Đồng nghĩa của substantial

Alternative for substantial

Tính từ

Significant in size, amount or degree
sizable big considerable generous grand great handsome hefty large material notable significant sizeable voluminous ample appreciable decent goodly healthy hulking marked massive monumental oversize respectable solid tidy abundant biggish bulky extensive extraordinary largish outsize outsized oversized plentiful serious steady vast huge immense enormous colossal gigantic whopping mammoth tremendous prodigious giant monstrous jumbo astronomical titanic humongous elephantine gargantuan bumper heavy whacking monster mountainous mega stupendous king-size mighty king-sized ginormous thumping astronomic king size Brobdingnagian major epic towering whacking great whopping great herculean good substantive humungous walloping husky leviathan thumping great supersize plenteous weighty gross cyclopean cosmic pharaonic supersized Himalayan super gigantesque cosmical galactic lavish profuse oceanic super-duper heroical heroic vasty planetary spacious expansive bountiful capacious copious immeasurable Herculean liberal full commodious boxcar rich very large broad ponderous comfortable boundless roomy wide very big reasonable excessive bounteous comprehensive superabundant stellar cumbersome noticeable infinite imposing unwieldy large-scale terrific exorbitant inordinate impressive not to be sneezed at profitable fair galore fat almighty lucrative very great sufficient aplenty prolific overflowing extravagant opulent high pronounced fantastic outstanding filling sensible burly grandiose cornucopian strapping luxuriant complete limitless princely sweeping striking teeming remarkable cumbrous decent-sized leaden worthwhile remunerative prosperous paying hearty gainful awkward plenty spacey good-sized advantageous extreme thundering long overgrown adequate resounding wealthy no end affluent open dirty great magnificent emphatic flush phenomenal unlimited brobdingnagian productive lank mondo bonny passable a gogo fruitful unusual palpable important staggering far-reaching fairly large abounding decisive roaring booming square munificent conclusive stodgy noteworthy rewarding inexhaustible unmistakable tall conspicuous OK beefy unstinting meaningful obvious thorough not bad palatial tolerable measurable endless satisfactory measureless numerous moneymaking ungainly rip-roaring immoderate a dime a dozen dramatic deep lush economic money-spinning astounding exhaustive countless formidable innumerable unhandy entire burdensome whole juicy myriad awesome stiff kingly extremely large luxurious giant-size fairly good abnormal giant-sized titan detectable perceptible blimp full-size detailed much super-colossal cushy steep in abundance heavyweight memorable unqualified visible starchy whopper moderately good out-and-out great big dense a whale of a acceptable useful thick on the ground stinking with no end in sight super colossal satisfying wholesale global valuable discernible distinguishable goodish beneficial evident worth taking into account widespread clear incalculable brawny prominent clumsy amazing consequential excellent signal apparent distinct thick stout exceptional fulsome wonderful okay manifest lumbering wide-ranging marvellous sturdy statuesque recognizable constructive eternal plain strong fairish miraculous estimable cavernous unsparing unmanageable fertile well-fixed sensational well-off well-to-do wide-reaching serviceable astonishing overwhelming interminable fine illimitable stunning definite purposeful uncommon well-heeled majestic fabulous unbelievable incredible severe spectacular hunky mesomorphic expedient breathtaking multitudinous many multifarious weighing a ton all right clunky rife recognisable well built fructuous rare unbounded awful Gargantuan bold powerfully built solidly built mind-boggling mind-blowing man-size of considerable size man-sized thewy kenspeckle wondrous eminent clodhopping august hulky extra-large behemothic cracking brilliant extremely big mastodonic larger-than-life unco illustrious mahoosive Cyclopean marvelous jumbo-sized magnific lofty good-size worth having whale of a out of the ordinary barn door Homeric megalithic plenitudinous competitive rolling rambling high-cost inflated extortionate disproportionate airy thrashing hard ponderable maxi uncrowded presentable deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing extra large muscular daunting dilatable extended distensible expandable indigestible crashing powerful OS not inconsiderable billowing well furnished sky-high Moby very loud baggy expanded heightened intemperate unreasonable increased escalated jacked up populous startling careful lumpy moving intense renowned irresistible dynamic appalling dreadful mundo boldface bold face unrestricted whaling over the odds meaty desperate loud glorious terrible frightful fearful behemoth buff robust portly ripped shredded wide open flabbergasting distinctive through the ceiling splendid stately pretty oafish lumpish loose convenient in plenty overabundant loose-fitting above average intensified fantabulous jacked stalwart superb noble never-ending easy socking great life-size earnest loutish heavily built over the top enough and to spare successful sundry simple various legion several convoluted swelling covering stocky thickset stretched-out far-flung spread-out Bunyanesque fair-sized family-sized economy-size swelled family-size massy fair-size economy-sized featureless immovable impenetrable intractable faceless characterless mortal ominous stark mass regal all-inclusive comfort calorific elegant generously proportioned resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud rank multiple gushing manifold exuberant riotous in-depth universal nationwide consistent permanent monolithic royal ambitious gallant sublime baronial dignified paid exalted haughty splendiferous surprising unexpected flourishing thriving prolix replete wordy verbose leading packed bull chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty across-the-board international awash all-encompassing unique mucho no end of unreal convincing undoubted sweet going well-paying win-win singular decided gracious pleasant worthy of attention of consequence of importance fatty creamy noted financially rewarding well paid awe-inspiring something else middling patent deep-pocketed silk-stocking fecund well-endowed monied fat-cat moneyed loaded suitable alive with thick with crawling with assiduous considered scrupulous diligent profound meticulous paid off very productive in the black going concern blatant salient unparalleled average so-so helpful worthy full-bodied bighearted openhanded charitable jammy unimaginable inconceivable a mess of moderate well off well-situated clear-cut apprehensible perceivable ascertainable discernable graceless glaring justifiable superlative unprecedented surpassing mediocre heavy-footed slow slow-moving exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant unheard of uncustomary coming out of ears unselfish freehearted free freehanded free from hardship flamboyant noisy splashy showy bodacious grabby commanding pointed identifiable eye-catching catchy arresting supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good cranky blundering uncoordinated bunglesome laborious maladroit tangible observable medium ordinary common too good to be true out of this world extra special lubberly usable usual like a bull in a china shop oppressive onerous troublesome mean intermediate positive good enough pretty good fair-to-middling of use of service effective efficacious effectual of value written all over one fair to middling up to standard run-of-the-mill O.K. of help money-making invaluable worth the effort exemplary advisable of assistance meritorious priceless worth it giving philanthropic magnanimous beneficent unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy more than enough

