Đồng nghĩa của obligatory

Alternative for obligatory

obligatory /ɔ'bligətəri/
  • tính từ
    • bắt buộc, cưỡng bách


So customary or fashionable as to be expected of everyone or on every occasion


Repeated often to the point of being stale or commonplace
hackneyed stale tired trite banal stereotyped threadbare commonplace hack timeworn shopworn hackney cliche musty cobwebby well-worn moth-eaten unoriginal clichéd corny overworked stock hacky overused platitudinous derivative old hat conventional played out common dull unimaginative run-of-the-mill uninspired worn-out worn out cliché vapid bromidic cliché-ridden pedestrian ordinary predictable routine hoary flat humdrum truistic warmed-over stereotypical overdone time-worn worn boring prosaic antiquated cornball dime-store everyday hokey out of date passé familiar warmed-up outmoded outdated obsolete old tedious defunct bathetic set frayed repetitious old-hat out-of-date tripe familiar tune out of the ark past their sell-by date cliché standard standardized formulaic conventionalized mass-produced typecast imitative uncreative ineffective exhausted jejune chain silly drained used-up mildewed ready-made tarnished faded well worn standardised worn thin archaic insipid mundane dreary monotonous tiresome vanilla foetid past dead out mawkish bent zestless effete fetid yesterday's uneventful uninteresting mind-numbing ho-hum unvaried wearisome gone off like a dinosaur stupid facile nothing cornfed noplace pabulum zero trivial square dumb nowhere bland blah dull as dishwater ho hum ancient quotidian played-out old-chestnut old-saw aged lined dated decrepit ragged weathered broken-down rundown dog-eared shabby outworn wrinkled battered used tattered the worse for wear unexciting dry colourless colorless workaday unremarkable drab uninspiring lifeless lacklustre tame lackluster stodgy heavy ponderous stuffy arid jading monochromatic plain vanilla tiring slow leaden wearying numbing drudging weary dusty unexceptional characterless usual normal undistinguished average mediocre sterile bog-standard stereotypic platitudinal spiritless cliched indifferent middle-of-the-road a dime a dozen no great shakes nothing to write home about plodding so-so unvarying mainstream customary not up to much unstimulating typical ornery garden-variety repetitive matter-of-fact common or garden uninventive featureless regular samey half-pie garden variety nondescript dry as dust unmemorable second-rate forgettable not so hot barren as dry as dust middling plain day-to-day banausic old-fashioned deadly dreich lacking variety wishy-washy standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried OK unadventurous copied derived plagiarized passionless anaemic terrestrial monochrome lowly nitty-gritty soporific inane fatiguing prosy run of the mill turgid bush-league lame anemic unentertaining unenjoyable stiff passable inferior lacking variation yawnsome mean dullsville wooden plebeian dime-a-dozen draggy garden plagiarised not much cop weariful dim lacking excitement lacking interest nothing to get excited about plagiaristic second-hand big yawn non-innovative rehashed feeble vacuous cribbed fuddy-duddy fair soulless unchanging humble mechanical medium heavy-going prevalent tolerable soul-destroying unspirited irksome unrelieved unsophisticated traditional prolix laborious amateurish amateur dismal depressing bloodless deadening dull as ditchwater insignificant unnoteworthy formal run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class white-bread monotone flavourless unappealing unanimated popular ten a penny plastic laboured deadly dull not very good labored flavorless orthodox vieux jeu unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn difficult modest unspecial homespun menial workday unpretentious serious unartistic simple over-serious phoned in gray grey sentimental kitschy cheesy mindless formalistic homely staple weak desolate unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal unemotional factual clear unadorned uninterested tepid suburban unromantic deadpan overlong not bad empty crude meagre simplistic meager innocuous treadmill toneless mimetic boilerplate low-grade generic raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy downcast dragging enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze mimic general pedantic staid lustreless prevailing going basic current endless pallid limp verbose apish jake moderate torpid extinct slavish household accustomed weighty stilted established adequate antediluvian family casual ubiquitous habitual domestic frequent informal epigonic epigonous antiseptic superannuated hard to digest heavy going wonted middle of the road nothing special canned undistinctive inoffensive fair-to-middling whitebread meh waterish nerdy wimpy milk-and-water sapless long-drawn-out emulative antwacky intermediate decent fairish cut and dried readily available widely available fair to middling of poor quality stereotype counterfeit proletarian lower-class widespread working-class ignoble unappetizing unpalatable inedible secondary low obvious matter-of-course starch natural unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable uniform savourless uninviting boiler plate off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable echoic baseborn low-class lowborn secondhand lumpen peasant low-life vulgar unwashed low-born prole low-ranking regimented copycat blue-singlet governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue elementary evolved procured borrowed hereditary obtained acquired ancestral inferential subordinate cognate connate caused inferred of low birth coming from not original


