Đồng nghĩa của well constructed


Firm, strong, or substantial
solid sound durable firm strong reliable robust stable compelling established steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible infallible toughened cogent reinforced unshakable indubitable secure unbreakable fortified impregnable inured enduring hardened steady invulnerable lasting safe stout strengthened sturdy imperishable invincible substantial cast-iron long-lasting rock-solid tried-and-true well-built well-defined well-established well fortified well-founded well-made impervious stalwart bombproof hard-wearing tough resolute resilient perdurable staunch inexpugnable hardy resistant heavy-duty built to last strongly made made to last whole intact hale wholesome well-conditioned fit bouncing unimpaired undamaged hearty fast healthy well able-bodied perfect flawless vibrant sane wide-ranging rigorous vigorous vital unhurt undecayed hard normal unblemished up to snuff right as rain hanging together in the pink holding together alive and kicking in good health fighting fit in good shape fine in fine fettle lusty rugged fit as a fiddle powerful hale and hearty in good trim muscular strapping flourishing athletic active in tip-top condition energetic in good condition in shape as fit as a fiddle fresh fixed forceful blooming thriving as fit as a flea lively good potent husky tenacious OK all right steadfast full of life bursting with health brawny buff immovable trim physically fit able in trim virile unwavering committed in rude health burly mighty spirited faithful dynamic tight trustworthy capable constant trusty unharmed fit as a flea indefatigable hard-bitten uninjured persuasive as strong as an ox iron right unshakeable secured sinewy aerobicized anchored shredded sure set peppy in good kilter loyal in good physical shape in excellent shape strong as an ox sprightly fastened perky in fine feather jammed unyielding chipper intense unfailing stiff devoted solid as a rock convincing forcible dedicated seasoned red-blooded feisty unflagging up to par full of vim balanced bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in top form hard as nails full of beans unscathed true influential unswerving rigid alright rooted attached restored okay taut beefy jacked braced riveted cemented tried and true tried and tested uncompromising nailed determined permanent healthful unfaltering animated moored bulletproof hunky-dory sound in body and limb sparkling hefty in good physical condition stark flush vivacious ripped inflexible in good form gingery heavy alive and well strenuous effervescent safe and sound abled high-spirited spry zippy zestful in one piece glowing vehement long-lived long-standing tireless bouncy wedged snug bright-eyed bushy-tailed out of danger aggressive jaunty dashing resounding emphatic out of the woods out of the wood frozen lodged stuck immobile spunky driving brisk spanking snappy enterprising cohesive hard-hitting full-blooded ball of fire as right as rain young shellproof Herculean proper foolproof important risk-free A1 significant low-risk tied rosy-cheeked riskless nondisabled acclimatised acclimatized untouched safeguarded O.K. unthreatened inseparable valued bound locked certain long-term unscratched up to scratch in peak condition green together luxuriantly the picture of health brick-wall big as right as a trivet uncorrupted cherished dear close correct special loving best intimate close-knit treasured bosom not disabled puissant error-tolerant perduring long-continued diuturnal fixed firmly leathery slim muscled toned very well well judged trenchant felicitous favourable seasonable expedient unspoiled eatable timely well timed telling done up buttoned down impenetrable abiding continuing lengthy extended steeled molded dense conditioned moulded true-blue armoured impressive toned up fortress-like uncontaminated promising fit to eat withstanding marathon unbudgeable entrenched closed inextricable shut firmly fixed pious down-the-line redoubtable devout hard-working everlasting stormproof knockabout well-armed armored inviolable storm-resistant well defended well-protected impassible well protected unattackable concrete irrepressible eloquent effectual unhesitating tough as nails better immutable unchangeable gritty complete allegiant ardent liege favorable healthier plucky intrepid headstrong valiant tried weighty valid irresistible authoritative recovered refreshed stouthearted responsible rehabilitated ok rolling with punches quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back healed thoroughgoing thorough mended cured rude hunky powerhouse equable trustable thewy thickset settled violent assertive wholehearted total sweeping full unrestrained invigorated playful roaring rough honourable honorable calculable strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse powerfully