Tính từ

Of considerable importance or worth
considerable significant big important major sizeable material meaningful solid weighty key real worthwhile consequential eventful extraordinary firm grand great historic marked momentous monumental respectable sound strong sturdy substantive ample durable extensive good healthy heavy heavyweight massive much principal serious useful valuable abundant earthshaking earth-shattering steady superabundant tectonic vast big-deal major-league critical crucial grave vital far-reaching urgent decisive pivotal earnest high-priority life-and-death of consequence all-important portentous of moment of significance profound exigent appreciable severe acute notable of great import solemn of great consequence somber sombre sober heavy-duty life and death sedate staid sizable no joke no laughing matter remarkable fundamental humourless humorless memorable no-nonsense of great importance big deal telling large-scale outstanding large paramount noteworthy landmark fateful prominent hefty essential powerful pressing exceptional influential headline big-time cardinal underlined uncomic conspicuous prime tremendous central pronounced ponderous huge dire especial overriding tough capital impactful life-changing unforgettable intense burning mighty special high-level generous famous celebrated astronomical groundbreaking core leading deep main intrinsic pertinent renowned goodly imposing striking difficult big league eminent primary famed foremost determining epoch-making dramatic high-profile prodigious major league hard salient signal uppermost ground-breaking big-league milestone sensational earth-shaking well-known impressive forceful front-page newsworthy of importance glorious emphatic quantum utmost relevant meaty active reasonable valid purposeful full lively busy red-letter overwhelming exciting unmissable page-one legit handsome tidy immense stunning earthshattering devastating breakthrough apocalyptic of import of great moment enormous indicative pithy largish phenomenal bountiful epochal event-filled strenuous necessary requisite dynamic germane imperative invaluable exceeding astronomic ultra titanic hectic action-packed sententious pioneering glum stern world-shaking world-shattering super innovative revolutionary innovatory biggish gloomy dour grim radical austere downbeat quiet sad cold sober super colossal mammoth extreme matter of life and death noticeable ponderable carrying a lot of weight strategic conclusive glaring distinctive rare unusual uncommon preponderant obvious resonant unordinary potent climacteric keynote particular worthy of attention illustrious respected acclaimed distinguished revered preeminent prestigious admired predominant storied noted feted dominant popular immortal supreme chief world-class big-shot notorious big-gun big-wheel exalted big-name senior puissant sovereign hot-dog winning seminal trendsetting high-ranking top dominating noble governing regnant high-powered focal sweeping integral pointed immediate instrumental top-priority almighty top-level overshadowing of concern of note dangerous grievous basic deciding settling indispensable blue-chip final definitive compelling pre-eminent professional staple original four-star high-power imperious strictly business absolute playing hard ball premier certain quintessential underlying rudimentary necessitous first elementary elemental mandatory needed required foundational structural determinative clamorous inherent energetic constitutional rudimental prerequisite constitutive meat-and-potatoes must-have vitally important ultimate life-preserving life-sustaining arresting moving intrusive projecting protruding arrestive jutting obtrusive last clear greatest drastic applicable highest egregious responsible defining shaping causal evaluative arch commanding apposite fitting creative testing definite appropriate apropos apt formative trying searching basal trenchant authoritative psychological high priority imaginative decided incisive characteristic root primordial primitive organic initial natural compulsory desperate overruling primal widespread crisp fatal operative settled peremptory needful obligatory constituent productive ruling master climactic touchy insistent showdown climatic component connected innate beginning introductory abecedarian ingrained litmus test touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice now or never wide-ranging broad vigorous galvanic all important at the heart of sustaining axiomatic axiological bottom-line supporting deep-seated substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying blanket all-embracing overarching called for germinal inspiring inspirational generative far-flung expansive comprehensive ambitious extended wide rangy pervasive wholesale much needed very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence clamant importunate far-ranging in-depth across-the-board emergent crying across the board prevalent controversial topical current harsh urging propulsive violent enterprising driving motivating impellent instant contemporary disastrous life-threatening distressing live of interest terrible painful brutal bad awful hazardous arduous fierce toilsome threatening bitter bleak ugly taxing sobering worrying perilous intensive peracute exacting punishing menacing excessive precarious grinding competent arterial talented through trunk top-notch able big time excellent effectual of use capable robust number-one stupendous effective splendid splendorous of value skookum top-drawer efficient efficacious most important most influential

