Đồng nghĩa của pseudo

Alternative for pseudo

  • tính từ
    • giả, giả tạo, không chân thật, giả mạo, không thành thật

Tính từ

Other than what is apparent
feigned phoney affected artificial assumed bogus contrived fake false mock pretended sham spurious put-on quasi- counterfeit deceptive ersatz factitious faux forced fraudulent imitation mechanical misleading phony plastic pretend simulated strained unnatural cod insincere pirate quasi self-styled virtual wannabe would-be wrong not genuine not kosher not legit not real as it were to all intents and purposes forged dummy faked synthetic substitute manufactured man-made imitative mimic so-called fictitious unauthentic inauthentic make-believe reproduction fabricated replica snide laboured hollow stilted labored mannered specious copied queer facsimile pseud stiff fakey pretentious put on bent invalid dud overdone actorly framed studied meretricious unreal supposititious self-conscious untrue exaggerated superficial unconvincing pirated model wooden theatrical Hollywood plant brummagem fishy delusory crock delusive deceitful suppositious hokey worthless won't fly soft shell falsified posed professed apparent seeming ostensible elaborate two-faced avowed overripe overworked imaginary toy trick dishonest stagy improvised apish campy masked concealed nonnatural trumped-up knock-off crooked cheating adulterine quack unspontaneous counterfeited ham hammy pinchbeck covered ungenuine imitated double-dealing constrained hoax underhand made-up illegal phoney-baloney phony-baloney rehearsed bootlegged surface repro chemical cast imagined unqualified overblown fallacious planned near nominal partly pseudo- semi- apparently supposedly seemingly non-natural copy made makeshift constructed invented concocted falsie apocryphal bum manmade derivative pseudonymous adopted duplicate glib deceiving purported experimental representative dissembling copycat mealymouthed hyped up low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade unoriginal manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche voulu staged posey unsatisfactory substandard adulterated alleged gingerbread awkward conceited playacting melodramatic affectated fraud rigid inflexible grudging bound binding conscripted slave begrudging stringent coercive forcible hypocritical engineered overly planned knock off not what it is cracked up to be bluffing shammed supposed lying impostrous in name only charlatan dissimulated imposturous arty-farty precious wreck wired put unglued uptight tight choked taut farfetched simpering camp genteel highfaluting chichi airish conscious artsy in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope bad nonbinding inoperative null and void not binding uncollectible nugatory void null nonvalid stuck up gone Hollywood camouflaged unrecognizable hidden covert sly incognito swindling duplicitous undercover furtive back-alley sneaky criminal masquerading disguised changed veiled unrecognisable incog cloaked in disguise shifty shady corrupt sharp illicit dishonourable treacherous unlawful unscrupulous Janus-faced tricky sailing under false colours under cover underhanded dirty defrauding fast unfair unjust guileful crafty unprincipled unethical rogue dodgy shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable devious against the law clumsy ponderous heavy inelegant uneasy overwrought graceless gauche laborious dramatic uncomfortable showy rustic rustical ungraceful maladroit actressy rough-hewn histrionic overacted stagey over-the-top over-elaborate ungainly leaden convoluted ornate intricate prolix gawky ostentatious theatric inept weighty unrelaxed ceremonious flamboyant comic determined tortuous arduous tortured difficult reserved inhibited guarded over-embellished long-winded farcical not fluent reticent complex turgid animated expressive restrained tongue-tied distant embarrassed repressed lumbering hard operose effortful uphill strenuous toilsome uncoordinated unwieldy ugly splashy catchy not spontaneous controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof unco elephantine pompous barnstorming lifeless all thumbs uncouth uncourtly rusty coarse vulgar emotional show amateur legitimate acting tragic schmaltzy dramaturgic vaudeville passionless flat dry stodgy unimpassioned spiritless soulless operatic bumbling unhandy deadpan inexpressive obstinate unyielding unbending lacking vitality heavy-handed mincing overplayed overacting thespian unrestrained formal austere punctilious prim correct proper decorous stuffy priggish starchy icy frigid nice stiff-necked