built solidly built upbeat go-getting fitter all-embracing all out uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled well balanced well-balanced wick take-over steamroller exuberant take-charge efficient hard-driving deep-rooted fine and dandy out-and-out unmixed out and out pulling no punches raring to go as strong as a horse as strong as a ox embedded stationary motionless serviceable full of energy exciting electrifying flamboyant alive zesty enthusiastic dazzling bustling fiery happening airy stirring impassioned zealous kinetic colorful passionate animate humming colourful buzzing vivid rousing hopping coruscating bubbly intensive stimulating busy astir bold abuzz industrious sparky unmoving welded unfluctuating storming ballsy punchy springy sensitive untiring vibrating breezy frisky pert racy radiant gutsy responsive mounted bolted screwed tightened soldered irremovable pizazzy all-out mettlesome abubble full of vim and vigour high-powered have-a-go full of the joys of spring go-go bright and breezy full of pep jazzy high-octane gay pushy full of get-up-and-go aboil full of spirit pizzazzy


Extremely clear in style and meaning
pellucid lucid clear plain straightforward comprehensible unambiguous articulate coherent crystal clear intelligible perspicuous simple understandable apparent bald bald-faced barefaced bright-line broad clear-cut crystalline decided digestible direct distinct evident explicit fathomable graspable luculent luminous manifest nonambiguous obvious open-and-shut palpable patent ringing transparent unambivalent unequivocal unmistakable easily grasped easily understood graphic limpid user friendly user-friendly crystalling glaring indisputable conspicuous noticeable undeniable striking self-evident definite pronounced blatant marked visible overt unquestionable recognizable undisguised perceptible discernible recognisable observable open perceivable incontrovertible indubitable apprehensible certain categorical prominent salient unconcealed self-explanatory beyond question writ large as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb open and shut detectable tangible bold positive incontestable comprehendible well-defined knowable unblurred distinguishable beyond doubt clearly expressed cut-and-dried written all over someone specific definitive outright express flagrant unsubtle precise readable conclusive accessible univocal undoubted sure lucent plain to see sensible as clear as day staring someone in the face as plain as the nose on your face well defined beyond a doubt clear cut sharp uncomplicated absolute downright cogent blunt demonstrable blinding undisputed inescapable distinctive candid emphatic gross axiomatic stark transpicuous particular discernable crystal legible as clear as crystal logical clear as a bell black and white as plain as day easy to understand cut and dried crystal-clear plain as the nose on your face no ifs ands or buts black-and-white perspicacious understood irrefutable vivid full appreciable rank egregious joined-up notable noncontroversial evinced divulged disclosed clear as day crisp unquestioned plain as day out-and-out glaringly obvious arrant revealed evidenced spelled out in words of one syllable telltale seeable runaway assured notorious unique obtrusive penetrable much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open make no bones under one's nose hard and fast sharply defined inimitable scrutable in the bag cinched for sure on ice guaranteed unalterable for certain as plain as daylight credible plausible ostensible seeming remarkable believable colorable arresting imaginable glanceable of one syllable staring one in the face decisive unqualified straight unreserved uninvolved uncontestable undisputable no catch no strings attached flat-out no fine print no holds barred nailed-on straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out frank exposed public right under your nose written all over one outstanding brazen naked proven real true significant accepted confirmed signal shameless genuine unhidden acknowledged inarguable dramatic recognized showy accurate unassailable irrefragable unarguable unanswerable unchallengeable final recognised actual verifiable pointed brilliant flamboyant splashy commanding catchy grabby noisy bodacious kenspeckle eye-catching accomplished not in doubt factual authentic audacious discoverable noteworthy unchallenged uncontested hard apodictic watertight outrageous compelling utter firm complete beyond dispute substantial strong avowed measurable sheer visual beyond a shadow of a doubt undebatable easily seen extraordinary concrete audible impressive big as life authoritative exact unusual convincing rare uncommon confirmable set on show known sure thing ostentatious unmitigated honest seen ocular sound memorable not in question macroscopic identifiable veritable provable