Tính từ

(of a person) Thickset in build
hefty stout big bulky burly large portly solid strapping sturdy weighty beefy chubby tubby well built strong tough rugged robust brawny vigorous thickset chunky muscular meaty stalwart heavy husky plump hardy hearty lusty stocky firm powerful fat dumpy durable sound mighty forceful thick hard athletic healthy hardened toughened fit rotund hulking inured cast-iron hard-bitten ripped able-bodied shredded staunch buff hale fubsy overweight fleshy wide hard-wearing iron energetic corpulent well made stubby stable squat obese resilient paunchy resistant solidly built podgy well-built stumpy roly-poly buxom pudgy blubbery round jacked pot-bellied heavyset porky powerfully built hale and hearty in good condition poddy tenacious heavy-duty pursy abdominous well padded well upholstered well covered of ample proportions broad in the beam broad strongly made fattish rounded ample long-lasting stiff indestructible Herculean stark gross secure flabby strenuous swollen well-made built to last zaftig squatty full in good health in good shape Falstaffian lardy hunky replete heavily built well rounded corn-fed seasoned fit as a fiddle mesomorphic beer-bellied sinewy plumpish porcine in fine fettle thick-bodied enduring capable able hard as nails imperishable serviceable extended vital red-blooded lively blooming knockabout virile muscly short bull-necked cobby peppy dynamic flush gingery potent formidable influential sturdily built pyknic nuggety elephantine important unflagging acclimatised acclimatized well fresh in rude health fighting fit indefatigable physically fit gargantuan invincible indomitable full-fleshed great bursting with good health scrub significant bloated forcible overpowering massive morbidly obese sonsy manly manful obdurate redoubtable full-blooded heavyweight bulbous lard potbellied huge enormous whalelike blimp bovine bull sizable oversize ponderous inflated butterball jelly-belly distended bulging rigid inflexible lard-arsed active fixed steady reinforced unyielding unbreakable leathery puissant in fine feather well-founded cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded withstanding tough as nails made to last upholstered plenitudinous on the large thewy enthusiastic stouthearted flourishing decisive strong-arm powerhouse sound in body and limb

