Đồng nghĩa của ensnared

Alternative for ensnared

ensnares, ensnared, ensnaring, insnare, insnares, insnared, insnaring

Đồng nghĩa: entrap, frame, set up, snare, trammel, trap,

Động từ

To have captured by force
took captured caught seized apprehended secured grabbed abducted arrested bagged detained snared trapped appropriated collared conquered entrapped kidnaped kidnapped nabbed snagged took captive took into custody annexed carried off laid hold of took control of took hold of took hostage took possession of took prisoner netted enmeshed entangled ensnarled tangled meshed hooked entoiled immeshed nailed landed caught up copped corralled nobbled lift snarled snatched glommed grappled rapped pulled in snapped up got busted pinched nicked trammeled trammelled taken lifted lassoed picked up taken into custody intertwined twisted gotten gat entwined restrained ambushed prehended reeled in brought in placed under arrest rounded up hauled in enchained felt your collar taken prisoner taken captive bound interlaced interweaved knotted intertwisted commandeered raveled ravelled embroiled involved springed wired beached pounced on laid a trap for fettered mixed up waylayed grabbed hold of tangled up picked off run to earth taken hostage intertangled ambuscaded run to ground waylaid fouled decoyed bounden interwove interwoven sprent took in taken in taken possession of taken hold of took possession taken possession ran to earth ran to ground got one's fingers on gotten one's fingers on gotten hold of got hold of gotten your hands on got your hands on grasped gripped clutched laid hands on clasped plucked pluckt seized hold of held clenched wrested wrenched yanked gained treed cornered caught hold of shut in cut off caught at took a grip of taken a grip of holden enclosed pulled surrounded laid bottled clinched won jagged extricated prised gone for took by force went for closed in mousetrapped grasped hold of got a hold of taken by force clapped hands on blocked off hemmed in snapt fastened round grabbed away clung to clapp hands on snapped gotten a hold of brought to bay stretched for clutched at latched on to had up a tree penned in went after gone after gotten on ropes got on ropes drove into a corner driven into a corner

Động từ

To be cunningly tricked into doing something, usually in an incriminating way
set up tricked conned deceived coaxed manipulated used exploited had cajoled cheated controlled disinformed gulled double-crossed duped entraped fooled framed hoaxed leveraged misled sweet-talked flimflammed hoodwinked put one over on put on deluded beguiled inveigled seduced betrayed led on strung along misguided bamboozled swindled misinformed outwitted snookered entrapped cozened defrauded bluffed bilked suckered scammed hornswoggled shafted kidded snowed gaffed rooked juggled burnt burned gammoned spoofed buffaloed humbugged tempted enticed caught ripped off led up the garden path baited pulled a swifty on sucked in lured victimised had on put on the wrong track put on an act beat victimized put up smoke screen pulled a fast one on put on false front pulled the wool over someone's eyes faked out took in taken in took for a ride taken for a ride stiffed misdirected prevaricated misstated gypped hosed swizzled fiddled diddled illuded misrepresented lied snew snown buncoed euchred propagandized fudged bunked perverted fabricated distorted outfoxed mulcted skinned mousetrapped pulled fast one wrong steered pulled one's leg entangled led up garden path robbed imposed upon overreached propagandised fleeced stepped out sold a pup to faked circumvented played trick on clipt gouged played joke on disappointed led down the garden path crossed up covered up lain to cuckolded poked borack falsified roped in lay to sent on a wild goose chase enmeshed beat out of imposed on hooked played away led astray sold clipped jived stung did done done a number on gave wrong information to gave someone a bum steer given wrong information to given the wrong impression given someone a bum steer thrown off the scent gave the wrong impression did a number on threw off the scent took to cleaners screwed beaten taken advantage of took for ride took advantage of beaten out of taken to cleaners taken for ride taken to the cleaners taken for took for took to the cleaners