verified stunning spectacular in view in sight viewable established unerring bare unveiled crying settled not hidden unimpeachable dinkum uncontroversial to be seen infallible capital brass-necked serious special forceful bona fide empirical on view on display out of the ordinary considerable unexaggerated wholehearted existing thoroughgoing unfeigned pure noted shocking doubtless without doubt flaunting solid dreadful material empiric objective sensational heinous astonishing unashamed fundamental enormous scandalous atrocious ultimate admitted arrestive truthful important in plain sight flawless veridical demonstrative astounding amazing surprising staggering protrusive flashy realistic flat plainly seen certified unprotected substantive incredible dazzling inordinate cold well-known loud clinching detailed published terrible reprehensible disgraceful extreme excessive phenomenal deliberate ascertainable monstrous wicked surefire gaudy garish shameful determinate reliable iniquitous villainous airtight unsheltered uncovered telling comprehensive prima facie bare-faced startling singular ascertained citable can't miss it double-checked well-founded well-grounded sure-enough publicized fixed undefended exceptional mentionable namable nameable safe establishable supreme stripped denuded peeled exhibited barren shown no mistake proverbial down pat defined wide open unshielded pregnable windswept publicised heavy having down pat unmasked dug up open to the elements showing wide-open as sure as eggs is eggs honest-to-goodness unsealed bared without shelter red-letter out and out out widely known open to the weather laid bare for show great unrestrained cognizable traceable unmissable above board standing out clearly visible manifestly unshakable tyrannous dogmatic arbitrary attestable evincible bright enunciated awful unequivocable infamous freely admitted not disputed unfailing imposing breathtaking immodest thick impregnable invincible irresistible unadulterated artless clean-cut nailed down inevitable brutal harsh awesome awe-inspiring attractive patently true in evidence supportable sustainable checkable flagitious foolproof irrevocable easily distinguishable well grounded well-proven well focused predestined trustworthy determined destined matter-of-fact engaging goodly tidy sizeable reasonable fair well-marked anywhere to be seen faultless perfect dependable unfabled unvarnished upfront literal flagitous unproblematic no two ways about it resolute unconditional last deciding irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic salted away exhibitionistic lively colourful glittery gorgeous captivating beautiful attention-grabbing grody flaming in focus deducible inferable pat superior undoubtable minute exhaustive secure good-sized large sizable healthy estimable peremptory divergent discrete ponderable individual lurid stated inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast readily comprehensible inerrant questionless failsafe stone cold that's a fact hanging out stick out like sore thumb no ifs ands or buts about it well marked colorful shared broadcast nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it true to life on the nose easily understandable fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss celebrated in circulation legitimate existent warts and all freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open effective attested valid legit certifiable unabashed momentous given unimaginary without explanation clearly explained easy to follow circumstantial there are no two ways about it all sewn up impudent unblushing headline unforgettable interesting famous renowned very beyond a shadow of doubt physical proper unembarrassed brash insolent wonderful familiar declared popular confessed kosher eventful distingué granted grievous unrepentant quantifiable drop-dead quantitative exorbitant major assumed snazzy without shame meretricious glitzy screaming overbold brassy eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible de facto honest to God sure enough real live non-fictional for real immoderate proclaimed common identified indemonstrable presupposed dynamite charming powerful distinguished jazzy lofty fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre wondrous different fact-based existential observational experiential experimental axiomatical apothegmatic aphoristic well known self-confessed received branded publicly known generally known in full view worthy of note of particular interest well documented worth mentioning worthy of mention hot mind-blowing meaningful utmost murder splash underlined stand-out super worth taking a look at something else major-league high-profile terrific boss of note cool the end goes without saying binding no ifs and or buts

Trái nghĩa của well constructed

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