Tính từ

Based on, or displaying, common sense
valid reasonable sound rational logical coherent telling convincing good powerful believable compelling credible justifiable plausible reasoned right sensible strong sustainable bona fide cogent congruent defensible grounded just legit lucid prudent realistic solid viable acceptable accurate arguable astute balanced commonsensical confirmed deductive defendable effective informed irrefutable maintainable perceptive perspicuous persuasive probable proven sane supportable true workable analytical authoritative commonsense conclusive determinative discerning germane justified legitimate levelheaded practical pragmatic reliable weighty analytic commonsensible consequent consistent efficacious firm forceful pertinent relevant sober stable vindicable attested intellectual kosher potent tested trustworthy uncorrupted well advised well-advised well founded well-founded well grounded well-grounded well reasoned well-reasoned well thought out clear-headed down-to-earth able to hold water matter-of-fact holding water incontrovertible undeniable incontestable decisive unassailable emphatic irresistible satisfying influential unanswerable compulsive insistent clear impressive categorical forcible unequivocal indisputable effectual unquestionable unmistakable eloquent definite certain indubitable definitive energetic clear-cut obvious vigorous positive evident beyond question beyond doubt absolute sure unarguable unambiguous moving irrefragable inarguable dynamic unchallengeable striking aggressive final undebatable beyond dispute assertive hard-hitting puissant real demonstrable watertight plain self-evident accomplished coercive undoubted suasive patent apodictic not in doubt meaningful efficient commanding incisive trenchant vehement authentic impactful mighty beyond a shadow of a doubt marked intelligent punchy transparent manifest fair significant violent militant urgent demonstrative necessary wise judicious active satisfactory uncompromising inducing in-your-face articulate inspiring assuasive touching open and shut motivating impelling alluring assured swaying verifiable expressive vivid pithy robust intense clinching enterprising stringent electric lively ultimate high-powered masterful straightforward genuine powerhouse airtight accepted gutsy material acknowledged express pronounced observable palpable uncontroversial inferential deducible discriminating imperious unconditional holding together pushy faithful coming on strong factual determined sure thing hard dependable decided bossy trusty fierce as plain as a pikestaff domineering ambitious staring one in the face convictive dominant tough sharp bullish strenuous self-asserting important binding momentous feisty pivotal inspirational crucial verisimilar consequential enthusiastic bold zestful compulsory likely colourable great animated apt fitting motivational swayful authoritarian passionate driving enticing seductive considerable imperative stimulating go-getting constraining elemental operative dramatic well-defined obligatory pushing capable graphic appropriate correct direct critical establishable able infallible proper established purposeful successful fixed undisputable nailed-on stirring far-reaching actual ball of fire peremptory imposing distinct concrete no mistake not taking no for an answer useful productive extensional juridicious subtle well-organized overpowering vivacious orderly systematic methodical revealing unqualified cogitable apposite admissible ratiocinative unshakable sweeping armed tenable sincere zappy devastating conspicuous settled well organized inductive surefire uncontestable unequivocable well-established unimpeachable warrantable warranted drastic syllogistic true-to-life possible carrying conviction presumable believeable hopeful instrumental irreversible succinct terse winning formidable crystalline sufficient for sure no ifs and or buts well-proven salient open-and-shut veritable undoubtable galvanic joined-up rousing understandable dinkum rightful nailed down apparent open sure-fire provocative guiding affecting no two ways about it unappealable glib smooth-tongued silky slick silver-tongued smooth-talking pukka on the ball exciting contributory formative within the bounds of possibility inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling pointed unctuous smooth undisputed central controlling grand theatric graceful double-checked veridical unfabled honest frank blunt forthright unsparing hardline beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question charming acute straight-talking condemnatory encouraging fateful intuitive ingenious insightful audacious confident competent responsible animating monumental no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact virile take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch histrionical performant strongly worded upfront dynamical competitive stout urging propulsive impellent major zealous no holds barred all out pulling no punches resounding serious brassy not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder set confirmable predestined known provable guaranteed supreme ascertained unerring safe destined vital strong-willed one hundred per cent bludgeoning persistent intensive dictatorial spirited importunate autocratic salted away on ice detailed explicit pressurizing self-assertive overbearing high-handed arbitrary magnetic evocative dogmatic stressful relentless difficult demanding pushful pressured thrusting in the bag having down pat go-ahead zippy peppy tyrannical pictorial descriptive illustrative picturesque uninhibited high-pressure pressurising shocking lurid rich startling colourful despotic brusque fiery flamboyant full-blooded high-octane preferred advantageous visual delineated abrupt imperial magisterial summary brisk red-blooded ballsy tireless lusty flush spunky gingery sparky fit seemly sagacious beneficial suitable favorable applicable convenient gainful favourable best suggested worthwhile strategic expedient advisable helpful best suited timely desirable opportune presentable tactical recommended photographic well-drawn highly coloured have-a-go go-go indefatigable tyrannous willful arrogant autocratical lordly overweening wilful tyrannic well drawn comprehensible figurative well defined lifelike colorful full well delineated well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination precise intelligible charismatic play for keeps play hard ball energizing hyped-up activating full of vim and vigour go-getter vitalizing vibrant self-motivated full of life highpowered full of get-up-and-go full of beans energising intolerant severe obstinate rigorous finished most likely most correct

Tính từ

(of a man) Having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive
virile all-male chivalrous gallant male manly masculine swashbuckling valiant bold brave courageous daring fearless heroic intrepid lionhearted manlike stout-hearted valorous brawny macho muscly muscular red-blooded robust strong tough vigorous burly hefty husky rugged solid strapping sturdy beefy butch fecund fertile forceful hunky laddish lusty mannish man-size man-sized potent powerfully built ripped shredded studly well built well made buff driving energetic generative jacked powerful procreative reproductive sexually potent sound vibrant vital manful he-man hardy two-fisted well-built resolute chauvinist jock beefcake stud hunk ultramasculine plucky peppy gingery dynamic flush adventurous dauntless determined doughty mettlesome stout gutsy Ramboesque stalwart firm tiger staunch stately confident self-reliant lion-hearted noble dignified colt undaunted audacious jockstrap aggressively male aggressive cocky unpleasantly masculine hale hearty spunky ballsy unfeminine ape hairy adult stallion honourable caveman boyish honorable Amazonian unladylike paternal viragoish viraginous aggressively masculine he- to do with men tomboyish unwomanly hoydenish mannified all man masc stouthearted sinewy greathearted athletic spirited heroical gutty Herculean undauntable gritty unflinching thewy unafraid unshrinking dashing venturous indomitable game broad-shouldered fire-eating big rock-ribbed redoubtable well muscled mighty daredevil stark well-developed able-bodied unblenching unabashed mesomorphic venturesome nervy quixotic muscle-bound assertive great thickset unfearful puissant worthy unalarmed well knit muscled bruising hulky herculean heavyweight formidable meaty obdurate pumped up feisty lean fit hard healthy sporty physical unswerving steadfast unwavering unfaltering unyielding unbending dogged stubborn active agile nimble lithe full-blooded overpowering full of determination adventuresome spartan full-bodied built well-knit musclebound wiry ropy stringy swole powerhouse great-spirited lumbering bulky sturdily built hulking towering huge tall stocky heavily built heavy gargantuan massive colossal mammoth gigantic imposing death-or-glory have-a-go high-minded urbane suave knightly chivalric magnanimous loyal elevated sublime just gentlemanly fair natural lofty high true courteous lordly virtuous courtly constant gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered

