trot travel through range over go towards journey across travel over journey over go through make one's way towards make for set out for repair venture shuttle go on a journey go on a excursion travel about march go hither and thither slog tootle pootle footslog bum negotiate trek through shift plod yomp bum around struggle along foot trail emigrate encompass search reconnoiter reconnoitre run flow immigrate leave transmigrate nomadize transfer voyage across sail across sail over voyage through travel across voyage over cruise through go across make your way across put behind one tramp over make circuit hit the trail spread through follow one's nose stream circumnavigate follow stroke pass by run out move onwards run through drag run by crawl blow past be on the move be on the trail move around move about potter breeze transmit waltz overnight go round move round truck toddle go riding make your way cover ground get through dash off make a journey go into orbit pick your way find your way wind one's way go to travel round take a plane take a boat take a train stump swing voyage around holiday in trek around holiday vacation journey through sightsee in sightsee make set roam in trek round wander through journey round rove through aim bear go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through train commence make a beeline for start out for aim for be bound for set out in the direction of steer for go in the direction of move towards direct one's steps towards boat ferry travel along go boating go sailing travel by boat take a cruise go yachting set sail take a boat trip ship out take a sea trip ride the waves take a sailing trip


(informal) To progress or forge ahead on a task or activity
progress advance proceed make progress forge ahead make headway make strides get on make inroads get somewhere come on prosper improve flourish develop thrive grow get ahead succeed expand mature blossom do well be successful gain ground come along go places move forward upgrade burgeon augment ameliorate shape up increase move ahead go great guns evolve bloom boom make it rise make good get on well fly high fare well pick up work up refine arrive press on press forward become better build push ahead push on go forward move forward in leaps and bounds be in the pink move elevate become rich strike gold strike oil flower take shape strengthen better go well spread do all right for oneself be getting there build up scale up score come of age get better make the big time go up in the world get on in the world bear fruit be fine and dandy climb update revolutionize modernise modernize transform move onward move on be in clover revolutionise extend take steps forward step up yield make good speed grow rich make your mark do wonders go to town cover ground catch on turn out well hit it big get there boost enhance move up perfect climb the ladder shine work one's way grow vigorously shoot up rise in the world lift bourgeon fine-tune enrich fortify skyrocket beef up cultivate drive forward pull ahead further go multiply batten gain produce show improvement be on easy street work out level up achieve spread your wings produce a result continue turn out get places take the next step be in good health intensify push forward hit the jackpot have an effect on make something happen ripen be enriched rocket get going keep going go on profit make a go grow well mushroom develop well wax go ahead have legs crack on open up show progress pick up speed make up for lost time proceed forward be strong be well be vigorous unfold turn over new leaf grow up roll up make first rate straighten up be in good shape be in your prime be on top of the heap be in its heyday run riot be promoted march enlarge elaborate push change unroll raise make a breakthrough go forth drive metamorphose emerge differentiate shoot march on adapt truck speed adapt yourself educe transmogrify derive alter open out head raise one's game turn it up increase one's intensity kick it up a notch elevate one's game step it up rise to the next level take it to the next level boost one's game take it to the limit step up one's game propel forward continue ahead pick up the pace crank it up take it up a notch step forward better oneself work one's way up make one's way be elevated foster improve on make ground uplift touch up promote build on polish smarten magnify reenforce reinforce supplement heighten amplify straighten out fast-track brush up aggrandize smarten up compound go far achieve a great deal make the grade cut it be someone gain advancement make a name find a place in the sun make a name for oneself climb the ladder of success move up in the world set the Thames on fire set the world on fire make one's way in the world advance oneself be a success do well for oneself hone meliorate optimize optimise benefit bear fatten pace get along reform go off make a killing make out live the life of Riley strike it rich be fortunate become wealthy feather one's nest make money outdo outmaneuver overtake excel surpass outmanoeuvre leave behind

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