Đồng nghĩa của kite

Alternative for kite

kite /kait/
  • danh từ
    • cái diều
    • (động vật học) diều hâu
    • (nghĩa bóng) kẻ tham tàn; kẻ bịp bợm, quân bạc bịp
    • (thương nghiệp), (từ lóng) văn tự giả; hối phiếu giả
    • (hàng hải) cánh buồm cao nhất (chỉ giương lên khi có gió nhẹ)
    • (quân sự), (từ lóng) máy bay
    • to fly a kite
      • thả diều
    • (nghĩa bóng) thăm dò ý kiến
    • (thương nghiệp), (từ lóng) lấy tiền bằng văn tự giả; lấy tiền bằng hối phiếu giả
    • nội động từ
      • bay lên như diều
      • (thương nghiệp), (từ lóng) lấy tiền bằng văn tự giả; lấy tiền bằng hối phiếu giả
      • ngoại động từ
        • làm bay lên như diều
        • (thương nghiệp), (từ lóng) chuyển thành văn tự giả; chuyển thành hối phiếu giả


      A person who preys on unsuspecting victims for personal gain


      An instance of deceiving or tricking someone
      con fraud swindle scam trick deception flimflam sting gyp cheat bunco hustle fiddle racket bunko bluff ploy grift diddle rort canard swizz fastie boondoggle swizzle graft crime dupe mockery rip-off con trick confidence trick shell game double-cross bit of sharp practice confidence game gold brick hoax ramp twist shakedown sham fraudulent scheme fast one artifice ruse stratagem subterfuge wile spoof craft prank leg-pull imposture chicane joke humbug practical joke overcharging rip do flanker have extortion cheating blackmail hosing dodge double-dealing deceit robbery exploitation lift thieving steal thievery larceny stealing daylight robbery purloining mare's nest crooked deal shady deal snow job con game sucker game dirty pool bad deal bad buy scheme manoeuvre maneuver contrivance trickery device machination game plot pretence pretense wheeze shift put-on gambit fake fast shuffle sleight whitewash feint gimmick blind chicanery tactic stunt set-up fetch conspiracy fix intrigue duplicity shenanigan lurk jig skin game sell dirty trick setup expedient plan juggle knack play dishonesty schlenter imposition bill of goods jive bunco game falseness move strategy design hanky-panky corruption rig method sharp practice shenanigans misrepresentation infidelity faithlessness secret plan sweet talk Ponzi dirty work boiler room game plan bait-and-switch swindling pretext trap perfidiousness perfidy cunning machinations Trojan horse kidology codology falsity guile tactics sellout craftiness programme scheming program artfulness slyness blueprint angle disaffection recreancy treacherousness plant frame jazz wrong baloney master plan stab in the back plan of action course of action ground plan line of action dirty dealing cozening hoaxing bamboozlement ripoff betrayal wangle disloyalty treason cover up run around unfaithfulness fraudulence snare decoy story illusion quackery cabal project smokescreen lie two-timing hokum deviousness legerdemain skulduggery frame-up brainchild enterprise treachery venture skullduggery jugglery hocus-pocus piece of deception gamesmanship song and dance arrangement double cross action covin con job switch jiggery-pokery dissimulation the business cunning plan booby trap soft soap bait and switch sleight of hand put-up job monkey business smoke and mirrors brigand charade victimisation victimization loophole thimblerigging thimblerig jest jape roguery knavery masquerade evasion inconstancy embezzlement system caper scenario curveball porky savvy manoeuvring excuse refuge insincerity hypocrisy maneuvering crocodile tears conning flattery way subversion beguilement monkeyshines lure little game horseplay slant allurement scepticism lying skepticism bilk mare's-nest fallacy ride stall malarkey hogwash wrinkle catch pork pie cover-up shuck crock fib sanctimoniousness cant posturing means wiles sophistry crafty designs road map grand design draft practice draught idea red herring oldest trick in the book deceptiveness underhandedness secret scheme management dupery fourberie tricks duping phoneyness empty talk hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour Tartufferie soft sell pretension fakery charlatanry connivance complicity squeeze lay theft illegality lawlessness lies propaganda funny business push ambush struggle agenda invention falsehood cover delusion distortion illegal scheme illegal enterprise criminal activity illicit scheme backstabbing business untrustworthiness deceitfulness false-heartedness back-stabbing forgery imitation secret understanding reproduction counterfeit copy sedition bad faith knowledge agreement involvement consent approval plotting skunk guiltiness guilt collaboration cahoots flam diddling number bull line breach of trust collusion mock-up dummy phoney lookalike likeness phony fraudulent artifice fradulent artifice Punic faith pinchbeck knock-off pirate pseudo four-flusher junque simulation fabrication replica make-believe elaborate explanation