Necessary or very important
essential crucial important necessary key requisite vital indispensable needed required called for imperative critical mandatory compulsory paramount compelling urgent integral pressing high-priority acute of the essence pivotal fundamental substantive all-important burning central consequential significant vitally important life-and-death of great consequence of the utmost importance pre-eminent prerequisite all important must-have necessitous needful basic quintessential principal prime chief cardinal de rigueur demanded desired wanted intrinsic core inherent primary rudimentary expedient elementary innate lacking called-for stipulated basal lacked king foremost telling very important preeminent number one major everything characteristic focal structural staple natural underlying rudimental profound incumbent foundational constitutional elemental constituent salient constitutive connected component involuntary forced peremptory nonelective appropriate compulsatory at the heart of binding decisive momentous specified preferred exigent bottom-line proper recommended incumbent on meat-and-potatoes name of game serious weighty grave far-reaching considerable substantial severe portentous of consequence earnest heavyweight solemn meaningful of moment heavy somber sombre sober of great import no joke of great importance life and death no laughing matter of significance big sedate staid earth-shattering humourless humorless no-nonsense big deal material underlined monumental historic heavy-duty fateful eventful main capital determining appreciable determinative uncomic leading deciding sizable world-shaking life-or-death influential noteworthy great large-scale exceptional intense hefty impactful big league nitty-gritty radical dire mission-critical business-critical drastic dangerous notable much needed apocalyptic climacteric large instrumental strategic overriding landmark ponderous valuable epoch-making prominent pronounced tough powerful difficult imposing of vital importance grand earth-shaking world-shattering outstanding especial striking mighty almighty egregious rare major league conclusive high-level big-time life-changing deep hard major-league earthshaking right-hand inescapable dominant name-of-the-game fatal overruling primal premier predominant overwhelming coal-and-ice climactic supreme top ruling master glum stern a matter of life and death massive gloomy dour grim austere now or never extremely important life-saving life or death of great moment downbeat cold sober quiet matter of life and death sad pertinent sweeping desperate perilous clamant priceless crying terrible emergent importunate hazardous precious imperious awful pointed immediate top-priority worthwhile precarious inestimable instant irreplaceable dreadful top-level overshadowing of concern high-profile of note grievous big-league extraordinary parlous helpful choice alarming serviceable extremely helpful invaluable beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold treasured sensational glaring much strong distinctive headline front-page noticeable preponderant extensive obvious signal unusual extreme resonant remarkable unordinary special ponderable forceful potent memorable newsworthy unforgettable glorious conspicuous marked keynote particular worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight emphatic quantum uncommon generous impressive milestone bad sudden life-threatening afflictive super ill-fated direful doomful tectonic super colossal unlucky inauspicious ominous eminent mammoth resultful most important


Impossible to avoid
unavoidable certain ineluctable inescapable inevitable necessary sure compulsory fated ineludible inexorable assured unpreventable mandatory predestined predetermined preordained required unescapable impending inevasible manifest obvious prescribed set bound to happen for sure sure to happen in the bag in the cards locked up open and shut imminent predictable settled expected destined fixed foreseeable decreed ordained reliable guaranteed undeniable impreventable fateful unalterable unfailing decided foreordained natural effective irrevocable doomed binding dependable determined ineliminable irresistible without recourse all locked up to be anticipated to be expected for certain no ifs ands or buts certain to happen bound meant prearranged patent returnless infallible inerrant clear automatic out of one's hands predestinated all sewn up appointed overpowering compelling overwhelming pre-elected uncontrollable potent compulsive urgent irrepressible forceful ungovernable imperative driving besetting obsessive oppressive overmastering foredoomed intended designed threatening that is to be near at hand to come hanging over que sera sera in the air in the wind stated written in the cards predesigned in store overhanging instant compelled that will be condemned closed looming menacing nailed on sealed forthcoming in prospect brewing very likely way the ball bounces directed coming agreed preset pre-agreed pre-planned pre-decided preplanned pre-established cut and dried set up programmed encoded planned established in advance premeditated calculated foredestined proposed arranged in advance precogitated forethought decided beforehand scheduled arranged deliberate