Tính từ

Very severe or serious
extreme radical excessive dire drastic desperate harsh severe stern strict unbending uncompromising far-reaching forceful inordinate momentous serious tough consequential exaggerated exceptional heavy immoderate outrageous remorseless rigid sharp undue unmitigated unreasonable unrelenting unusual unyielding zealous austere draconian egregious exorbitant extravagant fanatical punishing punitive rigorous steep stiff absolute baroque devilish downright ferocious flagrant gross intemperate oppressive overkill preposterous remarkable thorough uncommon unconscionable unconventional unmerciful unseemly fabulous fancy improper imprudent insane intolerable irrational lavish nonsensical overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric sheer swingeing towering utter out-and-out over the top too much O.T.T. out of proportion whopping strong sweeping stringent harmful superfluous unrestricted enormous unbridled unwarranted unrestrained profuse boundless gratuitous needless extortionate disproportionate profligate surplus unlimited wanton grandiose vast prodigal tremendous uncontrolled immense limitless improvident super monstrous dissipated infinite dizzying prodigious indulgent overabundant massive stupendous uncurbed humongous astronomical unmeasurable wasteful huge monumental immeasurable astronomic redundant unbounded fantastic unhampered thumping giant superabundant epic mighty mega gargantuan more silly monster extensive ridiculous colossal recrementitious supernatural stratospheric unchecked overindulgent unfettered mammoth mountainous overgenerous gigantic extra unnecessary ludicrous overboard uninhibited sky-high self-indulgent super-duper uncalled for over the odds out of all proportion a bit much way out OTT too many cruel hard rough complete authoritarian brutal firm inflexible hardhanded heavy-handed ruthless total burdensome thoroughgoing profound tyrannical relentless grim pitiless demanding major merciless revolutionary iron-fisted intractable exacting hardheaded crippling intense great comprehensive onerous difficult entire trying grievous savage exhaustive excruciating bitter rugged murderous searing advanced headstrong inexorable inhuman fierce violent hard-hitting callous unsympathetic resolute ultra unforgiving hard-line hard-nosed formidable hard-hearted wide-ranging dramatic Draconian hardline high punitory penal inflated crushing iron-handed iniquitous prohibitive complicated robust forcible complex deep broad intricate vicious truculent virulent full wide wholesale encyclopedic sophisticated elaborate challenging testing encyclopaedic universal proper real involved arduous strenuous toilsome unqualified veritable all-out full-scale grueling gruelling unpleasant despotic summary dour grave backbreaking uphill right fair royal tricky suppressive repressive arbitrary pervasive adamant bad moiling sweaty uncomfortable hellacious laborious herculean steadfast killer unjust effortful flinty iconoclastic uncharitable solid single-minded by the book disciplinarian resolved dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted obdurate browbeating mulish hardened ossified hard-core stiff-necked ascetic unsparing determined imperious unflinching pressing obstinate astringent no-nonsense ascetical autocratic disciplinary immovable domineering bullheaded without reserve sound unsentimental cold cool extremist very severe uncaring rabid immutable stony ramrod refractory pugnacious right royal top-to-bottom root-and-branch revolutionist stony-hearted two-fisted hard-bitten fanatic hard-shelled hard-boiled outre gone outré outlandish far-out over-the-top out of bounds all out

Tính từ

Crowded or packed closely together
dense thick compact packed compressed crowded solid close tight crammed firm impenetrable thickset compacted heavy impregnable overgrown serried condensed impassable jungly concentrated consolidated deep full heaped husky impermeable impervious jammed massed piled rigid robust rugged set solidified close-packed closely packed packed in closely set jam-packed tightly packed close-knit heavy-going jammed together jungle-like packed like sardines hard unyielding close-grained stiff congealed inelastic hardened jelled tough nonporous resistant secure murky inflexible frozen walkable gelled refractory sturdy fine-grained concrete cramped steely adamantine jellified stony congested short cropped crushed squeezed circumscribed confined particular restricted incompressible opaque inviolable unpierceable unbreakable puncture-proof indestructible smoggy sealed impassible invulnerable waterproof unassailable unattackable closed hermetic safe soupy bulletproof unpiercable hermetically sealed fortress-like dark cloudy of high density swarming teeming abundant crawling thronged seething populous stiffened rich thickened taut filled unmalleable strong packed together non-flexible brimming impliable lush overflowing bursting populated rife awash overcrowded stuffed thronging bristling replete multitudinous chock-full like Piccadilly Circus close-set assembled tiered unpliable close together unbending luxuriant blocky appressed bunched squashed pressed renitent unmoving profuse bushy plentiful riotous inaccessible untrodden pathless untraversable trackless unnavigable unpassable rank rampant exuberant densely planted packed close watertight stout pressed together swamped viscoid viscid viscous water-resistant airtight loaded overrun mobbed heaving evaporated undiluted reduced fixed water-repellent damp-proof immutable blocked huddled unrelenting resolute distilled starched brimful flooded up to the hilt filled to the rafters wall-to-wall unchangeable dimensional rigorous imperviable unwavering rocklike sardined full up full of commotion elbow-to-elbow fit to bust busy heavily populated rainproof leak-proof cemented uncompromising jellied rock-solid rock-hard brick wall like a rock set in stone overpopulated really hard very hard numerous thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion voluminous several occupied various semi-solid boiled down heavily settled full of people covered choked fraught flush abounding pullulating lousy chocker great generous chock-a-block crawling with full of abounding in like sardines cram-full of overrun by bursting at the seams having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of chock-full of