Động từ

Past tense for to delight, allure or attract in an almost magical manner
enchanted captivated charmed bewitched fascinated enthralled beguiled allured mesmerised mesmerized spellbound entranced absorbed absorpt gripped enraptured enticed delighted engrossed magnetised magnetized thrilled arrested transfixed dazzled bedazzled wowed witched enamoured enamored raptured delectated riveted rivetted ravished hypnotized hypnotised intrigued wiled attracted lured won pleased enslaved killed entertained diverted held spellbound engaged grabbed interested held infatuated occupied seduced gratified involved transported immersed bemused busied enwrapped compelled carried away turned on amused caught up made a hit with swept off feet put under a spell drawn drew vamped wooed hooked holden struck subjugated roped in caught tantalized tempted slayed distracted owned tickled pink bowled over held in awe made happy aroused fired interested greatly excited piqued animated overpowered provoked kindled tantalised stirred titillated stimulated appealed subdued rooted to the spot invited knocked dead gladdened overwhelmed intoxicated taken took stricken slain slew own gotten under your skin got under your skin sent won over tickled tickle to death satisfied hit the spot cheered captured pulled knocked out appealed to tickled your fancy caught the eye of rapped exhilarated contented elated overjoyed pleasured preoccupied rejoiced put horns on cast a spell on fulfilled grooved arrided put under magic spell put the whammy on turned someone on pleased greatly tickled to death floated someone's boat pulled in brought in overcome inflamed roused tranced stunned elevated controlled bedevilled voodooed tricked bedeviled blew away blown away sparked sent into raptures filled with delight solaced humoured indulged humored uplifted heartened whetted teased wakened enlivened regaled warmed fixed fixt gained seized suited gladded jubilated exulted gloried scored stirred up inspired courted beckoned inveigled brightened up cheered up given a buzz gave a buzz obtained got secured buoyed up brought joy to made content bucked up gave someone a kick given someone a kick got someone going lit someone's fire moved monopolized monopolised prompted induced made someone feel good agreed with held the attention of tickled the fancy of made an impression on sucked in freaked out brought around picked up went over big warmed the cockles of the heart come on to called forth brought forth elicited whetted the appetite of tied up caught hold of influenced persuaded gone over big overcame forspoken forspoke gave someone a charge given someone a charge gotten gat argued into gave joy to given great pleasure to gave great pleasure to given joy to gotten going given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill done it for someone got going did it for someone came on to drawn attention drew attention gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift given pleasure to gave pleasure to got one's kicks gotten one's kicks

Động từ

Past tense for to attract or lure by temptation
seduced lured enticed beguiled tempted inveigled allured persuaded deceived coaxed cajoled deluded wheedled duped induced misled baited decoyed betrayed entrapped solicited drew drawn suckered hooked maneuvered manoeuvred invited trapped mousetrapped pulled steered bribed led on strung along roped in came on to come on to swept off feet tricked conned put one over on sucked in fooled bamboozled snowed hoodwinked hoaxed cheated misguided double-crossed gulled snookered cozened hornswoggled diddled shafted gypped caught juggled burnt bluffed burned gaffed had gammoned spoofed buffaloed humbugged misinformed rooked had on faked out pulled a fast one on pulled a swifty on attracted captivated bewitched defrauded enchanted charmed swindled won over fascinated swizzled manipulated bilked finagled buncoed euchred stiffed snew snown come on ripped off scammed hit on mulcted flimflammed sold a pup to took in taken in put someone up to something entranced dazzled hypnotized mesmerized spellbound wooed blinded snared enraptured beckoned soft-soaped sweet-talked led leaded shilled touted wiled tolled ensorcelled distracted stung befooled buttered up dragged drug trained roped did done stuck chiseled finessed chiselled shaved jockeyed sticked hypnotised mesmerised exploited played led astray made a fool of came on kidded turned on outwitted imposed on led up garden path led up the garden path baffled chicaned overreached victimised circumvented dusted victimized taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners played for a sucker jerked around took for a ride taken for a ride pulled one's leg pulled the wool over someone's eyes taken advantage of shaven taken shove took advantage of took shave drawn in drew in

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