Tính từ

Existing only in the realms of one's imagination
phantasmal imaginary unreal fanciful fictitious fantastic imagined mythical chimerical invented fictional fabulous visionary fantastical mythic chimeric phantasmic ideal phantom pretend fantasied imaginal illusory notional dreamlike fancied delusive hallucinatory fictive whimsical suppositious phantasmagoric fake sham untrue delusory misleading ostensible phantasmagorical seeming fallacious mistaken apparent semblant made-up make-believe blue-sky deceitful fantasy pretended fantasized dream mock false dreamed-up simulated feigned spurious phoney play-play fraudulent fantasised phony psychedelic nightmarish surreal bizarre phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic illusive Kafkaesque phantasmagorian imitative dummy faux bogus ersatz artificial factitious mimic synthetic substitute counterfeit man-made imitation forged acted unsubstantial insubstantial spectral fabricated ethereal impalpable legendary intangible immaterial romantic nonexistent hypothetical supposititious figmental bodiless aerial incorporeal spiritual concocted unbodied quixotic apocryphal discarnate shadowy ghostly airy disembodied imaginative unembodied storybook wraithlike devised dreamy non-existent unearthly transcendental disincarnate fairy-tale abstract mythological theoretical wild supernatural apparitional absurd formless nonphysical nonmaterial extravagant poetic metaphysical made up imponderable assumed idealized non-physical deceptive untouchable utopian vague imagal idealised hyped up product of someone's imagination fabled trumped up fool's paradise unbelievable thought up curious far-fetched traditional ridiculous incredible imperceptible to the touch slender insensible offbeat crackpot out of this world non-material phantasm trumped-up vain unfounded specious chimeral estimated academic unrealistic manufactured improvised created out of thin air created storied folkloric uncorporeal queer uncorporal discorporate conceived prepared heroic all in the mind in your head dreamt up symbolic allegorical proverbial symbolical unattainable not material unworkable ivory-towered unachievable unfeasible impracticable impractical Utopian nebulous heavenly incorporate disbodied unworldly unfleshly celestial spiritlike psychic asomatous subjective insincere preposterous invisible mercurial unnatural weird reproduction reachy replica high-flown mental transcendent tall capricious out-of-reach ivory-tower flakey unlikely kinky flaky far out fairy tale floating in the clouds pie-in-the-sky supposed dim virtual cock and bull hard to swallow blue sky hard to take pipe dream pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine indefinite elusive all in one's head figment of someone's imagination expressive evanescent indescribable indefinable creative obscure indistinct unclear uncertain unobservable abstruse rare slight evasive unquantifiable indeterminate inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure imperceptible fresh exotic original vaporous ghostlike inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty ephemeral illusionary inexistent artful fertile freakish ingenious brilliant genius experimental unconventional innovative freaky keen radical puny fly-by-night unsound infirm petty idle decrepit innovational far-out unorthodox head in the clouds out of touch with reality vivid revolutionary avant-garde Promethean astute too little too late

Tính từ

Deceptive or tending to mislead or create a false impression
misleading false deceptive confusing delusive specious ambiguous evasive spurious deceitful delusory sophistical disingenuous tricky casuistical deceiving fallacious unstraightforward beguiling deluding equivocal mock bewildering casuistic catchy confounding demagogic distorted distracting illusory inaccurate misrepresentative mistakable perplexing puzzling wrong untrue fake sham fictitious erroneous mistaken bogus phony phoney fraudulent untruthful unfounded imaginary incorrect counterfeit unreal unsound chimerical invalid invented fabricated inexact feigned misguided fanciful insincere dishonest flawed apparent seeming artificial ostensible pretend fishy fantastic illusive imitation suppositious off imprecise concocted hallucinatory forged fictional illogical made up faked pretended imagined unreliable faulty mendacious visionary lying ideal trumped up ersatz affected chimeric assumed counterfactual fictive two-faced dissembling put-on in error hollow phantasmal dreamlike simulated mythical fabulous illusionary devious snide treacherous phantasmagoric guileful shifty without foundation contrived baseless cod not genuine double-dealing whimsical make-believe cunning fantastical pretentious apocryphal notional truthless supposititious queer semblant pirate perfidious phantasmic ungrounded bent dodgy out faux framed iffy duplicitous sophistic blue-sky cooked-up not kosher way off off beam full of holes economical with the truth made-up vain copied factitious fancied improper sly Hollywood plant brummagem crock artful mythic non-existent dicey crafty phantom fantasied imaginal plastic unnatural foxy trumped-up equivocating won't fly soft shell dummy inauthentic sneaky unauthentic delusional not accurate not exact off target way out wide of the mark unreasonable captious unsubstantiated groundless forsworn idle wily mad foundationless unproven unreasoned colored misinformed unsupported uncorroborated untrustworthy scheming hoax ill-founded phantasmagorical reasonless coloured insubstantial glib faithless forced perjurious strained designing without basis mechanical meretricious subtle trick underhand hypocritical falsified underhanded substitute quasi- mythological insidious dissimulating dud askew way off beam abroad perjured hollow-hearted crooked off base prevaricating misrepresenting fibbing inventing misstating falsifying terminologically inexact double-faced off-base Janus-faced phony-baloney double-crossing committing perjury two-timing phoney-baloney malicious entrapping surreal nightmarish psychedelic misconceived deluded quixotic phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic Kafkaesque phantasmagorian bizarre irrational unread mocking adopted improvised fakey unfactual nonfactual impostrous off the mark plausible pseud knock-off pirated unqualified unfitting contrary to fact not true empty ostentatious likely colorable presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive nugatory superficial amiss untested unverified unconfirmed unwarranted unjustified unattested devised cooked up traitorous seemingly correct deflecting diverting cheating pretending phantasm not the case conjectural not trustworthy off-beam way off-beam so-called actorly quack worthless virtual wannabe would-be self-styled quasi erratic plausible but wrong apparently right nonvalid speculative questionable erring awry defective fluffed jive mealymouthed backhanded unctuous disloyal double mealy gratuitous bottomless tenuous uncalled-for off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated not real not legit backstabbing knavish commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness wrong number all wet all off legendary dreamed-up as it were to all intents and purposes intangible storybook nebulous hypothetical immaterial theoretical fairy-tale Pecksniffian lip not precise not working at fault out of commission out of line on the wrong track impalpable not backed up by evidence double dealing back-stabbing left-handed slippery slick figmental weird nonexistent romantic reproduction reachy replica aerial out of this world fabled unsubstantial incredible unbelievable Barmecidal Barmecide float diversionary fly Machiavellian cagy shrewd cute cagey synthetic blue sky pipe dream slim carny shonky imitative deep shady wry greasy sharp intelligent witted clever streetwise keen smooth astute mimic man-made not what it is cracked up to be calculating false-hearted uncandid not candid not frank unscrupulous unfrank unfair unveracious oblique indirect not entirely truthful