Tính từ

Pleasing to the mind or senses
satisfying pleasing enjoyable gratifying pleasurable fulfilling rewarding agreeable blessed blest congenial constructive darling delectable delicious delightful delightsome dreamy dulcet felicitous good grateful heavenly jolly luscious nice palatable pleasant pretty productive satisfactory savory savoury sweet tasty welcome worthwhile beneficial cheering valuable adequate favourable favorable happiness-inducing nourishing refreshing satiating sufficient sustaining hitting the spot lovely great wonderful acceptable charming fine splendid entertaining glorious engaging magnificent marvelous marvellous amusing fair beautiful peachy enchanting neat divine fun brilliant heartening superb happy fantastic super fabulous grand gladdening likable comforting cheerful cool appealing joyous captivating groovy terrific comfortable sublime capital genial cheery likeable fascinating attractive choice suitable excellent swell heartwarming exquisite encouraging exciting desirable prime boss positive copacetic to one's liking thrilling magical rapturous fab diverting passable alluring smashing hunky-dory fit ducky adorable tasteful appreciated sterling superior first-class first-rate magic out of this world commendable sound stupendous ravishing exhilarating honourable honorable cordial pleasureful OK sensational appropriate relaxing inviting dandy glad fine and dandy cracking corking scrumptious topping wizard decent tolerable yummy bonny copasetic joyful average reasonable ripping upbeat exceptional supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bright lekker serviceable solid all right fitting good enough worthy precious to one's taste hospitable amazing rad ace reputable admirable spanking heart-warming stunning gorgeous super-eminent shipshape select super-excellent deluxe gnarly recherche soothing blissful seductive winning snug mild bully tip-top dainty amiable bad knockout drop-dead slick perfect suited jovial comely pulchritudinous propitious opportune presentable delicate enticing fetching up to snuff tempting euphoric timely appetizing in order merry ambrosial soft restful not bad hot okay brill keen resplendent intoxicating sapid lush beaut spectacular supreme interesting champion spiffing festive gay succulent delish bonzer recreative relishable beezer frabjous gladsome respectable enough alright competent piquant irie fairish famous noble A-OK heaven-sent uplifting outrageous colossal greatest ample jake top-hole unexceptional much needed to your liking mooi appetising sufficing easy unobjectionable convenient so-so gladly received solid gold unblemished titillating welcoming silvery adapted beguiling golden extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant crack entire unbroken unimpaired undamaged flawless uninjured whole intact unharmed unhurt sexy well suited wanted promising bodacious babelicious adorbs bootylicious convivial balmy sensual consoling extremely attractive easy to take stirring optimistic contented sanguine warming mirthful ineffable renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing long-awaited longed-for desired contenting very pleasant spiffy peach ready pussycat unmarred very agreeable very pleasurable celebratory couthy honouring restoring distracting clubbable jaunty very attractive greatly to one's liking to your taste fantastical astonishing soul-stirring light-hearted honoring flattering sufficiently good middling moderate fair-to-middling fantabulous quite good gripping up to par delighting up to standard up to the mark assuaging valid assuasive appeasing cogent up to scratch toothsome dynamite phat out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag superlative awesome down topflight prizewinning gone blue-chip primo high-class brave bonnie top top-notch bang-up bumper boffo radical top-shelf quality frontline prize righteous crackerjack classic first-string immense four-star stellar hype blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge top-of-the-line unsurpassed gangbuster gilt-edged banner dope nifty mean supernal feel-good enthralling edible commensurate commensurable stimulating engrossing absorbing comestible replayable abundant compulsive elegant enviable lovesome flashy affable glamorous photogenic sunny hunky clear cozy cosy mouth-watering flavourful flavoursome requisite proportionate plenty peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno comfy esculent digestible rich congruous proper A1 dollish glossy snazzy flamboyant taking aesthetic statuesque well-favored foxy showstopping cunning cute splashy eye-catching good-looking beauteous zingy glamourous showy sightly arresting dishy radiant prettyish relief unspoilt memorable unputdownable standard wholesome harmless nectareous ambrosian finger-licking flavorsome moreish nummy toothy flavorful mouthwatering yum-yum scrummy plentiful plenteous apposite apropos bounteous warm cushy paradisiacal telegenic paradisal paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous paradisiac ecstatic esthetic eating yummo very palatable very enjoyable flavorous nectarean eloquent worth reading well-written easy to read clever well written ingenious readable smooth well-suited enow correct aplenty copious as much as you need necessary fitted as much as is necessary minimal bountiful homely homestyle rare plush fair to middling fairly good okey-dokey landmark momentous distinguished fateful consequential celebrated illustrious snuggly homelike nutritive nutritious kosher eatable culinary fit to be consumed dietary fit for consumption fit to eat safe snug as a bug in a rug useful made well eventful historic monumental important notable meaningful material groundbreaking unforgettable pivotal heroic shining extraordinary triumphant exalted august epochal significant remarkable red-letter venerable noteworthy proud far-reaching entrancing tremendous wicked mind-blowing goodly amazeballs bosting outstanding friendly fabby celestial phenomenal immortal bewitching holy crucial superhuman mega idyllic