Đồng nghĩa của seized

Alternative for seized

seizes, seized, seizing

Đồng nghĩa: clasp, clutch, grab, grasp, grip, snatch,

Trái nghĩa: loose,

Tính từ


Tính từ

Having been overcome and taken control of by military force

Động từ

To have acted on an opportunity
took acted on capitalized on grabbed took advantage of exploited used grasped made the most of pursued snatched acted upon caught maximized secured snagged utilized accepted jumped at nailed pounced on snared benefitted from built on cashed in on derived benefit from followed up on gained from got hold of grabbed hold of jumped on leaped about maximised milked played on profited by profited from put to advantage put to use seized on took action on turned to account utilised clutched gripped clasped held clenched clinched clung to taken squeezed grappled holden laid hands on seized hold of embraced took hold of hung on to grasped with both hands laid hold of snapped up taken hold of prest pressed accepted eagerly caught at bagged taken advantage of gotten hold of enfolded caught hold of enclasped plucked pluckt grabbed at enveloped hooked snapped something up latched on to nabbed held on to snatched at hugged strained taken up took up crushed reached for enclosed collared received fastened welcomed with open arms put the snare on swooped down on swooped on held tightly kept close grabbed with both hands grasped hold of held close wrested bought eagerly bought quickly gone for went for beared cuddled clamped clawed at owned possessed carried folded latched had clung clinged got commanded intercepted wrapped wrapt embosomed laid acquired gloved griped constricted contracted took a grip of leaped fastened on leapt tightened gone for enthusiastically went for enthusiastically stayed near cherished glommed made a grab for taken a grip of handled compressed fastened round held tight folded in arms hung onto glommed onto grabbed tightly followed the course of clutched at jumped cradled wrung harbored got one's hands on bit loved welcomed held fast scrunched doubled up showed enthusiasm for nestled come into possession of harboured picked followed closely locked wielded held someone close got a purchase cleaved accolled colled held onto hung on shown enthusiasm for clapped a hand on palmed adhered bore borne own gotten gat taken action on availed oneself of bitten drew together drawn together grope gripen came into possession of gotten one's hands on taken in one's arms lay close took in one's arms lain close taken in your arms took in your arms locken wringed wrang

Động từ

Past tense for to take hold off suddenly or forcibly
grabbed snatched took taken got gat gotten snagged snared collared glommed nabbed corralled grasped hooked nailed captured landed bagged copped grappled caught netted trapped nobbled plucked pluckt rapped snapped up arrested apprehended secured picked up pinched nicked pulled in busted ensnared detained acquired gained restrained entrapped laid hold of lift won brought in clutched gripped laid hands on obtained procured yanked attained prehended wrested enmeshed abducted ensnarled achieved appropriated entangled annexed entoiled immeshed taken into custody took into custody meshed lassoed earned realized lifted reapt reaped scored grabbed hold of gotten hold of got hold of hauled in realised pulled pulled down carried off took hold of taken hold of tangled wrenched garnered collected carried possessed oneself of had took in taken in caught up clutched at seized hold of rounded up came by gained possession of reeled in knocked down put in jail felt your collar felt someone's collar drawn drew held clasped clenched taken possession of took possession of swiped tugged took prisoner taken prisoner jerked snarled tweaked jagged snapt snapped treed cornered accomplished kidnaped kidnapped commandeered twitched extricated prised made ambushed springed wired brought gathered decoyed grabbed away beached conquered gone for went for took captive taken captive pulled at picked off got fingers on gotten fingers on tugged at snatched at took a grip of taken a grip of swung clapped hands on clapp hands on took by force taken by force caught hold of stretched for caught at clinched blagged latched on to pounced on got one's hands on got one's fingers on gotten one's fingers on placed under arrest gathered up laid one's hands on holden sprent got a hold of gotten a hold of did done swungen swang taken receipt of took receipt of took possession taken possession gotten hands on got hands on went after gone after took hostage taken hostage thrown in jail threw in jail gotten one's hands on trammeled trammelled embroiled involved implicated bound mixed up set back lured deceived seduced enticed tricked allured beguiled fettered enchained intertwined received inveigled led on betrapped benetted waylayed ambuscaded run to ground waylaid sucked in roped in laid for boxed in embrangled broiled scooped amassed setted a trap for run to earth bounden bogged down laid a trap for hung up come to have clung clinged sticked come into stuck mired floundered tangled up ran to ground ran to earth came to have came into