      Move fast in a straight line because or as if driven by the wind
      scud speed fly race sail skim shoot sweep streak zoom blast buzz career flash hare hurry rush whip whizz whoosh belt flit hasten scurry scutter skite tear wing zip bomb boogie bucket hightail scoot scorch shift zap blow clip dart gust run wind cut along bowl along dash charge sprint bustle chase leap scramble stampede bolt barrel breeze dive careen rocket scuttle motor bowl blaze bundle hie nip jet rip ram whisk highball hustle drive hump skip whirl cannonball trot hurtle course rustle step travel jump hurl pelt barrel along hotfoot it crack on run fast burn rubber gallop swoop go like a bat out of hell fleet post go hell for leather scamper leg it go like lightning spank along wheech get the lead out whiz spring go like the clappers rattle along roll lay rubber trip go like the wind make haste float get a move on bound flow stream step on it put one's foot down slide slip skirr coast drift beetle go fast get cracking skate surge soar pound plunge hotfoot spurt smooth along haste fling really move hightail it put on some speed glide cruise slither brush prance frisk jog cannon lope canter burn spiral move skitter glissade lunge descend decline pass amble pace dispatch push steam break go like a bullet go like a bomb move quickly lose no time whip along patter crack swoosh gush waltz tool cascade skedaddle outstrip pour dust boil lash go flicker run like mad plunge ahead start flutter book it chuck it down slip away be off like a shot flood sloosh tumble flick freewheel jogtrot double surge through hop along step along slink ride dance caper dogtrot pump accelerate hop rush headlong quicken proceed ghost press expedite launch pitch heave thrust flitter move apace shake a leg hurry up get your skates on step on gas fast-track speed up bounce progress hop it smoke sashay move smoothly slide along gather momentum press on belt along get moving gear up bowl over cover ground bomb along go all out gambol stride go like lighting rack hurdle pass by make tracks tear out move forward move rapidly go by stir one's stumps waft flirt play tear along cavort bob hover dip skid plane aquaplane skim through move lightly


      To be liberated or freed from (something)
      get out escape flee fly abscond clear out lam run away alight avoid begone decamp depart dodge duck egress evacuate evade exit go hightail leave quit retreat run off scram shirk shun skedaddle split vacate vamoose withdraw beat it be off break out break out of bug off buzz off extricate oneself free oneself go away make tracks take off take a hike bail scarper push off book part get move peel off sally forth bug out clear off step along shove off push on get off bail out walk out cut out go off dig out pull out run along make oneself scarce remove oneself get going pike off head off pack off retire pack up pike out bolt take a powder light out make off cut and run take flight beat a hasty retreat hit the road make a run for it make a break for it make a quick exit head for the hills run for it beat a retreat leg it do a bunk skidoo peel out do a runner scoot turn tail go through shoot through show a clean pair of heels voetsak hop it hamba run sling your hook skip off rack off absent oneself hook it scat fly the coop get lost do a disappearing act make yourself scarce hightail it pull stakes avaunt get away do a fade take leave move along set off hit the trail bog off check out break shoo disappear be on your way levant naff off set out sod off haul off get along nick off take yourself off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake take wing blow be gone on your bike hop the twig back out take a long walk on a short pier push along get stuffed move off draw away duck out pop off be off with you walk off get moving hop the stick bustle hurry say goodbye go your way make a start start out be on one's way absent yourself get out of my sight take your leave move out embark vanish do a moonlight scatter do a moonlight flit skiddoo walk slope off make like a tree and leave make like a tree and get out of here head strike out make get on your bike go to hell bust out spread post security put up bail stand surety obtain somebody's release make one's getaway take to your heels make a break take it on the lam march take one's leave sign out head out get up and go storm off leave suddenly storm out flounce out go off in a huff make a sudden departure ship shove skip out flow make a move leap off-load move about amble canter hustle flit hasten gallop bound career dart course barrel hie dash hotfoot go and chase yourself separate say adieu say farewell break up break off say one's goodbyes conk out split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells dedomicile make one's farewells walk out on ease out step out go one's ways go their separate ways part company go separate ways leave flat dog it go like lightning yeet

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