def marvy angelic incredible seraphic empyrean lank kif good-humoured good-humored godlike far out kind supernatural kindly amicable on fleek beatific lovable funny cherubic sociable good-natured humorous extraterrestrial good-tempered intriguing ideal riveting mesmerizing dazzling helpful hypnotic obliging mellow breathtaking well-disposed too good to be true gracious moving tender warmhearted comical witty hilarious mesmerising warm-hearted impressive chucklesome compelling affectionate gentle approachable spellbinding splendiferous considerate personable neighborly neighbourly unique sympathetic wondrous winsome benevolent mesmeric magnetic easygoing majestic eminent inspiring tolerant peaceful very good prepossessing jocular droll striking big common consummate schmick polite lively sovereign companionable elevated picturesque belting pearler rousing barrie sik chillin' provocative Elysian exo loving singular fun-filled caring preeminent mild-mannered calm best renowned awe-inspiring charismatic compassionate civil kind-hearted fairy-tale understanding big-hearted softhearted good-hearted soft-hearted goodhearted accommodating tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted kindhearted sweet-tempered large intimate social enchanted endearing matchless formidable facetious to die for peerless irresistible whimsical complaisant conversable chummy halcyon prodigious dreamlike lighthearted side-splitting priceless goodish cooperative attentive buddy-buddy vibrant scenic benign affecting fairylike spiritual heady courteous miraculous romantic animated very nice transcendent premium standout curious electrifying utopian hypnotizing tantalizing thoughtful zero cool Arcadian consuming inspirational unpresumptuous unassuming action-packed immersing involving light bighearted sweet-natured even-tempered thought-provoking hypnotising tantalising nectarous admissible lenient electric galvanizing world-class generous unselfish patient too much hep hip well meaning buzzworthy on the beam in the swim on the ball well intentioned respectful galvanising cooking with gas noted well-known splendrous effulgent time-honored esteemed famed honored skillful masterful virtuoso skilful masterly splendacious unreal dear astounding paradisic saintly deliciously light deliciously tender eye-popping jaw-dropping fantasy escapist surprising agitating most unbelievable superlunary loveable disarming immaculate out of sight bubbly something else paradisical honoured juicy lofty relaxed chocolate-box cutesy way-out decorative confident fly spicy imposing well-prepared quaint ka pai tangy lightweight confiding close faithful outgoing jocose kindred amical peaceable conciliatory fond like-minded loyal receptive attached comradely open happy-go-lucky compatible on good terms responsive above average peng slap-up of a high standard superfine lip-smacking classical stylish enrapturing high humble modest ingratiating self-effacing idealized fit for a king transfixing pastoral rustic attention-grabbing right on up to code trendy inoffensive innocuous special lordly elfin farcical playful luring refined noticeable comic familiar transcendental sacred stately abstract melt-in-your-mouth provoking seducing informal entranced charmed bewitched frivolous trivial trifling laughable one and only uncommon unordinary meaty invigorating preoccupying portentous envigorating eye-opening racy newsworthy worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable vivid out of the ordinary emphatic folksy gregarious successful rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic arcadian homey petite trim slight graceful ludicrous waggish rib-tickling the most matey clubby breezy down-home laid-back fiendish conjuring very interesting recreational dry regular flourishing sylvan rip-roaring slim novel rollicking hair-raising prosperous thriving flighty chipper unserious serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil airy subtle dinky nuanced joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy mushy as nice as pie sensitive simpatico easy to get along with palsy-walsy easy to get on with downright neighborly barley-sugar booming auspicious providential eleemosynary soft touch indulgent merciful liberal fatherly regardful supportive unstinting chivalrous giving pitying brotherly greathearted great-hearted lavish princely benignant fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place philanthropic openhanded unoffensive humane dutiful bleeding-heart public-spirited motherly openhearted magnanimous feeling selfless deferential forbearing beneficent altruistic benefic maternal tactful open-handed humanitarian charitable philanthropical all heart munificent freehanded well-mannered cut up for grins lacy diaphanous well-made deft frail thin ethereal fragile feeble spirited dramatic sensible roaring palmy shaking mind-boggling charged impassioned kicky mind-bending heart-stopping exhilarative emotion-charged emotional trembling passionate emotive galvanic urbane amenable unreserved shivering vibrating anthemic stem-winding shuddering quaking inspiriting lucky prospering healthy boomy chirpy too funny for words frantic swinging blood-tingling overwhelming mad spine-tingling wild bonhomous peak fortunate privileged unequalled unparalleled premier topnotch unexcelled tiptop perky temperate civilized optimum surpassing unrivaled unmatched class unrivalled leading faultless unbeatable incomparable well disposed easy-going tops untouchable accomplished cream star uppermost quintessential effusive excessive elite applaudable highest extreme lead awesomesauce exaggerated worthiest flagship inflated unequaled bosker civilised pre-eminent top-class top-grade top-level top-tier poignant riot scream gas without equal A-1 award-winning prize-winning highest quality very best beyond compare top-drawer of the highest order of the first order of highest order of the first water in a class all by itself of the highest standard of the highest quality above and beyond of high quality be a ball