Động từ

Past tense for to understand, realize or comprehend something
understood comprehended grasped apprehended discerned got gat gotten perceived appreciated saw seen recognised recognized cognized registered assimilated sensed deciphered savvied knew known twigged conceived intuited caught decoded compassed dug grokked made beheld beholden made out tumbled to caught on to cottoned to cottoned on to read realized realised followed fathomed learnt learned absorbed absorpt took in taken in figured out digested sussed out sussed picked up made sense of caught on got the drift of distinguished deduced gathered mastered got the picture gotten the picture divined worked out readen latched on to made head or tail of interpreted penetrated identified accepted imbibed cottoned on picked up on soaked up got the message gotten the message gotten the hang of got the hang of processed acquired integrated unravelled unraveled envisaged become cognizant of were aware of been aware of was aware of pieced together familiarized oneself with puzzled out kept up with become aware of become conscious of got into had an aha moment latched onto felt took on board taken on board concluded noted thought believed told translated inferred tracked ascertained discovered found had got it had knowledge of cracked found out latched on got one's head around come to know gotten to the bottom of got to the bottom of conceived of gotten a fix on soaked in got the message about hit on got the picture about got the point of caught the drift got a fix on made of saw the light seen the light gotten to know got to know became cognizant of drank in drunk in became aware of became conscious of gotten the drift gotten into absorbed mentally got the drift acknowledged observed noticed admitted conceded detected suspected granted heard untangled disentangled imagined allowed confessed construed featured pinned flashed copied tapped into owned scented incorporated guessed apperceived founden smelt smelled deemed fand ingested tasted respected kenned determined gotten the idea got the idea gotten it envisioned held considered anticipated credited sorted out wrapped one's mind around picked up what someone is putting down felt in one's bones gotten wise to got wise to were cognizant of been cognizant of was cognizant of came to know got the idea of clicked with got your head round felt in gut had a handle on felt in bones taken up had a hunch felt in your bones had a feeling got the impression of had a funny feeling pierced got clued up about took up made sense own broke broken brake taken took gotten the point got the point holden taken meaning taken on took meaning took on seen the point of saw the point of gotten the gist got the gist just knew just known gotten the impression got the impression got vibes gotten vibes saw daylight seen daylight seen the light about saw the light about saw through seen through gotten vibrations got vibrations got a grip saw into gotten a grip seen into solved scanned resolved affected fathomed out got one's head round defined explained analyzed analysed parsed searched out ferreted out explicated measured gauged pinpointed gaged broke down caught the drift of thought through taken to mean took to mean got to the bottom become clear to figured it to be gotten to the bottom perceived the meaning of doped out thrown light on threw light on broken down became clear to

Động từ

Past tense for to obtain or attain successfully
achieved attained scored earned gained won found fand founden acquired obtained procured got gat gotten secured clinched wrested hooked netted bagged wangled struck stricken swang swung swungen reified arrived at carried off came by walked away with walked off with annexed landed reaped reapt grabbed purchased garnered derived gathered realized gleaned accessed snagged captured bought fetched collected had retrieved picked up accomplished made nabbed received carried pocketed compassed saved salvageed realised blagged effected reached salvaged copped brought in occupied corralled knocked down recovered hoarded inherited pulled down laid hold of drummed up got at scraped up layed up gobbled up scraped together laid up chalked up come into possession of made use of got one's hands on drawn drew took taken boughten schlentered gotten hold of got hold of gotten at came into possession of got your hands on gotten your hands on begged borrow or steal gotten one's hands on hit logged fulfilled clocked up notched up racked up put together hat hitten come to touched negotiated collared established amassed rung up rang up appropriated worked out thrashed out hammered out came to harvested scooped potted cleared advanced consummated completed come away with enlisted ameliorated recorded built up got to sanctioned ratified climbed to signed endorsed arrived risen to rose to grasped pulled effectuated conquered knocked up pulled off drawn up drew up culled decided on come to have got up to polished off tracked managed located hashed out settled on possessed oneself of plummeted to glommed onto got possession of soared to sourced dived to traced tracked down latched onto came away with gotten to gotten hands on came to have got hands on sank to got down to gotten down to gotten up to sunk to

Động từ

Past tense for to achieve or complete successfully
accomplished achieved attained fulfilled realised realized completed consummated executed effected effectuated finished managed performed produced reached concluded perpetrated compassed engineered negotiated scored clinched committed conducted conquered earned grasped hit hat hitten honored honoured landed met secured struck stricken acquired bagged discharged did done fixt fixed gained made netted perfected procured prosecuted satisfied snagged won wrested brought about brought off carried off carried out carried through chalked up clocked up delivered on pulled off arrived at followed through on got done gotten done got there made it notched up succeeded in brought to completion brought to fruition got someplace gotten someplace latched onto lived up to made good on nailed it pulled something off put through racked up sewed up sewn up took care of taken care of wrapped up did justice to done justice to did the trick done the trick followed through with fulfilled one's potential kept faith with made hay did a bang-up job done a bang-up job did one proud done one proud put it over put the tin lid on nailed actualized finalized catalyzed catalysed finalised finished off gone through with went through with cut enacted touched come through put into effect put on put into practice put over got to climbed to implemented administered enforced applied rendered staged swung presented succeeded hacked administrated transacted established logged acted out played out found came through acquitted oneself of polished off sailed through dealt with earned wings made happen made to happen contrived risen to rose to gotten to run to gained fulfillment made it to made good gained on fulfilled your potential made the grade come to moved to scored a success swungen swang founden fand did the job done the job took care of business taken care of business went through gone through been through did to a T done to a T were successful was successful been successful did proud done proud bore out borne out rung up rang up ran to overtaken amounted to came to overtook

Động từ

Past tense for despoil

Trái nghĩa của seized

seized Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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