Đồng nghĩa của attracted

Alternative for attracted

attracts, attracted, attracting

Đồng nghĩa: allure, captivate, charm, draw, fascinate, infatuate, interest, pull, tempt,

Trái nghĩa: distract, repel,

Động từ

To have aroused someone
excited aroused titillated allured enticed inflamed roused beguiled charmed seduced stimulated tantalized thrilled bewitched enchanted entranced hooked interested intrigued sparked appealed to fascinated pleased spellbound teased tempted wakened whetted enthralled stirred up tantalised turned on floated someone's boat got going lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy pulled magnetized magnetised captivated engaged mesmerized rivetted riveted grabbed absorbed absorpt mesmerised drew inveigled invited wooed persuaded dazzled cajoled endeared wowed inclined hypnotized courted exerted influence on caught someone's eye hypnotised exerted a pull on steered won over whetted the appetite of swept off feet made someone's mouth water made a hit with drawn drew one's attention drawn one's attention engrossed snared lured entertained concerned affected perked up involved touched amused gripped distracted moved mattered to piqued caught one's eye diverted bemused immersed held whetted one's appetite engaged one's attention held one's attention preoccupied sat up occupied aroused one's curiosity captured one's imagination busied arrested enwrapped enraptured delighted bedazzled wiled caught up ravished transfixed bowled over overwhelmed holden witched killed gratified gladdened caught stirred ensnared carried away held spellbound transported captured tickled pink won raptured impressed monopolized enamored led on tickled amazed sent put under a spell monopolised struck enamoured astounded stupefied stunned satisfied baited infatuated awed knocked out slayed held the attention of swept off one's feet overawed astonished dazed overcome cheered exhilarated decoyed floored betrayed solicited coaxed intoxicated staggered overpowered provoked solaced induced elated regaled rapped enslaved caught the eye of held in awe hit the spot knocked dead sucked in bedevilled bedeviled electrified employed influenced consumed engulfed disported obsessed fixated compelled dumbfounded overjoyed humoured beckoned humored inspired roped in come on pulled in brought in swept off your feet tickle to death swept someone off their feet appealed stricken tormented slew slain blown away blew away contented overcame plagued pleasured beset left speechless gained seized fixed fixt misled elevated entrapped rejoiced delectated kindled deluded blinded harassed recreated confused filled indulged quickened vamped subjugated enlivened grooved tranced arrided fulfilled ensorcelled set at ease soaked made happy bid fractured tied up put 'em away pleased greatly turned someone on rooted to the spot kept busy hit on put off guard sent into raptures subdued caught hold of relaxed took taken given pleasure to took somebody's breath away kept taken up maintained took up tickled to death taken somebody's breath away gave pleasure to came on ruled tortured bewildered mollified called appeased haunted possessed dominated hounded converted placated petrified paralysed conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened charged galvanized taunted deceived took aback trapped taken aback assuaged gentled buried enveloped uplifted heartened tricked annoyed palpated besotted frustrated gnawed beleaguered badgered pestered worried harried befooled grappled baffled thwarted controlled preyed on immobilized gorgonized halted prompted led leaded jubilated scored exulted gloried warmed disarmed sent into transports got lost in had a grip on mousetrapped held your attention become lost touted struck dumb riveted the attention of turned one's head freaked out stopped someone in their tracks dragged took your breath away inspirited got picked up tickled one's fancy made a fool of hogged trained applied cracked up led astray nurtured attended bound comforted tickled your fancy palsied ecstasized called forth convinced cornered fired brought joy to signed urged preyed on your mind animated indicated gladded partied gave a buzz asked agreed with filled with delight won the affection of flirted with switched on galvanised swept you off your feet subjected laughed it up wound up made content agitated taken your breath away rooted held attention blurred gone over big had a hold on shilled got someone going made merry made someone feel good obtained led up garden path assimilated grabbed the attention of surprised become an obsession with taken someone's breath away brought around kept amused paralyzed buoyed up demanded wrapped up tossed a party kept someone hanging on suited secured had a get-together brightened up went over big summoned made mouth water refreshed pumped up used up warmed the cockles of the heart stopped dead took someone's breath away kept hanging knocked 'em dead immobilised given a buzz panicked brought forth interested greatly treated to elicited gave someone a kick tolled stricken dumb lost oneself in unarmed stopped in one's tracks commanded drug given someone a kick upped on kept alive cheered up roped bucked up tickled the fancy of aroused the curiosity of kept up conned gnawn gnew besotten frozen froze argued into aroused curiosity bade gotten gat drew in drawn in bounden gave the come-on to given the come-on to gave a party given a party sewed up became lost sewn up broke one up got one's jollies gotten one's jollies broken one up thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in given someone a thrill gotten going gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge got one's kicks gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks taken control of taken over took control of ate up became an obsession with took over eaten up