Tính từ

Unnamed or not identified by a name
anonymous unidentified unnamed nameless incognito innominate unknown unacknowledged unspecified undesignated certain faceless given one some unbaptized unchristened untitled mystery unauthenticated unsung bearding mysterious pseudonymous secret shadowy unavowed unclaimed undisclosed whatchamacallit whatsis X of unknown name Jane Doe John Doe so and so such and such what's her name what's his name you know who unrevealed unmarked obscure unrecognized concealed unrecognised covert impersonal clandestine remote furtive enigmatic undubbed unsigned unfamiliar unidentifiable cryptic inconspicuous undercover unlabelled untagged unclassified no-name incog strange whatshisname whatshername invisible silent not known undiscovered unannounced confidential sealed unpublished private hidden unbeknownst unperceived unapprehended particular individual specific special specified especial regular singular under wraps hush-hush shrouded classified top secret intimate surreptitious veiled privy nonpublic hushed restricted unofficial undeclared esoteric untold unexpressed off the record not for publication not for circulation covered closet strictly confidential unseen undivulged not to be disclosed not to be made public non-public obscured inside sub rosa secretive closed masked personal unvoiced innermost inward buried underground mum mom disguised underhand sneaking behind-the-scenes underlying deepest quiet discreet under cover unspoken darkest hidden away unapparent clouded guarded latent privileged inmost backdoor sneaky protected inner cloaked camouflaged screened deep-seated top-secret not visible out of sight uncommunicated suppressed under-the-table dark deep dissembled with a lid on indiscernible reserved imperceivable unexposed censored eclipsed close undetected tight-lipped in the dark out of view under-the-counter unreported on the side difficult to see exclusive unconfessed unprofessed sensitive kept concealed buttoned up kept secret hard to see soft low strict tight dern arcane not obvious withheld sheltered carefully guarded closely guarded snug tect not on view enshrouded dissimulated implicit covered up tucked away secondary stealthy implied inherent stealth backstage backstairs sub-rosa inferred underhanded offstage sneak honest real true lurking deducible indirect repressed suggested behind the scenes cloak-and-dagger under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera not open hugger-mugger close to one's chest behind someone's back one-on-one hole-and-corner not in the public domain bottled up tacit ulterior unsaid hinted imperceptible unseeable unnoticeable unnoticed undetectable indistinguishable unobserved unobtrusive indistinct nonexistent unperceivable inappreciable hinted at intangible unobservable ghostly insensible perdu impalpable ethereal vaporous imaginary not in view not in sight unviewable imponderable gaseous impossible to detect

