Đồng nghĩa của recovered

Alternative for recovered

recovers, recovered, recovering

Đồng nghĩa: come around, get back, get better, heal, improve, rally, reclaim, recuperate, regain, rescue, retrieve, revive,

Trái nghĩa: lose, relapse,


Past tense for to become sound or healthy again
recuperated convalesced healed improved rallied revived got better gotten better got well gotten well mended picked up gained got stronger made progress recouped bounced back came round come round felt oneself again pulled round pulled through bettered came back come back grew grown increased overcame overcome perked up refreshed rejuvenated renewed responded to treatment restored returned to health snapped back got back to normal got over something shook something off shaken something off came around come around felt better felt yourself again forged ahead got over gotten over regained your health sobered up started anew turned the corner got in shape gotten in shape got out of the woods regained one's health regained one's strength restored your health returned to form got back on feet gotten back on feet got back on your feet got out from under gotten out from under took turn for better taken turn for better took a turn for the better taken a turn for the better looked up ameliorated made a comeback rehabilitated bucked up rebound rebounded snapped out of it survived rehabbed come along pulled out of it turned a corner invigorated envigorated come through remedied gained strength regained health restored your form made headway built up your strength knit become livelier cheered up brightened up enlivened livened up set up pepped up came along taken on a new lease of life took on a new lease of life moved become better strengthened assuaged came through triumphed weathered cured got back on one's feet gotten back on one's feet got well again regenerated resurrected resuscitated knitted rested made it revivified reformed became livelier reflected echoed advanced progressed surged pulled around recuperated quickly developt developed become more cheerful felt happier took heart taken heart renewed one's strength become healthy endured awakened regained your strength turned around lived through animated turned things around waked up made a recovery come up smiling come from behind got your second wind passed though cheered brightened shaped up spiced up regained strength emerged from something braced up taken steps forward took steps forward became better grown better grew better ridden out gotten through got through rode out became healthy became more cheerful drew together drawn together shown improvement showed improvement shaken woken up shook gotten into the mood got into the mood woke up gotten back in shape grown stronger got back in shape came up smiling grew stronger gotten second wind gotten act together got act together got second wind came from behind gotten it together got it together shook off got beyond shaken off gotten beyond


Past tense for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
reanimated revitalised revitalized restored renewed rejuvenated revived revivified resuscitated regenerated refreshed resurrected rekindled recharged repaired renovated enlivened rewoke rewaked rewoken rewakened envigorated invigorated awakened energised energized roused reawakened strengthened aroused animated inspirited reconditioned exhilarated rallied enkindled quickened reactivated encouraged relieved brightened woke up waked up woken up breathed new life into bounced back touched up made whole brought around reinvigorated freshened refreshened recreated kick-started put new life into put some spark into updated stimulated modernized modernised uplifted vivified braced replenished regained prompted prodded pepped up bucked up put new heart into re-established brought back fortified bolstered healed reconstructed helped overhauled reorganized reexperienced cured revamped restituted reorganised rehabbed refurbished reclaimed retreaded spruced reintroduced relaunched reinstituted relived recollected recaptured revisited recalled saved rehabilitated restarted remembered recycled built up added some zest to spruced up made younger restored vitality to given a boost to gave a boost to refound replayed brought back to life rediscovered gave new life to given new life to made young again brought to mind improved given a new lease of life to dug up made someone feel young again summoned back found again got going again given a shot in the arm to stirred up gave a new lease of life to discovered again brought to experienced again propped up returned to lived through again summoned up gave a shot in the arm to holpen holp did done did up done up given new strength to gave new strength to gave face lift to given face lift to gave the kiss of life to given the kiss of life to given a new lease on life gave a new lease on life went over went through again gone back to gone through again went back to gone over reinforced vitalized reestablished triggered stirred reproduced redeveloped activated cheered comforted galvanized rescued excited galvanised changed brought round solaced overcome pleased recuperated gladdened consoled boosted performed CPR livened up breathed life into snapped out of it come to life overcame sprang up sprung up came to life given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation


Past tense for to restore to a functional or original state
rehabilitated reinstated rebuilt reconstituted reestablished refurbished restituted restored reconditioned redeveloped reinstalled rejuvenated renewed developed developt mended reconstructed refitted reinvigorated repaired revitalised revitalized furbished improved modernised modernized revamped updated upgraded overhauled redecorated remodeled remodelled renovated converted fixt fixed patched rectified serviced re-established brought back did up done up fixed up made over brought up to date freshened up made good spruced up brightened up made fit for use brought something up to code brought into the twenty-first century set to rights retouched redeemed touched up doctored regenerated reanimated revivified revived refreshed spruced tuned put back into its original condition set right vamped up put back breathed new life into gentrified refurnished returned rehabbed reimposed reinstituted reerected reworked rewrought replaced recalled brought up to code remastered reintroduced re-enforced salvageed salvaged rescued won back returned to a former state got into shape given a new look to re-created returned to a former position gotten into shape straightened out gave a new look to gave a facelift to given a facelift to reformed reclaimed resuscitated recharged transformed absolved vindicated refreshened rewakened resurrected rewaked rekindled freshened recreated habilitated braced exhilarated retreaded reawakened tarted up removed guilt from saved from blame freed from blame restored to favour rewoken rewoke went over gone over given something a facelift gave something a facelift


Past tense for to restrain or to keep in check
controlled composed contained cooled regulated restrained restricted checked constrained curbed repressed subdued bridled limited quelled calmed mastered re-collected settled suppressed adjusted capped moderated monitored collected inhibited kept measured pulled in tamed cornered inspected lulled quieted rallied smothered soothed stilled tranquilized damped down kept a lid on kept a tight rein on kept in check kept the lid on held back held in imposed limits on kept in line put the brakes on reined in setted limits on simmered down steadied oneself pulled oneself together snapped out of it got a grip on oneself regained one's composure took a hold of oneself got a grip taken a hold of oneself gotten a grip gotten one's act together got one's act together governed held ruled stifled hindered trammeled trammelled holden shut in hampered confined reined retarded bottled up withheld held down muzzled directed curtailed guided deterred gagged disciplined put a brake on kept under control reined back impeded held in check put away corked choked back imprisoned straitened kept within bounds gaoled jailed put a limit on interned hemmed in cut back locked up kept down cooled off kept lid on put half nelson on withholden decided determined handicapped prevented dampened bit harnessed leashed bitted swayed debarred dictated formed influenced conditioned frozen froze circumscribed impounded stemmed stayed detained hogtied delimited killed mitigated tempered strangled muffled affected moulded shaped kept in pegged altered touched modified fettered entrammeled entrammelled pulled back pinned down boxed up sat on tied down cracked down predisposed shepherded inclined worked on disposed molded chained brought under control eased modulated arrested impacted on exerted influence on had on a tight leash frustrated baulked hamstrung hamstringed kept control of bitten back bit back had an effect on relieved boxed in constricted cramped incarcerated corked up had an impact on slowed down cooled down kept back kept on a string fought back buttoned up kept tight rein on closed in locked in deprived necessitated cooped up barred hog-tied fenced in disallowed balked banned immured shotgunned bound concussed denied stemmed the flow of tied up brought to screeching halt toned down shope shapen underlay underlain acted on was a factor in been a factor in were a factor in bounden got the better of gotten the better of


Past tense for to pause and get organized before trying again

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