Động từ

Past tense for to lure or tempt into doing or taking something

Tính từ

(keen on) Having an attraction to
keen into besotted bewitched captivated enamored enamoured crazed enticed fond agog drawn mesmerised smitten absorbed caught intrigued predisposed curious fascinated mesmerized riveted spellbound eager gripped interested impressed inquisitive moved roused sold attentive entranced intent obsessed hooked inspired touched affected engrossed lured stimulated excited inspirited mad rapt taken devoted to enthralled by keen on passionate about addicted to fixated by mad about struck on attached to hooked on interested in riveted by attracted to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by crazy about gone on nuts about turned on besotted with bewitched by hungry for infatuated with eager for fascinated by intent on smitten with charmed by enchanted by love-struck by sweet on captivated by fond of hung up wild about beguiled by enamored of enamoured of obsessed with taken with gripped by intrigued by partial to in love with charmed enraptured beguiled hypnotized thrilled hypnotised delighted infatuated enthralled enchanted desirous won over tempted bedazzled seduced sold on amorous transfixed titillated dazzled moonstruck gone aroused mad on in love focused focussed loving breathless immersed involved tantalized transported head over heels stuck on of a mind to intoxicated tantalised under a spell entertained lovesick earnest enquiring overpowered very interested sent snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive crazy head over heels in love awakened fired all ears inquiring occupied very inquisitive extremely curious highly interested extremely interested very curious devoted struck sympathetic open ravished ensorcelled fallen for gaga about have a thing about burning with curiosity on the case awestruck dotty twitterpated silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet eat sleep and breathe caught up overwhelmed amazed awestricken agape desiring inclined allured open-mouthed held starstruck under someone's spell stunned bent on concupiscent sensual impassioned warm salacious carnal frisky turned-on squirrelly investigative questioning probing engaged prying intrusive searching scrutinizing preoccupied busy examining analytical inquisitorial scrutinising meddlesome meddling interfering consumed wrapped up inspecting interrogative lost deep tampering focused on peering impertinent prurient nosey quizzical snooping really into officious spying tied up presumptuous nebby inquisitory caught up in up to here eavesdropping peeping disquisitive fixated employed observant fact-finding querying concerned obtrusive preoccupied by intruding enthusiastic intense heavily into up to here in taken up locked in dialed in up to your ears deep in thought presuming protrusive puzzled speculative ardent intermeddling working ecstatic penetrating rapturous euphoric active busybody exhilarated elated exploratory researching sedulous diligent assiduous industrious hopping bustling forward enrapt rhapsodic giddy elevated rhapsodical heady fanatical passionate distracted tied-up personal buried monomaniacal queer happy preoccupied with sunk in single-minded single-minded about taken over hell-bent potty about engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in obsessive about dedicated to dotty about involved in possessed by wild on wound up hung up on immersed in having a one-track mind interviewing interrogational cross-examining research fixed analytic concentrating wondering pushy investigating undercover inspective exploring doubtful over-curious over-interested busy with enthused ambitious nosy-parkering nosy-parker pushing avid outward-looking catechistic heuristic investigatory studious Socratic big-eyed challenging poking sifting dying to know up to one's ears in dizzy high participating monopolized bugged submerged committed piqued galvanized beside oneself galvanised extremely happy delirious quickened engaged with monopolised engaged in dedicated dutiful hypnotized by fiend for influential fervent faithful devout activist motivated contributing taken up with all wound up energetic connected go-getting two-fisted go-ahead blissful hard-pressed laborious absent joyful inattentive carried away dreaming absent-minded content abstracted blissed out daydreaming wrapped unconscious oblivious at work on the job utilized utilised in harness on the hop too much on plate rushed off your feet hard at it clocked up hard at work on the go on the trot clever pointed canny perceptive thorough subtle discerning discriminating ingenious judicious insightful sensitive smart incisive trenchant sharp perspicacious acute piercing intuitive astute quick-witted

