Đồng nghĩa của monopolized

Alternative for monopolized

monopolizes, monopolized, monopolizing

Đồng nghĩa: monopolise,

Động từ

Past tense for to hold or engage the attention of
absorbed absorpt engrossed occupied engaged involved fascinated immersed held preoccupied arrested captivated riveted rivetted enthralled gripped interested intrigued mesmerised mesmerized entranced enwrapped filled fixed fixated spellbound amused beguiled bemused diverted enraptured transfixed bewitched charmed distracted engulfed entertained obsessed overwhelmed busied held your attention caught consumed caught up captured attracted hypnotized hypnotised soaked concerned tied up maintained kept won employed haunted worried possessed troubled enveloped gained grabbed seized pulled enticed overcome devoured affected dominated enamoured inspired magnetized enchanted allured cornered assimilated hogged applied disturbed magnetised lured moved invited enamored kept alive kept up overpowered overburdened attended taken up took up become lost upped on overloaded used up kept busy held the attention of drawn drew overcame became lost sewed up sewn up eaten up ate up eaten away at ate away at took control of taken control of holden monopolised pleased fixt delighted cheered bedazzled solaced hooked tickled slayed knocked dead held in awe held spellbound put under a spell impressed regaled wiled witched killed kept amused disported influenced won over recreated vamped sent wowed slain slew gratified satisfied piqued elated indulged inspirited stimulated humored gladdened relaxed enlivened comforted humoured ecstasized appealed to knocked out turned on tickled pink subjugated made merry grabbed the attention of enslaved subdued subjected cracked up swept off feet tickle to death tickled the fancy of tickled to death given pleasure to gave pleasure to

Tính từ

Preoccupied with something to the exclusion of everything else
engrossed absorbed immersed deep rapt intent involved engaged enthralled gripped lost occupied caught up fascinated intrigued attentive captivated focused focussed interested observant preoccupied riveted assiduous bugged busy consumed diligent gone held hooked industrious into monopolised sedulous submerged all ears beguiled by captivated by engaged in engaged with focused on gripped by intent on preoccupied by riveted by fiend for fixated by heavily into hung up hypnotized by intrigued by mesmerized by really into tied up turned on wrapped up all wound up caught up in head over heels taken up with up to here in mesmerized mesmerised working taken up employed spellbound bustling at work active in a brown study tied-up hard-pressed on the job on the go on the hop overloaded hard at it snowed hard at work buried busy as a bee rushed off your feet have one's hands full up to one's ears entranced abstracted bound-up unavailable laborious hopping eat sleep and breathe up to here in harness taken tied down on the move on assignment have a prior engagement have a previous engagement busy as a beaver at it with a customer steeped fixed busy with set centered concentrated wrapped fixated enchanted beguiled centred connected charmed up to one's ears in enfolded hypnotized hypnotised ignorant distracted enrapt glued bound up absentminded fascinated by distracted by entranced by taken up by distrait absent-minded dreamy enthralled by spellbound by on duty hanging on every word somewhere else wool-gathering not there with your head in the clouds in a world of your own miles away not with us in a meeting otherwise engaged on active service committed already taken in conference tireless snowed under flooded swamped inundated lively time-poor having fish to fry having enough on one's plate energetic efficient having a full plate slaving hustling harried in demand on the run having many irons in the fire hard-working hardworking utilized utilised clocked up on the trot too much on plate

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