Tính từ

Not to be trusted or relied upon
suspect doubtful dubious questionable dodgy suspicious fishy queer shady odd debatable disputable doubtable dubitable equivocal problematic problematical shaky untrustworthy funny iffy shonky incredible open potentially dangerous potentially false ridiculous suspected thick thin unbelievable uncertain unclear under suspicion unlikely unsure not kosher not quite right open to suspicion unreliable flimsy shifty disreputable open to question open to doubt unsubstantiated weak unsound murky arguable dishonest tenuous unscrupulous unsupported moot undependable irregular dark mysterious controversial corrupt unconvincing slippery sketchy unsettled underhand chancy contentious ambiguous devious dishonourable fallible indeterminate dishonorable indefinite nebulous unfounded speculative indecisive unproven controvertible unconfirmed fraudulent unresolved bent crooked implausible strange unethical seedy scandalous tricky open to debate unsavoury inglorious deceptive specious rocky risky defective spurious wrong assumed unsavory deceitful vague conjectural presumed undecided hypothetical disputed negotiable issuable potentially illegal suppositious in doubt contestable contingent insecure criminal unsafe up in the air not dependable open to discussion duplicitous inaccurate improbable sly peculiar snide theoretical furtive sneaky academic ungrounded dicey unreasonable untrue suppositional groundless guileful unverified far-fetched incorrect mistaken false erroneous unsubstantial untested fragile borderline enigmatic precarious supposed cryptic inconclusive putative hazy ill-founded clouded flakey unstable flaky sham notional suppositive of dubious character academical theoretic wide of the mark off-target in dispute double-dealing vexed postulated in question presupposed at issue not definite up for grabs shadowy nefarious crafty unprincipled insubstantial unlawful illegal secret mootable puzzling negligible unapt macabre trustless untrusty disbelieved potentially dishonest unspecific insignificant paradoxical challenging undetermined unconcluded treacherous irresponsible disloyal two-faced off yet to be decided sub judice unknown baseless unwarranted far from certain unpredictable inexact phony pending confused farfetched vulnerable unusual unjustifiable unestablished unjustified unattested uncorroborated different phoney in the balance in limbo in no man's land touch-and-go flawed not validated perilous untrusted imagined illogical foundationless without basis invalid nonvalid without foundation faulty feeble of doubtful honesty too much out of line rings untrue won't wash conjectured untenable not reliable nonrational illegitimate unreasoning irrational unreal imaginary not backed up by evidence hollow sophistic mysterious-looking funny-looking queer-looking dishonest-looking strange-looking guilty-looking concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed made up presumptive casual assumptive stochastic proposed pretending underhanded unbacked casuistic inconsequent inconsequential easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken sharp rogue incongruous falsified fallacious fake hard to believe fast disputatious divisive delicate sensitive contended difficult polemical tentative emotive provocative tendentious polemic abstract inferred awkward debateable contested debated hot notorious heated surmised postulational ideational guesstimated figured reputed guessing surmising under discussion hot-button based on guesswork on a hunch on a long shot unprovable apocryphal marginal undefined occult obscure not obvious under examination under advisement

Tính từ

Lacking in veracity, accuracy or truth
unreliable implausible unconvincing inaccurate unsound doubtful dubious fallible flimsy questionable weak specious suspect tenuous undependable chancy disreputable risky rocky shaky unsubstantiated unsupported untrue deceptive defective erroneous false incorrect mistaken uncertain wrong dodgy iffy fake fallacious falsified flaky flakey sham unstable off-target wide of the mark open to doubt open to question untrustworthy unfounded spurious debatable unproven disputable suspicious dubitable invalid unsure unconfirmed flawed ill-founded speculative fishy illogical groundless without foundation baseless unjustified uncorroborated unreasonable faulty unverified foundationless misleading unsettled doubtable ungrounded conjectural equivocal problematical without basis arguable untruthful unwarranted inexact dicey imprecise fabricated distorted nonvalid problematic unresolved misguided off-base imperfect untested unattested not backed up by evidence up in the air moot nebulous unjustifiable idle out controversial vain shady unpredictable misinformed gratuitous bottomless incalculable off insecure indefinite trumped-up in doubt off target in the balance unlikely improbable discrepant queer unsubstantial undecided unknown far-fetched illusory undetermined untenable irrational careless empty pending contentious ambiguous uncalled-for unclear controvertible dishonest indecisive hollow unforeseeable negotiable issuable precarious incongruous hairy trumped up farfetched undefined off-beam counterfactual indeterminate sketchy off beam way off-beam mendacious full of holes in error under suspicion in question in limbo not kosher up for grabs touch and go unsafe reasonless paradoxical unauthenticated awry askew unassured unprovoked without substantiation without merit vulnerable open to debate unauthorized indistinct fictitious unfitting sub judice unreal improper far from certain hanging by a thread on thin ice perilous abroad chimerical imaginary invented feeble uncalled for not backed up causeless not trustworthy not exact way out not accurate way off delusive fragile without justification without cause unauthorised without reason made up terminologically inexact nonrational illegitimate unreasoning mootable unestablished without explanation deceiving sophistic unapt tentative presumed assumed not validated unbacked casuistic inconsequent inconsequential easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken illusive beguiling deceitful illusionary deluding mock delusory erring frail exaggerated conditional outlandish suppositive suppositious fanciful overblown incredible preposterous unbelievable erratic hesitant capricious whimsical fluctuant ignorant mortal irregular to be won or lost in no man's land sensational embellished absurd outrageous extravagant fantastic strange odd unprovable nonsensical impossible spectacular ludicrous laughable bizarre hyperbolic farcical incoherent murky phony apocryphal marginal borderline in dispute error-prone errant funny hard to believe in lap of gods in the lap of the gods unusual corrupt peculiar shonky mysterious dark criminal disputed unrealistic mind-boggling unimaginable embroidered inconceivable histrionic different phoney vague occult obscure hypothetical cryptic enigmatic contingent liable faultful human heedless errable not reliable not dependable beyond belief tall cock and bull hard to swallow blown up far out of doubtful honesty not quite right too much out of line rings untrue won't wash under advisement not obvious under examination not definite open to discussion complicated out of the ordinary open to error prone to error prone to err liable to err unfaithful wild adrift garbled way-out not true way-off wide not right off base doesn't wash all wet