Tính từ

Of or relating to love, especially sexual love
amatory amorous erotic sexual sexy steamy aphrodisiac libidinous passionate romantic sensual aphrodisiacal ardent erogenous erotical erotogenic hot-blooded torrid admiring devoted doting fervent fond languishing lascivious lovesick loving naughty randy rapturous sentimental tender wooing yearning lustful impassioned hot amative enamored enamoured raunchy intimate infatuated horny lovey-dovey hot and heavy kissy carnal aroused love arousing affectionate stimulating warm stimulated turned-on desirous suggestive racy exciting sultry provocative titillating concupiscent smoochy spoony lovesome spicy prurient sportive juicy adult saucy gamy fruity turned on lecherous sex-hungry heavy lickerish excited frisky titillated idolatrous illicit adulterous squirrelly mushy icky corny colourful maudlin colorful sloppy private sexually excited wistful wanton scorching touchy-feely coital lewd bawdy earthy ribald unrestrained uninhibited fervid indulgent anacreontic brotherly overindulgent sisterly licentious salacious fornicatory sexed up sexually explicit lubricious of the flesh pornographic dirty purple popper turn-on venereal wampole goo-goo in love attached Spanish fly love drug girl crazy sweet on sweet for boy crazy lovey dovey tantalizing seductive have a crush on ravishing alluring bootylicious voluptuous beddable lush foxy risqué skin provoking mature tantalising kissable cuddly sensuous vulgar indecent obscene crude smutty blue X-rated filthy coarse rude gross porny offensive impure improper nasty indelicate profane foul trashy gutter unprintable stag locker-room off-color fleshly porn porno off colour Rabelaisian near the knuckle hard-core raw rough soft-core immoral scatological scatologic cheap bodily unchaste epicurean corporeal low tasteless sleazy foul-mouthed indecorous animal scurrilous rank physical near the bone close to the bone depraved taboo debauched broad crass sordid uncouth corrupting blasphemous unseemly exploitative abusive come-hither libertine nudge-nudge orgiastic off-colour lusty desirable wicked sensualistic boorish ruttish rousing somatic material corporal salty off explicit loose tactless full-frontal gamey ithyphallic Cyprian Fescennine in bad taste off-colored ignorant awkward unsophisticated tacky inelegant grody blunt kinky venereous fast evil-minded incontinent low-down genital XXX distasteful obnoxious grown up sexually arousing sexually stimulating unrightful ungodly unjust unrighteous unconventional wrongful unequitable malodorous reprehensible vile sybaritic luscious luxurious hedonistic sexually exciting lowbrow lowbred raffish appetitive unspiritual voluptuary Dionysiac roughneck rugged bad debased bad-mannered dishonourable odious dishonorable sneaking contemptible malicious disgusting slippery villainous base inappropriate discourteous repulsive outlandish unworthy fractious animalistic moving stirring tactile delightful physically gratifying hedonic sharpened pleasing sensory rough-hewn in the gutter low-minded fleshy degenerate dissolute dissipated unwholesome immodest voyeuristic hankering longing unhealthy itching

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