Danh từ

A considerable number or amount of something
quantity plenty good deal loads many numerous oodles scads scores several abundant a lot ample an amount a number considerable copious countless gobs innumerable lashings piles plentiful abundance a good few a good number a large amount bags barrel basketful boatload bucket bunch bundle bushel carload chunk considerable amounts deal dozen fistful great deal heap heaps hundred lashins lot lots mass masses mess mountain much multiplicity myriad pack passel peck pile plateful plenitude plentitude pot potful profusion raft reams sheaf shipload sight slew spate stack stacks store tonne ton tonnes tons truckload volume wad wealth yard a good deal a great deal a pile quite a number shedloads a shedload load collection stockpile stock batch cluster clump bank accumulation bulk hoard assemblage ocean amassment aggregation agglomeration quite a bit all kinds of plethora shedload swag number mine reservoir supply fund reserve lump conglomeration amount group array host multitude quantities gob jillion pool cornucopia mound deposit sum million concentration superabundance haul inventory jumble oceans trillion set total cache assortment hill sea cargo hunk package ream band thousand copiousness gathering battery constellation backlog millions scad build-up mountains clutch large quantity aggregate congeries fullness stash large number cumulation rick opulence crowd whole grouping large amount bounty suite crop parcel huddle variety knot block agglomerate flood plurality clot consignment excess repertoire horde drove affluence great amount armful swarm score bountifulness buildup trove throng thousands avalanche capacity army flock sufficiency prosperity billions hundreds harvest gazillions pileup combination legion mint shipment bag fruitfulness muster feast goods plenteousness majority measure great quantity shock surplus wodge exuberance range logjam luxury mob totality repertory riot corpus body surfeit lavishness bounteousness drift sum total luxuriance entirety budget amplitude delivery accrual congregation bing rickle series force deluge torrent enough contingent accretion lorryload nimiety zillions ampleness overflow assembly bazillions caboodle nest egg richness full house containerload push infinity great number more … than one can shake a stick at degree floods busload truckful sackful increase share portion jumb extent section expanse box well distribution plentifulness crate carton pallet glut rabble profuseness slat fount superfluity repository treasury pile-up provision hummock whopper proportion loadsa boodle droves treasure fountain lode extravagance oversupply manifoldness pots miles wads a considerable number prodigality storehouse bagful riches fortune whole lot bottleneck arrears resources acquisition mucho aplenty prosperousness outpouring nest source arsenal selection lodgment cumulus kit lodgement diversity a deal produce wares a fair amount a great quantity a wealth a profusion galaxy stream allocation holdings bevy handful commodities merchandise choice a great many a large number most a mountain a swag an abundance scrum cram rout press crush bike herd portfolio armory armoury articles pharmacopoeia pharmacopeia quota allowance concourse numerousness wide variety preponderance bevvy large group jam infinitude turnout pluralism lead advantage mixture company overwhelming number container load greater part nearly all amalgam conjunction synthesis blend compound mix summation full alloy complement hotchpotch miscellany marriage conglomerate all skandha mixed bag whole schmear whole enchilada the works whole shooting match whole ball of wax bundles stores bunches chunks passels myriads packs multiplicities slews rafts messes spates fistfuls boatloads truckloads barrels basketfuls shiploads buckets potfuls carloads bushels plentitudes platefuls sheaves dozens yards deals pecks collections stockpiles clusters aggregations banks agglomerations batches mints clumps hoards swags plethoras conglomerations lumps mounds reservoirs bombs groups multitudes deposits funds hills hosts mines pools big bucks packets gatherings arrays numbers earth sums jillions ricks inventories assortments stashes cumulations caches sets aggregates backlogs combinations build-ups totals trillions big money manies jumbles seas hunks knots bands accretions bounties amounts hauls large numbers troves pileups blocks suites king's ransoms feasts bings harvests cargos huddles rickles crowds flocks constellations groupings parcels nest eggs wholes batteries agglomerates wodges buildups clots clutches swarms legions hordes bevies armies throngs herds motsers sufficiencies shocks repertoires armfuls mobs units overflows pyramids musters bevvies gangs streams pretty pennies riots accruals sum totals logjams surpluses ranges routs top dollars pushes scrums budgets sources a bunch mixtures silly money bikes capital lodgements congregations garners rolls armories concourses dough lodgments treasure-troves crushes money cumuli troops armouries crams caboodles repertories treasuries rabbles contingents busloads truckfuls avalanches full houses deluges torrents extents portions shares degrees measures superfluities outpourings oversupplies gluts pallets boxes cartons crates corpora galaxies majorities a load a huge number denomination hideaways compendiums compilation whoppers slats depositions growth hummocks pile-ups bottlenecks shoals blowouts turnouts schools lodes fountains provisions founts wells hodgepodge handfuls pocketsful treasure houses fall-backs world vast amount huge amounts immensity bar alluvion rucks dunes ridges clamps hacks towers cold decks sellouts repositories portfolios crops storehouses arsenals concretions clouds amalgamation crews parties ensembles composites integrality kits pharmacopoeias selections pharmacopeias great quantities a host an army a bevy profuse umpteen a horde a great amount a crowd a swarm a multitude a throng a flock a great number miscellanies compounds whole enchiladas alloys fulls mixes mixed bags conglomerates hotchpotches blends summations skandhas divers very many a slew property inheritance gold mines worth wherewithal substances estates means chips gold bankrolls wampums wallets tender bread lucre pelf legal tender currency coin changes cash greens haycocks haystacks hay hayricks killing

Trái nghĩa của substantial

substantial Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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