Danh từ

A forged document, signature, banknote, or work of art
forgery counterfeit fake falsification phony sham bootleg imitation phoney dupe pirate bogus fraud hoax imposture humbug knock-off rip-off warez copy reproduction dummy mock-up likeness lookalike replica put-on deception junque pinchbeck spoof simulation pretence imposition pretense fabrication sleight four-flusher make-believe scam trick swindle flimflam substitute gold brick warez facsimile gyp simulacrum sell deceit actor bum duplicate clone duplication replication model carbon copy carbon reduplication mock match image Xerox picture ringer ditto mirroring paralleling reflection knockoff photocopy counterpart recreation reprint mimeograph mimeo parallel twin sample photostat look-alike Photostat stat repro mirror image paste fool's gold toy impersonation masquerade representation virtual reality stand-in sub marionette beta version prototype test case double mate fetch spit doppelganger fellow chip off the old block exact likeness germination recurrence analog spitting image spare dead ringer analogue close likeness repetition second copycat coordinate correlate replacement companion reciprocal counterscript similarity alter ego obverse print xerox ectype echoing copying reenactment generation offprint multiplication flimsy renewal reprinting photograph pic portrayal revival X-ray increase resemblance counterfeiting mimicry aping chip off old block transcription mime sendup paraphrasing semblance mimesis matching ersatz apery takeoff representing patterning skit substitution

Danh từ

Someone who attempts to deceive by using an assumed name or identity
impostor fake charlatan fraud cheater swindler cheat fraudster hoaxer humbug phoney pretender quack trickster conman hoodwinker mountebank phony rogue sham deceiver faker masquerader impersonator shyster flimflammer bluffer defrauder empiric fakir hypocrite imitator knave pettifogger quacksalver ringer sharper actor beguiler deluder duper exploiter mimic mocker plant scorner con artist confidence man confidence woman flimflam man four-flusher hustler racketeer con shark scoundrel dissembler grifter sharp villain imposter shicer twister chiseller magsman illywhacker defalcator tregetour counterfeit rorter con man con-artist double-dealer double-crosser rogue trader confidence trickster rip-off artist bunco artist shammer goldbrick hoser counterfeiter simulator playactor slicker huckster schlenter medicaster con woman gold brick crook cozener dodger scammer chiseler bilk bilker conniver decoy sharpy sharpie skinner finagler tricker scamster inveigler rascal jockey bluff enticer dissimulator confidence operator poser rook smoothie attitudinizer liar wolf in sheep's clothing victimizer pseud whited sepulchre pharisee backslider casuist sophist two-face lip server joker Tartuffe hoax plaster saint prankster mechanic forger practical joker hook two-timer bigot informer malingerer aggressor bully feigner betrayer forgery tartuffe fabricator sneak spoofer hypocritical person fleecer bamboozler play actor horse trader slippery customer embezzler hoaxster thief clip absconder operator gouger falsifier snake in the grass bunco scam artist confidence artist clip artist poseur exhibitionist show-off posturer self-publicist poseuse canter mannerist attention-seeker pietist hot dog Pecksniff bluenose Pharisee flip-flopper sanctimonious person Holy Willie creeping Jesus whited sepulcher

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pseudo Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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