Of the proper quality or extent
due appropriate fitting proper rightful deserved just right suitable condign justified merited becoming correct requisite adequate ample apt enough sufficient warranted competent satisfactory equitable fair fit good bounden meet right and proper awaited expected slated anticipated scheduled earned rhadamanthine coming befitting decent applicable reasonable justifiable seemly worthy comme il faut felicitous fitted decorous convenient expedient suited well deserved well earned legitimate happy qualified apposite desirable acceptable virtuous relevant deserving moral honest ethical sensible orthodox righteous able opportune capable official upright functional prepared feasible principled honourable adapted pertinent ready timely pretty right-minded useful employable apropos honorable useable available serviceable usable correspondent conformable equal well-earned richly-deserved entitled allowed allowable sanctioned certified guaranteed secured assured well-deserved accepted established conventional formal rightly due accurate exact regular precise perfect advantageous lawful right on propitious favourable desired prudent that's the ticket just what was ordered on the nose on the button legal ideal de règle nice straight scrupulous golden promising fortunate lucky auspicious providential benign ripe conscientious done all right meritorious seasonable stand-up authorized permitted moralistic canonical noble authorised card-carrying commendable favorable well timed comely best praiseworthy heaven-sent in principle twenty-four carat holding water estimable laudable on the level admirable on the up and up excellent respectable exemplary fine creditable needy praisable eligible thankworthy exploitable equipped practicable operable preferable good enough -worthy


Arrogant and domineering
imperious dictatorial domineering bossy overbearing authoritative commanding peremptory authoritarian high-handed arrogant lordly overweening autocratic imperial tyrannical despotic haughty tyrannous arbitrary assertive autocratical bullish dominating forceful magisterial masterful officious tyrannic wilful willful pushful pushy compulsatory compulsory exacting mandatory oppressive required high and mighty throwing one's weight around harsh severe dogmatic absolute draconian strict autarchic totalitarian anti-democratic repressive imperative undemocratic firm rigid monocratic unyielding czarist tsarist doctrinaire demanding iron-handed illiberal inflexible imposing iron-fisted heavy-handed controlling coercive stern egotistic confident pompous tough summary insistent dominant disciplinarian cruel cocky uncompromising rigorous absolutist stringent ruthless self-confident merciless hard lofty powerful supercilious superior proud bullying brutal unlimited one-party stuffy emphatic subjugating unjust insolent regnant decisive compelling Neronian uncontrolled inhuman autarchical obstinate ironhanded mean unsparing hard-line unbending solid pitiless stiff rough inexorable relentless self-assured all-powerful self-willed ordering aggressive bidding masterly assured impressive unaccountable unconstitutional single-party fascistic overpowering strong-willed unreasonable unrestrained patronizing overconfident dystopian sure of oneself autonomous pushing driving czarlike throwing one's weight about downright brusque crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse dogmatical august patronising judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal pontifical overproud cocksure presumptuous abrupt strong brisk unassailable no joke flat-out straight out clamorous dictative crack-the-whip opinionated lording it positive preponderant snotty high-and-mighty uppity ascendant prevalent cavalier disdainful sniffy intolerant absolutistic in charge cast-iron brassbound decided not backward in coming forward definite fixed certain undeniable finished no ifs ands or buts throwing weight around hard to please classic classical definitive judgelike judge-like heavy overwhelming burdensome crushing fierce murderous trying onerous excruciating bitter unfair hardhanded punitive rugged grim searing grievous hardheaded uncharitable single-minded dour intractable by the book unrelenting resolved dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted hard-nosed obdurate browbeating mulish callous hardened extreme ossified formidable hard-core stiff-necked hard-hearted austere ascetic steadfast determined unflinching drastic pressing unsympathetic dire unforgiving astringent no-nonsense resolute ascetical disciplinary immovable grave bullheaded disheartening gloomy backbreaking discouraging weighty sombre hefty dismal depressive troubling dispiriting superincumbent bleak worrying distressing troublesome stressful exigent somber taxing depressing confining headache rough going

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